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1:32 AM
@Wen1now , @Sid Thanks for replying!
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2:49 AM
Q: Digital Strokes

ThisIsDifficultJust woke up? Here's a puzzle to start your day! *The midpoint of each linear segment is denoted by the letters A – G respectively. Answer: FBECD|ADCG – CFBDE|DABEFG – ECDFB|EGAFCB – GC|GACD – FACDBG – CG|EABGCF – CDFEB|AGBFD Examples of translating the obtained numbers into letters: R – A –...

3:35 AM
Q: Fill the table so every consecutive 3 numbers sums to 50 or 100

Jamal SenjayaArrange numbers 1 to 40 to the table with rules: Multiple of 4 Numbers and perfect square numbers are already there as guide. Every 3 consecutive numbers with pattern white-yellow-white, must sums to 50 or 100. There is only 1 unique solution. Some smart guessing are needed. This is the sa...

4:12 AM
Q: What technique should be used to continue with this sudoku

TS79 I searched for x wing and the bone. Im thinking colors but not sure.

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7:31 AM
Q: When things get serious, I'm upside-down

E. VilligerHere's a fun puzzle I came up with: I cannot walk, but I can swim. A liquid keeps me from being slim. Only few people ever see my wave. I spend my nights in a kind of cave. I don’t breathe, yet cannot drown. When things get serious, I like it upside-down. What am I?

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9:02 AM
@BeastlyGerbil congrats!
9:14 AM
@MOehm DO+ODA<+H?
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10:44 AM
@Wen1now Yes, well done. Over to you.
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12:49 PM
Q: A mystifying grid

ThisIsDifficultPuzzle Name: TAKE TWOs Text Only: L R D N S D Q D B L B T E U N T F Y P K U A L M C D O N Z C F D B S I E I H N T U F L O R G C E L K H I E A K U T S L O U N L Solve this puzzle, and ...

Q: Which one is the last tile?

DEEMThis one is a little different than the IQ test type questions you may have seen before. Which one of the bottom 4 tiles can complete the pattern? Why? Ignore the EXCEL background. HINT All RED DOTS are assigned a meaningful letter

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6:52 PM
Q: An island, a boat, and a roulette

dr01You are on an island where a volcano is going to erupt anytime soon, wiping everything with it. The only way to leave the island is via boat, but the captain of the boat asks 80 £ for the ride. You have only 70 £. In the island there's a casino with roulette. What do you do to maximize your chanc...

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8:21 PM
Q: Figure out when a data usage cycle restarts

RunemoroYour cell phone carrier sends you a text message when you have reached your data limit (which you know) for the month, after which you are charged for extra data usage. Question 1: You want to determine on what day of the month the cycle changes without ever exceeding the data limit. How much ti...

8:54 PM
Q: Can you save white in this chess position?

padawanHere is a game I've recently played with my 6-year-old nephew. I am the black pieces. As you can see, I have an unstoppable mate in one (Qg2#). It's white's move. My nephew asked me a question. I gave an answer. And then he saved the game. What was his question? What was my answer? How did...

9:18 PM
@Mithrandir If you happen to be a chess player you may appreciate the terrible, terrible joke in my answer to the last question the Sphinx has linked above. (The question itself is kind of a joke too.)
and I was looking for a serious solution
@GarethMcCaughan That joke is hilarious.
Thank you. Of course it's just an adaptation of an older joke, one version of which you can find here: jewishmag.com/78mag/humor/humor.htm
(though the way I prefer to tell that joke is a little different)
sorry @micsthepick. For what it's worth I think your answer was just as good as mine, but I wasn't surprised to see that mine was the one OP wanted.
9:47 PM
Okay woke up, 4c should be coming soon (sorry about that)
weird surface...
Oops, a definition in there isn't 100% good
you are supposed to check this before posting...
Give me a sec
Um, if there's a mod around, can you please take down that last clue?
CCCC: Suddenly capture and seize headless rebel (8)
@Wen1now Also, would flagging that clue be appropriate or are flags reserved for other stuff
10:03 PM
Flags are for serious issues
not something like "delete msg plz"
People use them for that but really just ping instead

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