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3:03 AM
@DannyBeckett instrument procedures and approaches probably makes sense :)
but yeah I retagged it because it wasn't ILS specific
3:58 AM
Hey diamonds.
You know how when you put up a new question, you get N minutes to edit that question before the edits start showing up in the edit history?
Are you folks able to see the full edit history, including changes made in those minutes?
@DannyBeckett - I am pretty sure the Hans Gruber answer I wrote answered the original question. I don't remember there being anything about "security measures", just about "What prevents"
But I had just woken up moments ago and was posting from my phone, so my memory is unreliable.
I noticed that the question said "security measures" after I got done posting the answer, but by then it was time to go to work and I figured if it got downvoted I'd just delete it later.
@SteveV. AFAIK we see what you see - I think edits in the grace period are swallowed up by the void
Hurm. Ok.
the idea is if you post/edit a question, then edit it again to fix 500 spelling errors nobody really cares :)
Right, and i've been very grateful that someone else operates the same way I do.
But in this case it's inconvenient for me, because I can't point to an edit and say "See, I'm not an idiot!"
Anyway, how's life @voretaq7?
4:20 AM
not too shabby, got parts for the ipad mount today, gonna have to match up the holes with part of my radio rack cover & probably change out a few nuts though
Very nice
you don't realize how big the (regular) ipad is until you're holding it against the cover panel you just pulled out :-P
I was talking to a student today while we were flying about how I wished I had the chance to get an iPad mini rather than the full-size one.
yeah, I got the full-sized one because "the screen is about approach plate sized"
at the time I wasn't thinking "You can ZOOM IN Jackass!"
it's just too big for (small GA) cockpits :)
It is.
Also, I really hate how Apple decided to polarize it in landscape versus portrait.
4:28 AM
@SteveV. eh? They polarized the screen?
Even though portrait is always shown as the default iPad orientation.
<- doesn't wear polarized glasses, ever :)
Yeah, put on a pair of polarized shades and try to read your iPad in portrait. All you get is black.
another reason not to like polarized glasses :)
I'mma have to see if my machine shop buddies have an appropriate set of nuts for this mount (the ones RAM supplies look like rivnuts, but...aren't -- which is for the best since I think rivnuts are god's way of saying "Fine, don't repent. We'll just skip right to plagues and punishment.")
Good luck. I've gotta snag some Z's and then tomorrow teach a friend how to shoot.
Those are always good days.
4:33 AM
@SteveV. ready, FIRE!, aim....
@voretaq7 Followed immediately by "OW!" as I slap them in the head.
@SteveV. I just let the angry lady in the orange vest beat them for me. 's why I like the police range.
I'm not that lucky. I go to the beat-it-yourself range.
1 hour later…
5:55 AM
@voretaq7 It's an LCD display, they're always polarized one way or the other. Most stick to 45 degrees if I'm not mistaken.
1 hour later…
6:59 AM
I always feel kinda bummed out when professional athletes (especially the million-dollar-paycheck kind, or in this case half-million) feel the need to cheat. You're a starter in the fricking majors, what the hell? It doesn't get much better than this, don't put pine tar on your neck.
1 hour later…
8:21 AM
@falstro second/third place doesn't have as much of a reward as first place
@ratchetfreak while true, I can see it being a big deal in sports like.. oh I don't know.. javelin throw, where you literally only make money when you're the winner. But in Baseball, or Soccer, or whatever, where you get paid a six figure salary even if you're not the best of the best of the best... not so much
@falstro until your team gets demoted to a lower league because they suck compared to the other cheaters
8:37 AM
@ratchetfreak Fair enough. That can't happen in the US though :)
they could still loose sponsors that pay those 6 figure saleries
don't forget that ticket sales doesn't cut it for paying 6 figures those athletes
This is a soft-ish question, can I ask it on Aviation SE?
"What is it like to be an aerospace engineer?"
-> VtC opinion based IMO
@shortstheory My gut reaction would be no
but chat is good for that
So, what is it like to be an aerospace engineer then?
8:45 AM
no idea
Is anyone an authority on this front here?
I think Manfred is studying to become one
not 100% sure, but I think I recall him saying something to that effect
wonderful, I'll ask him when he comes OL
8:47 AM
or we could just ping @Manfred and lead him to this convo directly
@ratchetfreak I tried that, hasn't been online recently enough
at least it's not working for me :)
how does that pinging work actually, I know that if I leave I can still get pinged
it's on a timeout if I understand it correctly
basically if it offers a completion when you type '@Man' then he'll get a ping
but don't quote me on that :)
found a reference :)
A: Does ping work in chat with no autocompletion?

