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12:38 AM
Q: How are manga character polls done?

user9564371As I understand it, publishers of magazines that host manga series hold popularity contests/polls to gauge the readers' interests. However I can't find any information on how it is being done? Do they include a link to a survey or a QR code to scan? How do they prevent vote manipulation? I imagin...

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1:48 PM
Q: Pokémon Earth can you help!

Nicholas WilliamsHey guys I caught up on Pokémon and brushed up on Digimon. Now I’m wondering who will suspend time for Gidget (man)?

2 hours later…
3:39 PM
@JNat just wanting to point out that Urusei Yatsura got a remake just recently, so if you want to have a Lum hat this year it will be appreciated...
4:08 PM
@Memor-X do you happen to know if Ami Ami preorders are pay on order or pay on shipping?
@SPArcheon a little too late to suggest new hats at this point :P
we're already in December
@JNat Blame on you for representing the Anime room and yet not promoting Lum as she deserves :P
I mean... I dropped the anime
wouldn't be the best advocate for it
4:35 PM
4:52 PM
(btw, I still don't understand why they gave he orange eyes in the new version)
5:28 PM
also, daily attempt to kill @Memor-X wallet.
1 hour later…
6:41 PM
Savaged this one only for the face.
> Homura.exe crashed

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