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@PrinceNorthLæraðr yep, if I'm very confident in something and there's absolutely no room for doubt, I have no problem modhammering it
but otherwise I'll leave it for other people to vote on
Something I'm curious about: how do suspensions work? Do you need to consult with other mods first? Is there a little button that you click to suspend someone? How do you usually determine what is suspend-worthy? Do I ask too many questions?
1:02 AM
Suspended, reason: asking too many questions
there's a mod message system that lets us message users in exceptional/problematic cases - there are very small templates for sockpuppet upvoting, plagiarism, being abusive to others, etc, and we write more letting the user know about the concerning behaviour we've noticed and asking them to fix it
that also lets us suspend -- all suspensions come along with one of these mod messages (though not all mod messages carry a suspension)
we don't need to consult with other mods, but all other mods are notified whenever a mod message is sent out (whether it includes a suspension or not)
for what's suspension-worthy... it's generally gotta be a clear pattern of problematic behaviour, one that they've been warned about before (either through a mod message or through comments/chat/etc)
this isn't an official guideline, but we are strongly encouraged to not suspend on the first mod message unless it's something very obviously against the rules (e.g. excessive sockpuppet upvoting)
so in cases of doubt, we'll mod-message (usually gareth or me writing, though rubio and gpr have written a few too). it often works to let people know "hey you're kinda getting over the line" without us needing to suspend
That makes sense.
and then if the issue continues, it's pretty clear that a suspension is warranted
1:33 AM
Q: test-iq.org Free IQ test problem need help

mccraft123456I am trying to solve this problem from test-iq.org's free demo IQ test. This is the question: I did not find out a pattern of how the shapes semicircle moves. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

1 hour later…
2:39 AM
I have made it my mission to fix every new IQ test question's title. Not sure if I'm succeeding.
i appreciate it! IQ test questions get bad titles so often
I usually just try to add a description of what kind of problem it is.
I'm a bit confused about this: https://puzzling.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7032/fortnightly-topic-challenges-threrun-topic-suggestions

Do users suggest already existing tags as topics, or do user suggest new tags to be created?
You can suggest a tag, or something else
So "Variety Crossword Grids" is connected to the [crosswords] tag, but is also something extra
@AnnZen these are prompts for puzzle-making -- they're often based off of tags, but don't have to be
2:42 AM
A previous theme was "Short and Sweet", or something like it - quick, small puzzles that still had to be high-quality.
Like a new one, for example ?
that wouldn't be a good tag, I think
I know :p
Q: Online IQ test question - which number doesn't belong?

pilotjoker999I took an online IQ test(www.free-iqtest.net) and encountered this problem which I wasn't able to do: I know that the answer is EIGHT but I do not know why the number 8 doesn't belong in the series. I was just lucky and guessed it correctly. I want to know why the answer is EIGHT. Thank you.

2:45 AM
Just an example
that's not a word i'm familiar with
So is it that we can propose new tags?
the point isn't to propose new tags, it's to give prompts for people to make puzzles
you can give a prompt that would merit a tag, but the tag may or may not be useful for the site
tags aren't necessary parts of the theme ideas
so for example i can suggest ?
sure! that could be an interesting prompt
2:48 AM
ok, thx!
coming up with novel [strategy]-type puzzles that have "elegant" solutions is likely harder than other types, so it might not get as much attention though
3:00 AM
Deus, I finished all the Statue Parks in the pack. Is there any optimal order to solve yours in?
i'd say the regular puzzles in posting order:
Five https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/84104/statue-park-five
Knight's Lines https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/84204/statue-park-knights-lines
Apollo 11 https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/86826/statue-park-apollo-11

