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12:25 AM
I'm half tempted to blanket close anything from 2009. There's so much crap from that time.
It's crap now. Was it crap then?
No, the site has changed dramatically since inception as the honeymoon phase wore off and an influx of such crap started drowning the site in "I can has teh codez" type questions. A defensive reaction to that influx was tightening up the rules on what is an acceptable question. Roughly a year or so ago we went through another round of such.
Aha. I wasn't around in 2009, so I missed all the fun.
The problem with establishing formal norms like these rules is that there will be a range of implementation methods. Some people will be very gentle and helpful while others with lean to the USENET style. We want to keep that range as close as possible to the site's "target", hence the new rules, then the natural reaction to the USENET-effect ala "Hunting of the Snark" and "Summer of Love"
12:36 AM
@ChrisS Honestly, the quality of the site's content is the only thing that differentiates it from any other Q&A site. An accepted answer on SE is worth a lot more than Yahoo Answers.Why? We vet our own and we're uncompromising, and should continue to be uncompromising.
1:08 AM
Well, that and the intelligence of the average site's user isn't "brain dead" to differentiate us from Yahoo! answers.
1:23 AM
@HopelessN00b I sometimes wonder...
I used to wonder too... but I stopped when I figured out that no good comes of it.
2:23 AM
Looking back, the 2009 stuff does seem pretty off...
Maybe it's just me being new here, but almost all the stuff pre-2012 seems to be either crap, or would-be-closed-as-not-constructive-inside-15-minutes today.
2:39 AM
@HopelessN00b A user with 214 reputation that I just looked at was rated "top 21% this year". The "average", then, is depressingly low.
Make that 240 reputation.
Yeah, you really wanna get depressed, take a look at Rajat's percentile ranking. *shudder*

On the other hand, there's that *I R TEH BEST SADMIN EV0R!!!!!* effect that kinda offsets the depression a bit.
(Or you could take out all the 1 rep users from the equation... helps a bit.)
2:55 AM
not a fan of this...
Q: OS or Onboard software RAID?

Aco StrkaljI plan on installing Debian 6 on my server build with a E3-1270, 16GB DDR3, and 2x120GB SATA3 SSDs. But this has me wondering, should I use Intel's built-in, on-board software RAID or the OSs'? Which will perform more efficiently? Which is simpler? Please give me a solid answer. Thanks!

I don't think enterprise or even professional solutions should be about software RAID... (ZFS is an exception)
@ewwhite It's pretty obviously an enthusiast home server, but perhaps the answers will be instructive as to why you don't do that.
@MichaelHampton Well, maybe I'm old-school...
but I've pretty much only done the HP and Dell thing. Hardware controllers seem to make more sense...
@ewwhite On the other hand, Linux software RAID is decent enough that it does work in a professional environment, and I think we've both seen enough professional environments where they're not willing to drop the extra money on a proper hardware RAID controller.

May as well help steer those poor IT folk away from trying fake RAID, which can seem like a better choice than software RAID, at least the first time someone tries it.
@HopelessN00b My last boss had never used HW raid... and I had to inherit a number of SW-RAID linux systems.
No alerts, no monitoring...
that was probably a function of the boss rather than a deficiency with SW RAID.
disks would fail.. I'd have to send a junior admin to go look.
3:12 AM
Yeah. Boss problem, not technology problem.

Am I just getting ancient and crusty in my young age, or is there really not enough money in the world to be an FTE at a shop like that? I can't see doing it again anymore, unless it meant enough money to retire to my newly purchased private island in a couple years.
@HopelessN00b I was hired to bring things up to standard.
And had to leave once it all failed.
Ouch. Didn't get hired quite soon enough?
No, I couldn't work with the guy.
Day #1, HR told me "XXX may be a little hard to work with... Please let us know if you have any problems"
Everything else was right... the money, the hours, the contract... I thought I did all the right things.
(having come from an even crazier environment)
Ah. Been there, done that.

