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10:08 AM
Windows Server 2012's Alternate Path bullshit
@MDMarra - how the fuck is this meant to work? I point the "Alternate Path" to the fucking ISO file - no luck. To the WIM file - no luck. To the fucking ISO - no luck
I'm trying to install NPS
No results found for "Windows Server 2012's Alternate Path bullshit".
Results for Windows Server 2012s Alternate Path bullshit (without quotes):
About 2,070,000 results (0.55 seconds)
It's not supposed to work.
It's supposed to make you want to kill
oh actually, that means it is working. Hmm.
Har de fucking har
I'm about to commit homicide here
My work desktop is now on 8.1...I'm coping, just.
I sympathise. It drove me mad when trying to get the .net framework going
was what worked for me
but yes, it could be easier
10:12 AM
Oh, is that all it is? Easy... lemme grab it.
@tombull89 the only reason myself and my assistant network engineer here can survive on 8.1 is because we both personally purchased licences for Start Is Back
(You need to mount the ISO and point it at the acual SXS folder)
@HopelessN00b yeah its not too bad to figure out via the gui but good luck if you want to do it at the command line.
@MarkHenderson dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /all /Source:d:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess
I mean once you figure it out you'll know for the next time and all, sure, but its harder work than it needs to be
10:15 AM
Q: How to specify Alternate Source Path for Windows Server features

Mark HendersonI am attempting to install the Network Policy Server role via the Add Roles and Features wizard, which is being run remotely from a management station (i.e. not on the server itself). It tells me I need to specify an Alternate Source Path for the installation files. I have tried: WIM:\\ad.lifew...

@RobM I was going to use ClassicShell but when we move to 8.1 over the summer everyone else is gonna be using "new" start, so I have to get used to it.
Obviously, you mount the ISO to "D"
@HopelessN00b Thats just for dot net I think
I was able to get that installed fine a few weeks ago
I don't know if it's different for the rest of the sources or not
@tombull89 yeah
but its still annoying
@MarkHenderson you need to point the rest of the sources to the .wim file
if I remember rightly
@RobM "rest of the sources"?
10:17 AM
sorry, I was being unclear, I mean to say normally you would point to the .wim file. That's the source for most of the features you enable
@RobM Yeah tried that
@MarkHenderson .net3, yeah. You need to use the alternate source path for NPS too? That's news to me... and I could swear I just set one of these up.
lemme check.
this is the bit that's bullshit to me. Not the fact that they have this alternate sources thing but the whole "this is what you do, except for when you don't, and good luck figuring out which is which" approach.
10:19 AM
@RobM And Google is awash with instructions on how to specify it for Dot Net 3, but nothing else
(I assume it's different for some reason)
of course it's different. Because screw you, we're microsoft
Bitch, I did it with 2012, no R2. Didn't need to do the alternate source path thing, though. Weird.
@RobM Nothing wrong with different. It's different and not documented that incites homicide.
@MarkHenderson you may need to specify which image within the .wim file
@RobM I have no idea which image it is; it was extracted from the Technet ISO file
So 1 maybe
I'll try it
@HopelessN00b agreed. Different is fine... progress and all that. Arbitrarily different, and poorly documented.
10:21 AM
I'm gonna spin up a new 2012R2 box and give this a shot myself. I know I'm going to bump into this in a little bit anyhow.
@MarkHenderson the .wim file will probably contain images for windows server core and windows server, possibly different images for standard and datacentre too, so you might need to check which source you need and specify that as part of the argument, e.g. install.wim:2 instead of install.wim
Heh, I gotta laugh at this...
(Don't smash your monitor, Mark)
Do you have your alternate sources specified by GPO perhaps?
we do not
@MarkHenderson No, it appears that you don't need the alternate source path with 2012, but DO with 2012 R2. Some upgrade.
68% done deploying from template....
10:28 AM
I've had gyp like you're getting when adding some features on some boxes and not on some others. We used to do windows core installs as pure core installs but instead now do them as standard gui installs then remove the gui feature precisely because of this problem with windows 2012 (not r2)
morning @Chopper3
@RobM This is a core install, maybe that matters
Yeah, Microsoft's 2012 stuff is freaking clusterfuck, organizationally/for consistency. Whoever was in charge of that product line needs to somehow die slowly from undocumented software compatibilities and senselessly missing features.
@MarkHenderson That's your problem. NPS isn't available in Core.
I mounted a fucking DVD and then pointed to the physical path
@HopelessN00b Ohhhh wtf
10:32 AM
oh my
Thanks for the goddamn accurate message WINDOWS
I didn't realise that either.
OK - time to choose a different server to install it on then
Kinda figured that NPS would be a perfect fit for core
Or wait, that might just be 2008 R2... where's that fucking technet doc?
Can you enable the desktop gui feature, then install it from there?
They haven't really thought core all the way through. I mean it's getting less messed up with each release, but still...
10:33 AM
@RobM I'd rather not, but I have another machine that I think will be OK for it
I kinda wanted to do DHCP and NPS on the same box, but no biggie
@HopelessN00b Riiiiiiight
I can only assume the microsoft server dev team are taking baths in bourbon before going into work, again.
And the best Google hit I got was the Microsoft Core Network Guide, which has nothing to do with Server Core. Ducking fouchebags.
10:38 AM
@HopelessN00b Post that as an answer
I'll give it a +1 and accept it
I'm either laughing so hard, I'm crying, or crying so hard I'm laughing... but I can't tell which.
Oh, yes. You are correct; It is definitely morning.
I'm knackered
Went to bed far too late last night and then had to be up early to get to site
The good news is that I have a whole day to complete what was, in honesty, a couple of hours worth of work
11:01 AM
I gotta stop ServerFaulting when I can't get to sleep... I'm gonna be rep-capped before work starts, and having nothing to do but work, at work. Eeep! .. and only myself to blame, too.
@HopelessN00b: this is why having a secondary site is useful
@JourneymanGeek People already think I'm too much of an ass on here. If I try out SuperUser, one of us won't survive the trial... not sure if it would be me, or SuperUser. Coding's too boring (no SO), and not much else in SE catches my interest.
@HopelessN00b The Workplace. Honestly, it's like the office in internet forum form. Except more screwed up.
@RobM Yeah, I've been browsing over there tonight too... it's like a never-ending freeway pile up, but without the traffic delays.
scary, no?
11:14 AM
Affirms my feelings on humanity in general that so many of those people are gainfully employed, honestly.
@HopelessN00b: eh. I have massive amounts of patience..
mostly from dealing with my parents.
11:39 AM
@HopelessN00b It just makes me feel better about my career prospects
@Dan That too. "I don't have a massive ego... just a realistic assessment of my competition."
1 hour later…
1:02 PM
Not enough energy...
Q: Best vm software for live migration

