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2:00 PM
Q: This year's Winter Bash violates the Geneva Conventions (no, really)

CDJBI know the title of this post sounds like a bit of an exaggeration - but it's not; the 'Lifesaver' hat awarded in this year's bash which includes the red cross emblem violates Article 53 of the Geneva Conventions for the Protection of War Victims of 12 August 1949, which states: The use by indiv...

@Catija I...
@Catija so, basically you are telling me that the standard medikit pack in most FPS games is a violation too?
Yeah. It was fun to wake up to.
@SPArcheon and thousands of lifeguards across the US.
I need to ask Stranger things question on movies.stackexchange.com or put on earphones so that I can ignore my boss while hunting hats :p ;)
@Catija ...........
2:03 PM
I'm not a lawyer. I'm sure ours get paid to deal with this, so I'm just waiting on them.
Sorry 😅
I honestly don't understand the lifeguard thing. Also, like... all of the nurse costumes, too. But whatever.
The hat references are literally from Google image search results.
proposal: switch the hat to a long green hair wig with two small horns.
Has nothing to do with "lifesaver" but... you get out of the mess and I get the Lum remake celebration hat that no "staff user that is always chatting in the anime room" remembered to add :P
Are you throwing shade at JNat?
Me :P? Not at all. It is not like I asked even ^_^'
2:07 PM
They weren't involved with WB, anyway, so.... hahaha we had four CMs just not JNat.
in Maid Café (メイド喫茶), Dec 2 at 15:39, by SPArcheon
@JNat just wanting to point out that Urusei Yatsura got a remake just recently, so if you want to have a Lum hat this year it will be appreciated...
Any theories on unflagging?
What is [data] question O.o
@AnkitSharma I hope it is adding a comment or edit to something, and a flag removal of sorts thereafter.
@AnkitSharma basically an hat that only makes sense on some sites. No way you can get that on Anime for example
@SPArcheon coding? database?
2:12 PM
@CDJB nah. It's better to know now than after we get an official notice to change it.
@AnkitSharma yep probably SO and a few more.
Wow two stranger things hats
There's two Stranger Things hats, now that I think of it. Kinda.
I thought it was starfish first lol
@Catija no 1 English show on Netflix for a reason
@AnkitSharma That said, nothing against Stranger Things but remember that Netflix is the one that made that Castlevania horrid cartoon... So I would not use "Netflix" as a merit badge :P
2:16 PM
The triggers for the review hats are not confirmed, as far as I'm aware?
@SPArcheon I've only seen good clips from it, tbh.
@SPArcheon not seen so can't say
But I am annoyed for the hype Wednesday getting
@Akixkisu Good clips of Castlevania? So... just one fight and the "roasted chicken in the wall" easter egg?
Wednesday was fun. Not earth-shattering... but I enjoyed it.
@Catija but 2nd best English series on Netflix, not that for sure
2:20 PM
@Catija Now, if the protagonist didn't look like the goth twin of Anne Shirley...
I blame gen z and alpha :p
anyway, just repent. Switch to the dark side. Watch anime instead.
@SPArcheon I love Anne of Green Gables. Their personalities are totally opposite, too.
@Catija that was kinda the point :P
I have watched plenty of anime in my day and even read manga.
We aren't watching any at the moment, though.
2:22 PM
@SPArcheon I have finished JJK, JJK0 and demon slayer in a short interval. Now on anime break and then Attack on titans maybe
Also, Anne is probably the less depressing anime in the old World Masterpiece Theater
World Masterpiece Theater (世界名作劇場, Sekai Meisaku Gekijō) was a Japanese TV anime staple that showcased an animated version of a different classical book or story each year from 19:30 to 20:00 on Sunday on Fuji TV. It originally aired from 1969 to 1997 and from 2007 to 2009. Commonly abbreviated to Meigeki (名劇, Meigeki). == History == The first several series were produced by Mushi Production and then by Zuiyo Eizo, and then by Zuiyo's division Nippon Animation, which was officially established in June 1975 during the run of A Dog of Flanders. In both cases, the series originally aired primarily...