Once upon a time I was dumb enough to think "pfft, they don't know what they're talking about. I can work with anyone... especially for *that* much money."
@ewwhite Sure, Linux mdraid has plenty of monitoring. A Red Hat box will even have it on by default...
3:17 AM
@MichaelHampton Right, I realized that this guy was just "doing it wrong".
I'd still rather hit up eBay and pick up a PERC 6/i though.
@HopelessN00b It wore down on me... Dude stopped talking to me at a certain point.
I dug deeper and found no backups, no docs, no plan...
Secret servers...
Yeah, I had one of them bosses once. Should have been in jail, instead he's an exec these days. Never again.
this guy should be in jail...
Yeah, oh well. At least you know better for the next life, or something. Heh.
3:23 AM
My project was killed... and I was let go.
so I was like, "should I just leave?"
Uh, we don't know...
Can you give us a list of things that we're exposed to? I mean, how bad will it be not having an admin?
Lol. Love it.

"Now that we're not gonna pay you anymore, could you give us some free work??"

I always find it so hard to walk away from those spots with the vaguest semblance of professionalism, and/or not telling them how I really feel. :)
@HopelessN00b No, i gave them a real accounting of what was wrong. My boss had been hiding a lot.
@ewwhite That's when you pack up your personal effects, shut down all the servers, and walk out.
I went to my desk... called my lawyer... sat around for a couple of hours, actually... the boss didn't even come to work. They couldn't find him.
tried to work out a contracting arrangement.
@ewwhite Better man than I. I would have told them what my hourly rate was, and kept my mouth shut until I got a signed SoW.
3:29 AM
They were sad to find out how bad things were. Shame. Wasn't a big deal, though.
The junior engineer left a week or two later.
But I've learned that working for people is tough :)
Nobody's ever going to really watch out for you.
If only working with people wasn't so necessary to like eat and such, huh? :)
I've had consulting relationships for years... so I've found that dynamic to be easier than the boss/employee relationship
Does keep it a lot simpler, yeah. Call me when you need something, I do it, you pay me. None of that having to put up with each other for 1000+ hours a year.
It's like having a wife, without the sex. shudder
@HopelessN00b Well, people treat you better. Maybe because it costs more... But I've been treated like dog-s**t by employers... and rarely like that in a consulting arrangement.
No doubt. Very weird, but very true. Tell an employer something for free, they'll barely acknowledge your existence. Sell the same people the same answer for 10 grand, and they'll kiss your ass like you're doing them a favor.


