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12:05 AM
@BretCopeland Why did SO remove the feature showing "% accepted answers" of a user which used to encourage users to accept an answer?
@Farhan I have no idea. I'm sure there's an answer on MSE
@BretCopeland Could be. I was just being lazy to search, so asked. I haven't seen this feature in over a year IIRC.
2 hours later…
2:08 AM
@Farhan Because there were millions of comments (mainly on SO and SF) to the effect of "0% accept rate. Might want to work on that."
i.e. "We were being dicks to help vampires"
(probably not "millions" but definitely hundreds on SF, probably thousands on SO :)
@voretaq7 I guess that you were working on that question long before I posted my answer, lol.
@Lnafziger heh, I wanted to find a counsel opinion specifically dealing with it (there's actually a few, all of which reference Kirwan)
there are some delightfully convoluted interpretations of 61.113 in there too
@voretaq7 Yeah, the question sat there for a long time with no answer, and when I got back from dinner and it still had no answer I figured I'd put what I knew. Researching a definitive reference sounded like a lot of work, lol.
Yeah, I bet!
I especially like the "valuable goodwill" interpretation I found
so never tell your friends "You owe me one for this trip" :P
Haha, that's kind of funny. (and scary)
2:21 AM
"Remember that hottie you took on a flight? That awesome sex you had later that night -- TOTALLY COMPENSATION" --- dammit FAA!
Yeah, but that was worth losing your license over
@Lnafziger ...it'd have to be pretty awesome sex :P
"OK" sex might be worth a 3 month suspension, but if we're talking revocation it better be pretty damn awesome.
There you go, that's better.
@Lnafziger hey what kind of headset are you using? :)
Telex Airman 850's
2:28 AM
@Lnafziger wanna write a review of it? :-) ->>>>
(and how are the telex headsets these days, when I did on-call ops we used them and I despised the things, I assume the aviation ones have a lower suck quotient?)
The 850's are great because they are ANR and don't require batteries. :-)
They work well for a relatively quiet jet cockpit. I wouldn't want to use them in a piston airplane though.
@Lnafziger when's the last time you flew a piston?
@Lnafziger I was under the impression you guys had a lot more high-frequency (wind) noise?
Yeah, it's mostly the wind noise, and it's been probably 8 years since I've flown a piston.
and I'm behind anything that's ANR and uses ship's power. I tried a Bose without batteries once just to see how terrible it would be and... well it was worse than I ever imagined.
2:32 AM
Maybe 7. It was a few years after I started flying jets.
I think it was actually quieter when I took the things off
Haha, nice
I thought that the bose had a fair amount of passive noise cancelling. Just the size of it would make you think so.
@Lnafziger well it weighed about as much as my old avcomm (DC clone) headset, but where that had decent performance until I put the foggles on the Bose was shit because of my glasses
the seals just wouldn't conform around the frame
(Incidentally when you're blind as a bat and refuse to wear contacts, in-ear headsets are really the only way to go :-)
Ahhh, yeah, having glasses would make a big difference.
!!charts SFO
2:46 AM
@qantas94heavy I like your answer, but that stupid asterisk is still bothering me!
5 hours later…
8:05 AM
i can't decide if i should post a link to my website from my profile....
@Manfred becaaauuuse...?
i'm trying to figure out if it might be a privacy concern, not that there's a lot on there but if you do some googling with my first name you'll probably get to the same stuff anyway.
i might just as well do it :)
@falstro just looking there's no reference to your name anywhere on your blog. might consider doing the same. while there's nothing bad on my name on the internet, i feel it would be nice to have greater separation between the digital and actual me.
sorry website not blog
there is no link at all between my real name and my online persona
i feel i should do the same. 'manfred' is not very descriptive but i think it's sensible.
just got to figure out a good username now......
8:20 AM
@Manfred There is, I suppose you didn't look close enough. And twitter knows my name too, so I'm not really hiding :)
@voretaq7 How do those even work; is there DC voltage applied to the headphones in aircraft?