GillesYou can sometimes ping a user even if their name isn't autocompleted, and conversely sometimes the name of unpingable users is completed. This is because your browser decides whether to autocomplete, whereas the server decides whether the @user mention generates a ping, and they base their decisi...

oh cool
he was in here yesterday, so that should work then
I suspend my computer overnight, the chat doesn't like that very much and forces a page reload -> i don't get a completion
9:01 AM
same here for my work computer, I shut down my home computer nightly as well
9:17 AM
@falstro I am one
@shortstheory what do you want to know? it is not a small field :P
@Federico Cool, good to know!
9:45 AM
@Federico So what area do you work in?
10:13 AM
@falstro mostly flight control and dynamics. But I worked also in space applications and optics.
10:56 AM
posted on April 24, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

24 April 1929: At Roosevelt Field, Mineola, Long Island, New York, 17-year-old Elinor Smith set a Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) world duration record by staying aloft in a Bellanca CH 300 Pacemaker for 26 hour, 21 minutes, 32 seconds. FAI Record File Num #12217 [Direct Link] Status: ratified – superseded since approved Region: World Class: C […] The post 24 April 192

posted on April 24, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

24 April 1939: Curtiss-Wright’s prototype fighter, the XP-40, was evaluated by the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA) at the Langley Field, Virginia laboratory in March and April 1939. The new aircraft was a production P-36A Hawk, serial number 38-10, modified by replacing its original air-cooled 14-cylinder radial engine with a 1,710.6-cubic-inch-displacement (28.02 liters

11:24 AM
posted on April 24, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

24 April 1943: The first class of the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots, Class 43-1, graduated from the four-month flight training program and earned their wings as U.S. Army pilots. The class entered with 38 trainees and 24 graduated. Each woman had a civil pilot’s license and at least 200 hours of flight time. Over 25,000 […] The post 24 April 1943 appeared first on This Day

@falstro Another aerospace engineer here.
@Federico Nice!
@DeltaLima Cool, what do you do?
11:39 AM
@DeltaLima I lived nearby you (Delft) for a couple of years :P
2 hours later…
1:46 PM
posted on April 24, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

24 April 1967: On his second flight into space, Cosmonaut Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov lost electrical power when a solar panel on his Soyuz-1 capsule failed to completely deploy. Soon the automatic and then the manual stabilization controls failed. Communications were failing. After 13 orbits it was decided to abort the mission. On the 19th orbit the retrorockets fired and the re-entry [̷

2:29 PM
@Falstro I am developing international standards and technical specifications for surveillance systems, both one the airborne and the ground domain. And I build software that monitors the compliance of surveillance avionics with these standards.
@Federico, I lived there for a while as well, probably for the same reason :-)
1 hour later…
3:49 PM
@DeltaLima Isn't it easier to say "I work for the spooks"? :-)
@voretaq7 what does it mean?
From Dictionary.com
1. Informal. a ghost; specter.
2. Slang. a ghostwriter.
3. Slang. an eccentric person.
4. Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. a black person.
5. Slang. an espionage agent; spy.
@Farhan sense (5) :)
quite good too
Net neutrality finally dies at ripe old age of 45 http://mojo.ly/QAXEqU http://t.co/CLyTaeuyjX
@falstro "It's sad but not unexpected. It was very sick for a long time..."
4:02 PM
@DeltaLima I like your job description though.
mine would be "I am developing international standards and technical specifications for surveillance systems, both one the airborne and the ground domain. And I build software that monitors the compliance of surveillance avionics with these standards."
@Farhan Mine would be "You see this cattle prod? That's what I use on developers whose software breaks production."
(I try to say it with my most psychotic smile)
posted on April 24, 2014 by Bryan Swopes