3:36 AM
I think the boss-man loses respect for you the first time they see you under a computer desk fishing cables...
Right, that's why I make the help desk guys do that these days. :)
Ah, that works.
Well, sometimes. When they don't fuck it up, anyway. :/
4:12 AM
Argh, I don't like specifically being asked to act unprofessionally
Seems like an odd request, yeah.
@ewwhite Would it be career suicide to transition from 100% Linux administration to 100% Windows administration?
4:49 AM
@JoelESalas why would you do that?
@ewwhite Really cool company. Though in retrospect if they're running a full Windows stack it might not be the best option for me...
It depends on what/where you want to end up. I have minimal Windows skills... Enough to get through installations, but I'd defer to SME's like @mdmarra on that.
The Linux skillset is more lucrative... but in shorter supply.
@ewwhite Meaning there's less positions for it? I'm definitely getting swamped with calls, but they place heavy emphasis (and value) on 5+ years of experience. Not sure how someone like me's supposed to have 5+ years of experience with AWS.
"I've been deploying cloud systems using automation tools that didn't exist the day Amazon launched EC2"
@JoelESalas Don't take those numbers seriously.
I'm not sure what else to say to that.
There are a few types of Linux roles... most center around e-commerce, web-facing systems... The exposure in the average small business is lower now. Cloud matters... and then there's the specialist stuff like HPC and trading systems...
@joel do you enjoy consulting? I mean, what are you looking for?
5:00 AM
heh, I'm probably not good for career advice either...
@ewwhite Honestly I'd just like a stable place that values tech and engineering. Working with cool technologies is a nice bonus, and feeling a growing sense of mastery is really important.
@JoelESalas Okay... SO my career... CS degree, 6 years in the produce industry... 4 years in finance following that, while keeping 30% of those clients from produce.
@JoelESalas Convert a bedroom into a server room. Fill it with cool stuff. Enjoy. :)
Most of my hardware chops came from doing a lot of installations... thousands...
that was in the produce and warehousing world...
@ewwhite OK, I'm curious, how much of that CS degree are you actually using?
5:05 AM
@MichaelHampton I don't program... but I've supported developers in every job since... In finance, where I had $400k/year developers to work with, my job was to make their life easier and more predictable.
@ewwhite Yep, that's about what I expected. :) All I got out of CS was learning how to drink heavily.
So I had to know everything around the development process... Source control, library management, profiling, how to distinguish HW versus SW issues...
@ewwhite Algorithms? :)
Of course, when I started CS, the 101 class was FORTRAN.
and then, an education component... I could have a brilliant developer who knows trading strategy and how to optimize for realtime environments...
5:08 AM
And no joke, the school not only had a mainframe, it had several. One of them it used for class registration. To register for a class, you had to get a punch card for the class before someone else did. It was ... a zoo.
but who may not know how to daemonize a process or use screen
or rotate their logs...
@joel I'm just saying that you'll pick things up in any position... but you have to keep an open mind.
If I were looking today (which I guess I'm not anymore...)... I'd focus on a solvent business.
And then decide if you want big environment versus small.
My career has lacked a team feeling... I've always been the senior person or "expert"
and haven't had many peers... this is why Server Fault has been good;
But big environment plusses... budget, a chance to learn, scale...
Minuses... silos; Do you want to be the Sharepoint Administrator?
In a recent job interview, I was asked "You say you've deployed VMWare... Did you do ALL of it??"
"Really? Soup-to-nuts?"
And that came from them seeing a lot of people who were limited in their roles.
@ewwhite That's actually a really valid point. I would very likely get silo'd into something, though these days it seems "Linux person" or "scalability person" is a valid silo in some environments
That's my favorite question: How does it scale?
@JoelESalas I don't think silo == good.
And really, I think the technologies are fracturing the field. I used to be a real generalist who could do a bit of everything. Now, it's deep in a handful of areas and shallow in a lot more. Even with Linux, I look at some of the questions on Unix.SE, and think, "who cares... not important... I'll research it if I need it".
As I've gotten older, it's about the solutions/result and less about the detail...
So the standards rise... Hardware RAID, mainstream gear, CentOS/RHEL, config management...
whereas I would experiment more with more esoteric solutions when I was younger...
@joel Scalability... okay. Web applications, big data, finance and research labs... Those are good places to go.
5:23 AM
@ewwhite Your wisdom is enriching to me
finance and big data are converging in that they're leveraging the same technologies.
the research labs (I'm not sure which ones are in Cali) are great for technical growth.
@ewwhite HPC is a fairly small and tight-knit community, from what I can discern. It's literally a few degrees of separation between financials and CERN.
they're usually interested in rolling-their-own and definitely have some interesting resources.
the money was never where I wanted... the energy research lab in the Chicago area tops out at $10k/month
Finance pulls people from research. I just interviewed at a trading firm where the last interviewer was a guy who interviewed me 4 years ago at a research lab.
@joel I'd suggest getting involved in projects. Learning Puppet and Chef... pick up on the things other admins are weak at (cough, scripting)
@ewwhite Right now I'm having to discern between true engineering positions and fad-type devops positions, all because of the term "puppet" on my resume
@JoelESalas @ewwhite is right -- anything you can do with scripting and automation will make you valuable in a way that others aren't. Engineering wants to kill administration. Be an engineer.
5:35 AM
E.g. I suck at scripting. I've been able to get by because I know tools and have found alternatives.
@JoelESalas Also, especially if you don't mind working for people who need things to happen yesterday, there's nothing wrong with being interested in how things scale.
But the fad devops positions aren't all bad.
I've managed a lot of servers and environments at the same time, so it's hard to envision ONE role that would keep me busy enough.
so most of the startups I've talked to really didn't have much of a footprint.
@ewwhite Entrepreneur!
well, once all the servers are built... the puppet installed and the systems tuned...
I've been doing Exchange upgrades and Windows AD builds all summer.
(random, but I find a lot of companies need good direction)
phone systems, integrating broadband, internet load balancing, PC refreshes, virtualization, VDI...
not glamorous stuff, but things that apply to a lot of businesses and can be helpful.
@ewwhite Phone systems are definitely not glamorous, but having someone around who's familiar with them is such a huge perk
5:43 AM
Every trading firm I've worked at ended up doing some sort of phone system installation (usually Asterisk-based), a mail system change, and some level of Windows work. I had that experience from doing so many build-outs in the past.
@joel so that points to the small firms... do a bit of everything, keep your Linux chops up. Get a RHEL cert.
again, I'm not the best job resource.. I've had a tumultuous, but lucrative career...
(although, a company that pushed me out 4 years ago has gone through 6 people in trying to replace me... vindication)
@ewwhite Tumult is the new normal. If your career has been lucrative AND you've had fun, then you're winning.
@MilesErickson lucrative, but stressful and emotionally-taxing.
So, not much fun...
@ewwhite Heck, I got offered a job at Microsoft in 1996. If I'd taken it, I'd probably still be working there. Pretty amazing that I dodged that bullet.
(on the other hand, I'd probably be a fair bit wealthier than I actually am.)
@ewwhite I'm not saying much, but I'm definitely digesting what you say carefully, so thank you for sharing your experience
5:54 AM
no prob
my hard lesson is that I can't trust employers fully...
@ewwhite Hm. I like to tell myself that if I'm not having fun in my daily life, then, I'm probably doing it (life/work) wrong. Doesn't always fix it right away, but... there's no sense in complacency.
@MilesErickson yeah, I left some bad situations... but have some searching to do on my own as well.
@ewwhite That's definitely a lesson worth sharing. Corollary: when you can afford a house, live in a studio. Save half of what you earn. Laid off? Time for another trip around the world.
[disclaimer: I have implemented this philosophy only partially.]
@MilesErickson I interviewed at MS for the IE for UNIX project. Bullet dodged.
