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12:04 AM
Should questions about 5e-dnd Change Shape include the tag? I'm unsure since Change Shape literally includes the word "polymorph" in its descriptions
12:38 AM
can someone link me that lawnchair wizard thing from 3.5 again?
Here. There's also the search bar on the right hand side, for searching chat history.
I tried the search feature but wasn't using the right keywords
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3:39 AM
Q: What is my rogue's Stealth modifier?

KronosMy dex is +4 and I have proficiency in Stealth and Dex saving throws so I think that’s another +4 (+2 and +2), then I have expertise which I’m not sure if it will double my proficiency in stealth or it will double both my saving throw proficiency and my stealth proficiency making my stealth bonus...

@Himitsu_no_Yami Story of my life ....
4:12 AM
Nice story about lawnchair wizard. 3.5's got some real nasties.
@Joshua That one's mostly about the 3.5 contingency spell.... which yeah is hella broken.
Sigh. Everybody should have just built Wizard 15 Fighter 2; cast anti-magic field and cut the guy down.
He can't possibly cast 5 copies of disjunction so he's gonna die.
I can't recall precisely how counterspelling worked in 3.5, but my recollection was you could do it more than once a round.
I've got the book down here with me so lemme check... also, they didn't know they were going up against a wizard.
oh wait... yeah they did?
Nevermind... counterspell in 3.5 was a ready action. Essentially eschewing your own cats to bork someone elses.
Also had different rules for casting a spell. You could get hit while casting and that could ruin the spell too.
4:31 AM
@Joshua The whole point of the story was that the players didn't understand even the concept of optimization.
And I'm wondering why the planet isn't cratered.
4:48 AM
@Himitsu_no_Yami grappler rogues do. Mtn Dwarf. Works good
currently listening to old Duane Allman jams - virtuoso
@Joshua Which planet?
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6:24 AM
Q: RAW can a Eldritch Knight 9/Wizard 2 multiclass cast/learn 3rd level spells?

RedrascalTitle is the main question, loosely an extension of a previous question I'd asked about Eldritch Knight/Wizard multiclass and their access to spells. Note: I'm NOT asking if the proposed character of EK9/W2 can upcast lower leveled spells to 3rd level (they can) but rather if base level 3 spells...

6:48 AM
Q: When using Invoke Duplicity and Command to approach, who is approached?

Laec LorentzenIf I use the Trickery Domain Cleric's Channel Divinity feature Invoke Duplicity and cast Command to order something to approach, then does it approach the illusion, or me?

