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2:31 PM
oops, I lied earlier. Lowest price for a Lenovo ThinkPad P51 in the UK is £1800-ish.
Wow... it's ~$1,350 here
(not that there's any reason anyone here should care, but having said something wrong I thought I should correct it)
might be different configurations in the two cases
Would've been better off ordering from US and paying for more shipping
Oh how the pound hath fallen
@n_palum Bear in mind there would have been a load of tax payable on import.
And I'd have had the wrong sort of keyboard.
And probably been unable to get any support if anything went wrong.
(I did consider it, though.)
2:35 PM
Oh fair enough, forgot about that
I forget your keyboards are different
2:48 PM
Decent work/study music: youtube.com/watch?v=sfATf-aMvbA
@n_palum YAY using this every day'
Another way to improve your work/study focus is to not be on puzzle sites, but, you know...
@MikeQ ah, i'll say they help cognition and improve the brain. :P
^ :P
@thecoder16 You play it before?
the game>
2:55 PM
sadly not
Or just like the music then? :P
yeah :)
The guy who made the game himself (over 5 years or so) also made all the music himself.
the grandpa's theme and the crackling fire is beautiful
2:59 PM
I enjoy the tasteful banjo :P
but i think i'll stick to high energy NCS for thinking, it gets me pumped up
@thecoder16 Mehhh I don't get my electro music from there.. Prefer Kito and Monstercat
monstercat is great, but not much electro that's constant
i like pegboard nerds, but the melody changes so much it's more of an "appreciate music" track
NCS is boring, repetitive, but high energy and good to listen to while thinking
Yeah I used to like them more a few years ago
Back when they had colors and genre listed instead of all the fanciness
Now I like xKito and SuicideSheep a lot
prefer monstercat to kito
elektromania is great though
3:13 PM
I want the CCCC to be banked, and 'put up for the night' could be bunked, but the rest doesn't seem fittable
what wuold covered the coals be then?
3:28 PM
BANKED. (Which means covering the coals up with ash so they stay warm overnight. I think.)
If that's the case, then ANK[h] in BED sounds good (ok I should really sleep now)
(fyi the word I was considering the whole time was STOKED but couldn't get it to fit)
but this means you can't sleep because you have to make a new CCCC clue
3:35 PM
If it's correct and for whatever reason I'm up, then
CCCC: Quotes about moderator almost sticks in mouth (10)
[/ignore the bad surface, gonna sleep]
But what about "without sign of life, almost"?
@MikeQ ank[h]
Ankh = sign of life, almost = without last letter
bunked - ank?
No, ANK[h] in BED
ohhhhh oops
3:40 PM
o/ Oehm
then why is it without
The whimsical cryptic meaning of without: If within means inside, then without surely must mean ouside, right?
(Don't like it too much myself and it took me ages to get.)
No, without means without
3:42 PM
wait then ???
It's interchangeable I believe
WITHOUT can definitely mean outside
Can mean minus that, or outside of
in Scotland I believe they have "outwith" which is less ambiguous
Okay, without can also mean without, but nothing is taken away here.
3:43 PM
and, for the avoidance of doubt, without=outside is not something cruciverbalists cooked up just for cryptic crosswords. It's a genuine English usage that existed before there was such a thing as a cryptic crossword.
(E.g., there's a Victorian hymn which begins "There is a green hill far away / Without a city wall". It doesn't mean that the hill has no city wall, it means that the hill lies a little way outside a walled city.)
yeah, it's the opposite of "within"
@GarethMcCaughan So this use of without is real? So I could say that something is without reach, for example?
You could but I wouldn't recommend it. It's not exactly common usage. But it's not exactly wrong and it's not crossword-only.
Okay, I somehow thought this one was punny rather than genuine usage. Thanks for the enlightenment, though.
I remember it being discussed before
3:57 PM
Q: Peculiar headlines

David StarkeyThe local paper this morning seemed a bit strange. The whole thing was a bunch or random squares! Below are some snippets from what should have been headlines of articles.

4:40 PM
@MOehm you could certainly say X is within reach, and Y without
otherwise you may risk confusion
although it probably works better with defined borders, reach is somewhat ambiguous
oooh, Banked was right :)
5:30 PM
@Sp3000 this looks like S.T.U.N.Runner meets Guitar Hero
@Sp3000 To remove any doubt, my CCCC was indeed B(ANK-h)ED
Looks like it is pronounced Bonked
I believe the CCCC could be garet[-h] inside cites
That's gotta be it
5:45 PM
Yeah that has to be it
so what would be the whole word
"Sticks in mouth" is an amusing definition for Cigarettes.
