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12:04 AM
Back sorry :p I don't have any good book puns at the moment
I'm solving some of the sudokus my grandpa sent, and it's harder without automatic error detection.
Your grandpa is so wholesome.
Also, I'm applying to an internship and they want me to list "relevant research experience". I don't have any research experience, that's why I'm applying!
I despise entry level jobs that do that
That's the whole point of being entry level
It is a paid internship, so there's that
12:09 AM
In place of that, just make sure to emphasize a good GPA, awards, skills, etc.
I'm taking the course in my school which is basically Lab Experience - you do a bunch of cool, practical experiments while learning about how science works. Unless you take it during COVID, then you do simulations of experiments while learning about how science works.
I was taking it specifically to get experience for this internship. Ugh. COIVD.
@GarethMcCaughan Could've been avoided by adding 7 up 13 times
@bobble Hm, I'm confused about a physics FRQ thingy from the ap workbook I'll be in my room, if you're available
I am. will be there
Bummer :/ COVID really messed up everybody
12:24 AM
How is the FAFSA going?
Still stuck, since my mom can't get the bank information until her work ends
Hopefully that works out, I remember how stupidly annoying it was to fill out every year
I would like some free federal money :)
The money is great - getting it is the annoying part :p
Hi Matt!
@bobble ah yes, COIVD
12:32 AM
yes, COIVD
It's COVID minus 2
and it's too late to edit :)
minus 2 what?
or COVID minus II
VI - II = IV
also hey mick! and bobble!! and bubbler!
I get two exclamation points, take that!
12:34 AM
how is everyone?
I'm doing great - Bobble is trying to do internships and FAFSA
trying being the operative word
I'm curious: is there any reason you use Bobble instead of bobble?
Oh, my bad. I can use bobble instead. I just always capitalize usernames
12:37 AM
I'm currently on an RV
It's really fine either way
@matt on top of one?
no that sounds scary
i am in an RV
Just imagining Matt sitting on top of an RV carefully balancing his laptop on his knees
I always imagine matt as a tiny scruffy kid. Not sure why.
that is rather incorrect
mick -- not sure if a chromebook counts as a laptop
(also I wouldn't like being on an RV very much ... dammit acrophobia)
12:42 AM
I used to be really good buddies with a Matt, so I picture everyone named Matt as a nerdy curly-haired dude
I am nerdy but I my hair is not very curly
also my conlang has been scrapped
Not sure how I picture you Bobble, you're inextricably tied to the bobblie so I just picture you as a bobblecrown
My mom has decided to put just enough money from the bank account into the mortgage, so that their assets are under the arbitrary must-report-exact-amounts limit of the FAFSA
Loopholes for the win
I'm really not sure how I picture bobble tbh
12:45 AM
I will picture her as a giant Queen Bobblie until I learn otherwise.
@Sciborg if it helps, I like lots a blue clothes and Marvel T-shirts. So I'm currently wearing a blue jacket (with broken zipper but nice pockets), a SHIELD T-shirt, and jean shorts.
also I'm short
will remember
I'm not even surprised you are wearing a SHIELD shirt at this exact moment :p
You seriously gotta make a bobblie merch brand
12:48 AM
I would describe myself but the heating in my apartment broke and it's cold in Michigan, so I'm just rocking sweatpants and fuzzy socks at the moment
I have socks, but they're dangerously close to having a big-toe hole
Toe holes make socks better because it shows that you love them.
dad is currently putting gas in RV
it's got like a 50 gallon tank
that I am not interested in
I feel like we need something to talk about :p
Somebody pick a topic
12:57 AM
would say where I was going if it weren't close to my city
Placeville, State, USA
I beat Hollow Knight today, that was pretty nifty.
Had a BLT for lunch
I dunno, how's the weather been this week? Lol
Same here
1:02 AM
I'm not sure talking just for the sake of talking is very valuable...
Sorry, I'll be quiet
I wasn't demanding silence!
But it seems to me that "we need something to talk about" is seldom true, at least in a forum like this as opposed to a one-on-one conversation that could get awkward if there are long silences.
Fair, sorry.
silence continues
my mom's looking over my FAFSA - almost done!
1:15 AM
also my phone is about to die and I don't have one of those car charger things :(
will be back in 2 days
@Sciborg !!! Hollow Knight sound track is SO GOOD OH MY GOSH BSVVOSVAVYSOYU
@Sciborg Hehe, how do you picture me?
a tree, of course, with one arm
@bobble I picture matt as a fairly lanky guy, has glasses and freckles
Recently removed his braces
that description is accurate but I have never had braces
I'm gonna guess Bobble has fairly short-crop hair OR is the type of gal that likes to tie their hair into a ponytail
Is brunette or black hair
I'm wiling to bet my life that Sciborg has long hair
1:29 AM
I imagine North as ..: a tree
Being gender fluid, I'm going to assume anyone's first impression of Sciborg is "Are you male or female" in which Sciborg response, "Yes"
also ahh 8% battery left
Q: Where does my friend live? 3