@AnkitSharma somehow mainstream, was thinking more of the like of this..
@SPArcheon Cool looking characters saysing funny lines.
How did I miss it? 👀
@Akixkisu Well, I suppose that Alucard is still better than Captain N version... ^_^'
2:48 PM
Ayy I got rank 1 :) quickly need to take a screenshot for posterity before Catija overtakes me again
I knew she'd fall for the Geneva Convention ruse and get distracted
To be fair...
@Catija Either that was a ruse, or Hasbro should violate the Convention too...
I'll tell you a secret... if you figure out all of the hats, you can top the leaderboard and I can't. There's at least one hat that I can not get.
@SPArcheon I think the light red hearts in the corners of the cross get around it.
@Dharman Strange, I only get it when flagging a lot. Note: I often accidentally click to upvote something I'm about to flag (and don't always remove the upvote). So related to comment votes?
@SPArcheon equestriadaily.com/2017/04/… they changed it after the Red Cross told them off
2:52 PM
@JamesRisner That's possible
Either upvoting comments or getting your comments upvoted
@CDJB Oh, right, I forgot about that...
even better than the "Derpy" became "Muffins" thing.
fun trivia too...
I don't think that Gameloft ever updated the design.
so the MLP mobile game violates Genevra too...
@Catija Is unflagging upvoting a comment?
OK. I'm at my computer... which ones have I not confirmed or denied yet?
@Catija Apparently lifeguards are members of the red cross... so it's totally cool.
3:00 PM
@Dharman It isn't just upvoting and I don't get many updated by others. So it's either "upvoting then flagged and removed" a comment or "upvoting and downvoting" a comment. There are sites in testing today that I ONLY flagged X comments and I often make those mistakes. I didn't get unflagging on all that I got flagging.
So maybe it's downvote and leave a comment on the same post?
I am guessing based on the actions I took around that time
but I have zero idea how I got it
That one's probably easier to figure out on sites where you're not a mod.
Hmm, but I got it as a mod
@Dharman I know. I just can't thinking of what I'm doing that triggers it when the only thing I'm doing is flagging (on specific sites I'm not doing anything else).
I only raised 2 spam flags and I got flagging hat for it
I also got X marks the spot but no idea if that's related
3:08 PM
@Dharman hmm, heads up = 1, flagging has for 3 sites required 10 for me. Wonder if spam flags are "worth more"?
@Dharman X mark is "3 other secrets"
@Panda hey any idea how you got verified?
.... the more I think about this, the stupidier it seems...
It is used literally everywhere...
Albert Einstein is 10 approved suggested edits
@Catija kinda different question. Can you confirm that outside the various Rick Roll videos there is no other easter egg on the WB site this year?
I've been trying to find Verified, It's Okay, and Molina.
@SPArcheon For the time being, yeah. I'm not sure if you'll call the thing we're planning for next week an easter egg or not.
3:17 PM
@Catija well, just post a reminder if anything changes later. Especially if it had a different outcome before.
For example, /unicorn right now is a troll too.
If that is changed later, post a warning somewhere :P
@Catija Is chatterbox post 10 chat messages?
@SPArcheon I think there's going to be a meta post.
@Dharman No
maybe 5 ?
Chatterbox is have a chat message starred.
I doubt it
3:26 PM
Based off me having it on politics with one chat message and one star, and not on meta
just got This Is The Way
@CDJB That's just because your chat profile is tied to Politics.
ahhh I see
so is it just a single chat message?
3:30 PM
A message with a reply?
