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6:17 AM
Grats. Now stop spamming "obsolete" flags :)
6:42 AM

RubioI found this in my Inbox today. I think someone is playing a prank, but ... well ... I'm really not sure! Puzzling friends, can you please take a look and see if you can tell what's up with this message? Date :   08-JUN-2017 Dossier : RAND AL'THOR Subject : ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE REPO...

^ this should be ... fun .... :)
@Sphinx This makes me want to steal the username of a fantasy novel series character
Hmm ok so they appear to be monthly reports (17-06), and the agent names at the end appear to be part of the puzzle
well, I have no idea
6:51 AM
O_o I wonder why the urgency is high
but I like the "surface reading" :P
I had a lot of fun with the surface reading :)
FOUR NO TRUMP if not a political reference is probably some card game (bridge, 500 [I don't really know the rules])
Or possibly some kind of cryptic clue
Also it's boboquack runs I still have no idea what the final clue in Mi So Re Do means, "needs a bit of musical knowledge" is not clue-y enough for me lol
Lol, I think I know where Rubio got his inspiration
6:57 AM
steals full surveillance report
The schmucks forgot to attach it. Go figure.
@Sid I won't confirm or deny at this stage, but - I'm curious what you think it is
7:12 AM
Dec 14 '16 at 15:04, by Rand al'Thor
(I wonder if I've put myself on some sort of watch list by searching online for Russian military bases in Syria ...)
@Rubio ^
No comment, as promised. :)
Thanks for sharing though
No problem.
you actually went digging for puzzles from 2015 to get the country list
I'm now starting to consider if you're actually watching rand
hey, I just got that in my inbox. if someone is watching rand it's not me.
7:32 AM
Anyone available for Codenames?
7:58 AM
I wonder why Rubio would get a message about intelligence surveillance on Rand
8:24 AM
@Sid He's a sleeper agent but even he doesn't know it
2 hours later…
10:44 AM
@Rubio I knew the PSE mods were spying on me!
Also, are you aware of the rumour that @Mithrandir and I are actually the same person?
Q: Could Hobbs Bait a Different Philosopher?

Hugh Meyers He stands aloof. Lo! Rod and sword Do both adorn him. Just reward! His ghanta's clangor among us rings Who knows from whence this _ _? To deduce the two missing words, you will need to find what's hidden to see who's named.

11:12 AM
Grrrr. It really f--king annoys me that a newish user had a perfectly valid puzzle mass-downvoted and attacked because a few people couldn't get their bloody minds out of the gutter. They should all go back to their porn sites and leave Puzzling alone.
What really astounds me is people's rudeness and audacity in insisting that it was deliberately sexually suggestive, even after it was very clear the OP hadn't intended it that way, just because they read it that way.
> I would argue rather strongly that your deliberate innuendo very much implies intent.
> You are not going to persuade us that "I give great head" wasn't intended to sound sexual.
I'm flabbergasted. Do these people find it literally impossible to wrap their heads around the idea that some people don't have filthy minds or aren't aware of the connotations of certain phrases?
After the edits I did retract the downvote. But it certainly did seem dirty at first, even if it wasn't intentional.
Why is this offensive then? Please explain. I was so proud of myself for this one, sad to see it go down in flames :( — Errorum 14 hours ago
Poor Errorum :'(
Unable to understand why they're being attacked, surrounded by people of dirty mind who're constantly picking on them without telling them why.
I'm tempted to give them a big bounty to make up for it.
But frankly, maybe they'd be better off not visiting a site where people treat them like that.
@Randal'Thor no, I didn't find it out of the realm of possibility. That's why I left that comment.
11:28 AM
@Mithrandir Your comment was one of the most reasonable of the lot.
Q: Rhyme Time (all the answers will be rhyming couplets)

ChowzenPiranha: _________ _________ Fertilizer: _________ _________ Gherkin that dates lots of other gherkins : _________ _________ Simple eye surgery: _________ _________ Dom Perignon Rose 2004: _________ _________ ...