It's a def I've heard before
Anyway, @ffao You are up.
5:49 PM
6:02 PM
Q: e commerce discount coupon riddle

NavinThis is a question from technothlon 2014 paper I couldnot understand how are they making the sequences.

6:15 PM
And help with Q2 on this ^? Doesn't seem to work
that question makes no sense to me
I don't know how you answered Q1
^ ^^
Its the time tables
Do I need to explain better?
Its the times tables in A1Z26
And then you fibonacci the diagonals
expanded answer
@BeastlyGerbil question 2 was nullified in the actual exam
I think you're correct
6:30 PM
Actually I think I'm wrong
Because I think I just worked it out....
actually yeah I don't know what I was thinking. Theres only 26 letters in the alphabet so....
that was an incredibly confusing question
and the answer isn't even one of the options
I have my doubts as to whether this exam is worth taking :P
6:32 PM
I'm confusing myself
I don't even know why, the exam board said it was wrong :P
Oh, bonus questions..
They are always worth-taking. :P
maybe that's why it's a school championship
the questions are intractable if you're in university
but BG can solve them :P
It was obvious to me what the filled in table was straight away
The question is reaaaallllllyyyy wordy though
7:09 PM
Should have gold badge in a few minute...
I'll be the sites third marshal :P
what's marhsal
oh nvm
500 helpful flags
flagging guy.
Yeah that ^^
I'm on 472 with 31 in review so...
@Mithrandir looks like I beat you :P
bah, I bet you guys flag comments
for non-rude reasons
7:16 PM
yeah, I've noticed a lot of comment flags recently
sorry that was me
@Sconibulus yeah obsolete flags
most anyway
@Deusovi well me an mithrandir were racing to get marshal so that will probably have been most of the recent flags
apologies for that
I can stop now I've got 500
@ffao can I ask where you got that picture from?
BG did a no no
I did?
Oh yeah @deusovi I added the hex values for the colour puzzle
7:21 PM
I saw - thanks!
people seriously need to think about color blindness before posting things....
You mass flagged for the sake of stats :P
Yeah, BG, that is... unethical? :P
@n_palum no, for the sake of a gold badge :P
meh, I see a lot of people badge hunting
7:24 PM
well that's stupid imo
My next hunt will be of more benefit to the community - socratic
And just saying I was on just under 300 flags when I started to hunt for the badge
But yeah, probably shouldn't have done that
well, i hope you don't start spam posting crosswords or something :P
nah I'm gonna do a few stegos for the challenege :P
hopefully I get mine done in time.. my drawing is a stego
I actually wasn't flagging stuff that actually went in the queue
I was only flagging stuff that automatically nuked itself
And I stopped a couple days ago, decided I had better things to do, @Beastly :P
7:39 PM
@Deusovi don't be too :/ey - you know, the whole 'do it for the sake of the reward and eventually you'll do it for the sake of it' ;) (although seriously, I'm not badge hunting - too much effort...)
hey, if a mod says it, it's believable :P
8:06 PM
@BeastlyGerbil the one about the exam? I just followed the link in the question
oh :P
9:03 PM
Q: Enticing Enigma

ErrorumYou swim in my sea But don't appreciate me Until I win races Or make laughing faces, Plus I give great head You gotta admit Though I run from the dead, But don't call me chicken shit

I... er... I think that riddle may be... innapropriate
I really hope I'm wrong
at a minimum, there is no "salaciously misleading" disclaimer
I've flagged for a mod
Just answer 'cat'...
heh same
9:07 PM
its the fifth line which is really making me think this needs to be deleted
yeah. although the last 2 lines certainly don't lean that way
@BeastlyGerbil I'd say the last line would be the worst.
the last I could see fitting, and that makes it really bad
The 5th is an innuendo which is inappropriate, but not offensive
the penultimate I admit could be its only hope
@n_palum depends on the answer
9:09 PM
on the one hand, I'm curious. on the other, I'm at work, so...
Fair, but what I believe is the answer wouldn't make it offensive, just an unfortunate choice of words...
ah, good you managed to think of a different answer
Oh don't get me wrong, it's still not appropriate i just don't think it's technically offensive
my answer is offensive on a whole new level
at least he's said the answer isn't offensive in the comments
I am curious and not what you thought of.. You're 14 after all
9:13 PM
lol he also said the riddle wasn't offensive, so...