I must be warm
I don't know. Do you have a jacket on?
I don't think I have chatterbox on SO yet.
DharmanBot doesn't do anything else than flag and post chat messages
And it has 5 hats
I guess we really liked flagging and chat this year.
3:33 PM
Ohh I got an idea
single comment flag deletions are considered comment deletions. Maybe unflagging is simply having deleted 10 comments
Is that an official guess?
Then no.
HAHAHA - Sorry, I already know the triggers, so tormenting y'all is the only fun I get to have. :P
3:42 PM
2 hours ago, by SPArcheon
What could work instead is "remove your hat for a certain number of hours"
^ @Catija can you please confirm this has nothing to do with Emperor?
I kinda want to put the hat on again...
because the reference is quite evident, and that was the first thing that came to mind
"The Emperor's New Clothes" (Danish: Kejserens nye klæder [ˈkʰɑjsɐns ˈnyˀə ˈkʰleːɐ̯]) is a literary folktale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, about a vain emperor who gets exposed before his subjects. The tale has been translated into over 100 languages."The Emperor's New Clothes" was first published with "The Little Mermaid" in Copenhagen, by C. A. Reitzel, on 7 April 1837, as the third and final installment of Andersen's Fairy Tales Told for Children. The tale has been adapted to various media, and the story's title, the phrase "the Emperor has no clothes", and variations thereof...
@SPArcheon ... I can confirm that it doesn't have anything to do with wearing or not wearing hats.
Also, the trigger on that one is a bit of a stretch, so I wouldn't look too hard at the source. We originally had other plans and this hat was supposed to be triggered in another way.... but we had to change our plans but we still liked the hat, so we found something that loosely resembled it.
@Catija The creative trigger for that would have been an invisible button on the hat selector popup, always there but not visible.
Yeah, well, the hover probably would have given it away. :P
Like "there is one more hat in the list but it is not displayed until you try to click"
@Catija Can you confirm "Back in my day" is caused from voting on any post 6 months old or older?
3:47 PM
@Catija once WB is over will you reveal your original plan?
@Ginger Probably not, because it's kinda cool and we might use it for another year.
@Catija I fear you overestimate the level of attention users give to the interface :P
One of the first bug reports was due to the hover on the X in the hat UI went white instead of clear... so I was referencing that. :P
@Machavity No
3:48 PM
Does anyone get the reference to Back in My Day?
@Catija old people?
The smoking jacket and pipe? Those are tropes for old folks. Hence why I thought it was voting on old posts. Maybe old and inactive posts?
It's probably only recognizable to a subset of Americans for the specific reference... but the general one is, still there.
back in my day we didn't have Stack Overflow and the fancy hats. We had to write and debug our own software and we wore plead pajamas while doing it.
@Catija it looks like a hat from years back, something with Gentleman
3:51 PM
I upvoted this one and got it: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7046/…
oh, no gentleman, it's 007 from 2015
@Catija Still waiting for "asteroid hat: play asteroid on Arqade"
Guess: Chatterbox is post a chat message with 5 (maybe 10) stars?
4:02 PM
No, I got it but never got starred
I'll probably get it randomly
My starbait hasn't been working today.
I still like the theory that it happens if you send enough messages in a row for your profile card to show
Ayyy I got the (first?) Defender of the Unicorn :D
I didn't have saving a unicorn from war-crimes on my schedule today
@Machavity I came here just to suggest the same thing; it came after I voted on a relatively old post (2016) shortly before getting that "hat"
4:05 PM
Q: Can you land on the "real" 404 page without a direct link?