7:21 AM
@HotRPGQuestions RPG.SE, apparently
7:33 AM
@V2Blast lol. Took me a second to be sure that was the joke you were making.
@linksassin It took me way too long to think of a good joke (...well, a good bad joke), I'll admit :P
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9:07 AM
The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game is free to keep if you get it before May 22... It's a movie tie-in, but it's also a LEGO game by Traveller's Tales. shrug
A reminder to check out this week's free D&D content, for those interested. Free adventures (all AL-legal): DDAL05-04 through 05-06 (from M/W/F respectively, free for a week), "Pudding Faire" by Will Doyle, Shawn Merwin, and Cindy Moore (free through May 16), and "Rats of Waterdeep" by Will Doyle and Lysa Penrose (free through May 18). There's also 1 digital background/wallpaper from the DMG, and coloring pages as usual from M/W/F.
9:43 AM
@BESW And while I'm giving you unsolicited feedback on Goblin Court, though this gets tricky very quickly and I totally understand if you don't want to touch this with an 11-foot pole: It's just a bit awkward that if I wanted to GM a game, I'd be a Goblin Mom when out-of-game I'm actually a Dad.
Though it makes me consider (and perhaps this was the point?) if the term "Master" in the traditional DM/GM names, which has historically been masculine at least in some contexts, makes other people similarly uncomfortable.
But maybe (and this is my first thought, and again feel free to ignore me) it makes sense to have some kind of footnote, that if preferred the table could use another term like Game Master, Goblin Master, or Goblin Mentor.
That's what the Guardian Spirit is for, if needed. But Mom and Dad are different roles, not just differently-gendered signifiers for the same role, and Master has implications far beyond gender as well. The things you're thinking about are one of the reasons I made the choice--to make a space for people to have these thoughts, not necessarily to answer them.
Goblin Court is a fun lighthearted game, but it's also designed to create spaces for people to think about stuff while they play. Different people have told me it's a game about gender, or colonization, or class, or neurodivergence.
@BESW Thanks. Maybe it's just more intimidating to me to try to play a Mom since from my view it's a much harder role than being a Dad is. Actually GMing a rules-light open-ended game is pretty intimidating to me in general though (compared to just adjudicating a D&D combat which is much more constrained in where it can go).
That's fair.
I'll say, I know at least one cis man who was so delighted to be a Goblin Mom that it's now one of his social media handles.
But I appreciate your thoughts, that the rules themselves are even intended to provoke the discussion on how the game should be played, and that homebrewing tweaks to fit the group should be a normal part of things.
Really, the Guardian Spirit isn't a lark. One of its primary functions is to give people clear permission to modify the table.
I can't tell anybody what Goblin Court is about or how it should be played, though I can try to make my intentions clear when I think that's important. Anybody who looks at those goblins and thinks "Hey, I know what that's like;" whatever their "that" is, that's what the game is about.
9:57 AM
@BESW Maybe I was reading too much into "tell the Spirit what you need", thinking it was for "guys, I really need to rewind that" rather then you could also "tell the Spirit some ideas for how you could adjust things for your table to maybe make the game work a little better".
But I'm also new to seeing "safety tool"-type things work in practice.
I'm 4 sessions in to running a D&D game for coworkers via Roll20, and most of them I haven't interacted before at all (I just posted on an internal message board and found players, amazingly), though a couple are coworkers I actually do or formerly interact with regularly at work. And so I tried to implement some Script Change Tools since I like the concept, but so far they've not really been used. I've paused a couple times to try to normalize it. But it may have just not come up yet.
10:12 AM
@BESW lol
I don't believe you that's silly
10:25 AM
@PeterCooperJr. Yeah, I've gotten some comments about the Guardian Spirit, even/especially from people who use safety tools in their games regularly, because of how it leverages diegetic bleed.
10:39 AM
@PeterCooperJr. In my experience, one of the biggest things to help making safety tools get used when they're really needed, is to normalize their use when it's not Super Serious Important Time.
@BESW Yeah, that's why I tried it in Session 1, though at that point everything's new (and many of the players are new to TRPGs entirely). I should probably make a point to use it in the next session, and remind people of it.
Yeah. I recommend being very self-aware and looking for opportunities to use the tools yourself. If you're at all confused about what the players are planning, ask for a re-wind. If you're getting overwhelmed by bookkeeping, ask for a play-by-play. If you feel like you made a mistake in your GMing, even if you could play it off, pause and back up.
And part of the problem is I forget to bring them up. Last night I had to step away for a minute to shut the windows since a storm blew in, and if I was thinking enough I might have called it out as a "pause" and reminded people of the Script Change handout I had.
Being vulnerable makes other people able to share their vulnerability.
Ask your players for help seeing opportunities to use Script Change!
Straight up, the best tool I've ever found to get my players to change our group's behavior, is to ask them for help changing our group's behavior.
Now, on a completely different topic: The reason I was looking through some rules-light RPGs is that I'm trying to find a system for playing with the family, mainly our older boys (ages 7 & 10, with some level of Asperger's/autism). They like D&D, with minis and hit points and such, but "real" D&D character creation takes forever and ends up with really too much complexity and options for what they're looking for.
We've had a lot of luck with Amazing Tales, which is really light (pick 4 stats for your character and assign a die, GM calls for a call with whatever skill and 3 or higher is success)
Which has the advantage of being for any character, any setting (and they like being from whatever cartoon or video game tickles their fancy at the moment)
But they like munchkining it (my biggest die is "killing things"), and they want a bit more in the way of combat mechanics I think
Where they and the opponents can have hit points and such
And they like the occasional PvP where they each play opposing sides. So, some kind of kids wargame which is setting-neutral and allows for easy character creation since most sessions are one-shots? Is there any sort of thing?
We can try hacking some D&D mechanics on, and may end up doing something like that. Last weekend I was playing a Roll for Shoes character, my oldest was playing Amazing Tales, and the wife (as GM) was referencing the D&D Monster Manual for ideas. Kind of worked, interestingly.
11:06 AM
Jan 4 '18 at 12:44, by BESW
Heroes of Hesiod (and The Champions of the Elements, with which I'm unfamiliar and I'm guessing it's for 5e); D&D for Dads.
11:17 AM
@BESW Hmm, those Monster Slayers were ones I'd looked at playing before, but wasn't sure if the plot would entertain them enough. But somehow I hadn't considered just stealing the combat system and overlaying it onto whatever setting they were looking to do. I might grab some inspiration from that, thanks.
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1:49 PM
@BESW I have a hard time incorporating this (normalized low-importance use of tools) without it descending into a table-joke.
Q: What happens if you're frightened of a hidden or invisible creature?