and then my Statue View puzzles, in order:
Tetrominoes https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/84335/statue-view-tetrominoes
Raindrops https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/84342/statue-view-raindrops
feel free to let me know if you want a nudge (or a clarification of Statue View rules)! hope you enjoy the puzzles
I have copied this down, thanks!
I am bewildered by the sudden profusion of IQ test questions :p
IQ test question: what's the next IQ test question in this sequence?
It waxes and wanes
3:12 AM
@Ankoganit reminds me of a Bongard problem i saw that was about classifying Bongard problems
Now I want some kind of meta-puzzle sequence where each puzzle is individually a puzzle, but the real puzzle is secretly to guess the next one.
I think it would be hard to make with a single solution
Fair, it might work with mathematical puzzles
Like you present three mathematical puzzles that are seemingly unrelated then post a fourth puzzle: "What is the next puzzle in the sequence?" And watch everyone lose their minds.
Where would their minds go?
3:15 AM
More brains for Deus's brain jar
you may enjoy the Pokémon round of MITMH 2018
What on earth is this puzzle?? I love it
this is an entire round of puzzles from the MIT Mystery Hunt
It's incredible.
the gimmick this round had was that each puzzle had an "evolved" form - we first unlocked "shoal patrol", the rattata icon just under the people at the top
which is a weird battleships/loop-drawing mashup
3:17 AM
Was someone a pokemon nerd?
and then when we solved it, we unlocked "submarine patrol", a 3D battleships puzzle
That's insane
3D BATTLESHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there was this puzzle, that required us to interpret an image as record grooves
3:18 AM
oh my god
(like, the actual way a record works is that the tiny indentations in its grooves vibrate the air, making sounds -- we could simulate that with a program here, taking white to be 'hills' and black to be 'valleys'... and it would play actual music. was incredible when we got it working)
Sciborg, your last four messages are all exclamations of amazement at puzzles shared by Deusovi
of course, that then 'evolved' into a puzzle titled Mix Tape
which was exactly what you would expect
I'm just in absolute awe at how clever making you interpret an image as record grooves and playing actual music with it is
oh yeah it's amazing. puzzle hunts are so cool
3:20 AM
This is the level of insane hilarious puzzle making skills I aspire to one day
you should totally participate in puzzle hunts! there are a bunch of neat puzzle ideas that make you feel like a genius when you get them
But you have to be a genius in the first place
MITMH is an experience made and solved by teams of 50+ people
@bobble very much not true
it takes time to get good enough to solo difficult puzzles like this, but there are lots of easy puzzle hunts that are still a very fun time. and in my experience, pretty much everyone on the team has contributed to solves at MITMH, even if they've literally never done a puzzle hunt before and just wandered in confused
oh anyway the puzzles all evolved like this for the first half of the round... but for the back half of the round we just didn't get their evolved forms
and we had to figure out what the answers would be
Like how I wandered into this chatroom and accidentally solved a C4
for example, the answer to the Squirtle puzzle was STUMBLE; the answer to its evolved form was THUMBHOLES
you might notice that this is "adding H₂O"
3:23 AM
and if you take the other water-type pokemon whose evolved form wasn't given, Krabby (with answer REPTILES), you can add HOH and anagram to get LITHOSPHERE, which we needed for the metameta
there was a metameta?????
What the hell
similarly, Cranidos (a rock-type) had answer GOLDEN STATE, and its evolution had answer BUSH. here "rock" refers to rock bands -- golden state is actually the name of an album by the band Bush. so for the unevolved rock-type, with answer ABSOLUTION, we had to use MUSE as its evolution's answer
3:25 AM
Okay, I've joined 'borg with the exclamations of amazement
another fun one: Rattata (the normal type mentioned earlier) had answer YARDARM and its evolution had answer MAST. (the yardarm is the horizontal segment of a plank holding up a sail on a ship)
Just... what
the Meowth answer was CEILING
so naturally, we have to take the thing that's normal to it -- that is, perpendicular -- and the answer WALL was used in the metameta
It's so obvious
The heck
Um, what did I just walk into
Imma just walk back out
3:27 AM
@LukasRotter ok, I'll add that. next time feel free to go ahead! :)
Deusovi is blowing our minds with crazy MIT puzzles
I'm assuming these leaps are somehow clued by context?
(this was a thing figured out over the course of like, half a day at least, as we slowly gained answers by solving the puzzles that gave them to us)
@Ankoganit the context i've given you is all that's relevant (for this part of the puzzle, where you figured out the answers to nonexistent puzzles)
we effectively had this table given
and we knew that there were puzzles that would be "Pokémon B2", with the slight problem that they didn't actually exist
...and the other slight problem that, naturally, we wouldn't have all of the answers there, because each of those answers required solving a puzzle that could take several hours