24 April 1990, 12:33:51 UTC: Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-31) lifted off from Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Florida, on a mission to place the Hubble Space Telescope in Earth Orbit. The STS-31 flight crew were Loren J. Shriver, Commander; Charles F. Bolden, Jr., Pilot; Steven A. Hawley, Mission Specialist; Kathryn […] The post 24 April 1990, 12:33:51 UTC,

@voretaq7 Shouldn't you use that on QA people?
@voretaq7 Definitely easier, but officially I am not allowed to say that :-P
@Farhan we're a small company, our developers are responsible for running the QA tests
since their signatures appear on the form they get prodded.
@DeltaLima In that case you put the cattle prod on your wall as an office decoration and give it "significant looks" occasionally.
"I'm not threatening anyone! I'm just longing for my retirement and a second career as a Nevada rancher!"
4:13 PM
@voretaq7 I have to wear that hat too. Thankfully, my code hasn't broken production yet. :D
@Farhan <glances significantly at cattle prod>
anything motivates ;)
@DeltaLima can you talk now?
It's always big fun when we find broken code that is in production (i.e. flying or installed in radars). Maybe the cattle prod is a good idea :-D
Awesome :D
So, how's AE as a job?
I'm 16 right now and I want to become an aerospace engineer a few years down the line
4:25 PM
Well, I like it very much
@voretaq7 Hey, he was just cutting the state-owned lawn for freeeee!
do you get to work on major airplane projects straight away?
Like if I was to join Boeing right now, would I get a chance to work on the 777-8/9X development team?
how do AEs generally start out when they join a company?
I have been passionate about aviation since I was young. I wanted to become a pilot for a commercial airline for a long time but I decided that it would be good to do develop my technical skills as well. So before going to flight school, I started aerospace engineering. Never went to flight school afterwards.
Some of my friends started to work at Airbus or Fokker, they worked on quite some interesting projects from the start
Oh that sounds so much like me: I wanted to become a pilot too but I found my passion in physics and engineering and I found the pay to be pretty good as an AE too!
Oh, I see, that sounds good :)
which company to you work for @DeltaLima?
I am an independent consultant, I work for the highest bidder/ most fun job. I started to develop simulations for air traffic control, from there I moved into replaying some radar tracks. That got me involved into the development of new systems and international standardisation
4:31 PM
oh I see
that's pretty interesting though, I always thought that there are only a few AIRPLANE companies hiring aerospace engineers
So I work in all kinds of groups of contractors and employees
To be honest, many of my AE friends went into banking
Quite a few into offshore related things (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ampelmann_system)
isn't developing airplanes why one would become an AE in the first place?
Because aerospace engineers have good analytical skills. That is why many AE's end up in different industries.
4:35 PM
thanks for the info man, I appreciate it! :)
The aviation industry is not so big and many people did AE because is sounded nice and provided an challenge, but they are not specially passionate about aviation.
@TheFlyingEngineer: are you an aerospace engineer too?
Most people in the aviation industry love airplanes and talk about it all the time
in the making :) at us i think 40% end up outside the industry
meh :(
4:36 PM
(if i pass that is)
@shortstheory are you at university?
lol I just remembered:
that's not me
nope, but getting there in a bit more than a year
i know lol
I'm 16 right now :)
applying where?
@TheFlyingEngineer you used to be Manfred don't you?
4:37 PM
Well, I'm an India, so probably an Indian uni such as IIT or BITS
yes..... i was playing around with usernames only to discover that i could only change once a month
wanted something more fun and anonymous than my name.
@shortstheory biggest faculty in europe and the entire bsc course in english: tudelft.nl/en/study/undergraduates-bachelors/…
@TheFlyingEngineer I can change usernames at will :) (What good is having ModLike Powers if you never abuse them?)
awesome woah!
@shortstheory In case you're out for an international career :)
sigh, I'm afraid I can't make it to europe :/
Can I get into AE with a degree in mechanical engineering alone?
4:41 PM
my indian neighbour has, had to do a few supplementary courses though.
he's studying space systems engineering i think.