1 hour later…
12:45 PM
@Randal'Thor OK, leaving Puzzling alone now. Bye. It's been nice knowing you.
1:15 PM
GaMen folks
@Randal'Thor someone apparently is spying on you .... I dunno about it being any mods though.
@Randal'Thor and no, in fact I had no idea about the rumors with you and Mithrandir - that makes it even better though!
*shifty eyes*
@Mithrandir AHA! Which one are you? I bet you're FOUR NO TRUMP.
@GarethMcCaughan Now, Gareth, don't scare me :-)
@Rubio Well, at least one PSE mod is certainly being given the info. Anyone else on the To: list, or was it a Bcc: job?
It was all Bcc. No attachment either. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.
What, you didn't get the attachment? Lots of juicy info in there.
Um, I mean. I don't know anything about this message.
(Nailed it.)
1:25 PM
Ha, see.
Was the sender Emrakul by any chance?
Oooh, forward me the SE-Moderation section. I wanna know what I'm missing.
@Randal'Thor The poster of that puzzle intended for it to be suggestive and edgy. I assumed the answer was neither sexual not edgy, but I also felt the content of the puzzle was too overt. "Give great head" means one thing to most people. That's not a dirty mind, that's kowing a phrase and then (because it is a puzzle), searching for another definition.
@Forklift What evidence do you have that they intended it to be suggestive and edgy?
Also, "means one thing to most people" - .
Heya @jeyejow
1:30 PM
I accept that that phrase does have that meaning. I don't accept that it's unreasonable to believe someone could write that puzzle without knowing that meaning.
@jeyejow Heaven.
ohhh i see what u did there
hell -> heaven
sorry im slow smtimes
I'm going to start saying "Heaveno" to people instead of hello.
citation: google the phrase "give head definition". the majority of those answers will be "most"
1:32 PM
do you play chess?
@Forklift Sure, the internet is a dirty place. That doesn't support your "most people" claim.
@rand if you see that puzzle now, it has garnered quite a few upvotes.
how about your sentence: "I've read all revisions of the riddle and didn't pick up any sexual connotations from anything" followed by this one just now in chat: "
I accept that that phrase does have that meaning"
@Forklift I accept that that phrase does have that meaning ... having Googled it as you and Gareth suggested.
@jeyejow well many PSE members play chess. I would be incredibly surprised if someone from here is a professional
1:36 PM
You can't expect a puzzler to Google every single phrase of their riddle to check whether it has some offensive or innuendoesque meaning.
im learning to play chess @Sid
the point of riddles is to be clever with phrasing. he (assuming) was quite proud of his puzzle (as he stated). I and several others were fine with inferring that his use of that phrase was intended because he had no other issues with english in his post and knew enough about idiomatic phrasing to correctly use chicken shit
I understand the desire to defend a new puzzler, but you're choosing not to see a pretty obvious truth.
FACT: I'm a native English speaker with a penchant for wordplay, and I had no idea about the sexual meaning of that phrase.
please refer to my correct use of "most"
You and Gareth are continuing to insult the OP by insisting that they knew all along what that phrase meant. Because if they did, then they must have been being dishonest when guessing that people thought the riddle was racist or were offended by the use of the word "shit".
1:42 PM
@jeyejow well, if you have any problems, chess stack exchange is always there
I am most certainly not continuing to insult.
If I'd been the one writing that riddle, I would've been equally bewildered by the vague attacks saying it was inappropriate without saying why.
aahahaha i dont know manny words in english
@Forklift What "pretty obvious truth" were you referring to then?
thanks @Sid ill check it out
1:44 PM
oh, you believe my insisting it was not accidental is an insult?
Because that implies the OP was being dishonest.
whats is OP
Original Poster
(the person who wrote the question)
ohhh thanks
@jeyejow you can also search here for somewhat less usual chess puzzles, by searching for puzzles with the tag.
1:46 PM