SPArcheonAs for question title I am wondering if it is possible to actually land on the 404 page for a site (example: https://meta.stackexchange.com/404 ) without manually typing the actual link. As far as I know, if you try to visit a not-existing page you do indeed see the 404 page message, but you are ...

@Catija did you saw this question?
I think it is clear why I asked - was that intentional?
@SPArcheon I saw it, I don't know the answer, though.
@Catija Because apparently you would not be able to get the 404 hat by clicking on a legitimate missing link....
yet, typing the /404 page url works. I don't get if that was the intended behavior
Based on reports, a deleted comment works. A wrong link or a delete question does not
@CDJB any bug report?
I completed 10 suggested edit reviews on SO like 10 minutes ago but still haven't got the hat.
@Steffan it has 't anything to do with getting starred, I got it too, and hadn't have any messages of mine starred
@SPArcheon i went to questions/-1 and didn't get it. Later when I went to the actual /404 I got it
@Luuklag that was the point, and that is the reason I asked if you can end up on that specific page without trying to and typing the link yourself
4:15 PM
@CDJB Huh...
Got Back In My Day hat by voting on a 2010 post.
Wait a second.....
That's a pitty.
@Catija dastardly idea that came to mind, free to use next year. "Back in MY day" seems to have something to do with old post, but since it says "MY" ... it would be funny if you had a trigger "vote a post made in the same month you first joined the site"
@SPArcheon i haven't done anything with old posts but just got it
@SPArcheon that would match my datapoint
does anyone remember the link for last year Defender? it was an actual quote from Never Gonna Give You Up
4:23 PM
any ideas for This Is The Way?
I got it but I'm not sure how
I'd bet Collection Complete has some relation to bookmarks saves
yep, all the Sparkles link still work and now point to troll videos :P
@Catija white? not PINK?
4:39 PM
Are all the secrets based on review queues found? (confirmed only Albert is review queue based)
Oh and Thomas is close queue.
In case no one notices, they actually changed the color of not one but THREE hats because of the Genevra thing.
Hmm, what were the other two?
The lifeguard visor and the nurse's cap
Collection Complete, Penny Saved and Lifesaver.
@SPArcheon Heh/ Cute
4:48 PM
@Catija If it was not in violation of Hasbro copyright I would actually have proposed you used the same design they used when redesigning Redheart out of protest.
Is anyone wearing the Splunk hat who's willing to let me send a screenshot of them wearing it to Splunk? I have it but my avatar doesn't really work for the hat and I don't want to change it.
Why don't I want to change it?
why do you want a screenshot?
@Ginger Because they asked for one.
4:52 PM
Splunk sponsored this year's Winter Bash
@amWhy You probably have to un-opt out, remove the hat, save and then opt out again, probably. Chat's also cached, so it may just take a bit to disappear.
If that doesn't work, post a bug report on MSE.
when'll the unicorn game be ready? :b
No unicorn game.
@Catija Thanks so much!
4:55 PM
@Catija yet, this didn't stop somepony to use your troll to make their own version :P
hopefully someone will notice soon or later.
11 appears to be the magic number of close votes
what's the unicorn game?
@Catija well, it kinda fits for me, so feel free.
5:08 PM
@DerekO the last few years had some sort of unicorn-related scavenger hunt
I guess I just got a Defender of the Unicorn hat because I reported a Winter Bash-related bug which was solved?
@Glorfindel Guess so.
(which may be one of several triggers, given its behaviour in recent years)
@Glorfindel since there is no game yet, probably the only one currently
anyway, if someone actually changes the hat description for Tour we will know
Q: Tourist hat actual requirement: read the Tour page or get the Informed badge?

SPArcheonThe Tourist hat description states: Yet apparently reading the Tour badge is not enough to get the Tourist hat if you already have the Informed badge. I don't know what is the intended behavior, so I am posting this for reference: either the trigger is wrong and should be fixed or the descriptio...

Currently it is still "kinda" wrong
since it does not mention the fact that you need to get the badge
It's been like an hour and still don't have Albert Einstein. Idk what is going on lol
Is the trigger that 10 suggested edit reviews does it confirmed?
I have 14
5:12 PM
@Glorfindel Thanks! ... how do y'all get the higher-quality screenshots of avatars wearing hats?
No idea. I just know how to download/save the SVG versions of the hat, which are always high quality.
A: Oh no! Can you find our unicorn?

SmitopSince Winter Bash 2021 is over now, I'll now describe how I solved this puzzle to get the Defender of the Unicorn hat, in case anyone in the future is wondering. Starting our search for Sparkles the /unicorn Going to winterbash2021.stackexchange.com/unicorn leads us to the first part of our unico...