Throughout my situation, there's never been a financial issue. In fact, I've made more every year of my of career... That's what's so twisted. It's really been an issue of finding purpose.
I tend to get hired by business leaders... who see the mix of business and tech knowledge... but my conflicts come with other tech staff.
5:58 AM
@MichaelHampton Wait, that does sound right... IE is the perfect browser for eunuchs!
@MilesErickson I didn't get it. They scrapped it not too long afterward.
One firm refused to adopt DNS... another insisted on Gentoo across 600+ servers. Another place was a battle between KVM and VMWare...
@ewwhite Gentoo..for servers? I never could figure out why anybody would do that.
@MichaelHampton There is no good reason to do that, but it still happens.
6:00 AM
@ewwhite: I cannot imagine how messy the initial deployment of gentoo on those would be
@MichaelHampton it was terrible... and I had to own it. I switched to CentOS where I could... but it caused resentment.
So at that point, my boss stopped talking to me.
same with the KVM versus VMWare at the following firm
@ewwhite This may prove that culture is everything, and a key element to look for in a prospective employer's culture is sanity.
Eh, that's not so bad. I could deal with either.
@MilesErickson You mean sanity relative to your own, right? :)
@JoelESalas Right, of course.
6:02 AM
It was bad... it was a case of the companies being held-hostage by a senior technical person who hadn't documented...
@JoelESalas It could go both ways... maybe you would be bored to tears if all 600 of your servers used CentOS.
@MilesErickson I would be in tears. Of joy. And automation.
Maybe... that was 600 servers in 25+ data centers...
You know what. GMOs are bad and everything, but these grapes are fucking good.
so that made it a nice treat when a particular system was too old to emerge to the current release...
6:03 AM
@JoelESalas I have about 50 bunches of grapes growing on one vine on my back porch. I'd encourage you to come by and eat some of them when they're ripe.
@JoelESalas You know what I loved most about being a college student in L.A.? It was the Grand Central Market at this time of year... they used to sell oranges and bananas, 10 pounds for a dollar.
@MilesErickson Hoooly crap. That was a perk of being at Cal Poly too, delicious orange juice. Too bad it was way too expensive for the average student.
@JoelESalas of course, that was 17 years ago... no idea what things cost now. I used to go in there with $3 and drag home enough bananas to feed an army of monkeys.
@JoelESalas No comment as to who trained the monkeys, nor what they were fighting for.
12 Monkeys is a 1995 American science fiction film directed by Terry Gilliam, inspired by Chris Marker's 1962 short film La jetée, and starring Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, and Brad Pitt, with Christopher Plummer and David Morse in supporting roles. After Universal Studios acquired the rights to remake La Jetée as a full-length film, David and Janet Peoples were hired to write the script. Under Terry Gilliam's direction, Universal granted the filmmakers a $29.5 million budget, and filming lasted from February to May 1995. The film was shot mostly in Philadelphia and Baltimore, whe...
6:43 AM
I guess it doesn't like time tags
Debugging an SELinux policy is a great way to spend Monday morning, don't you think?
@MichaelHampton When is it ever not ?
7:04 AM
@MichaelHampton i can't think of a more "Monday" task
@MichaelHampton you're good with php ?
@Iain Shh, don't tell anybody.
Got an practical, answerable question based on a real life problem?
7:19 AM
Let me answer a question with a question. stackoverflow.com/q/3550449/1068283
@MichaelHampton that doesn't really do what the OP wants though :)
@Iain No, but it's good enough for DEVELOPERS :)
what I found was that I could use fastcgi_param PATH=... and it would set a PATH that could be read by getenv('PATH') but system('echo $PATH') sill retuned the same original unchanged PATH
That would have been my next guess. Blah.
so really my practial ... is why the difference between the two
7:30 AM
OK, so set the path in your php-fpm startup script.
Oh wait, that was the previously given answer.
in my case I hade php-fcgi but it's the same thing
Everything I'm reading says it really isn't possible without nasty hackery.
I just changed the path in my php-fcgi start script and that got passed through to the php system('echo $PATH);
So the OP typoed something, eh?
don't think so
@MichaelHampton I think like me, the OP thought that the PATH was related to nginx whereas it's related to the php process
I don't use nginx much and always forget things like php not being integrated into the server like with apache
7:44 AM
Right. The two processes chat with each other, but one doesn't fork the other. That would be ... slow.
Oh, yes, I hated mod_php so much. One little segfault in some buggy PHP code and bye bye Apache.
yeah just like using suPHP really slows apache php down
PHP-FPM + APC + varnish = god mode
8:16 AM
8:50 AM
morning all!
my last week at my current place :D
9:15 AM
@Dan my first ever cert in 4 years! brocade certified network engineer! lol
@ColdT Nice work!
I've got to say - I shan't be recommending Windows 8 to anyone with Windows 7 currently
@Dan you work in a education environment right?
@Dan I'd be extremely surprised if anyone with an ounce of understanding in IT recommending win8
9:34 AM
@ColdT That's right, and yep!
@Dan how is it like comparing with private sector? Am nervous moving into a sixth-form next week
9:49 AM
@ColdT Totally different environment, but the challenges are much the same
Is this is the new job?
yeah new job
their network and server structure is a mess, my job is to fix it properly lol
tell me you don't use rm tools?
Sounds fun - hat's the situation like and are you responsible for the school, too, or is it purely 16+?
Use them, I used to work for them :D
But no, we're independent consultants now so definitely not!
yeh 16+
That's probably not too bad - they probably have a better handle on the pupils and they'll probably be a little better behaved than 11 - 16
I've heard bad bad stories with cc and rm-tools
9:54 AM
@ColdT We've had many a discussion on here - does the school have them? What version of CC?
my support involvement will be minimal (at least that's what I'm hoping!) but at the moment, the CC4 has seriously messed up a lot of things and apparently very buggy. I know the college already decided to have this removed for next year
@ColdT CC4 is a perfectly workable system so long as you stick to the RM way - if they're on the latest versions then it's actually pretty stable. That said, it's got absolutely no relevance in a place with in-house Active Directory skills
I certainly wouldn't put it in if I were managing a school, but there is a tendency to blame it for everything
There is no 'removing it', though, really. I'd be starting from scratch and building a new domain
@Dan that's the idea, new domain in lab initially and once everything is up and running, will be a flip switch more or less
Not sure which version they are using, but RM support have also said there is no way of fixing certain issues
@ColdT Fair one, yeah. So what's your actual role, then - network infrastructure specifically or you helping the new domain too?
@ColdT Depends on the issues, I guess, but yeah it's not hugely flexible
well the title is meaningless, its senior network engineer....
my work is more in line with a typical system implementations
10:01 AM
How many pupils do they have?
first huge project will be sorting out the backbone, their core, distribution and access layers are a complete mess and chao. The so called redundancy is pathetic from what i can see.
in total (staff + student), its close to 2500 (but i doubt that to be honest)
Yep, that'll be education
Wow, that's pretty sizeable. For comparison - your average secondary school is probably 1000 - 1500 kids
its a sixth form college, about middle in the league table... the assistant vice principle has a bit of an ego, he got a good telling by one of the higher top of league table saying their IT infrastructure is 10 years behind lol so hence now he is determine to fix the setup
I do like education, though - it has it's problems but I suppose there must be a reason I'm still working within it. I tried to branch out by moving to a company that doesn't do education exclusively, but in all honesty, it's what I know best and I find it all very second nature. Did some work for the NHS last year and I was way out of my comfort zone :D
I've heard NHS, some guys literally putting up their feets and sleeping half the day
10:07 AM
I worked with literally one of the best schools in the country a couple of years back and their whole infrastructure was built on prosumer unmanaged switches with two completely seperate infrastructures for admin and curriculum. As in, if there was an admin PC and a curriculum PC in the same part of the building, it meant having two switches, with two uplinks etc.