@Manfred Also, my name happens to be world wide unique (so far anyway) so any dumb sh*t I say will likely turn up if someone starts checking my background :)
posted on April 23, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

23 April 1915: Lieutenant Patrick Nelson Lynch Bellinger, United States Navy, flew a Burgess Dunne AH-10 float plane to an altitude of 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) over Pensacola Bay, Florida. Lieutenant Dunne was Naval Air Pilot No. 4. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, he served at sea aboard battleships before being assigned as […] The post 23 April 1915 appeared

8:43 AM
Seems twitter has gone and google-plussed their profile pages. Looks... weird.
2 hours later…
11:09 AM
posted on April 23, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

23 April 1941: At North American Aviation’s Inglewood, California factory, test pilot Louis S. Wait takes the very first production Mustang Mk.I, AG345, for its first flight. The Royal Air Force had contracted with NAA to design and build a new fighter with an Allison V-1710 supercharged 12-cylinder engine producing 1,200 horsepower. The first order […] The post 23 April 1941 appea

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12:13 PM
@Lnafziger: I know, quite hard-pressed to find out more -- right now just trying to collect examples to see whether it's only a handful or a substantial portion.
4 hours later…
4:12 PM
@falstro I hate them :P
@voretaq7 can't say I like them either. But if the layout of the profile page is my main beef with the service, I'd say it's pretty good :)
Lost 6" off tip of propeller blade while still in flight! Info about stressed out propellers: http://1.usa.gov/1haqxQ8 http://t.co/41wdiHF6Eq
I always thought that would tear the engine to shreds?
@falstro re: powered ANR as I understand it there's usually a separate power plug (or they use the phantom power from an XLR mic plug)
@falstro If you don't yank both knobs out through the back of the aircraft in a damn quick hurry it can rip the engine off its mounts, but it's a survivable incident
@voretaq7 separate 12V power plug would make sense. I hate batteries for headsets. They always run dry when you need them.
@voretaq7 If I read it correctly he did a powered landing
@falstro brave bastard
@voretaq7 yeah, I don't think I would think twice, I'd kill it
assuming I realized what was causing the vibrations
4:19 PM
I'm pretty obsessive about checking the prop for nicks and cuts - I happen to have one of those aircraft with a continuous RPM restriction (and it's bloody inconvenient lemmie tell ya!)
@voretaq7 Yeah, the TB10 has a red arc 2000-2350 RPM too
incidentally, the recommended RPM for cruise is 2350 :)
@voretaq7 How's it inconvenient though, won't the governor take care of that for you?
yeah mine is 2150-2350, which is about where you fly most approaches, and prime "I'm in no real hurry" cruising territory
what governor? :)
direct-drive, fixed-pitch prop - the engine just operates where you tell it to. It doesn't know anything about "propeller tip separation" :-)
@voretaq7 I figured you had Christie on board, forcing you to keep the throttle firewalled to remain off the ground...
that lard-ass? I'd rather take fuel :P
I hate fixed pitch props, they're such a chore :)
4:25 PM
yeah but they're way cheaper to maintain than constant-speed props :)
@voretaq7 ever considered it? getting a constant-speed prop I mean
@falstro there's an STC available, but it'd be expensive and add weight
@voretaq7 what's your bird's MTOW and useful load again?
2400/1105 (~800lb payload)
I expect that to go down when I actually have the plane weighed though. All of this is computed, off an initially-computed weight from 1965 ;P
(on the one hand I don't want to weigh the plane because I expect it'll gain about 50lbs. On the other I'd really like to know the actual weight and CG)
Not bad. The TB10 has 2530/940, and do you by 800 payload mean with full tanks?
The TB10 carries just north of 300 lbs of fuel too, leaving 600 lbs for ballast...
5:33 PM
@voretaq7 also, wouldn't it save money in terms of fuel consumption? not enough to offset the maintenance though, right?
@falstro Probably not enough to offset the maintenance cost, at least with 180HP engines :)
I know the Arrow (PA28R, 200HP) has a constant-speed prop though - not sure how much of that is legitimate "performance" versus "Complex trainer" though
@voretaq7 The DA20-A1 Katana has a constant speed prop. On its 80 HP rotax. :)
To be honest, I think it allows it to actually use all of those 80 horsies
or not technically, but put the power it has to better use
5:53 PM
"The Asiana Airlines training captain who crashed a Boeing 777 at San Francisco International Airport in July was anxious about the visual approach, which he described as "very stressful," according to investigators.