3:29 AM
like i said, MITMH is an event that has teams of 50+ people
and this was in a late-game round
At least now we know where Deusovi gets his 500 IQ galaxy brain
By taking all his MITMH teammates'?
They're all tied up in his basement
He lets them out for the puzzle hunts
So that they can be solving the easier puzzles while he figures out the metas
3:33 AM
We know your secret Deus
my puzzle hunt teammates can confirm their own existence and not-trapped-in-my-basement-ness
for one that would be a huge health risk
That's exactly what they would say if they were trapped in your basement
I'm still trying to process what on God's green earth a "metameta" is
it's a metapuzzle that uses answers to other metapuzzles
Perhaps we are becoming too deep in the conspiracy theories about Deus's puzzling prowess
(those 18 answers above also fed into three separate metapuzzles and gave us answers there, which we then had to combine with the resulting nonexistent puzzle answers)
3:36 AM
"a metapuzzle that uses answers to other metapuzzles" is probably the most terrifying thing I've heard in my life
It's gonna take me a while to get used to the phrase "nonexistent puzzle answers"
That too
Like... I'm over here doing crossword puzzles in the newspaper and y'all are on Level 99 planes of existence solving meta-meta-metapuzzles
metametametapuzzles are a thing too
i don't believe i can think of a meta⁴puzzle off the top of my head though
the obvious answer: make your own!
...well y'see about that, one of the meta³puzzles is my own
posted one here a while back. not a huge fan of some of the decisions i made now but it's still up
3:38 AM
Of course it is
Ah, the Chess Fortnight one?
nah, Recognizing a Metapuzzle
chess fortnight was only meta²
Ah right
and had even worse decisions made
3:39 AM
but yes metapuzzles are fun, and puzzle hunts in general are fun
They seem fun, I always wished my college had done one. The closest we came was a physics scavenger hunt that got canceled due to COVID.
@Deusovi ok that one's genius
@Deusovi Could you make me the room owner to my Math Help room?
(sure, one sec)
i'd recommend colby's curious cookoff (curiouscookoff.com) and dp puzzle hunt (dp.puzzlehunt.net/puzzles.html) if you're interested!
the first is made by boxaroo, an escape room company, and it's very accessible. (i should be at the top of the leaderboard though - i solved one of the sample puzzles after it was over and it dropped me down for some reason >:/ ) the second is made by me and a group of friends, and meant as an introduction to puzzle hunts that has more 'aha moments' than colby while still being approachable
both are pretty soloable, but i'm happy to give hints on either if you get stuck
3:46 AM
Oh my goodness, Colby's Curious Cookoff looks adorable
It's blocked on my school laptop for being "non-affiliated" :((((
colby has very impressive production quality
Look, we're talking about Puzzling!
dp has very "the best we could do in like a month" production quality
Thanks for the ownership change, btw
3:47 AM
I'm working through the sample puzzles on Colby, they are wonderful and accessible. Nice big fonts for my crappy eyesight too :D
the hunt is pay-what-you-want, so i'd say you should go for it and jump in! honestly i think anyone here could probably speed through a lot of them, especially the very early ones
North has renamed his help room to The Grove
Hehe, I think it's only appropriate
Solving the breadcrumbs one just made me laugh, that was really clever
They're not too hard but they're really fun and charming
yeah! they're nice
would recommend doing the 'real thing' - it's very pleasant
4:00 AM
Done with physics! sighs in relief
Alright, gonna go to bed. Cya!
Also, GOT TO SLEEP SCIBORG (also you too Deus)
4:01 AM
Good night!
Sciborg, I enjoy how your strange schedule means we're online at roughly the same times :)
I blame insomnia :p
It is really nice how my lunch breaks and after-dinner logins generally align with when you guys are on
It was obviously Meant To Be by the puzzling gods
It was fated by the Mods
Also, I feel very silly but I am stuck on the PB&J puzzle Deus, any hints?
I think I've got the words but I don't know what the numbers mean
haven't looked at that one i think, but have you heard of indexing
4:06 AM
Damnit, I'm a programmer, I should have realized that :p
indexing is very common in puzzle hunts
(and it's basically always 1-indexing)
I was about to ask, my brain is always in 0-indexing mode so maybe that's why it didn't click right away
But dangit, these puzzles are too cute to be mad at
Hmm, "Off Brand" is interesting
Is it off brand?
Can confirm
This is a weird one, I think it's a visual puzzle/rebus? It doesn't tell you
The latest Deepthinker comments appear to have been deleted
4:21 AM
Did they delete them, or did a mod step in?
all of the comments under the question and their answer, so definitely mod
Probably for the best, not nice to harass people.
I'm still stuck on this puzzle arrgh, I suck at visual rebus puzzle things.
you don't have to solve every puzzle!
Yes, but I have to
The only things I've figured out are that you can move the brands around, and some of the names are parallel to each other, but I don't know what to do from here.
Deus, help!
Are you hitting the big black-and-white PANIC button?