Phateat my campus I am about to start a work about live migration of virtual machines. There are so many virtualization softwares (vmware,qemu,virtualbox...) and so I'd like to ask you what is the most mature one on this matter, both about ease of use, interfacing and efficiency. I'd like to work unde...

not enough energy to hit the close button? it's clearly off topic
@pauska to try to answer it, correct it...
you're right... close
1:16 PM
If I had more of a lazy day, I'd answer some of these.
Q: ISP provider for big sites?

David HofmannI want to know what ISP is running sites like stackoverflow, basecamp, asana, etc. I guess not everyone is running on VPS as an in-house server can have much more horse power for the price than what is offered by VPS providers. So once you have you in-house server: Which ISP you go for to ask ...

1:30 PM
@ewwhite also off-topic
you seem drawn to them :)
1:56 PM

user3248190Thanks for reading. I need to export data via SQL to XML. But I need the XML format in Row/column and the output must be a Pivot table. I know that it can be done with AS pivot. But I don't know how to use it in the below script I've already got a fantastic script with the outcome in Row/Column...

Did you hear about the two guys who stole a calendar?
They each got six months.
sigh I'm really trying to write documentation for new hires next week but the junior admin across my desk keeps asking me very basic questions...
I'm still battling the client who wants me to open Active Directory to the public internet..
Time to kick some ass.
@ewwhite Or time to just do it, and let the internet deliver a Great Big Clue.
Overall, he isn’t as understanding on why you don’t open AD to the public and in general how disconnected/remote users are meant to be managed and will probably research a bit himself.
2:09 PM
@voretaq7 - I see Magellan was shot down overnight...
bloody sharepoint online
I'm not saying it's designed by aliens, but aliens
If you put a Windows 2012 server on the internet, sans firewalls.. How long would it last before it was compromised?
It's not really my field, but I tried it once with a W98 box, a few years back; 45 seconds.
@mossy what's wrong with that?
2:16 PM
Q: Which tools and technologies are used to build the Stack Exchange Network?