Read more at http://www.flyingmag.com/technique/accidents/asiana-214-pilot-found-visual-approach-very-stressful#UqRHziuskbeQXT5k.99"
@Lnafziger yeah, I remember reading that and being very concerned about their training.
as well you should be. I had the opportunity to assist in training some Sri Lankan Airlines first officers getting their FAA ATP
We inquired as to why they needed it, and they told us they couldn't upgrade without it and that was the bulk of the training they would get
mind you, we did their multi-ATP in a seminole, nothing like a high performance jet
these guys were terrible
they'd spent almost their entire flight experience sitting in the the right seat, never touching the controls and only swinging the gear and talking on the radio
then with the magic of an FAA ATP, they were going to get to finally fly, from the left seat
@casey wow. that is... interesting.
I could maybe handle the "stressful" part. What actually bothered me more was the fact that he was concerned about his ability to perform the approach at all. I don't mind the guys up front feeling stressed at times - seems like part of the job. But if they're not sure they can even do the job, I'd rather they weren't sitting up front.
I made a note to never fly on their airline
and I don't think that methodology of training is unique to Sri Lanka
I'm amazed they got their ATP... though it did take them more than one try
6:02 PM
@BretCopeland s/very concerned/scared shitless/
@voretaq7 Nah, @BretCopeland has balls of steel.
Yeah, there was also this in the article: "Both Asiana 214 pilots said they were unsure about the automation mode with respect to the autothrottles, which should have been engaged on the approach. Instead, the autothrottles were set to idle, according to investigators."
BOTH of them were unsure?? And nobody thought to ask the training pilot that was with them?
@Lnafziger the fact that either was unsure represents, to me, a supreme failure of training
eh, just very concerned. If I ever had any intention of flying with an airline like that, I would have greater concern.
And lastly: "The training captain stated it was "very difficult to perform a visual approach with a heavy airplane," according to the safety board summary of an interview with the pilot. Asked whether he was concerned about his ability to perform the visual approach, he said, "very concerned, yeah."
6:08 PM
how did you get into the actual aircraft without knowing the systems, since the standard these days is intensive sim instruction
@voretaq7 Yeah, that's why I find it so hard to believe. One would be really hard, two seems impossible.
@Lnafziger Up until a major carrier flew an aircraft into a seawall I would have agreed with that :)
@voretaq7 pseudo-major air carrier....
But I know what you mean.
major foreign carrier :)
but then again the FAA & NTSB had to step in and say "Hey guys, ya know you might want to practice flying using the controls instead of the buttons on the autopilot panel", so... yeah
@voretaq7 it's funny how you get biased toward some airlines though. Sure, flying an "aircraft into a seawall", doesn't make you look all that cool for your selfies; but for me as an example, I don't like flying with Air France, I don't know why really, I don't really care much about AF447, but it's the minor incidents (you know, those only the AvHerald reports) and how they're handled that bug me.
6:20 PM
I'm not really biased toward any airline - though I'm definitely biased against commercial air travel. That's largely the TSA's fault though - they took a mediocre experience and made it thoroughly unpleasant.
Yeah, private jet travel is the way to go.
Own your own and you don't even have to deal with the FAA (yet).
@Lnafziger I wonder what he would say while watching all of the 777 and 747 land 22 circle 29 at EWR on those super windy days
@casey Probably something along the lines of "I declare an emergency and request direct Malaysia...."
@Lnafziger :)
I always did enjoy watching the 747s circle to the 6000 ft runway (or however long 29 actually is, i forget)
!!charts EWR
@casey 6726' :-)
god, the thought of those pilots trying a circling approach...
now I'mma have nightmares @casey - I hope you're happy!
wake up screaming as the wing slices through the midpoint of the tower :P
6:33 PM
@voretaq7 Haha, nice article! I wonder if there is a ntsb report on that. I'd be curious what they had to say, lol.
@Lnafziger I don't know exactly how far that one went, I just recall hearing about it and being like "Declared an emergency to get the runway he wanted? Couldn't... ya know....divert? or hold? or something?"
I mean if they're fuel critical or something sure, but "Your runway choice doesn't work with my company crosswind limit" ? I still dunno how I feel about it
Yeah, this was basically:
Cleared to land 22.
Unable 22, and if you don't give me 31 I'll declare an emergency.