4:33 AM
I am hitting the PANIC button yes
(black-and-white because it just has Deus's avatar)
distress signal from Sciborg
Emergency meeting
Hallo, @pilotjoker999
@Sciborg flashing red lights?
Red is sus
I need to sleep but I can't sleep until I solve this thing
What color lights?
Or do you want to go full PANIC and ping Deus?
4:38 AM
the button worked!
I need a hint on "Off Brand" :p
that's one i haven't done
took a look at it but i can't immediately see how to extract
I figured out you can move the brands around, and I think the goal is to put them in a certain order, but beyond that I'm completely stumped
ah ok i think i see
yeah got it
4:41 AM
Me: *struggles for thirty minutes*
Deus: *works for twenty seconds* yeah got it
you haven't figured out what to put in the boxes yet?
Do you put the original brand names...?
well first of all i do want to make something clear -- the text boxes and draggability are for your convenience only. nothing's going to happen and give you more information
putting something in there that's related to the image might be helpful
aghhh i don't know
I feel extremely dumb for not getting this because it feels obvious
by your comment it sounds like you had noticed something more than "there are images, and you can reorder them"
what is it that you notice about these images? any properties of them at all?
4:48 AM
I mean they seem like rebuses, but I have no idea what any of them mean
they aren't rebuses
you're saying you can tell me absolutely nothing about these two images?
they are completely meaningless to you?
i mean, the first one is coca cola and the second one is starbucks obviously, and then maybe "lady deity" means "goddess" and i remember something about the starbucks logo being based on a goddess, so i guess that ties those together?
(i'm not trying to say that these are tied together in any way - i just reordered them for an easier screenshot)
so you have noticed something other than "these are images that can be dragged around" -- you just didn't tell me about it
4:53 AM
I mean, I got that they're based on brand logos, but I don't know where to go from there is what I was saying.
you didn't say that before
so, that explains part of the images. but there's still a part you haven't explained. what could that mean? maybe write that down for all the images and see if you can make any connections
Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Godiva, Starbucks, Nestle, Tabasco, Land o Lakes, and ??? is what I had
But then what
bye for the night!
Good night bobble :)
which one's Johnson and Johnson?
4:57 AM
The blue J right?
Wait, no, god I'm stupid
What's that one
I have no idea
google is your friend
General Mills, okay
Land o Lakes - Earth of Seas....
Oh, god, I'm such an idiot
It was so obvious
4:59 AM
Wait... research is allowed???
yes absolutely
in puzzle hunts you can use any resources you want except for other teams
I'm stupid for not getting it, sorry
@JohnDvorak yup and I was also slightly surprised at that in the past
I feel bad for making Deus have to patiently hand hold me through that one
Famous Money = Star Bucks, Earth of Seas = Land o Lakes, Private Flour Maker = General Mills, Capsaicin = Tabasco (as in the peppers), Snuggle = Nestle (verbs), Lady Deity = Godiva, and Creation = Kraft (craft).
Is that it?
well you need to get an answer and that doesn't look like an answer
5:13 AM
does it have to do with the numbers in the pictures?
that sounds like unused information that could be helpful
it says he started with the soft drink so we would start with general mills, since that has the soda clue? and take the 12th letter?
god i look like an idiot, i don't know
what do you get if you try that?
probably something wrong
have you tried it?
5:19 AM
i guess "s"
and then general mills points us to private flour maker, which is kraft
but there's no numbers in that picture so that can't be right
unless the "l" is a one?
am i being stupid?
i wouldn't say that
you've at least found another important part about the image with the red 12 - can you find similar things in other images?
generally weird things aren't going to happen in only one place
because like there are numbers in all of them, but i don't know what you would count as "numbers", because like the tabasco logo has six dots and i feel insane for considering that a "hidden number"
I think that's important
because the tabasco sauce logo doesn't normally have dots
(does it?)
I mean, if we follow this completely wild chain of logic, then we go "s" (12th letter of General Mills) -> "k" (1st letter of Kraft) -> "s" (1st letter of Starbucks) and "sks" does not seem right
got it
5:26 AM
You what??
The indexing-by-hidden-numbers idea is useful, but you need to get the correct numbers
so i have the wrong numbers?
how does everyone get this but me??
it looks like you're not trying to follow up on something you noticed
5:28 AM
Probably a lack-of-sleep thing :)
also sleep is generally good from what i hear
What thing?
How many logos give "obvious" numbers?
Well, okay, so General Mills has 12, Lady Deity has III in it, Earth of Seas has II in it, Creation has an I, Capsaicin has... ii? maybe? and if we consider the wild tabasco dots thing then tabasco has 6. then land-o-lakes has 10 canoes and the kraft logo maybe has an I
Q: Online IQ test progressive matrix question need help