00xxqhxx00One of my friend in America has sent me some codes to show where he lives. ROY, LYS, INI, RAC, NIL, ROE, RAM, YES, CIT, DOH, SAM, IHS Can you figure out where in America he is?

1:52 AM
Q: What is the proof that 9+10=21?

lolIs there anyway 9 plus ten could be 21? My friend has been asking me this since last month, I am a bit annoyed.

Uhhhhh isn't this like a meme or something??
I don't see it being a puzzle
@oAlt Thanks
@oAlt WTF does that post have an upvote
Q: What is the proof that 9+10=21?

lolIs there anyway 9 plus ten could be 21? My friend has been asking me this since last month, I am a bit annoyed.

2:14 AM
Next chain puzzle is out!
2:25 AM
Q: Chain Puzzle: Tabletop Games #06 - So Sorry

BubblerThis is the sixth Chain Puzzle in the Tabletop Games series, in which all puzzles are themed around board games, card games, tile games, and the like. The answer to this puzzle is a thematic word or phrase. The solver whose answer is awarded the green checkmark has first refusal on the opportunit...

2:43 AM
Nah, I’ll leave this question alone — lol 19 mins ago
I made a mistake and you stole my answer thanks... — Deepthinker101 25 mins ago
I cant believe you gave the answer to him, you gave mr no time to correct my mistake and after you led me to believe there was not one SMH. I also worked out the bulk of it. — Deepthinker101 51 secs ago
@bobble Jeez, grow-up people
Q: Could you solve this?

lol9+10 is 21 6+4 is 10 10+4 is 14 6+9=?

Q: How to solve 3x3 Magic Squares with negative values when only 2 values are given?

rjamesI'm prepping for this math contest and I've been given notice that the special question is a magic square (this is Caribou Contest, they tell you on their website what the special question is a couple weeks prior so this should be legal). So naturally I decided to go take a look at what a magic s...