Okay, fly runway heading for now and I'll let them know.
Okay, I'm declaring an emergency and turning left to line up on 31.
Okay, you declared an emergency. Fly runway heading for now.
No, I'm an emergency aircraft. Get everyone off of my runway NOW."
Probably could have been handled a little better.
I mean I think the controller did wrong after the emergency was declared (you give the guy the runway and when he's on the ground ya give him the phone number to call), but I don't get declaring the emergency - it's not supposed to be a threat you use to get your way.
6:47 PM
My bounties are hurting me in the rep leagues... They shouldn't count those, lol.
I still earned the rep that I gave away! :-)
heh yeah I've been looking for good stuff to bounty and you've usually beat me to it
@Lnafziger I feel your bounty is on a rhetorical question (for you of course) :)
My next one is probably going to be this one:
Q: Can pilots fly circling approaches at non-towered airports?

LnafzigerSo the answer in my mind is "of course pilots can fly circling approaches at non-towered airports" (seriously, I could swear that I've done it before, but then again I can't think of any specific examples....). That is, until I ran across this little tidbit in the Air Traffic Control Order whi...

I still haven't found an "official" answer to that.
@Farhan Which one?
@Farhan Which one? (Both of my active bounties are ILS/LOC questions, lol)
Although I offered the bounty for the same reason on both of them: I think that I know the answer, but I can't find any FAA guidance that supports my opinion.
6:56 PM
How you make question link show a preview?
Put the link all by itself on a line
(i.e. take the @lnafziger off)
got it
no line breaks?
no line breaks can be inserted?
And yeah, Qantas came up with a good answer after I posted the bounty, but none of the other answers provided anything other than opinion. The asterisk is still bugging me on that one though.
Q: Are crossing restrictions on an ILS/LOC approach mandatory when flying on the glideslope?

LnafzigerSome "ILS or LOC" approaches have crossing restrictions that are shown before and/or after the final approach fix/glideslope intercept. Are these restrictions for the LOC only approach, or do they also apply when tracking the glideslope? As an example, KSFO ILS 28L and KSFO ILS 19L (see below...

like that
@Farhan I don't think so

Test with a line break.
6:59 PM
that's what I thought, no preview.
has to be all by itself.
test: first line
test: second line
@Farhan I guess that I should have said that you have to include the link in a message by itself, instead of on a line by itself.
Nothing works with linebreaks.
Because **markdown**.
7:02 PM
but if you star that it magically works on the star wall :)
@voretaq7 I haven't forgotten about the article, still needs to find 20-30 minutes for it
@voretaq7 lol, now that's funny.
It wont't be long as yours though :)
@Farhan heh I need to prod everyone else too, I figure if we can get 5-6 good headset reviews that's a pretty healthy blog post
@Farhan I'm probably going to shorten that one up a little, it's longer than I'd like it to be
I initially thought you pasted the review from some other place ;)
7:04 PM
@voretaq7 I have a bose X and a Lightspeed Zulu but I'm a bit short on time for a bit. If I find some time I'll write something up
I'm off to the airport to fuel and file a flight plan before my flight tomorrow morning. Gotta love Columbia.
Oh, and they won't accept a flight plan here unless you show up and hand it to them. And let them take your picture.
@Lnafziger the country?
@Lnafziger . . . hashtag-#SeemsLegit :)
I guess it keeps pilots from saying "It wasn't me flying that drug plane, it was just someone using my name."
@Farhan Yeah, Bogota.
I have to remember to try filing a flight plan with foreflight and then picking up the briefing from flight service using the filed plan/route at some point
(I just sort of robotically rattle off the flight plan items when I call them, but it'd probably save about 30 seconds if I just give them the tail number and they can pull it up…)
@casey Those are 2 I'd definitely like to hear about
7:08 PM
@voretaq7 Well, you have to factor in the time that it takes them to find it though too.
I was hoping someone was using a Clarity Aloft but I don't know anyone who has one :)
@Lnafziger How hard is it to type "N 8 0 3 1 W" into a terminal? :P
they find 'em fast enough when I radio in to open/close the damn things :)
@voretaq7 uh-huh... Keep telling yourself that.
