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4:10 AM
Q: Please help me cook :(

The WizardI had the worse day today. My car broke down, I was late to work, I forgot my lunch and to top it all off, my chef is on holidays. Due to being an emotional eater, it is in times like this when I miss his cooking the most. To make me feel better, I made up my mind that I was going to cook one ...

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6:12 AM
Q: Word Game Worth?

KrishnaMarty wants to play a word game with friends. He writes down a few words and tells them how much they are worth points. MATH - 1 point TREE - 1 point HAND - 2 points BOMB - 5 points WING - 0 points FINS - 0 points He gives them this clue, "Count the fields, get the points." How many points...

6:33 AM
Q: British lady in a strange land

jafe Across 1. Where people are shown in delight (8) 5. Stray people of Indo-Aryan heritage putting one foot in front of the other (4) 8. Loop back of static web address (4) 9. Wings of sparrow grant license to being a bird (7) 10. Falsely lead to agreement (4) 11. Elderly gang le...

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11:40 AM
Q: Replace the question marks

Prim3numbahHere's some number problems. 8:2::1:1::64:? A:4::D:49::?:169 439: SQUARE::125:CUBE::216:? A:8::M:5::J:1::O:10::M:?

12:21 PM
Q: The grandest zoo in Appelhaken

MagmaIn the magnificent country of Appelhaken there is a zoo. Not just any zoo, but a grand zoo, a magnificent zoo, called Appelhaken Grand Magnificent Magnificent Grand Grand Zoo. In this zoo there are three food stalls and two exhibits. The Law of Appelhaken specifies that there must be a clearly m...

12:36 PM
i like omitting the ! from &lit cryptic clues
because the &lits i come up with are generally easy and omitting the ! makes them at least a little bit harder
plus realizing that it's an &lit. provides an extra little "aha" for the solver
however, i recently came across a case where the ! is actually obligatory(!)
ambiguous clue: A river and U.S. state (8)
unambiguous clue: A river and U.S. state! (8)
1:35 PM
Ambiguous could be Illinois or Missouri just off the top of my head. The &lit I guess intends VIRGIN+IA?
...or maybe not unambiguous :P
w l
I really hope it is A + R + KANSAS
(colorado, delaware as well for the first one)
arkansas is the intended one
Is there a Virginia river?
Virgin river?
1:42 PM
Q: While I have six eyes, I don't need an optician

Rebecca J. StonesI thought I might try writing a riddle. Maybe this is too simple for some of the adept riddle solvers, but oh well. Here it is: While I have six eyes, I don't need an optician. There's just one factor to my primary condition. Emerge from the inn, then head off to the right. End with tea, where...

of course that uses r. for river which might be uncommon
There seems to be a Virgin river (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_River) but not sure about a river named Virginia
I think R for river is probably okay
@Rubio Michigan
I think
2:50 PM
ping, cryptic help needed
when using clues, can an abbreviation for an instance be a valid solution?
i.e. type of Shirt is Tee, so T is a valid wordplay
3:03 PM
also, is "nearly first" = C(-a)? (ca. for circa)
Q: Highest scoring words based on distance travelled along the alphabet

PlogFor any word we define it's alphabetic distance to be the total amount of places in the alphabet you need to traverse between each letter. Example: WORD has a score of 25 8 character distance between W and O 3 character distance between O and R 14 character distance between R and D which tot...