then we must continue to disagree, it seems. I do believe that the OP fully intended that reading and there is no reasonable argument to change my mind on that outside of electroshock therapy. anyway, I have no further need to defend myself. I have stated my defense since you chose to quote me in your "go back to your porn sites" rant
@Rubio if i made some sort of chess puzzle, were someone needs to find the best moves to win in a certain situation, will that sort of questiong good to post here to should i post it in the Chess stack?
Sorry if I came off as too harsh.
This kind of thing just really gets me riled up.
I don't even understand what we are arguing about, here.
Expecting everyone to be thinking about sex all the time is one of the things I hate most about western culture.
And on that note, I shall depart (not storming out, just stuff to do IRL :-) )
1:49 PM
unapolagetic ribaldry gets me riled up when used in a place that should be safe for children, so I understand your passion.
@Sid A recent puzzle had a phrase "give great head", which is slang for a sex act and has no other immediately obvious reading. Some people said it was offensive. Rand disagrees, and says that the sex act reading is making unnecessary assumptions.
@jeyejow If it's a puzzle, then it's fine. If it's about analysing a board state that occurred "naturally" in a game, then I think it should go in Chess.SE.
@jeyejow If it's an unusual or surprising puzzle then you'd be welcome, encouraged even, to post it here. If it's relatively standard "White to move and win" puzzle it wouldn't necessarily be out of place here either but we tend to prefer puzzles with an "A-ha!" moment to them.
Yes, I had seen that puzzle. I don't understand what is the point of discussing that when the puzzle is already solved and it is clear that no such meaning was intended.
No such meaning was intended in the solution reading. It is unclear whether it was meant to be a distraction.
1:52 PM
What if its a puzzle with the goal "Make the sortest moves to win", would that be suitable for this place or no? @Deusovi @Rubio
Im honestly not sure if puzzles are on-topic in the Chess SE though I would be surprised if an "I'm stuck on this" question would be unwelcome. But they may not welcome challenge questions - Puzzling is (almost) unique in that we do.
(There's even a board game built around those types of "riddles" called Dirty Minds.‌​)
@jeyejow Probably not, unless it was "interesting" in some sense.
@sid the point (for me) is I was quoted as someone attacking the poster, which I don't believe is a fair assessment
@Deusovi hm ok! :)
Well, I feel it was obviously a distraction if the solution has no such meaning intended.
1:55 PM
On the subject of chess puzzles, here's an amusing one:
White to mate in half a move.
right, as do I. but rand's issue is that he believes the poster did not intend the "give great head" to be read in the distracting way that most people would read it. anyway, it is done now. I too am off to my IRL obligations.
What is half a move?
pick up the piece but don't move it
Pick up the knight
yup :P
1:57 PM
its not mate is check ahahha
but thats funny
nice one
@jeyejow no, it's mate - it's check if you finish the move :P
(it's a joke, not meant as a "serious" chess puzzle)
ik ik i got it xD
It's mate if you don't finish the move
so thoes sort of puzzles are fine?
@Forklift I haven't decided yet if linking people who know the phrase's meaning with frequenting porn sites is something I should be actually insulted by. But whatever. I don't want to be drawn back into this.
1:58 PM
@jeyejow I mean, not all chess puzzles have to be as joke-y as that one.
I'd link it with attending middle school
Whoa. Anyone else getting errors posting messages for a couple minutes?
But a chess puzzle should be something designed to have a unique or clever solution in some sense.
@Rubio I did have one error a minute ago
ok, if i come up with and idea, can i post it here first so you can tell me if its good for puzzle stack or no?
1:59 PM
@rubio maybe link jeyejow that recent chess puzzle? That should give them a fair idea
@jeyejow Sure!
@Sid I'm on mobile or I would. Kinda painful to do for me at the moment.
Another amusing chess puzzle (but slightly more serious):
Q: Horde of bishops