@Lnafziger (that's kind of a rhetorical comment considering I have to repeat my callsign 3 times before our local controllers get the numbers in the right order :p)
I knew some guys that flew with the clarity aloft. They seemed to like it
@voretaq7 oops, TMI
7:10 PM
The guys wearing the Telex airmen would always claim theirs was better, but I never used either
@Farhan I have seriously considered changing my N number when the plane gets painted just because it would be easier :P
@casey the only thing that stopped me from getting the Clarity Aloft was the fact that you keep flexing the speaker wire
other than that they seem like great headsets and I imagine they've got to be even quieter than the Halo
@voretaq7 I flew N183WW for awhile. Just one letter off and you could be flying a Falcon 900B.
but the telex wasn't suitable for our jet, it was always the 737 FO's coming from the regionals telling me that
@casey You look at them with your best serious-captain-face and say "Ear plugs and duct tape. The ear plugs go in my ears, the duct tape goes over your mouth if you bug me."
7:13 PM
(works best with the cooperation of a flight attendant to bring you a pillow as you're saying it)
I used the lightspeed mach 1 for a bit too. I liked it, but I can't stand having things in my ear all the time
@casey I always get frustrated trying to get the ear seal to cope with glasses / foggles
(and the over-the-head hood was even worse, have to take the damn headset off to put it on / take it off)
my sunglasses frames sat very close to my head so I got a decent seal with the clamps
plus my hair doesn't get a crease in the middle of it anymore :P
my normal glasses do not, and yea, it either makes the seal bad or it compresses the frame and messes with the optics
and the bose was definitely more comfortable with glasses than the lightspeed
but the lightspeed had a much better mic
7:15 PM
@casey my last pair of glasses I would get a good seal, but the temple pieces were getting bent from the clamping force. (This pair has wider temple bars, kinda like on foggles - I don't think they'd seal)
ultimately the bose is TSO certified and when the airline clamped down on that, I didn't have a choice anymore
the mic is my one complaint about the halo, I spend like 30 seconds every flight getting it aligned so it works right :-/
@casey have you ever read the headset TSOs? :)
with the bose you'd have to turn the hot mic off when not talking, it picked up a lot of wind noise
the lightspeed was sooo quiet, no messing around with the hot mic
So at what point do you give up ironing your uniform when the ironing board has more wrinkles than the uniform itself does?
@voretaq7 no, and I don't care to :)
7:17 PM
@casey you should - they're really short and they specify nothing :)
@Lnafziger hang it on the door in the bathroom and take a hot, steamy shower :P
@Lnafziger Iron before day 1, hang it up in the bathroom to steam each morning and don't mess with hotel irons at all
('s what I do with most of my shirts - I hate ironing and the steam works fine)
plus hotels seem to like to put crews in the same rooms over time, and the flight attendents love to melt their polyester all over the iron, so its a bad idea to even try to iron mid-trip :)
@casey I would if this wasn't part of an 11 day trip. It starts to get ugly around day 4 or 5 (earlier if I leave from Florida in the summer... Oddly enough, that's where I'm based, so hey....)
@Lnafziger ah, I only had to deal with 4 day trips normally. I could get away with 1 uniform shirt and a spare in my bag in case I did something drastic to the first one :)
7:20 PM
@Lnafziger If you've carpet, put a folded bed sheet on it and iron clothes on it
@casey Oh, and we don't have a jacket to cover up the wrinkles either, lol.
@Farhan Yeah, I've done that before. Or even a bath towel when I've gotten desperate.
@Lnafziger Dude, you're in Colombia - do you want a jacket? :)
@Lnafziger we had to wear ours october - march (something like that) but given our base in IAH, they were pretty lax on actually enforcing it
my favorite is when one of the northern crews would have a nice black wool overcoat that looked way better than our cintas trenchcoat and the chief pilots would give them crap about it not being an appropriate uniform item
Reason #7 I could never be a "professional pilot" - Uniforms make me stabby :P
perhaps the best part though, hats optional, all year long
7:23 PM
@voretaq7 Well, up here in the mountains at 2:30 in the afternoon it is a balmy 64 and it rains almost every day. Got down to 48 last night, so yeah the jacket might be nice.
@Lnafziger ...I'm in New York, and it's spring. That's "shorts and T-shirt weather" buddy :)
48 and windy isn't, lol.