It didn't look like that when I left.
are there any replacement for RM tools?
@ColdT Probably, but I've only ever used that and vanilla networks. Altiris is pretty good for deployment and the SYstem Center stuff from MS does a lot of similar things
@dan There's a lot to be said for total physical separation in a school environment. (although I'm sure that wasn't the design goal in that case)
@SmallClanger I completely disagree
I don't see any need to segregate the networks like that - same domain, properly configured with VLAN's is plenty
There are legacy requirements which mean a lot of schools still have it as hangover, but the vast majority have long since moved away for would at least like to
@dan Sorry, I should rephrase: In cases where the design is very basic, physical separation mitigates a lot of risks.
10:12 AM
@Dan that's exactly how the network will be configured with various VLANs, single domain with exception of a MAC server serving about 20 other MACs
@SmallClanger Oh I see, yeah, I could understand why they had it - I was just making a point about good schools, crap kit. This was only a couple of years ago and it was all 10/100 etc
@ColdT Totally agree, that's very much the standard setup I see and work with
So are you planning on staying long term, or is this is a get in, get it done, get out sort of job
Never worked in public sector myself, but I hired a guy from a schools contractor a few months back and he was always shocked at how little money schools had to spend on stuff and how much they'd try to pile on to a single, over-worked domain controller.
@SmallClanger Yep, cash is king and it's VERY hard in education to justify redundancy to people up top
@Dan the workload will take best part of a year (I'm told that it takes agesssss to get anything approved in that place unfortunately)... so once done with the core projects, I'll be out of there. The most i'd stay in about 2yrs.
Problem is, in a business you can just say "Look, it'll cost you £10k now but you'll lose 100k if you don't and it breaks", but schools don't really work like that. That said, they are getting much more business minded and we certainly try and do as much redunancy as possible
@ColdT Yeah, I've always worked on a 2 year per job strategy - up to now anyway, think I'll hang here for a bit as it moves and changes pretty fast
10:16 AM
They are getting new kit in for servers I'm told, migration will be a headache no doubt
@ColdT Worst and most dull part of any job
the esxi host setup is a mess as well, that needs reconfiguring from scratch, seriously i have no idea who the hell gave the person the job to set all this up
Haha, it sure sounds like you're in for a fun time! Welcome to Education, Mr T, take a seat and enjoy the view.

