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12:23 PM
Q: A set of numbers with few constraints

Josephine PMGenerate a set of 62 numbers ranging from 1 to 7 (integer only), and their mean has to be 4.65. On top of this, 28 of those numbers need to have a mean of 4.73 and 34 of them need to have a mean of 4.83. What are these 62 numbers?

Q: Riddle of beneficial lies

Nuloen The Seeker I was created to cleanse the earth, I was created to feed the poor. What am I? Hint:

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2:09 PM
Q: It usually is bigger, and comes with a certain lock. What is it?

DotanWhat is this poem about? I only have it once most of you do to It's easy to imagine how I could have a few It usually is bigger and comes with a certain lock But it's smaller by 40 from a small one in the flock

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3:26 PM
@n_palum: Long time no see ...
o/ Been a very long time indeed
Not a good time to come back, though. TSL seems a bit deserted right now. How is everything?
Been dwindling lately?
I'm well, yourself?
It's slow on weekends. I don't think the overall activity is worse than before.
I'm fine, thanks.
Oh okay, that's good then
I've just had a super busy semester and have not had the same time as before
3:37 PM
I've also taken a little break in between. Sometimes you're just not in the mood or busy with other things.
I've got two jobs, my advanced courses, building a portfolio to get a job, and job searching zzzzzzzzzz...
I reckon the two jobs are side jobs and the one you're searching is the "real" thing, no? In game development, if I remember correctly.
4:09 PM
@n_palum that sounds very hectic...
4:26 PM
@MOehm Correct
It is Sid
But manageable
Oh, @MOehm Maybe you can give a hint for your C4? (I literally have no idea where to start with this...)
1 hour later…
5:54 PM
@Sid I had some thoughts
if you want to know my ideas. Maybe even shooting them down would give you an idea of where to start?
@EricTressler Yeah sure.
Okay. So I was thinking possibly "exchanged tips" is the def. "losing kilo in Mediterranean diet" could be "TUR[K]ISH" or some Med. food minus the K
centered on hard fruit core could mean inserting "NUT" or "SEED" or "PIT" (or "STONE"?) in the middle of that last thing
6:45 PM
Q: Encoded Dreams Cipher

HitchmoCan anyone decrypt my cipher? Good luck 😃

7:36 PM
@EricTressler These are good thoughts.
@Sid Eric has some good thoughts. But I'll give two more specific hints.
C4 hints: (a) The answer begins with one of the less frequent English letters; (b) the "Mediterranean diet" is a bit of a groaner.
7:53 PM
Anyone who cares might like to know that there's a Contact game going on right now. It could use a couple more players.
1 hour later…
9:07 PM
@lauir here's another one that YouTube offered me

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