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6:00 PM
Likely but why spend time on it now.
I'm quite proud of my extensive comparing of PCRE and PCRE2. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/70273084/regex-differences-between-pcre-and-pcre2/73767663#73767663
If you find my information important you can save it for later.
sooo how about that Draw the Ukrainian Flag challenge?
@Ginger are you asking me to save it?
@Willeke How do we get people to try this new feature we created?... Give them a hat???
@Steffan *cough*
6:04 PM
i need to go find some place where people post spam
maybe i'll hang out in fire department
@Steffan SO? :p
often it gets deleted in a few secs by charcoal
@Catija official guess: Verified is awarded from completing a CAPTCHA somewhere on the site
6:06 PM
Have an answer accepted?
Or accept an answer
no, only 3 people have it
accept lots of answers???
I don't think lyxal had that happen so probly not
accept an answer and then have the OP of that answer accept an answer of yours?
@Steffan also, I believe Catija said some triggers happened before the start. So some people could have performed things before the start time and get credit after.
that sounds like a good hat trigger, but not the correct one
6:07 PM
@Ginger Catjia said that Verified makes fun at Twitter. Go in that direction we should.
impersonate a user??? :b
Random guess:
ah yeah, forgot
a) something about age, since Twitter recently started to try to verify user age
6:09 PM
i doubt it
b) mail, but that was already ruled out.
Catija got it on MSE
c) does Twitter has some "verified user" like Youtube? how does that work?
Ohh, delete your own post maybe? The three with verified would remember that right?
i've actually only ever raised one flag. idk where to find stuff to flag lol
that hat proably isn't for me
@JamesRisner i'll try it
6:11 PM
@Steffan you save my post I'll save yours
> Your account must meet the following criteria to receive or retain the blue checkmark:

Complete: Your account must have a display name and profile photo

Active use: Your account must be active in the past 30 days to subscribe to Twitter Blue

Security: Your account must be older than 90 days upon subscription and have a confirmed phone number


Your account must have no recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle)