But I hear ya.
@voretaq7 when i was instructing I always got a laugh when I'm wearing shorts and a tshirt and the guy in the 172 next to me is wearing epaulets with 4 stripes and polyester pants :)
Anyway, off to the airport. Have fun!
7:25 PM
@casey He was probably a Riddle grad?
@casey o_0 polyester? In a C172?
@Lnafziger you know it !
lol, cya
@Lnafziger Enjoy your negotiation with the drug lords :)
@voretaq7 full airline uniform getup with captain stripes... instructing a primary student in a 172
the student got to wear one too, but less stripes
7:26 PM
Oh, and I joke about Riddle, but I've flown with a few of their pilots and so far they have done a really good job. :) Of course, they are the kind that joke about other Riddle grads too, so take that with a grain of salt. :)
@casey . . . I'm still trying to get over "fabric that burns and melts" in an aircraft where fuel lines run next to your leg :)
@Lnafziger the good riddle grads know whats up and laugh just as hard at the bad ones as we do
@Lnafziger Some of the instructors around here are Riddle grads, they're generally pretty good.
@voretaq7 incentive not to screw up? "Don't mess up, if you start a fire, your pants are going to bond with your skin, and when you take them off... well lets just not talk about that"
@casey I suppose... still I think I'll stick to wearing jeans when I fly :P
7:28 PM
@voretaq7 its the minority that post youtube videos of preflighting a 172 with danger zone playing that give them all a bad name
@casey Oh Dear....
@casey (then again depending on what the maintenance guys did to it maybe that's appropriate?)
"The squawk sheet just says 'Left Aileron'. What's wrong with it?"
"It's not there. You forgot to reinstall it."
"Oh... well do you *need* both?"
I hated taking a plane from mx, even worse when you got drafted to flight test one to put it back into revenue service
@casey I maintain a healthy level of paranoia about post-maintenance flights even though I generally trust the maintenance guys not to screw up
7:43 PM
it was generally uneventful from a safety perspective, but commonly a lot of writing in the logbook to MEL something new that broke
@casey You don't NEED a control yoke!
just ask the plane nicely!
1 hour later…
9:14 PM
@voretaq7 that's per litre :o
@DannyBeckett . . . why do your petrol stations have gloves?
petrol pumps get greasy
Oh yeah, one more reason to use the ILS as a backup that we all forgot about (edited into my answer):
It helps to ensure that you land on the correct runway, and even at the correct airport. (Unlike this airplane.)
9:57 PM
@Lnafziger Oh now how often does that happen?! (Ignore the last oh 6 months or so!) :P
10:41 PM
@Lnafziger I can't recall if it came from regs or op sepc, but our CFM required us to use electronic guidance, if available, to back up visual approaches.
10:55 PM
@casey I think it's probably a GOM/FOM thing. I
@voretaq7 Oh, it happened before that too, lol. Especially the wrong runway.
@voretaq7 I honestly have no idea :P I hadn't even noticed that..
11:22 PM
@voretaq7 also apparently you only need gloves at pump 3
and you only need screenwash on pump 1 :p
which, again, I hadn't even noticed before looking back at that photo
11:46 PM
@voretaq7 just wondering before I go and fix it if there's any reason you removed from this question. also, you added , but it's asking about ...?
@DannyBeckett I'm guessing because it isn't specific to an ILS. You can use other types of backup approaches.
And the question is about VMC not VFR. He's still IFR even if he's doing a visual approach.
@Lnafziger ok so maybe just add ?
@DannyBeckett Ummm, I'm not sure that it needs it. I'm not even sure that IFR really even applies. It's more of a pilot-procedures type question... or something... maybe safety?
@Lnafziger how about just and then
By the way, that reminds me. Shouldn't it be ?
11:54 PM
yeah but it's a PITA to change now
Especially since the tag wiki is "The phase of flight in which an aircraft is lining up with the runway and preparing to land"
It's quite simple for me to change. :-)
oh then do it! :)
Let me know if you see any others like that.
there was one.. I forget what it is now though
And yeah, safety and approach would probably be good.
11:55 PM
that's nice btw! didn't know that was possible
ok I need to get off anyway.. up early tomorrow!
There you go, done.
cheers :)
seeya later
safe flight!
Thanks. :)

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