pilotjoker999This question comes from an online IQ test(https://hr.iq-test.cc/). This is the question: I cannot find the logic behind this puzzle. Any help in this problem would be appreciated. Thank you.

5:32 AM
oh no, wait, iv??
some of these are not very convincing
no, because that makes less sense, that turns it into "sf"
please just tell me where the numbers are, i don't know
how do you think you might be able to tell if something is a number
I don't know, the only one that has like an obvious big number is the 12
How do you know that is actually part of the puzzle?
(not saying it isn't)
5:36 AM
I don't, I'm just struggling
how could you figure out if it's part of the puzzle?
If it's different from how the logo usually looks i guess?
does that give an idea?
oh okay, so i had to like zoom hard but the starbucks thing has two dotty things on the crown instead of one. this is not a good puzzle for bad eyesight
so the number is two then
wait what
5:39 AM
umm I don't see two dots?
i don't see any dots
oh, no, wait that's the star thingy
the star has different point number
it's six instead of five
and then the kraft logo is different number of sides
it's five instead of six
"s" -> "t" -> "u"...?
5:44 AM
keep doing what you're doing, don't worry too much about the answer now
tabasco has six dots, so "c", then... um, nestle logo has four eggs i guess?
and yeah the canoe thing must be what's different about land o lakes so 10
this puzzle is a nightmare on my poor eyes
godiva has to be II because that's the only thing different
zoom in in browser, maybe?
i'm starting to understand why i did not get this
if i had to notice a different number of points on a tiny star on a tiny logo
But that's all the numbers right?
I think so
so what do these give?
okay so the order then, "s" (12th letter of general mills)
"t" (5th letter of kraft)
"u" (6th letter of starbucks)
"c" (6th letter of tabasco)
"t" (4th letter of nestle)
"s"? (10th letter of landolakes)
"o" (2nd letter of godiva)
and then "c" (3rd letter of coca cola)
5:53 AM
aha! Getting the final answer seems easy from there
so we have stuctsoc...?
cost cuts
good lord
(I think you are supposed to start from the coca cola logo go coca-cola-> godiva etc. but whatever)
5:54 AM
oh, oops
I felt like a toddler that you guys were all patiently leading along :p
Thanks for helping me out even if I'm a moron
(fwiw i did it backwards at first too, so you're not alone there)
I struggle hardcore with puzzles that require me to notice little visual details
i'd recommend zooming in if you're having trouble seeing the images - ctrl+(scroll up) should work
This took a lot of zooming yeah
(equivalent to ctrl+plus/equals)
6:01 AM
The problem with this one I think is that when I buy brands at stores, I don't look at details of logos because obviously visual impairment, so even if I could zoom in on the images themselves, having to visually structure what these logos look like and realize that key detail that they were different from normal was the stumbling block
makes sense - i think the giant 12 helps show you that something is different though
That did help yes :p
and once you find that it's meant to suggest that you should look for other differences
(also, remember, research is allowed - i had to look up a bunch of logos)
That's fair. Maybe I should just stick to word puzzles from now on, visual is not going to ever be my strong suit :p
fair enough! i don't think there are any puzzles that rely heavily on vision in the hunt itself - there are certainly visual ones, but no 'spot-the-difference'-type things like that one
you shouldn't have to notice any small details iirc
6:04 AM
I wish I had realized this was a spot-the-difference before I struggled on it for this long, lol. Usually I just know to avoid those because they are a nightmare
Sorry for verbally flailing around in chat
it's fine
It was a really clever puzzle even if I completely flunked at it :p
Thank you for recommending the website, I may buy the full pack and keep going since they are really fun.
go for it! like i said it's pay-what-you-want, so you can access them for free
They're super charming. I just hope you don't think less of me now for crashing on like their basic Level 3 puzzle
6:36 AM
that's their hardest difficulty
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12:21 PM
Q: Colors: Life or Death

TroyDAliens have abducted you, with 9 others. With their Alien-Translatinator, they said: "You will be assigned a ball, which will is also the same color as your hat. You will have time to look at five of your fellow mates that WE will arbitrarily choose for you, and after that, you will then have to ...

2 hours later…
2:46 PM
Good morning!
GaMen :00
though it is now GameN where I am
Why does Sphinx have a deleted message?
Puzzle deletion, perhaps'
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