Your account must have no signs of being misleading or deceptive
Has something to do with profile
well, I wouldn't exactly call lyxal "having no signs of being misleading or deceptive" :b
let's stalk Catija one :P
6:11 PM
ooh! maybe it's running for mod and losing?
deleted lol
i dont think itll work though
who else has Verified?
not having changed your name this year?
@SPArcheon Catija said there are 3, we know of 2
so there's one we're missing
oh my ...
@SPArcheon Found it
it's @Panda
6:15 PM
None of the three know what triggered? Or none are saying either way?
for a second I noticed that lyxal had his pronoun in the profile. But not Panda.
All three have a location, but so I do.
my pronouns are in my profile
Panda one is not a real one, so it shouldn't matter.
panda got their hat on SO
Has anyone here actually wrote their real name in the profile (the hidden field that is not shown)
6:16 PM
Lyxal doesn't
I actually know his real name (don't remember it at the moment) but it's not in there lol
aaaand I got Collection Complete
now I'm tied with Lyxal again
@Steffan nope, I was talking about the "hidden" field in the profile
@SPArcheon just tried it
time for patience
room topic changed to Winter / Summer Bash 2022: discussion & hat hunting for winterbash2022.stackexchange.com [winter-bash-2022]
no beans (I think)
6:19 PM
@Ginger I guess no one liked my PCRE post above enough to save it.
Still not got collected yet.
@JamesRisner you sure? d:
Could be caching delay I guess. ;-)
Has Emperor's New Hat been confirmed as who's in the lead of a leaderboard?
@JamesRisner Yep, it is not that
6:22 PM
why has this user, who I believe was named "nobody" earlier, changed their name to "Catija"?
I'm calm cool and collected now!
I just saved my own post, we'll see if it works
I doubt it
I have some of my old posts saved I thought...But I haven't saved one since the start.
6:24 PM
do any of yall have any ideas for "This Is The Way"?
I got it earlier today and have no clue how
The description here for Back In My Day says "question," but I got it on CGCC from voting on an answer. So I'm going to edit the description to add "or answer" unless there's any objection.
I've looked at actions on people with low actions to try to guess This is the Way, but couldn't see anything that made sense.
at least we know that Verified has nothing to do with stackoverflow.com/collectives because a) they only exist on SO and b) Panda isn't a member anyway.
whoop, tripped the winter bash site ratelimiting
Everything Everywhere All At Once - isn't tabs open, saved posts, or opening lots of questions ---- well as far as I can tell.
6:26 PM
lyxal also got that one
ooooh, I've found something very interesting
@Catija The over 9000 one doesn't have to do with anything totaling 90000 or more?
@Ginger do tell! ;-)
I will... eventually :b
@JamesRisner nah.
ok so
this user has This Is The Way, joined today, and only has one question
their only actions are asking a question and commenting on it
which makes me think that you get This Is The Way by commenting on a question you asked
6:31 PM
idk how to get thomas mensah because the only site i have enough rep for it is CGSE, where there is rarely anything to review
@Catija official guess: ^^
@Ginger possible since I did that to reply to @ShadowWizardChasingStars before
yes, that is exactly the translation
petition to rename the code of conduct to "the norms of behavior"
@Catija Noticed my typo, for totaling 9000 or more?
@JamesRisner I didn't notice your typo
6:34 PM
@Machavity liar, I tried it and got nothing
@Ginger I don't think so... eating lunch.
maybe it's asking a question, having an answer posted, posting a comment on the question, and the answer being edited?
this user has a similar situation: all they did was comment on a question they asked
I'd say that's quite a body of evidence
@Catija official guess (2): This Is The Way is awarded for asking a question, having a user comment and answer the question (in some order), commenting on the question (maybe as a reply), and having the user edit their answer.
ah, got Heads up
@Ginger That's a mouthful.
6:44 PM
@JamesRisner ik, but it fits the evidence perfectly
@SPArcheon Is that official? Or a guess?
@Ginger It's likely 2 or 3 of those 5.
@Catija is I'm Fine related to the This Is Fine chat easter egg?
@JamesRisner that is an old trigger, but since Catija said it is not about "something adding up to 9k" I guess it was changed
I got heads up without flagging anything. Perhaps close voting also counts for this hat?
6:47 PM
It's okay made me think of that, but I couldn't think of a way to apply it to here.
let's check if Cthulhu egg does anything this year.
I'm pretty sure I have that hat on CG.
@parz nice neck pillow
@Ginger (No)
6:52 PM
@Catija how close was I? it has to be related to commenting
@Ginger After all, Sansy doesn’t like losing his hoodie.
i guess its easier to find stuff to flag than i thought lol, i already have heads up on both so and mse
I have heads up on the sites where I am mod, and as such can not flag.
tried some random Chat easter eggs, let's see if they actually have an hat for those this year
@Willeke If you delete or remove something isn't that effectively a auto flag -> remove like flagging thank you comments?
6:55 PM
Chat easter egg time!
Asteroid, Cthulhu, Rood Delete and Clippy...
I always handle flags and there was at least one comment flag.
I doubt any of those will do anything but...
It is a personal tradition by now
If 10 suggested edit reviews and 10 close reviews earn hats, perhaps 10 of the other types of reviews give other hats. Anybody tried that?
6:57 PM
@Ginger you're fishing. 🐟🐡🐠🎣
@Catija how’d you get that one?
@Eran sadly, they didn't yet realize that many sites don't get 10 review in the whole Bash period..
@parz which? Verified?
@Catija no, I'm Ginger.
@Catija ye
6:58 PM
Can't tell.
I got collection complete while being away for several hours, so no idea what was the trigger.
I mean... I can... I just won't because that's cheating.
@Catija I’m a PSE person. Hinting isn’t cheating…
6:58 PM
@Eran I thought I already confirmed that one?
@Catija did... you always had that site link in the profile?