aleembWhat tools and technologies are used to build the Stack Exchange Network? See also: What technologies are used to build Data Explorer? Return to FAQ index

Why would a site dedicated to programmers and proper programming and IT in general use a CTP release for their core database software?
Are they just rogue?
If you are very large and/or have an interesting use case, Microsoft will give you lots of resources and help before during and after the event if you agree to be a test site for a big platform like SQL 2014
It is a risk though, yeah.
I think SE is known for going with bleeding edge stuff too
I guess that's legit enough, having the resources necessary at a moment's notice makes sense. Must be a pain though to get certain applications to play nice. I've seen lots of stuff where the front end app would say "oh...you want <latest version of SQL>? No...you can't even install us on anything newer than 2 revs back"
They use SometimesOn Clustering :P
@TheCleaner The advantage of writing it all yourself...you can make it work
@faker Writing documentation is a terrible idea. No good ever comes of it. You should procrastinate in chat instead.
2:30 PM
Hey @RobM - I saw your interesting O365 question. I haven't messed with them yet, but have you looked into either AppGuru or 365Command? They are both SaaS solutions for administering O365 via a web GUI. I don't see specifics for Sharepoint MySites on them but maybe?
@TheCleaner I will have a look at those, thank you.
I priced out RAM upgrades to bring both our hosts to 96 GB of RAM...under $2k
It does seem like you ought to be able to do what I want with basic powershell too, though, doesn't it?
but, the other side of the coin is there's already 10 VMs on each one...
2:32 PM
*sigh* he just created a zone on our DNS server so he can change a single record to test a IP change a external provider wants to do.
Maybe I should listen to what he says... ffs
@RobM yeah, if what you are talking about is the same as this: office.microsoft.com/en-us/… then there has to be a PS command for it.
Especially as there are commands to delete all the profiles that involve iterating through all of them deleting each one in turn. But trying to get it to iterate through a list of one doesn't seem to work. And makes for more complex stuff than I want to provide as a script for our helpdesk.
Anyone with ESXi experience recommend a ballpark number of VMs one host should have? I know the absolute limit is 512 (which is crazy high) but hardware requirements aside...
@NathanC Completely depends.
You could have a ton of identical VM's and use oversubscribing..
2:36 PM
I had a feeling....haha. We're at ~20% CPU and ~80% RAM on both hosts currently with 10 VMs on each (all except like 3 are Windows)
doubling the RAM would allow a ton more
Also depends on HA/DR requirements
I've never had any issues with having enough CPU... I'm always RAM and IO constrained.
For example, our satellite sites have # vCPUs of <= logical processors on hardware, which works out to 3 or 4 multi-core VMs, because that's the bottleneck on those servers. At the home office, we're RAM constrained, and because we're operating on a blade system with the blade servers in a host cluster, we need to maintain "N-1," basically meaning that we have to allow for one host to fail at any time without oversubscribing hardware.
That doesn't correspond to any particular number of VMs, so much as how much the aggregate RAM usage is, and keeping it at 13 blades' worth of RAM, inc ase one of the 14 fail.
Clear as mud yet?
2:39 PM
yep, clear as black tar xD
And it gets even blacker when you consider that you can over subscribe hardware and put up with degraded performance, if you wish.
So, the answer is really "depends on why you're asking and what you're doing in your environment."
I don't know of anyone who planned to use oversuscription in the first place. It was always a "push comes to shove" moment. And they're never happy about the decision. Not saying it doesn't have its place, just my experiences.
@RobM - possibly? jopx.blogspot.com/2013/08/managing-sharepoint-online-with.html -- notice that it says "There is however a workaround for manipulating objects in SharePoint Online at a lower level using the SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK which enables remote development against SharePoint Server 2013"