I'm thinking of linking them to the Be Nice policy, or something that would suggest "please be nicer"
Like are you serious, you're going to dispute this?
2:53 AM
@Sphinx first lines are basically saying "this is from a contest that hasn't ended yet, but it's totally legit so give me help on finding an answer". Though I'm not sure exactly how to rate it, since the question isn't actually directly from a contest. Please advise, someone else?
@PrinceNorthLæraðr, replying comment
I just saw
@PrinceNorthLæraðr maybe tone these down a bit? I'm sure you have the best intentions, but these kinda come off as accusatory
*breathe North, breathe*
@Ankoganit Sorry. Kinda annoyed
To me, this is acceptable, because if there is no math allowed in the site then why is the tag #mathmatics created? — Jingbo the dude 17 secs ago
I swear-
@PrinceNorthLæraðr Understandable! Just try to phrase these as suggestions instead of demands :)
@Ankoganit Hehe, that's exactly what I told Bobble yesterday
3:00 AM
Maybe some day bobble will be telling me! cycle of life :p
I really, really, really want to write "Except you're wrong"
That's just straihgt-up not even a math thing hnrrrrgghhh
Just give them the above link, and gently say that [mathematics] is for mathematics puzzles as agreed-upon on meta
You can do it. I don't think I can do it gently at this point
I'll try
My draft of a comment:
The tag [mathematics] is supposed to be used for math puzzles and not math problems, as defined in this meta post. We here at Puzzling define a math puzzle as one which has a non-intuitive or elegant solution. This question has ill-defined rules, and no clear, neat method of solving. Therefore it is unacceptable.
Thoughts? Edits?
3:04 AM
You can add something like "this isn't even math"
"Students are to write the test individually, with no outside help
(i.e. from other students, parents, teachers, cheatsheets, textbooks, **the internet** etc.). "
hmm, maybe change the last sentence to "Therefore it is not a math puzzle as we define that here, so we would not consider it on-topic"
@bobble Sure
3:06 AM
And I added "Finally, the math used is unclear in how it works"
"Unbelievable IQ Test Q&As", a book by Nue U. Zer
to be fair, not everybody is like that
just a few :P
I wonder if lol & Jingbo are the same person - one asked two extremely low-quality questions, the other answered almost immediately with extremely low-quality answers, and the answers were accepted immediately with (one with a very positive comment)
@bobble That's what I'm suspecting
@Deusovi We might need a mod intervention here
am here, checking it out
What, I didn't gain my reps back? :((
3:15 AM
the situation has been handled
thankfully I found an outlet in my RV
for people asking about the "caribou contest" question: it appears to be perfectly fine. the test has not happened yet, and they have just published that it would be about magic squares. it's not an ongoing competition, but preparing for a competition yet to begin, which is perfectly fine
oh. will retract close-vote
ah, alright then
3:20 AM
@Deusovi Oh okay
Yikes. Can't retract my downvote
Maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty
3:55 AM
is this a delete and re-post?
or am I remembering wrong?
i think you're right
I can recognize the first cipher line
Was the last one downvoted? Or just not answered?
Unanswered, I guess
It was, for a moment, undeleted. Then promptly re-deleted
4:00 AM
undeleted and dupe-marked
They re-deleted
It seems both are deleted
works for me
Q: Sophie's Puzzle

Deepthinker101My smart and beautiful daughter Sophie gave me this puzzle the other day... What do each of these letters and numbers stand for and why? -4 + R = AOTC -4 + PA = SR 11 + P = OA 17 + DOTM = CES 18 + EDT = BOAPW 18 + COPR = SAP 19 + POS = Z 20 + TLP = AS

also my RV has like the most claustrophobic bathroom in existence
4:06 AM
just random information
thank you for the sympathy :p
@PrinceNorthLæraðr ik it's weird-- even their answer to their own post (which was not even an answer but a clarification) had one upvote...
original puzzle (the Slytherin cipher) is undeleted
and is now re-deleted
and un-deleted
4:14 AM
A fascinating tale!
oh wow that's been happening a lot
every single one of those gray lines is a deletion/undeletion
What in the world?
one was Deus. The rest are them
@Deusovi, how is this supposed to be handled?
(As of writing, the post is deleted)
Maybe... it's a glitch?
It's just really, really weird
4:23 AM
Well, I'm gonna go. See you
see you!
4:38 AM
...huh, that's bizarre.
both are still deleted, as of now
but what should be done if one is undeleted again?
flag the post
we'll figure out what to do if it gets to be an issue again
has something like this happened before?
similar things, yeah - there's at the very least a mod message template for "vandalism", which this is kinda similar to?
I guess? They're not exactly changing the contents. Not sure what else it could be.
4:42 AM
deletion of one's own content is counted under that -- it's meant more for the rest of the network, but it seems fitting here too
In some way it's both vandalism and system abuse I think
(btw, does locking a post prevent deletion/undeletion by the owner too?)
don't remember off the top of my head! i believe so, though
> On locked posts, the following actions cannot be performed by non-moderators:

Commenting or upvoting existing comments
**Voting to delete or undelete the post**
Though that doesn't cover just deleting it
I guess the system counts OP's deletion as votes, just a superpowered one that triggers the action immediately
like self-close votes
yep, believe so - it also still counts mod actions as votes
4:50 AM
(also like gold tag badge users, whose dupe votes immediately close the question)
2 hours later…
6:29 AM
Q: God's number for 4x4 cube

abunickabhiThe God's number for the 3x3 cube is already established and proven to be 20 moves. Is there any higher bound computed for the 4x4 fewest move bound, via brute force computation algorithms.