It’s just… helping someone along.
You did? I haven't followed the chat closely
the twitter one.
i dont have twitter
6:59 PM
I created the hat trigger, so telling you is actually ruining the game. 🤣
@Catija or did you add that link.. I don't know.. about 10 minutes before getting an hat :P?
@SPArcheon I haven't changed my profile page in a while.
WRYYYYYYYYY I WILL FIND your collection of vintage 2020 hats AND I WILL MAKE SURE THEY NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY (by being worn on my head… somehow)
@Goku welcome to the club. the hat club.
The hat chat
The headgear place of the year
(man, that was bad)
7:08 PM
@SPArcheon The unicorn link? It's in wayback from months ago.
I thought these 2 hats were confirmed
@Dharman if so, must link. One can't possibly go and look for the confirmation every time.
Without link to confirmation, posting the trigger is just a guess.
I did look here for confirmation to edit it myself into the post, but didn't find.
@Catija Can you confirm this for Albert Einstein: perform 10 reviews in suggested edit queue
7:24 PM
@Dharman Yeah, I was wondering about that. I think upvoting an old question or answer is correct for Back In My Day, but it's still unclear how old is "old," and AFAIK it's unconfirmed whether some other type of interaction also works.
@DLosc No, that one is definitely not right. I was talking about the review ones
I got BIMD after upvoting this answer from September 2017, FWIW
This whole hat-sleuthing project is a very good demonstration of correlation vs. causation
we correlate things and then the mods causate them
7:48 PM
Is there even a strategy to do Hey Listen?
@JamesRisner Sock puppets would work I guess
@nobody Won't help, and I'm 99% sure that seems not wise. My issues is how do I bubble up the closed new user issues for reasons that might be reopen-able. Without viewing hundred or getting lucky.
@Ginger What's that?
@JamesRisner a test
8:08 PM
@Dharman Sometimes
@catija I believe the Albert is perform 10 suggested edits that are also approved by another and are live.
Yeah, it took quite a while for me to get it after doing reviews
Maybe there's another trigger though?
8:23 PM
@JamesRisner How about you create a sock puppet, ask a decent question, use your main to suggest an obviously invalid duplicate, use the sock to accept the duplicate, so now the question is closed, then use your main account to edit the post so it lands in the reopen queue, people notice it is definitely not a duplicate and reopen it?
Pretty sure that would be breaking some rules, but hey, you didn't ask for strategies that adhere to rules :P
@nobody Sorry, disregard my request. I'm not wanting suggestions that break any rules, just frustrated I've looked at a couple hundred closed questions that are either duplicates, not new members, or otherwise un-reopenable. ;-)
Everyone getting it made it look deceptively easy.
@Catija For "Post 4 answers on 4 separate sites during WinterBash", the "well received" is implied? 0 or less don't count?
@Catija You mean only when the action chosen is the same as final outcome, right?
8:52 PM
@Dharman Partly
@JamesRisner I'm pretty sure they require a score of 1
I say disco, you say partly
@JamesRisner Positive score, not deleted.
I don't know if anybody said this but: trigger for "Back In My Day" is upvoting a question or answer (downvoting doesn't count) and the post should be at least 5 years old. created:2017-12-14..2017-12-14 finds posts that will give you the hat. created:2017-12-16..2017-12-16 does not. For 2017-12-15 - depends on the hour - later on the day won't trigger the hat, earlier will.
Well, tomorrow do +1 on those dates.
well that's weird because I had to go back on a few sites because upvoting an old answer did nothing... upvoting the question of the same age did.
@Michael Tested it with upvoting answers. My full query was is:a created:2017-12-15..2017-12-15
I also tested questions. I saw I got the hat from answers, thought and then...I was honestly just too lazy to drop the is:a filter. I was just modifying the created
9:00 PM
What's the deal with the unicorn hat?
I think you have to have a [status-completed] thing on MSE
4 hours ago, by Glorfindel
I guess I just got a Defender of the Unicorn hat because I reported a Winter Bash-related bug which was solved?
Not confirmed though
@Steffan this is correct.
@Steffan This is not
9:20 PM
@Catija What is the date threshold for it? I was awarded the hat immediately upon WB starting, so it's likely because I visited that page before it started.
8 hours ago, by Catija
There's a handful of hats that may have been awarded immediately after WB started because someone forgot to clear the list from when we were testing, so be careful about jumping to conclusions based on hats awarded the first 30 minutes of the event.
@Catija I remember a couple of years ago when I got a New Year's hat right after the start
Yeah, but we rolled that back because that was a date-specific one. These, we didn't. It was mostly stuff that we store in redis files, I guess, and we needed to trash the redis from during the test period - so stuff that's based on page views.
If that doesn't make sense, then substitute "redis" with a word that makes sense.
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by TylerH
Secret hat: get called up as a moderator during winter bash
9:36 PM
Y'all are not allowed to call up more mods during WB ever again.
Or else we get a hat?
Did you change your username to mine earlier?
Yeah, I was checking if that would trigger the verified hat :P
Spoiler: it didn't
@CDJB If you're OK with it, I can add your MSE account link to my answer about your Politics profile, I just didn't want to "out" you on MSE since you have the site private.
10:08 PM
I got Einstein on Stack Overflow after I finished 40 reviews in the Edit queue. Is the trigger for this hat doing the maximum reviews in a day on a queue?
@rgettman I only did 22. I’m 90% it’s 10 approved by two and therefore live.
10:25 PM
@Catija fine by me - I just tend to keep my other sites hidden so they don't distract from my mod profile or vice-versa :)

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