4:02 PM
I need a test-solver for a riddle - is anybody available?
It's technically cryptic as well
4:27 PM
@Avi well, "T-shirt" is a synonym for "Tee-shirt", so that case is fine. but I'd say something like "type of worm" -> "inch" -> IN is probably too indirect for my tastes, at least
4:40 PM
oh, hi :)
would unit of measure -> inch -> IN be ok?
also, if the abbreviation could be used directly in the sentence where the definition is used, is it ok (I don't think these two are equivalent)
(I can't see that OTS - someone apparently already saw it)
I'd personally say no for "unit of measure" -> "inch" -> IN, because it's two layers of synonymy
but yes, if the abbreviation could be used directly like that, it's probably okay
people should not ambush OTSes, but it only contained the puzzle, anyways
got it
Curious - my riddle has gotten no attempts puzzling.stackexchange.com/questions/91374/riddle-word-game
Is it too hard? Does it need a hint? Or is it just less people seeing it
I'm not a fan of riddles, personally, so I haven't taken much of a look at it
4:53 PM
Fair. I'm impartial to riddles, but I liked creating this one due to its conciseness and simple rhyme scheme
5:07 PM
@Deusovi is it a fair/good riddle?
I'm not sure exactly how to tag it
5:19 PM
@Avi Took a look at this (though, as I said, I'm not a fan of riddles, so my feedback might not be too helpful in that part). Haven't figured out what you're going for with the cryptic.
Ok, I'll tell you what's going on
Give me a second to write it up
2 hours later…
are there even 1k questions :o
18k the SE site page says.
congrats @Randal'Thor
6:59 PM
Plus 48k answers.
Although many of both were never First Posts.
And many First Posts have been deleted.
The statistic you really want is how many users have posted at least one Q or A here.
incidentally, how far are you from "legendary"? i figure it's either you or gareth that reaches it first
currently 0 awarded
I've got it.
Got it retroactively in the recent rep reshuffle when questions became worth more.
According to puzzling.stackexchange.com/reputation I've now repcapped on 160 days.
aa i see, awarded 13 november
7:03 PM
And Deus is further along than Gareth, 119/150 as opposed to 111/150.
how can you tell?
Deus has been here slightly longer.
@jafe It's their next tracked badge on their profiles for both of them ;-)
Same way I can tell you're 116/150 (good going!!)
oh boy looks like we may have a race on our hands
oh i see now
before the recount i was at 55, heh
Yeah, you've posted a lot more (quality) questions than most people here
7:07 PM
Poor @MOehm, a 100% answerer, has been relegated to 9th place by rep, behind people with many good puzzles.
On another topic:
Awww. This got closed as duplicate? After all the trouble I went to making a comprehensible solution to a comprehensible problem, without involving advanced mathematical theory :-( — Rand al'Thor 7 hours ago
Do we think this should really be a duplicate?
Even though it is technically the same question, you need a lot of mathematical training even to see that.
I think so. And I'm not sure you need that much training.
Not sure if it's good to redirect an accessible-to-laymen Q&A to a high-level abstract mathematical thing.
It's non-obvious, sure, but a lot of duplicates are non-obvious.
@Deusovi It took me a long time to see it, and I took three university courses in topology.
It takes thought, but that doesn't mean it takes mathematical training.
7:13 PM
For me the problem is not so much "non-obvious" as "completely incomprehensible to non-mathematicians" (that goes for both the duplication and the original Q&A).
I mean, your original answer requires implicitly the assumption that the square you've drawn has opposite edges identified and the knowledge that a square with opposite edges identified equates to a torus/mug.
Probably most of the maths PhDs I know wouldn't get it.
So, the question is whether the same puzzle with two different phrasings is a duplicate. I think it is - fairly minor modifications turn an answer to one into an answer to the other.
(I also think you could copy your answer to that other question (making changes to phrasing as appropriate), because it's likely much more accessible - I would happily upvote it.)
@Randal'Thor That's okay. I'm not here for the rep and even my answering activity isn't much to speak of any more.
@Deusovi Well, that's reducing the question to an obvious one by ignoring all the points I made about this specific case :-)
I don't think I could even copy my answer over without essentially copy-pasting the entire new question and explaining how that is equivalent to the old one, in the answer.
As an answer to the mathematical torus question, yours is much better. Mine, put there, would involve a long explanation of what this bridge thing is all about and why it's equivalent to joining points on a torus, which seems silly next to your simple elegant answer.
7:30 PM
Well, I am talking about this specific case. The fact that it may be difficult to realize that two phrasings are the same doesn't change that they are. So I'm leaning in favor of the duplicate closure being warranted. (Besides, issues of redirection aren't really as relevant here -- it's unlikely other people will search for the particular question that you answered, only to be redirected to the one that they can't understand. It seems to be a phrasing created by the OP.)
7:47 PM
Fair point.
I guess the arguments about duplicates being "useful" doesn't work so well on Puzzling as elsewhere. And dupes are pretty rare for us anyway.
8:09 PM
A: I'm a respectable predator (?, 7, 9, 7)

AviAs it has been 2 weeks and no progress has been posted for 1 week, I am posting the intended solution. Firstly, it was required to parse the beginning: My head hurts... I feel like I'm missing something. "Avoid notes" starts with the left heading, reportedly. Ends firsts, like extremely terri...

Posted the intended solution
@Randal'Thor Yeah, same, ad to skip this one in the review queue even after looking at in for 10 minutes, just could not see if it was a dupe or not
1 hour later…
9:31 PM
Q: Is there a name for this type of paradox?

Travis WellsThere are two persons who make a bet on who will die first. One of them is a character named "Undefeatable" Man. The other is a mortal human. He must die eventually. "Undefeatable" man can't lose and can't die. In this case, the mortal human wins. Question Is there a name for this type of para...

10:10 PM
I think I agree with the closing-as-duplicate. (And for what it's worth it was instantly obvious to me that the question was equivalent to "draw K_7 on a torus"; but of course what's obvious to one person may be very very non-obvious to another.)
Q: What can I possibly be?

jazhang I'm open and not closed Or closed but not open. If I'm not open and closed And neither closed nor open.

^ am I being dim? this question seems like any openable/closeable object (e.g., a door, a box) is a solution.
(though the meaning of the last two lines is kinda obscure)

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