6:46 AM
Sep 14 at 15:55, by jafe
i have only ever sent in one puzzle for publication, and haven't heard back from them so i'm not holding my breath
^ just got word that they'll be publishing my puzzle \o/
@jafe Awesome!
7:18 AM
@jafe congratulations!
7:28 AM
hehe thanks
2 hours later…
9:10 AM
@jafe congrats
9:37 AM
@jafe assuming google translate isn't toying with me, onnittelut
10:18 AM
1 hour later…
11:28 AM
@GarethMcCaughan that makes sense
i've been under the impression that direction words like to/from are fine if they point away from the wordplay or toward the definition
swiftkey keeps suggesting "Tommy" as the starting word for every sentence... i don't even know anyone named Tommy
12:34 PM
Q: Where does my friend live? 4

00xxqhxx00My friend, Sev, sent me some clues to tell where he is: Hinder, order, tales, existence, diary, razor Using these clues, I could figure out where he is. Can you get the answer?

12:59 PM
Q: Progressive matrix question need help

pilotjoker999This question comes from www.test-iq.org's free demo IQ test. I took the extremely short test just for fun. I had no problem in doing the other questions, but I have problem in doing this question: I did find out a pattern in the shapes in the squares, but I did not find out a pattern that gover...

1:15 PM
Unpopular opinion: I don't have a strong hatred of riley riddles. I recognize that some are bad, many are in the middle, and a few are the best, but if I were to encounter a riley riddle at all I would never vomit at the sight of it.
Q: What time is it telling? Grandpa's weird clock

DrDI saw this on Grandpa's desk today. "Is this some kind of clock?", I asked him His usual non-answer reply "May be. At my age this is all I need- timewise-son" What is it? How can we explain the time--if that is what it is.

1:53 PM
> A question that gets opened and closed repeatedly many times without achieving community consensus on whether it should stay open or closed.
2:12 PM
where is that quote from?
A: What is a "locked" post?

Justin StandardNote: There are three types of locks in the system that work differently from most locks: the "historical significance" lock, the "comments only" lock, and the "policy" lock. Such types of locks are not covered here, but you can find information about them in the following posts: What is a histo...