@NathanC :)
@ChrisS I oversubscribe CPU...
that's about it
RAM tends to just happen
@ewwhite Sorry, meant RAM only...
2:46 PM
@ChrisS Useful for making devs go away. "Here's your hideously over-subscribed VM; it'll take 15 minutes to log on. Next time, stay out of my ass for 30 minutes in a row, and maybe you'll get one you can actually use."
Yeah, I heavily oversubscribe CPU - and the hosts are still 90% or more idle.
But as we all know, there's a downside to making your VMs too big.
@TheCleaner while that's not what I wanted to hear, you might wanna post it as an answer because I suspect that's as good as we're going to get
And thank you for looking, of course
it's shaving time!!!
then off to the office
Well, I can do that.
2:50 PM
(I almost feel like a productive member of society)
The office? Hired?
Whose got two thumbs and doesn't have to do strike duty? This guy!
sorry sport, I was thinking about soup
@chriss just a client I spend a day per week at.
2:53 PM
But it forces me to put pants on.
@HopelessN00b It's useful information anyway
The VMs are virtually idle, but I'm looking at implementing parts of System Center which is very RAM hungry...
@HopelessN00b If you think getting forefront working OK in SCCM is a bitch, wait till you try to deploy SCUP for Adobe updates...
@pauska I'm working on the forefront -> SCCM thing next
Much of System Center will run with 1/10 the RAM "required" by the specs. Some of it will even run well at 1/4... The specs generally assume a rather large deployment.
2:58 PM
@pauska I think I'm just going to tell the AV program that adobe-anything is a malicious file, and see if I can solve the problem that way.
I like that way of thinking. If only we could do that here.
System Center Advisor did its thing overnight. mdmarra.local has some issues to resolve it appears.
Fucks sake, things like this make me want to smash windows
So, I have a day on site - i want to get home early (This site is the best part of 2 hours from home) so I rock up at a decent time and hit the ground running. I'm now done, and ready to go
...but? :-(
except, because of the customers inaction over the LAST 6 MONTHS (Despite repeated reminders, e-mails and phone calls), I've walked into a problem with licensing (Well, not a problem - a lack of licenses means their Citrix environment has run out of grace) and now I'm expected to hang on on the off chance that this $HugeCorp can push a purchase through procurement and get the licenses today
They're getting another 25 mins and then I'm gone regardless, tough shit
3:04 PM
bollocks. If they can't do it in 6 months then why do they now think they can get it done in a day?
don't blame you
@RobM No idea - it's one of those "I'm not sure why it's now MY problem" moments. They knew this was coming, and have known since the install
@TheCleaner that's pretty neat
@Tanner and there's a way to directly (sort of...still isn't much more than a redirect with some details included) open a ticket with MS support if needed on an alert.
Okay, so this client isn't listening to me...
If you can provide any good articles/references on “why” not to open AD to the public internet, it would be helpful.
3:08 PM
@Dan I prefer to see those as "I'll happily make it my problem for triple-time (otherwise, GTFO)" moments.
@ewwhite Oh wow
@ewwhite put your pants on...they might listen.
$5 to the best response.
oh my god
@ewwhite Ehat do they consider good articles? Like Technet?
3:09 PM
I've used "best practices", "you'll fail your audit" and "because I said so"
I think this person has made their mind up and it doesn't matter what you say.
I think I need to give them an article.
You could arrange a phonecall from Bill Gates about it and they'd find an excuse not to listen, based on how you've described them so far.
Haha - they're trying to suss out what licenses to buy and have just asked "Which ones did you put on at install - surely they'll be the same"
Which part of "YOU DIDNT PROVIDE ANY" are thry struggling with
3:12 PM
I want to say that they dishonor the tradition and undermine the knowledge of the systems administration practice by not listening.
@ewwhite Where do I collect my money?
@dan oh god...

