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12:01 AM
my theory is OVERTLY (forcibly), remove L (right), after (right to) P (clear) = POVERTY (need)
the only problem is that "overtly" doesn't mean "forcibly"
okay, the only two problems are that plus the fact that L means left instead of right
actually, the only three problems are those two plus the fact that "right" is used twice
also P doesn't mean "clear"... hmm
okay, the only four problems --
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
12:34 AM
Q: Beg for square brackets!

Dannyu NDos If you like snakes, beg for square brackets. If you are a black key, beg from "in". If you are another black key, beg for curly brackets. If you are fully functional, beg square brackets in a bar. If you like coffee, beg parentheses with two dots. Don't forget the filter. ...

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1:55 AM
Q: Riddle? Word Game

Quintec Mark? Take aim Action? Misnamed Usage? Explain Replace? Fair game P.S. "This question body does not meet our quality standards. Please make sure that it completely describes your problem - including what you have already tried - and is written using proper grammar." How about ...

2:32 AM
@jafe + 1 2 3 4
Q: Maximize profits with a one-use time machine

Anthony KhodanianYou are given one use of a time machine, you may choose to go back to any point in the past and either return to the present or stay. No future. You currently have exactly $100 in your possession, nothing more, and can only take with you what you can carry on a dolly, let's say 250 lbs. The thing...

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6:43 AM
Q: A New Math Operation?

KrishnaYour quirky Math teacher comes with a new Math operation called "@" and wants to see if you can figure out what it does. She writes the following examples on the blackboard: 8@5 = 31340 9@3 = 61227 10@9 = 11990 What's the answer to 7@6?

Q: Back with another one-line wonder!

Mr Pie When a roman emperor tilted his head, he became nothing. Why? The answer must explain who the emperor is and shouldn't be too vague. If these short puzzles aren't accepted here, please let me know; I have been absent for a while and might have missed out on some changes, only recently pi...

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10:05 AM
@balazs.com Someone thinking about posting an answer should post an answer. Comments are explicitly not where answers go (and vice versa), and answers in comments actually are not exactly what we want on this site. Also, next time you’re thinking about posting a critique of someone else’s puzzle, I’d encourage you to withhold. Your intimation that this one is low quality, over-broad, or off-topic seems at best very premature, and available evidence suggests is unwarranted. Indeed it borders on rude, and I’d encourage you to delete it. — Rubio ♦ 1 hour ago
Q: A four digit long password

KrishnaMary has a password-protected smartphone, but she is not very good at remembering numbers. She decided to come up with a simple mnemonic, "My favorite things are MILK and EGGS." Her password is 4-digits long. What is it?

@Rubio Thanks for the comment, I had realized that that comment was an exact copy of a comment I had posted on one of their puzzles, but I didn't flag it because I didn't really know the proper etiquette in these kinds of situations
I had a suspicion it was a copy of something they’d received but didn’t feel like looking for it. I just chose to imitate it in return while making my point. Comparing that user’s typical question to yours, even obliquely like that, is comical. But whatever.
Especially in context I’d find a rude/abusive flag pretty fitting.
Yeah I dropped a flag on it, hopefully their behavior improves a bit after this
I won’t be holding my breath.
10:18 AM
Don't you lose rep for being flagged for being rude?
do you?
I looked it up, and it appears you do lose rep - 100 to be precise - from having a question getting flagged then deleted for being rude/abusive, but I haven't found anything for comment flags
Anyway, here's probably not the best place to ask about this
what!?? -100 is harsh...
but they deserve it :P
Requires 6 community flags or 1 mod flag
Beware: Any mod can remove 100 rep from you. So don't you dare make them angry.
10:25 AM
Nah, the mods here are pretty chill, I don't think we're doing anything to really make them angry
shoe polishing ;)
10:43 AM
...they copied one of my comments again. What is even going on anymore...
I'm not gonna even bother writing a response, I'm just gonna let the community and mods handle the situation
Q: I might blow up!

Little HelperEveryone has one but sometimes you can doubt it. If you lose me, you must be crazy! You can do me and you can don't, but the negative is the positive. Surprisingly, I can also blow up! But no harm is done, on the contrary.

11:00 AM
@jafe Hm? Were you gonna say something?
11:22 AM
thought better of it
3 hours later…
2:26 PM
I deleted balasz's weird passive-aggressive comment and the subsequent discussion from that question.
3:13 PM
Q: According to who?

Rand al'Thor Done in Princeton with disgust. Or, basically, to cover floors. A blot or smudge, Or anything up to C. Eighty percent luck, Or in sound by sight. In a public lavatory Or a house of ill repute. Together, what are we?

3:33 PM
Q: Caesar Cipher Puzzle

phoenixSo I have this Cipher: Here are three facts about Mr and Mrs Smith: 1) They got married on July 7, 1977 2) They had 634 guests on their wedding 3) Their wedding took place in Ireland This is what was written on the floor in blood: PUZWILUZAVRLS Wedding a) Decode the message. I have tried all ...

3:43 PM
Ooh, just thought of something for the CCCC. "To clear" can mean "to net" (as in "he cleared a million dollars this year") and thus can be a connector between wordplay (before it) and definition (after it).
4:35 PM
Q: The grandest bridge in Appelhaken

MagmaIn the capital of the grand country of Appelhaken there is a plane garden containing four magnificent monuments. So magnificent are they that the country has a Law requiring that there must be a clearly marked carpeted path all the way from each monument in the garden to each other monument, and ...

4:53 PM
@Sphinx Appel and Haken proved the four-coloring theorem.
Q: What world is this where 6 + 6 = 10?

Joe-You-Know Upon traveling the world, I found myself in a peculiar place which was called Gauss. The locals there were a peculiar people, as I soon found out. I stopped to grab a bite to eat and learn about the culture. Whereupon I found a man starved for hunger. With sympathy in my heart, I purchased a m...

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8:19 PM
Q: Twelve Labours - #10 Meat Monster

StivThis puzzle is part of the ‘Twelve Labours’ series, but can be solved independently. Previous instalments can be found here: Prologue | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 The next stop on Hercules’ tour of the neighbourhood was the butchers’ shop, Meat Monster, run by the well-travell...

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9:41 PM
Q: What is a Horsethorn Word™?

EricThis is in the spirit of the What is a Word/Phrase™ series started by JLee with a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a Horsethorn Word™. Use the following examples below to find the rule. And if you want to analyze, here is a CSV versio...


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