equally good :)
so here's my plan:
1) to become an aerospace engineer
2) join boeing/badass airplane company
3) design the next SST a la Concorde
4) ...
5) Profit!!
@voretaq7 thanks for the offer, still haven't decided what to use :/
4:42 PM
@voretaq7 Network wide? Cool
i would make an XB70-esque SST if I could
that would be glorious
@falstro no only on Aviation and SF :)
@shortstheory you'd see the challenges of that when you came over here.....
@voretaq7 That doesn't affect the chat though right?
@falstro It does if that site is your chat account's parent user
4:44 PM
I've done some (very basic) research
or how does it work?
@voretaq7 I see.
I see that tremendous heating is a problem for all Mach 1+ aircraft
unless they changed it your chat username is derived from the username on your parent site (but all site usernames are independent).
the sonic boom is just as much a pain.......
and what else, windows are difficult to engineer on high altitude SSTs too
4:45 PM
1) become an aerospace engineer
2) realize that SST is really costly
3) work on fuel efficient subsonic transport
Concorde could do it 40 years ago. It's time it got its successor
it's an unfortunate truth I guess :(
@shortstheory While possible, it was hardly economical
or good for the environment
one of the most boring things about that i've come to realise is the amount of optimisation here....
I'm sure we could do better
concorde at one point stood for 25% of british airway's profits i believe
4:47 PM
use CFRP and low bypass turbofans and you've knocked down a couple of major hurdles right there
@TheFlyingEngineer that tells probably more about the total profits of BA than about the concorde
Concorde could've really use flaps and slats to improve its terrible subsonic efficieny
*used gah
@shortstheory You still could only use it on very few roots. Pax aircraft are not allowed above mach 1 in the states. the use of such an aircraft is pretty limited
*few routes. too much math :)
I know it sounds really uneducated, but I read the wikipedia article on sonic booms
...and I got an idea
wikipedia says sonic booms greatly diminish based on altitude
@voretaq7 could you please change me back to Manfred? this username feels akward :/
4:49 PM
@TheFlyingEngineer five dolla! :)
so, if we COULD get SSTs to fly high enough, (think FL 1000+) we could sort of solve the problem :)
@shortstheory the cost versus the current solution wouldn't make it interesting for very many.
@TheFlyingEngineer (allow 4-6 weeks for propagation -- you may have to log out of chat and log back in, sometimes it's stupid like that)
@shortstheory Now you need radiation shielding :)
@TheFlyingEngineer you think optimisation is boring? It's the root of aerospace engineering. Every kilogram you can remove from an aircraft is profit.
@voretaq7, ah but not quite as much as one would think
4:51 PM
i've come to realise that.........
@DeltaLima Not EVERY kilogram. <gives 450lb passengers a "significant look">
the Concorde nearly flew above the O3 layer, but the net radiation exposure was lower than on subsonic transatlantic flights due to the much shorter flight time
@DeltaLima you mean "Less fat people on board = more profit"?
If you replace them by not fat people, definitely
here's a question
4:54 PM
@voretaq7 <is giving a lot of "significant looks" today>
if you get a plane to fly in near vacuum conditions (impossible I know) above the atmosphere, you would get no sonic boom, correct?
@shortstheory true, in space there is no sonic boom.
we're converging to a solution now!
you would also have no lift...
what are rocket engines for lol
4:56 PM
they are horribly inefficient...
@DeltaLima There is no sonic boom because there is no air. ???
If you go fast enough, you don't need lift either.
@farhan no sound transfer in vacuum
tricky problem this
But coming back into the atmosphere at high speed gives an impressive sonic boom:
4:59 PM
@TheFlyingEngineer So the sonic boom is "not" heard in space
@farhan sonics booms are created by a pressure difference just when the air passes mach 1, since there's no air in space, there's no sonic boom.
@Farhan I've been told that significant looks are much less likely to get one arrested than veiled threats :)
@DeltaLima awesome video :D
@SteveV. See below:
Q: Is there a grace period for correction of edits?

balphaI just edited this question twice, because I had left a typo in the title after the first edit. In the revision history, both edits seem to have been merged into one, using the edit summary from the second edit. Is this on purpose? Is there a grace period for correcting edits?