@n_palum it might be same as yours, but I've taken some lines differently
true. I'm a salty old man of 35.
What letter does it begin with.
w, f or g
9:14 PM
Awh don't say you're salty :P
Okay my answer begins with none of those.
oh then
it's wind, I think
Oh dear, they believe people are offended because of racial stuff..
My answer is not at all because of that
has he read the fifth line?
Actually, I suspected that the answer started with a 'p' (or a 'v')
9:17 PM
at least now it's clearly just a lack of awareness and not malice.
@Mithrandir similar to mine
Yeah... no mine starts with s
can't even think what you are thinking of :P
Oh you thought it was sexist.. Interesting..
Again, perspectives
what offense where you thinking of?
I know mith was sort of thinking same as me
9:21 PM
Like I said, I didn't think it was offensive just inappropriate
ah right. I'm assuming the word you are thinking of is in the last line?
No just as a whole.
no idea then
I was thinking of 😺, if you must know
yeah I guessed
9:24 PM
We don't really need to know.
we already knew, Mith
17 mins ago, by Mithrandir
Just answer 'cat'...
where are the mods when we need them ? :P
poor guy's getting torched in downvotes. I feel bad as he was rather proud of it
totally naive
anyway I'm off. night all
reminds me of the time I was foolish enough to ask a technical question on SO. never again :)
9:26 PM
Yeah same..
I am off as well. someone post the answer if it gets deleted as I'm now quite curious
9:45 PM
The questioner has posted the answer. The answer is not in any way offensive. The potentially-offensive language in the puzzle is clearly deliberate -- the point, I take it, is to write something that sounds like it will be lewd or excremental or something but is actually totally innocent. (I remember being terribly amused by such things as a child.) I don't think it's naive exactly.
I figured it wouldn't actually be offensive, I just think the word choice came across poorly.
CCCC: Reemergent current adopting obscene direction (12)
(To confirm, the previous one was indeed CIGARETTES - liked the wordplay but for stuck with trying to make the surface good)
What is your policy about recommending rewrites?
Honestly, the last four lines need some work anyway - because the rhyme scheme got out of whack...
@Sp3000 I always have trouble with verbs in the present, because of the ending 's' -> in that case it should have been 'stick', but at the same time it couldn't be
9:59 PM
I make a great head,
Though I run from the dead.
I'm cool, you've got to admit
but don't call me chicken ... poop.
Yeah I just gave up in the end :/ oh well
(gotta build up that clue bank again)
I'm cool, you know for sure,
but don't call me [something] manure
Best I've got on the spot...
@Catija But I think you're free to recommend a rewrite. Maybe leave a comment to tell the OP they can rollback if they really want or dislike it. Or that they can still edit it themselves.
@n_palum I think the chicken part is important, though. and "chicken shit" is idiomatic. Heck, they have "chicken shit bingo" at some of the bars in town here.
Why's it important?
It's just slang for useless no? And does chicken based manure have more nitrogen over others?
I don't know that manure is generally high in nitrogen? Though I could be wrong.
10:03 PM
"Manure is an excellent fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. "
As far as I know from working in a Home Depot garden section as well, manures and fertilizer in general are all high in nitrogen because it's good for the ground
plantea.com/manure.htm This page seems to imply that there's a lot more nitrogen in chicken manure than cow or sheep or horse.
> Poultry manure (chicken in particular) is the richest animal manure in N-P-K. Chicken manure is considered "hot" and must be composted before adding it to the garden. Otherwise, it will burn any plants it comes in contact with.
Well, I don't see harm in generalizing it, but I am not suggesting the edit so up to you.
I'm not a regular user of this site. Heck I didn't have an account here until ten minutes ago.
Ha.. Then maybe ask one of our mods
@GarethMcCaughan is pretty good with wording, so is Deus.
I'm chopped liver.
10:12 PM
I think the question is more at that point about how honestly over the top is the word "shit"... or the phrase "chicken shit"... and how PG stuff needs to be... clearly, nitrogen does give beer a nice head... but I don't know if the innuendo is acceptable here or not.
@Rubio we're talking about Nitrogen, not iron.
@Catija Oh. Right. Carry on, then. :)
Sorry was off doing non-SE things while this kerfuffle got highly fuffled.
@Rubio while you're doing SE things, you might want to pin the CCCC before it gets lost in the middle of this whole discussion
or maybe solve it in the 5 seconds it will take you to pin it, which is perfectly possible too
@Rubio Sorry thought you were busier and I saw from Gareth recently.