This was last year version
@Catija Snip & Sketch
@Machavity Huh?
My official guess for "Back In My Day" is: vote on a question that was posted in your "birth" year for that site (creation of your profile for that site).
5:21 PM
@Catija Windows 10/11 utility program. Can pull up the image and "crop" it down. Will let you save it as anything you want
@JeffSchaller No
@Steffan Pretty sure they need to be live edits you approved (so someone else also approved them).
@Machavity I'm on a mac. Can someone do it for me??? Pretty please???
ooooh, well, I shot my shot -- good luck to the searchers :)
Finally, I can prove I am who I claim.
5:24 PM
ohh I see a recent proposal for "Vote on an old question", but unverified
@Catija "Hey Siri, screenshot and crop this for me" Isn't that how Apple stuff "just works" these days? :P
no, no... I mean like these - they're huge - meta.stackexchange.com/a/384714/284336
I can only assume they're photoshopping them somehow. His base avatar is that big, but I can't see anywhere it overlays the WB hat on an image that size
Do I look good?
5:34 PM
@Glorfindel That a joke? Or you think that is how you got the unicorn one?
@Machavity Oh.
Thanks @Glorfindel I've got an image that they're happy with!
@Catija does Verified have anything to do with reviews?
@Ginger No
It was added late specifically to mock Twitter.
5:48 PM
@JamesRisner was an actual trigger last year so...
@Catija that doesn't narrow it down very much :p
@Catija Oh, right, I was going to ask you that....
does it have anything to do with the Twitter field in bio settings?
@Catija Any way to verify my mail again without switching to a different one?
I got Heads Up without a helpful flag, I retracted it. Is that a bug?
5:49 PM
@Ginger I avoid giving hints this early. :P
@Ginger No
and.. she avoided my question... :P
Which one?
I'm not quite sure what you mean by the verifying the mail. That's not it.
wtf did lyxal do to get verified
5:51 PM
i dont think he knows lol
is it even possible for me to get it? is it tied to rep?
maybe i'll reverify my email
Only three people have it.
@Ginger Yes.
Yes that it's tied to rep or yes that it's possible? :)
@Catija when you change the mail you get a verify thing, usual "enter the code that was sent" I assume. I was asking if you can get that prompt without changing the mail.
5:52 PM
wait a minute
@SPArcheon I won't even change an avatar to get a better screenshot of a hat for a client... do you really think I'd go through all of that to get the hat?
@Catija Official guess for Verified: awarded for verifying your email address
that's probably not it
no it is or no it isn't? q:
It's not. I'm too lazy for that.
5:54 PM
Also, thousands of people would likely have it at this point if that was the case. :P
@Catija not if you have to verify the mail during WB.
I believe lyxal got it w/o trying, so that means the reqs were completable before WB started
another question... Can I force the Human Verification page?
Because obviously now that I need it it won't appear...
I will admit that I'm surprised someone got it that quickly and I'm curious where they specifically earned it but I don't care enough to dig.
5:55 PM
doesn't seem to do anything?
for me, the hats usually take like 15 minutes to get
now we wait.
did the captcha thing on Meta.
@Catija Collection Complete: A user Saves your post.
5:57 PM
If I get "Verified" we know it is for "Human Verification"
@Xnero Oh, that was NOT confirmed? I thought it already was, did that before with @ShadowWizardChasingStars
@Xnero Yes
how do i get people to save my post :p
Ask? I don't condone voting and other things but saving has no impact on the site.
so i guess that hat you can get even if you dont do anything, if someone saves an ancient post of yours
@Steffan ask nicely. And for some persons adding a cute kitty photo may help :P
5:58 PM
I mean, you had to write a post someone likes.
personally i've never used the save feature
I hadn't until I was testing hats, either. :P
Neither had I but it does give hats, (after the bash I can delete all that stuff.)
you can probably delete it as soon as you get the hat

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