5:19 PM
@TheFlyingEngineer a better description might be a lack of pressure in space, as sound waves require pressure to propagate, not necessarily air as the medium.
@SteveV. I just answered a question on the SE Meta Sandbox and edited it. There is no history, and it doesn't show up in the users activity as a revision either, so I guess we'll never know unless you ask the OP. :-)
5:35 PM
sounds like something that would have fit better over here....
5:45 PM
@Manfred That episode of MythBusters was fun watching.
6:05 PM
if travel wasn't as well established we would get more pax oriented questions
how are questions transferred from one site to another? only 10k ppl can do that?
when enough people vote off topic with a belongs on X.SE or a mod does it
and the belongs on X.SE are predecided
it was 4 out of the 5 close voters that have to agree on migration
@Manfred it's part of the close dialog if you have the privileges. You can vote to migrate it elsewhere, though I'm honestly not sure how that works on a beta site like this where we don't have defined migration paths yet. You'd have to click through the close dialog and see what it gives you.
ok :)
just thought travel got so much attention and we might also deserve some :P
as a rule a beta is not a migration path ever
so we have to graduate first :)
6:15 PM
@ratchetfreak well, a beta site is not part of any defined migration path. A moderator can migrate to any site, including beta sites.
that was what I meant
in their assigned site only ofcourse
@ratchetfreak and if you're a mod on any site then you can can be a mod on chat almost everywhere.
In the right column in this window, when clicked on a person's icon, it shows how long ago that person has been seen and has talked. What exactly tells seen? For all users in a room, seen is always a few seconds or 1-2 minutes ago.
I couldn't find any info on meta
last reload or connection activity
chat uses websockets so it may use last heartbeat for seen
@Farhan if there isn't already an answer on meta, feel free to ask it there. balpha is likely the only person who knows off-hand how it works.
@Lnafziger I just checked in the database out of curiosity, and we don't even store grace period edits in the post history, which surprises me a little. So it looks like there's no way to know what may have changed during that time. cc @SteveV.
6:36 PM
@BretCopeland Storing the grace period edits would be a lot of cruft for little 1-2 character spelling fixes :)
@voretaq7 which is what most of those grace edits are
6:48 PM
What are the odds of someone actually looking at and answering a question in those first five minutes anyay?? ;-)
depends on how active the answerer is
Semi-aviation related.. :)
@ratchetfreak I think he was being sarcastic.. Ever seen stack overflow? :)
if Mr Skeet is online then very high if your question is about java or C#
7:05 PM
@BretCopeland Thanks for checking though!
@falstro And yeah, a little sarcastic. (who, me??)
@Lnafziger you would never!
7:23 PM
@falstro Hilarious. Why Morpheus was aiming for a dumpster after freeing his mind?
@Farhan Mescaline will do that to a person
which according to the movie, is - in fact - the only way to fly
@BretCopeland As I thought, it is sort of misleading.
Q: What does the 'seen' status tell about users in chat?

cpxI've noticed that the "seen" in chat is different from the "seen" in user profiles which changes when the user refreshes the page. How does it work for chat?

@Farhan I would have rather seen a reply by someone who actually knows the internals of the system, but the answer is plausible.
8:08 PM
@BretCopeland its not that surprising. If you click edit on a post you just edited it loads with the edit reason pre-filled with the last edit (e.g. added 1192 characters in body) and (at least for me) gives the impression that its just letting you edit the edit
@casey it's not surprising that we don't show the edit to anyone. It is surprising that we don't store it at all.
perhaps. I always got the impression I was just adjusting the diff rather than it being a unique edit based on the presentation.
nice to see that impression is supported by the data though :)
8:24 PM
@voretaq7 Who dares to threat you?
@Farhan Smart people know better than to threaten me - threats just give me a warning period in which to reinforce my defenses and prepare plausible alibis.

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