Oh, and don't touch anything as it may explode.
yes literally explode, that's the reason why I'm dreading it lol
Sign up to edugeek.net if you haven't already - I don't go on very often any more, but they're good people and it's a good resource for Education specific issues
Can you just promise me too things
two, even
10:20 AM
Only want to do some vm work, jeez this is a complete redesign! oh yeah did i mention they are replacing the entire IT support team, apparently they are not so good
Give servers a clear route to the internet with no proxy, and likewise, ensure that the client VLAN's CAN'T get to the internet without a proxy.

The amount of times I'm stuck with servers that can't use the net properly (Windows Update doesn't liek authenticated proxies, by the way) and times that clients can get straight out if a proxy isn't defined is shocking
going to be one heck of a journey
am not even sure if i want the lab setup with server 2012, i really dislike at the moment, but long term wise it would set the college up nicely
Yeah, tough one at the moment. Mind you 2012 isn't RTM yet is it?
RTM released on msdn & technet as far as i know
@ColdT You sure?
8 is, but I didn't see 2012 the other day
10:26 AM
I thought i saw it, might be wrong
Need to flatten my dev server when I get to the office
Currently on ESXi, but thinking of giving 2012 Hyper-V a whirl
i tried hyper-v, i don't know, i just don't like it as much as esxi for some reason
@ColdT Neither do I, but 2012 is meant to be good to be fair
@Dan you familiar with MIS/ SIM systems? One of the long term task is to move from physical to virtual taking the oracle db along as well
@ColdT Not hugely - I've heard of many of them, but the process tends to be that I'll do a generic base server build (Whether virtual or otherwise) and then get the vendor to come and do the hard wor
I finally watched 28 Days Later over the weekend, it was very good
Then I watched 28 Weeks Later, which was shit
10:35 AM
yeah if you watch 28 weeks later, you'd never watch 28 days, and that would be a pity
Got in to work this morning to find my boss waiting in reception for me (bad sign... and this is the boss who complained about a now former member of staff who used to wait in the bosses office to report problems before the boss had even sat down)
@DJPon3 I was so disappointed - I had some issues with 28 days (Namely the whole army rape subplot thing), but 28 Weeks just fell into the trap of being completely predictable. The characters were just annoying and the whole thing was oh so clichéd
@DJPon3 Uh oh
major failure of one of our VMWare Clusters...