Wen1nowThis has got to be the coolest chess puzzle I have ever seen. Shamelessly stolen from here (Which is actually linked from the help center, which is how I found this) which links here. I don't believe anybody has posted this before as a puzzle though. The question: Can white win in this position?

White to mate in 0 moves.
2:01 PM
was that the one with the bishops? I didn't look at the answer yet, but I'm having problems
Exactly why I asked you and didn't do it myself. @Rubio
There, thanks @anko
whats is the gola of the puzzle?
i wanna try to solve
The one I posted here or the "Horde of bishops" one?
2:02 PM
oh, wait, just figured it out
yes, what is the gola on the puzzle you posted @Deusovi
is it like 13 moves or something?
white to mate?
@jeyejow You're playing as White. Mate in zero moves.
That is, you may not touch any of your pieces.
2:03 PM
what? how can i mate then? touch the black pieces?
that makes no sence >.<
@Deusovi (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
You use a glass full of water and a matchstick?
@Deusovi <drops in again> Remove the pawn to the left of the king, by en passant. <drops out again>
.... XD
2:05 PM
I like mine better :)
toes puzzles have tricky solving ahaha
You can deduce that the pawn on c5 must have come from c7. This means you're halfway through an en passant capture.
If you flip the table, so white's pawns are going the other direction, it sort of works
Specifically, the red movements are forced.
If the blue movements happened, then black must have captured 10 white pieces, but there are 7 on the board.
So the blue arrows must be "switched", and therefore the c5 pawn must have come from c7 - and straight from c7, not capturing
meaning the pawn on c6 must have moved diagonally to get there, so you en passant captured that pawn.
2:07 PM
you can't use a retrograde analysis puzzle immediately after a puzzle with an impossible position
it's just unfair
that position's not impossible
the solution is a joke, sure
Right. But there are 2 solutions, right?
a knight hovering over an empty space
ah - the solution position, not the current one
I explicitly said that the previous one was a 'joke' and this one wasn't
i have an app on my phone about chess and in it there are some chess puzzles like "find the best moves", thoes puzzles are really really hard
cause i never know were does the computer want me to move, ill try to go by my logic but they always make the pieces on the board in weird positions
2:10 PM
(by the way, neither of those puzzles were mine - they were both stolen from Futility Closet, a website with lots of puzzles and neat curiosities)
Well, we could go halfway through a capture of black pawn. And we win.
It irks me when 'best move' puzzles don't accept a winning line
does it really matter if you win in 5 or in 4 if all the moves are forced?
game of Codenames potentially startingg
@Deusovi if i had to solve that chess puzzle in the shortest moves i could make, i can only solve it in 2 moves (if black doesnt move the middle pawns, if he does then 3 moves)
can you solve it anny faster?
nah, I'm actually not good at "regular" chess puzzles (or chess for that matter :P )
2:15 PM
now that i think about it, ill say 2 moves (or 3 or 4, depends on what pawn the black moves)
Regular chess puzzle are irksome and annoying.
i like to try to solve regular chess puzzles
I don't find them annoying. I'm just really bad at them.
i rarely do, there are some really hard
2:17 PM
*claps* Yep! :P
Convenient link:


For playing the game Spyfall. Play using spyfall.adrianocola.com...
here is a fun chess puzzle (and easy)
your white, you move do mate in 2 movez
i solved it :3
You can edit your messages.
2:22 PM
oh i didnt knew that :P
either hover and press the down arrow, or type the up arrow in the text box
annyone solved it?
I think there are two solutions
at least
not really, if you think about it there is only one
you only have 2 moves
I think you can do Qf5+ or Be8+
2:26 PM
why Be8? that makes no sence
the king will eat you
Oh, I somehow missaw the black Queen, never mind
thought you could go to QF7
in Spyfall, 3 mins ago, by Mithrandir
Acces code: mykorj, if anyone want to actually play.
wait i forgto how i solved this in 2 moves
i can only think on 3 moves
ok i remenber
yh its easy
i was forgeting i have the bisop in f7
well ill tell the solution
queen to f5, then horse eats, then pawn to e6
what do you think about thoes kind of puzzles? are they good for this website if i make my own?
I think that particular puzzle might not be considered clever enough
2:45 PM
@Rubio I simply take it as the person who slings that attack as having a very narrow viewpoint of the specific subject matter and attacking that strawman ("if you know sexual phrasing you are a porn frequenter") in order to dismiss the opinion they do not agree with ("this is phrasing of a nature unsuitable for this site").
It's the same thing I do when I see a driver on the road with a political bumper sticker I do not agree with. I assume they are stupid and therefore a terrible driver. we are all guilty of it in some way. I am not offended.
:( @Sconibulus what if they are related to that kind of puzzle, but harder?
@Sconibulus I don't know. We've had "standard" chess puzzles here before, and there's nothing wrong with them.
I think we've had standard chess puzzles before, but that one in particular didn't seem to require any particular moment of cleverness
3:04 PM
@BeastlyGerbil I see you reached 500 flags. Congrats...
@Mithrandir Showoff :-)
I've got 4 or 5 Marshal badges without any Smokey help.
I'll have to step up the pace then...
I have a bit over 400
3:09 PM
Anyway, there are currently only two players in the Spyfall room, so if anyone want to play...
i want!
what is the game?
@jeyejow See here:


For playing the game Spyfall. Play using spyfall.adrianocola.com...
Q: Decode 2 50 17. 0339 03 28 92046796

GoodraDecode: 2 50 17. 0339 03 28 92046796 What does it say?

@Sphinx What (Not) To do
3:56 PM
@Sphinx wow...
4:18 PM
I'm curious who removed all the comments on the Enigma puzzle...
@Randal'Thor I in no way tried to talk down the riddle or tell the OP that the puzzle was bad. I merely explained the reasoning why downvotes were occuring (IMO). I didn't downvote, in fact upped it after seeing the answer. I tried to help with the edit as well. But at the end of the day, some people saw the riddle as offensive and or inappropriate, and that in my eyes is justification enough to suggest a rework of the wording.
I'd also like to point out in the first edit made by the OP they said "People are accusing me of racism, this is not the case at all, though I do see a couple places it could be misconstrued that way" - so they're aware where it could go wrong, so they are not totally unaware.
I don't think it's really fair to call Gareth out as a mod saying that should be what dictates his opinion in entirety. Anyway, That's my two cents on all the stuff that was said while I was away.
1 hour later…
5:52 PM
Gee wiz, what a ridiculous mess. Would someone care to move all those comments (both on the question and the answer) to chat?
Probably best
6:15 PM
Is there a good place to look to monitor the UK election?
I can't find things like exit polls or anything
Looking for a steady feed, but they all look blank so far. Guardian and Telegraph have been putting out some update articles.
538 usually has good stats, but are definitely USA focused (hence the 538). There might be some useful links here: fivethirtyeight.com/features/…
they liveblogged Comey's testimony instead of the UK election
which kinda surprised me
maybe will do UK tonight as results start coming in, but that doesn't help me waste three hours now :)
It's got intrigue, Russians, and someone Trump fired. why wouldn't it lead :)
Also, the 538 literally represents the number of seats in USA Congress... if there's a huge America story, it leads on 538.
6:29 PM
538 is electoral votes, actually
right, yes sorry
435 seats in congress, 100 in the senate, then 3 from D.C.
I got so excited I knew something, I forgot that I knew it
better dial it back before we end up in a full-fledged political discourse. Those rarely fare well online
6:47 PM
@Forklift That's a very conservative sounding comment.
@Rubio And yours is a bit laboured, if I may say so.
@MOehm You're just green with envy at not thinking of it first.
Ah, SNaP!
Such a liberal use of political party names
I'll just sit back with some tea and observe
6:56 PM
Oh, politics!
@Sconibulus I don't think exit-polls are allowed in UK. I may be wrong but I think I read somewhere that they are banned or something.
Comment about current 4C - Reemergent is not a word AFAIK, Reemergence is though..
I don't think they are banned, but they probably aren't published until the polling stations close.
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