Oh, also, in response to a +5 comment from me asking Deepthinker to stop telling the OP to accept their answer:
Bobble, I don't think you understood what happened... — Deepthinker101 7 hours ago
@bobble +6 now....
Because the best way to get a checkmark is to insult the poster's intelligence and then throw in some extra insults for people who come along and gently ask you to stop
2:18 PM
I'm not sure whether the comment rises to flag-able level, though
There's isn't an option for that, I don't think
"Unfriendly or Unkind" is the closest
I would flag the first comment they made
And the second comment to the OP
"I would have solved it if you gave me sometime to correct the mistake... really foul play, I was afk" That's not how it works...
I feel like I should flag it for harrassment-
@bobble What do you think of this comment:
"@Deepthinker101 Please stop. Not getting a checkmark doesn't mean you can harass the OP or the other answerer. As much as you did do most of the work, you did not finish it, whatever the reason may be. Please be respectful of the OP's decision and please move on. Thank you."
2:30 PM
I think it's good, but then I might be biased here.
hi, 'borg!
Eyyy it's Sciborg!
Hello :D
How are you guys doing?
wow, most of the recent messages on this page of chat (discounting matt's RV stuff) are about PSE. that's... not normal
@Sciborg good! FAFSA is submitted.
North, my response to anyone asking my gender is 100% always "yes"
@Sciborg Called it
2:40 PM
"But like are you male or female or nonbinary or -" "yes"
on topic of gender: I am female, as of now
I saw there was some drama with Deepthinker?
Deepthinker sort of always has some drama, but yes, there was a recent egregious one
Puzzling SE is a collaborative, friendly site, there's no need for them to be toxic by accusing people of "stealing" answers - we all work together on answers, you literally cannot "steal" here.
2:43 PM
Thank you
I mean, yes, you can steal answers
We have one of the least serious topics in the whole SE network, as well
But what happened there wasn't stealing
Like Avi and I worked collaboratively on one of the C4 solutions, I would never accuse them of stealing my work, we shared credit on it and it was all in fun.
There's literally no concept of stealing here because it is a collab site by nature.
We all work together
And if someone else swoops in with the same answer, but much better explained... that's not stealing, that's someone taking inspiration and improving on it.
@bobble You stole my answer for the C4 there before! I was this close to solving and had internet issues
2:45 PM
Exactly, I think bobble when I was new here and posted a partial answer on a riddle, you commented to say it was good but not complete, so I deleted it so somebody else could polish it up and finish it. But like they didn't steal anything from me by doing that, they just finished and improved what I did.
Sounds like me. I do a lot of the important small moderation tasks and little comments like that.
Right. I've had several where I post an intuitive answer, and somebody more mathematically inclined offers a true proof. The green checkmark is entirely up to the puzzle creator, and it's really not that big of a deal
@bobble I mean, I do think you can steal answers, but if you make a mistake and your answer is wrong, someone else can either comment to improve it or make their own answer. And it's a new user! Let them have it! sigh
(well, as much as I see to do)
@AnthonyIngram-Westover that's 100% the best attitude to have
2:47 PM
It's +15 rep. Not much at all
Like literally, we are here to have fun and solve puzzles, I don't worry about rep I'm just here to have fun and talk to puzzling friends :D
My rep isn't really going to matter - I think my next milestone is ~5000? And my usual gain is +100 per puzzle, less than once per week.
Damn Bobble you're almost at the same rep as I am, except I have waaaay more questions & answers compared to you. That means you have waaay more good posts than me :P
1010 of that rep is from 2 HNQ'd maze answers
Well deserved!
2:49 PM
Very well deserved
Also Bobble, damn you get through the mod tasks quickly
I'm at 1600 on this account. My main account is much higher on Stack Overflow, but that's a very different type of SE site
I remember back when I used to be zealous and sprightly and young user
Bobble! You've been here for only five months?!
Still can't believe bobble has more rep than me :P
Stack Overflow is definitely... a different type of SE site :p
2:51 PM
I gotta start posting more unless she out-reps me.
I've always been the person who likes to do the background, needed stuff. Formatting a slide to the teacher's requirements, or cleaning up the arts area so that someone else can use it. Stuff like that. The moderation tasks here are an extension.
@bobble I do to, except you seem to have taken 80% of all the available moderation tasks at your rep :P
Leaves none for me >:(
You do a solid job of moderating and leaving comments to help people out, you helped me out quite a bit back when we didn't know each other yet
@PrinceNorthLæraðr same, but my procrastination is in the way (and other tasks as well) ;_; I vowed to post a puzzle at least once a month, aaaaaand yet my last was in june :'(
I remember being like "this person has an adorable username, they seem nice" :p
2:54 PM
<on that note, I just cleared out the Suggested Edits and First Posts queues>
@bobble You should check out Literature SE if you like doing clean-up work. I function currently as the tag dooku (tag wiki excerpt writer) and it's a beta site, so you could definitely help out with some stuff. Not as active as Puzzling SE, but great core users there
Mith was a mod (and still is an active user there), and good ol' Rand al' Thor serves as mod
I don't think I would ever be able to write good answers or questions for there, though.
Analyzing literature is not my area of expertise
That's what I thought too, but it's not too difficult
I keep meaning to check it out because I love Writing SE and it's pretty similar to that, just with existing works of literature
You just have to know the right type of question to answer
@bobble You can also ask questions. We take song-lyrics, poetry, novels, and short-stories
2:57 PM
I'll consider it. The current (nebulous) plan would be to ask enough good questions about my favorite books to get rep for moderation tasks and then be Prolific Comment Person.
We also have another (different) Gareth, who's a top user in the site and is British and great at English... wait sounds like a very familiar Gareth....
Hehe. I have 270 edits there compared to idk like my 59 edits here?
Hmm, my second major was in English, but I still have a negative reaction to the word "literature". So many "classic" books that you are expected to love purely because they are classics
Didn't help most of my English Lit professors were super stuck up

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