JoshuaA Frightened creature suffers the following effects: A frightened creature has disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls while the source of its fear is within line of sight. The creature can't willingly move closer to the source of its fear. An Invisible creature has the foll...

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3:30 PM
@GcL: Whichever planet the players are on. I'm used to assuming "earth" unless specified otherwise, because having the DM fill in the macrobiome distribution and axial tilt is too much to ask. Was kinda funny to see the other players wondering what's going on when I asked "what's our latitude?" midway into a session. My character would have known but I didn't yet.
@Joshua "you don't have a latitude, you're on a flat planet carried on the back of a turtle"
@MarkWells Whats our polar coordinates then?
@Someone_Evil That would be a fair question.
"52% rimwards and 97 deg widdershins of Ankh-morpork"
Well the DM answered "40 miles north of the equator" which is rather more precise than I expected, but I don't think he realized the trouble he was setting up for himself.
3:45 PM
Since this hasn't come up in my games, I'm fascinated to know what you possibly needed this information for
To determine if my character (wide-roaming but crossing 20 degrees of latitude is too much) would have seen a certain tropical beast before or not.
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6:08 PM
Q: How do hitpoints for massive objects, like ships, work?

AttonwizardPage 119 of the DMG has stats for airborne and waterborne vehicles. They usually have multiple hundreds of hit points. However, isn’t a boat a massive object? If it were, it would be subject to the rules concerning objects on pages 246-247. The rules for Huge and Gargantuan objects state that: ...

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10:40 PM
The One Scene Jam hosted by Small Gods Press. One scene. No limits.
Nate Treme of Highland Paranormal Society wrote a simple RPG for use with the Band of Misfits generator.
11:01 PM
Wretched & Alone Bundle. To celebrate the release of Matt Sanders' Sealed Library along with the launch of the Wretched & Alone SRD, we've teamed up to bring you both The Wretched and Sealed Library together in one bundle.
Wretched & Alone Jam hosted by Chris Bissette, Sealed Library.
Secret Texts of the Martial Jungle by W.H. Arthur. You play as characters who study and train in the Texts of martial arts, right wrongs in the world, and deal with messy relationships in the martial jungle. Written for #AsianMartialArtsJam. This game is inspired by media of the wuxia genre, such as the novels by Louis Cha, and computer games like Heroes of Jin Yong.
11:37 PM
Blow Up Hamlet by Small Gods Press is a performance slash role playing game that seeks to discover whether Hamlet is more than the sum of its parts, by blowing up those parts.
11:55 PM
This Dumpling is my Memory of You by Small Gods Press is about creating a safe and welcoming space and using it to share your heritage, learn to make dumplings and getting to know the people you love. You play it by talking while you make dumplings.

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