After a considerable amount of investigation, turned out that the SAN controller card had failed and that the failover to the secondary card hadn't happened properly so there were no vmware datastores online
@DJPon3 Whoops, that'd certainly do a good job of spoiling a monday morning
managed to "hard fail" to the secondary san controller and restore services, got dell pro support on the phone who assured me that failovers MUST work dammit, so got them dialed in and invited them to look at the equallogic box, (cue sound of bricks being shit on other end of phone)
yeah, not doing much for my chilled outlook on life. Still at least education's the nice quiet industry where nothing exciting happens right?
@DJPon3 haha
10:40 AM
I'm now having a frank exchange of views with our telephone support people about how a 3 week lead time isn't really acceptable to fix a phone system outage they have caused.
so how's everyone else's monday going
@DJPon3 Slowly but okay
good :-)
So are you running Windows 8 yet?
@DJPon3 Am I fuck
hahah I was trying it - left you a chat message here about how that went, did you get it?
Haha, I did yes :D
10:44 AM
so much better to have Windows 7 back
I've left it on Jane's PC, and she's kind of getting there. As a consumer OS I can sort of see it, but she's already getting irritated about the metro / "classic" apps divide
She's not compute illiterate by a long shot, but the fact that she has basically two totally seperate and different versions of IE is a bit confusing
the metro apps just seem kinda pointless on a PC
I just find it a mess
that's nothing to do with whether or not the user's computer literate or not, it's to do with Microsoft not having a bloody clue
It is quick, I'll give it that and she does like the Facebook integration and stuff, but it took way too long to set it up
10:46 AM
yeah there's a lot of clever work under the hood there, it's just a shame the UI team chose to take a big dump on it
@DJPon3 Exactly, so imagine how a less literate person will get on
I think they should hire me for vast sums of money to fire everyone at Microsoft who I think is an idiot
@DJPon3 I really can't stand it - I'm trying not to be facetious here, but it really does look like a badly designed amateur app
oh it does. it is. It's dreadful
And I hate what they've done with the window designs - Win 7 actually looks, y'know, aesthetically pleasing. It was bloody fine!
10:47 AM
Even if you "get" their "vision", it's still implemented messily
I can see the XP -> Vista -> 7 path. I even used Vista quite happily for a couple of years, but 8 I just don't see. I just can't see what it offers extra - I can see me putting Windows 7 back on Janes machine to be honest
and i think i said, it's one thing to say "ok, i have to get used to this new thing, but I can see that its better so its worth it". It's another to expect people to try and get used to something when it's not better at all.
Things are much happier at my house since windows 7 went back on
It annoys me, because it makes me feel like I'm one of those "Stuck in my ways, don't like change rargh" people, but Windows 7 is an absolutely superb operating system.
10:51 AM
yes it is. They hit a home run there, which is what makes it so shocking that they're throwing it away. I think that by insisting that the tablet and desktop OS can be the same thing, they've bugged up both of them.
Yup, basically - I've said this before, but it's like the IT industry is forgetting that there are some of us who use computers for more than just consuming content
And by some of us, I of course mean everyone who has an actual job that involves a computer.
How is Windows 8 going to benefit an accountant, or an architect, or a secretary or a lawyer etc etc etc
we have people here who pretty much need to go on oxygen and blood pressure pills if an icon on their desktop moves one place to the left... The ones who complained bitterly that "we're always changing things for no good reason" when we announced the move to windows 7 (we deployed XP here in 2003 btw)