Best Practices for
Securing Active Directory
Microsoft IT
Information Security and Risk Management
@ewwhite - is the AD on the public web locked to certain IP sources or just open to the world? I'm guessing the 2nd? If so, I (and anyone) could easily use ldp.exe or similar to query just about anything within the directory. Take a simple example of just getting an internal employee list (usually with titles and email addresses included and phone #s) and going the simple social engineering route.
3:14 PM
Published: April, 2013
I'll paypal you.
@RobM And this is the same company that ahs the cheek to try and cut down on the number of days we quote
cheapskates then
If they don't take that, they're beyond hope or help. Feel free to refer them to me for a swift kick in the fun bits. :)
@RobM $BigCorp ;)
3:16 PM
Bigcorp CEOs don't get big bonuses by writing a lot of cheques
You can't use a MS article as a citation for an MS app @HopelessN00b. At least that's what I've always read when people say you can't cite the Bible to prove the Bible. :)
@TheCleaner You angling for a swift kick in the fun bits too? ;p I can add you to the list, if you'd like. =D
There's actually nothing in there (that I could find) that says "Hey stupid, don't make your DC Internet facing..."
Just look at the guy's picture on page 5...I'm not trusting that guy...he's not even wearing a tie.
@Tanner Reducing the Active Directory Attack Surface 39
Oh, I take that back. I guess it doesn't ever come out and explicitly say that. Then again, my car doesn't have a warning label telling me not to hump the exhaust pipe, either.
3:20 PM
really? adjusts thong
Awww. I needed something explicit and idiot-proof.
@ewwhite Sounds like a question for main
"Domain controllers should be treated as critical infrastructure components, secured more stringently and configured more rigidly than file, print, and application servers." is close... still scanning, though.
I promise we won't downvote you ;)
@Tanner If he doesn't ask it, I will. (Provided it's not in this document somewhere.)
3:22 PM
@HopelessN00b Look at pages 78-79...MS doesn't even want DCs to have access to the internet outbound...I think that's enough to state they don't want it inbound either.
"As previously described in the Misconfiguration section of Initial Breach Targets, browsing the Internet (or an infected intranet) from one of the most powerful computers in a Windows infrastructure using a highly privileged account (which are the only accounts permitted to log on locally to domain controllers by default) presents an extraordinary risk to an organization’s security. "
You shouldn't have to say "point muzzle away from face before operating handgun," but evidently, you do for some people.
Remember you can't multihome DC's, either
@TheCleaner "So we won't browse the Internet with root. It doesn't say we can't have it on the Internet."
That may help the argument a little
There's also a reason things like AD FS proxies exist...
3:24 PM
bloody hell
I just got a "well done" from TomTom
@TheCleaner Yeah, talking about the use of admin accounts while browsing. It certainly implies what we all know to be true, but I'd think there would be something official, somewhere, that says ~"if you have to allow AD access to the internet, lock down the IPs it accepts connections from."
@tombull89 what on?
Well done pointing out a totally big flaw in the question, bascially assuiming it is "in house server OR vps" and ignoring the whole universe of colocation, i.e. putting your own machines into a data center. — TomTom 39 mins ago
TIL - Most people around the world are Lactose Intolerant (as are almost all mammals), and it's only in the last few thousand years that somewhere around 15-25% of humans have continued to produce lactase (making them lactose tolerant) into adulthood.
small point, but, still.
3:27 PM
neat. Have a +1
@tombull89 I pointed out the the same thing, and he didn't give me a "good job." I don't think he likes me much... so now I'll never learn how to run an HA Exchange environment on a smartphone. :(
@tombull89 why would he post that comment on yours and not the one from ArgumentBargument that literally says what TomTom is commending you on?
> Make sure that the machines within the DMZ are not joined to the regular production domain. AD isolation is at forest layer, therefore it is highly recommended not to have the production AD in DMZ. Please either use another forest, or deploy AD Lightweight Directory Services.
Because TomTom?
@tombull89 true...he could have commented on the OP's question with something like "this should be closed because you are retarded ape poo"
3:30 PM
So it's saying not to join your Internet facing web servers to the domain, let alone put a DC there...
@HopelessN00b so...what company didn't you want to name?
@Tanner that's what I already said above..."There's also a reason things like AD FS proxies exist..." ;)
@Dan - did your cybersquatting work out?
@tombull89 Former employer. Not for any reason, really, mostly a) the OP isn't going to have any clue who it is b) I like to minimize the personally identifiable information I post for the world to see and c) am not sure if they'd appreciate those operational details being outed in public. I don't think they'd mind, but better safe than sorry.
All...I wonder if @Mdmarra will approve my comment on his blog site? LOL...can't wait to see him come here and wonder who it was...or comment on it in chat here...
and I just posted:
I just want to point out that you are wrong according to SANS, and they are cooler than you!
(page 6)
"If your organization has a presence on the Internet, the name of your forest root domain
should be registered. An example would be the SANS Institute, which would use sans.com as a DNS namespace for the Internet, and sans.com would be the namespace for their Active Directory forest root domain"