I'm personally disinclined to force a user to change their puzzle, and there's at least one precedent of a "dirty" riddle whose answer made it apparent it wasn't. That one included, if I remember correctly, a disclaimer from the beginning that it was more than it appeared to be at first blush
Doing that here is closing the barn door after the horse has left.
I think we've seen a few folks fairly pointedly recommend OP change the riddle to be a little less jarring, and that's not really accomplished anything
Except that site policy is pretty explicit. See, e.g., puzzling.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5183/…
10:22 PM
Yeah, that's why a disclaimer up front would have been appropriate, if this wording was something the OP really wanted to keep.
Having said all that. Two things come to mind, for me.
1. There's (literally) nothing preventing community members who are bothered with the riddle, either for its tone, its language, or its construction as a riddle, to make appropriate edits to a question or answer. You're allowed, you're encouraged, to do that when it makes sense.
(Very much agree with Rubio's #1.)
@Rubio I don't think anyone was saying it would be forced.
I suggested the disclaimer already and moved it to the front. I think it's okay with the disclaimer. I just suggested downvotes may be removed if they alter words.
2. People have flagged it, telling the Mods (in effect) "we'll downvote, but we won't vote to close or make any edits ourselves. The community wants action, but won't take action." Well. We're supposed to represent you, and do what you would do. What did you do? Nothing.
10:25 PM
if the action the community wants is to delete the question, #2 doesn't apply as much
The one edit was to mark the final word, which (honestly) isn't even a huge issue to me anyway
@ffao There's such a thing as voting to delete...
there is - how many people have access to that?
^ It's not nearly as many as other SEs
@ffao 33
10:28 PM
Yes, that's a good point. But voting to close is more broadly available.
Well, 33 includes the mods, so I guess it's really more like 29 plus mods?
@Catija (Well, no; but to get it changed, the alternative would be to do it irrespective of OPs wishes. Which, again, is still entirely an option available to the community.)
That's why I said if you change it, leave a reminder about rollbacks and improvements they can still make.
@Rubio I don't think the OP has made any implication that they would be unwilling to adjust the riddle. It might be worth seeing if they would be willing to come to chat.
The OP said they were proud of it for being "creative" so they will unlikely adjust it.
10:32 PM
Anyway. I guess my point was that there is a philosophy that the moderators that moderate least, moderate best. I'm far happier seeing the community do its thing than have the mods step in and decide for everyone what everyone wants.
@n_palum It has flaws other than the innuendo and the word "shit"... the last four lines are problematic from a flow point of view.
Okay well yes, but I don't think that's the top of many people's concerns
@n_palum My point is that you do the OP a disservice by assuming that they are unwilling to rescue their riddle.
I like Catija's rewrite, personally - I don't think the OP would necessarily be opposed to it
@Errorum Are you around?
10:34 PM
^^ I'm not saying they're unwilling entirely just seemingly
I think (but I repeat myself...) the innuendo is most of the point of the puzzle. But perhaps Errorum would rather lose that than have the whole thing removed, which might be the alternative in view of PSE policy on this sort of thing.
@ffao Thanks :D I think fixing the structure to an AABBCCDD structure makes it obvious that "shit" is intended and one could format poop in brackets: [poop] to show that it's a placeholder... assuming you're concerned with the word "shit".
@Catija Yes, I think that's a nice feature of your rewrite.
[AFK for 10 minutes or so]
...Or just replace the word with 💩
If you think it's good, I will suggest my rewrite with the suggested edit note that the OP needn't keep it if they wish to leave it the way they wrote it.
10:40 PM
I thought the wording was good.
Suggested. I leave it to you all to decide on it. Hopefully the OP will appreciate the edit.
Thanks @Catija. Oh, welcome to Puzzling ;)
HA HA. Thanks! I've also submitted an edit to the answer so that they match.
10:55 PM
I really wish we could still opt to have edits be suggestions. (And for mods and gold tag badges, to opt to have a vote not be instantly binding)
shrug. Why? If you have edit privileges, there's no reason to waste other people's time deciding if the edit is good... it's not as if the OP is often the person judging them. If ind that the OP is rarely the person approving or declining edit suggestions but I don't have any numbers on it.
11:08 PM
I suppose now that OP has the option of overturning an edit review it's not as important. I just know I had a question or two that if someone had "helpfully" edited would have been broken, and would want to be able to suggest a correction to the OP rather than decide what they meant for them. It's rare but it happens.
it might be more relevant on Puzzling than on other SE sites
where you can completely break a question by "fixing grammar", etc
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