I don't even want to think about giving 8 to those people.
someone will develop a classic start menu/desktop app - it will be a runaway success
10:55 AM
@DJPon3 I'll have a heart attack the first time a customer wants to roll it out
yep. I think a few people have done that already
Unless, like @Iain says, I can make it look just like Win 7
I have to admit I wouldn't fancy rolling it out.. or at least supporting it after
@DJPon3 I've not looked at the Group Policy side yet, and to be honest, I don't think I will - I'm planning on simply pretending it doesn't really exist
I mean, sure, if you're on XP then you can justify a move... maybe

But I'd still suggest 7 was a better target... and if you're on 7 already at work then what possible business benefit is there to upgrading?
10:57 AM
@DJPon3 Couldn't agree more
the last time I looked at the GPO side of windows 8 I had to go and have a bit of a lie down and imagine killing all the lotus notes design team until I felt better. But to be fair this was an early version of it when I looked.
@MichaelHampton env[PATH]=/some/path turns out to be the solution - easy when you know ...
11:29 AM
does anyone have experience of SCCM 2012? is it really as good as they say it is?
@DJPon3 I've had many a VMWAre failure. How did your VM's fare after having their disks ripped from underneath them?
12:00 PM
@basil understands.
posted on August 20, 2012 by Matt Simmons

The other day, I was reading something that referenced a study that I was passingly familiar with, both from the actual paper and its application to real life. The paper studied the bystander effect. Essentially, the bystander effect says that any potential responsibility for something that happens in the presence of a crowd is diffused [...]

The Bystander Effect scares me, too. I try hard not to be party to it, and I've been called everything from stupid to nosey, but I'll keep on doing it. Probably because I'm both those things
Your face scares me.
@ScottPack Ouch :(
12:15 PM
@basil I'm having a storage vendor discussion with a Nexenta partner. They say that they have a different approach to enterprise storage. I want to ask them some questions about things that are present in the high-end storage you deal with that may not be available in the openstorage world. Can you give me some tips?
@ewwhite Of course
give me a few minutes though
gotta do my morning crap
(not literally- I mean checking the systems)
Instant message from developer...
Dave - 7:17:17 AM i have a vmware server that keeps losing time....i have root access...i want a command line that will reset it to the correct time from some external source....can you help
@ewwhite SET TIME=RightHereRightNow
12:20 PM
@ewwhite - I had a few hairy moments with a SQL database server and a intranet server that initially claimed their config files were invalid but a bit of patience and they sorted themselves out in the end. Was a worry though.
the correct time from some external source..... - the bofh ntp server?
@DJPon3 I find that VMware is pretty resilient, even when storage fails completely.
yeah, I was quite impressed with it. Considering the SAN itself and 2/3s of the VMWare hosts needed to have their power cables yanked to shut them down...
@DJPon3 The developer's root access turns out to be blocked... and his engineering group isn't doing VMWare guest time properly.
developers not doing something operational right?

I'm shocked. SHOCKED!
@DJPon3 I've had a lot of those, and have been amazed that things will work afterwards.
12:24 PM
yeah. We're going to have to evaluate the new hyperV server to see if that's "good enough" now for our needs, considering the price saving, and I do wonder how resilient that will be to odd stuff like this
I'm thinking of buying my other half a flying lesson for her birthday
Do you think I should go for a 4 seater so I can join her on the experience, or go for a two seater and just leave her to it. I'm torn - I think I like the idea of her just being able to concentrate on the experience
I'm dealing with a unionized network tech in another city, trying to find out where the hell some missing SFPs are.
@Basil Check eBay
12:45 PM
@Dan They were simply moved to an unlicensed port.
@Basil It's the little things!

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