At this point having TomTom be a cock to you is like getting zinged by Don Rickles
3:36 PM
@JoelESalas I thought having TomTom be a cock to you just meant that you'd posted here sometime in the past few years.
@HopelessN00b I mean that it's more a rite of passage than anything else
It's when TomTom is nice to you you probably have to worry.
@ewwhite Dude, you better be billing them for these conversations, or you fail at life.
@ewwhite They are using VPN clients, yet he wants to put AD on a public IP?
does this guy even know what a computer actually is?
3:42 PM
@pauska Worse than that, I thought these were the guys who do everything (code development) local on the remote workers' PCs, and don't have a VPN.. but need AD for... [mind splitting stupidity that escapes me at the moment]
@pauska They want to be able to terminate an employee and have that policy propagate down to the employee's computer via AD.
without them being VPN'ed in.
Yeah, those guys.
@ewwhite Meaning, expose the AD to the internet! Right? ...
@JoelESalas yep.
and they won't accept my answer.
And knowing the sort of passwords your client use...I give it less than a day before someone brute-forces a password.
3:43 PM
@tombull89 password123
the way to solve that is to force VPN on every login
@JoelESalas hunter2
or use DirectAccess
@tombull89 All I see is *******
3:44 PM
@pauska @mdmarra Explained Direct Access to me last night... and possible certificate-based Anyconnect.
"Not Supported Bluetooth Feature: Ready To Use"
@pauska is there a situation where GPOs won't be applied at login in a client VPN scenario?
Yes, if the VPN doesn't have any network to connect through
if they're that paranoid then they should disable cached logons
so it needs to really be an always-on VPN
3:48 PM
@pauska well, there's a flaw in their concern about shutting off a remote computer, right?
I don't understand why
if their AD account is terminated then they can't access anything
I mean, if you terminate an employee, you kill their mail, AD account and whatever else.
if they can get into their remote laptop, so what?
@ewwhite well, you should do...
or find some kind of remote kill switch software
maybe intune can do that.. ask Mark
3:50 PM
He mentioned intune
but they're trying to solve the wrong problem, right?
Well - it depends
@ewwhite On so many levels.
are the users storing sensitive data locally on the laptops?
Nah, just all the code they develop for the company.
... they're allowed to have the repository on laptops?!
3:52 PM
@pauska possibly... developing applications for HIPAA (healthcare) clients.
Re...pos...i...tory? What's that?
and yes, they're web developers... so they have local repos.
Fun, terrifying, horrible, horrible, terrifying stuff, isn't it?
@HopelessN00b I see lots of developers who develop on their own systems.
I mean, these guys getting a contract to make data safe? It's laugh-out-loud depressing.
3:54 PM
@pauska heh... that's sad... but an option
@ewwhite Sure, but they check their code in and out of a central repo, instead of... this mess.
@HopelessN00b remember, these computers aren't even domain-joined yet.
"The patented Absolute persistent technology can survive a factory reset or hard wipe, allowing Absolute's Investigations and Recovery Services Team to locate and retrieve your stolen laptop, smartphone or tablet."
@ewwhite a pretty good option to be honest
3:55 PM
@ewwhite Yeah, that contributes to the whole thing being laugh-out-loud-depressing.
it installs in the BIOS
ah right
or well, you CAN install it in the bios
I'm going to ask them specifically what they need... and just spell it all out for them
@Jeremy You have the "Users" group on that NTFS object. It means that any local or domain user have access.. — pauska 9 secs ago
here I was thinking i'm going to help someone find a bug in windows or something
4:00 PM
@pauska Heh. Don't feel bad, earlier this morning I thought I was dealing with a question about migration a complicated web stack from a hosted datacenter to a local server... and it turns out the 'tard was asking how to type a local ip address into a browser instead.
room topic changed to The Comms Room: This is *NOT a place for 'Live Support', it's a love hotline. Ask questions on the main site. // The number of ways to shuffle a deck of cards is 80,658,175,170,943,878,571,660,636,856,403,766, 975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000,000,000 [be-the-change] [pwned-by-a-wild-markdown]*
So I realized WSUS isn't working correctly...
Meh. Updates are overrated. Who needs bug fixes and security patches anyway? Whiny bitches who can't get make alpha software work, that's who.
Well, SCCM is taking over the software updates so after it finishes syncing I can shoot decommission the old one
For some strange reason its computer account vanished from AD too...
4:26 PM
You're aware of how to set up the WSUS for SCCM?
It's basically install, and set up to the point where you chose where to store the updates file and then DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH
4:37 PM
@pauska yeah...basically. That's how I want it too
@pauska ...or breath on, look sideways at, think about, or anything that could even conceivably upset it in any possible manner.
really cool image series from northern norway that combines the present with the past.. lensculture.com/projects/31-echoes-of-lofoten
@HopelessN00b the sync manager in sccm is incredibly easy to murder if you touch any settings at all inside wsus
don't even select the product list.. afaik you have to cancel the wizard when you've set the content folder
4:56 PM
did you go a bit overboard with the product list?
or did you approve every single update, even though they weren't needed?

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