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12:05 AM
@NautArch Not to mention "we solemnly and repeatedly swear that WGtE will have the final version of the Artificer"..."but we never said we'd include all the subclasses! Haha get wrekt scrubs!"
I mean, I always knew people who bought WGtE were going to get ripped off, but even I didn't see this coming.
@Miniman Yeah, that was a pretty uncool move
Bad North is free on the Epic Games Store until 11/29 (after which Rayman Legends will be free for the next week): epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/bad-north/home
@V2Blast Thanks for these updates, incidentally.
You're doing a far better job marketing the Epic store to me than Epic is XD
12:32 AM
@Miniman yeah, my email from dtrpg leaves me cold
@V2Blast I don't have an epic games account. Is it worth getting one?
@KorvinStarmast I'm still holding off, personally. But sooner or later one of the free games is going to be one that I want and don't already have, and then it will suddenly be very worthwhile for me.
@Miniman wow! Did not know that. Wizards not doing a lot to build trust.
Amazingly, I have not bought a game off steam in a very very long time.
@Miniman This is where I'm at too.
Mind you, I'm awful at playing anything on my PC that isn't WoW. (And I suspect the only reason I remember to play that is because my husband and I play together)
@NautArch I mean, I kind of hate the Artificer subclasses that aren't the Alchemist, but that's not really the point.
12:46 AM
@Miniman totally valid opinion
@NautArch I also haven't seen the final versions, and it's very possible that they fixed the issues I had with the Artillerist. The Battlesmith I think is a lost cause as far as I'm concerned.
I'd do the steampunky ones in a campaign on Mechanus
Either have I :)
Oh, I have no objection to steampunk. My problem with the Battlesmith is essentially the same as my problem with the Hexblade - it has exactly the same "gishes are hard, but people like them, so we made one for you by giving one subclass way more stuff than the others" vibe.
The Artillerist just seemed a bit all over the place, so I'm hopeful that they tightened it up and I'll like it now XD
It had a lot of cool stuff
I'm all for more INT based options, too
1:04 AM
@KorvinStarmast Eh, I have one just for the free games. It's like Steam... I'll get to these hundreds of games one day! :P
@Miniman Depends what your issues were, but yeah, they did change some things about
If anything, people think the Alchemist is underpowered (or just boring) compared to the other 2 subclasses
there are some "early looks" out there like Adam Koebel's and another YouTuber's that linger on stuff long enough for basically all the character options to be out there even for non-owners
2:08 AM
Q: How does the fire damage reduction on this character work?

SdjzIn Hoard of the Dragon Queen, there is a character in chapter 7, section 2 that has the following property: I'm unsure how to correctly parse this sentence. Is this supposed to be read as the first 10 fire damage from every single attack or source or is it only the first 10 fire damage he rece...

3:05 AM
Not wrong and got duped :)
Q: Does the "reappearing" property of the "Shadowneedle" Unbreakable Arrow function?

Gael LIn Adventurers League play, it is possible to find a "Shadowneedle" (Unbreakable arrow from module CCC-KUMORI-02-04), which has this special text : One of twenty unbreakable arrows crafted with Shadowsong [A flavored Oathbow from DDEX03-07 that could be found in Adventurers League play in the...

3:28 AM
So I think I've come up with the simplest way to answer any and all Cthulhu-mythos questions.
Any combination of "no" and "just because"
Could probably add that to the tag description for answering. When answeting, please try to be a little more explicit beyond any combination of "no" and "just because"
3:54 AM
@NautArch What do you mean got duped?
There are currently three questions "If I Ready an action, can I then use my reaction for something else?", "Reaction while holding a readied action?", and "Can you forgo your readied action to take an opportunity attack instead?". The first is not marked as a duplicate of anything, but the second is marked as a duplicate of the third.
my nephew is awesome. We just fought through two salamanders and a hydra. And won. And we got what we needed, access to greater restoration, to get our life cleric un stoned, un statued, from that darned medusa. And, as the spell took effect, his rogue pulled out a small packet of herb (yes, the DM has herb in the game for a steep price) and lit up a blunt. So the cleric says "I'm not stoned anymore." And my newphew's rogues says ..."I can help with that!" and offers him the blunt.
The whole table cracked up.
And the cleric partook, of course.
No, this was not RAW. This was RAF. X^D
4:37 AM
user image
@NautArch Eh I think I'll just open something on meta
@Yuuki ah, don't all children look so evil at that age XD
Q: Should something be done about the current duplicate statuses of these related questions on readied-actions

Medix2The three following questions currently exist (ordered from newest to oldest): If I Ready an action, can I then use my reaction for something else? Reaction while holding a readied action? Can you forgo your readied action to take an opportunity attack instead? They are all extremely similar,...

4:58 AM
@Yuuki didn't they also make indigo prophecy?
Oh and a couple other apparently weird games but I don't know anything actually about those
Such a weird studio
I've never played any of those games but I've watched playthrough of Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Detroit become dumb, I mean human
Pretty glad personally that I didn't buy any of them or suffer through the gameplay
In 5e it is a common misconception that knowing someones location is the same as being able to see them. What would be a good way to ask/answer a question to clear up this common confusion?
5:18 AM
@jgn I don't believe that is a misconception had, at least as far as I've seen. By default, unless a creature is hidden, you know where it is during any combat.
Furthermore, you can know where an invisible creature is, which proves that they are not the same things. You can also know where a creature is on the other side of a wall
@Medix2 I've seen dozens of answers conflating the two concepts, often highly upvoted or accepted answers even. I also think the invisible condition is a fast way to prove the idea wrong, but it's frustrating to have to post it every time. I'll check out that link, cheers.
Some examples of those would certainly help showcase your points at least
Some examples of people confusing the two?
Yeah I think so at least. If you're saying something is a common misconception, it'd be good to have evidence
Heres a few that I just replied to (explaining with invisiblity actually!)
In particular this passage of Unseen Attackers "If you are hidden--both unseen and unheard--when you make an attack, you give away your location when the attack hits or misses." tends to cause people to think that means the attacker can be seen. So any question about attacking while hiding or stealthing (almost always) have this problem
Should I make a copypasta that explains 5e sense and sight and explains that knowing where someone is doesn't mean they can be seen? I have probably explained this concept a dozen times at least.
5:29 AM
I'm not sure your points makes a ton of sense. In the second question the target's location becomes known after the first attack is made, and if they are able to make the second attack at all they must be able to see each other and thus the creature is also visible
@Medix2 Are you suggesting they made the first attack without being able to see their target?
No like... I'll try to write it out
Ok :3
Bracer user (Rogue) can see the target, who cannot see the Rogue. The Rogue makes their first attack which reveals their locations and must also make them visible to the target.
If the Rogue can see their target, and the Rogue's location is known, then the target must be able to see the Rogue (unless the Rogue is invisible, which they are not)
If your location is known you can be seen unless you are invisible or behind a barrier
"and must also make them visible to the target." how so?
Just because of line of sight?
5:35 AM
If I can see you, and you know my location, you MUST be able to see me unless I am invisible or behind a barrier
Hang on a second, the target can't see the attacker before the attack takes place
And because the attacker needs line of sight, that means they must be seen too right?
The attacker can see their target though, and the attacker is making two attacks. After the first their location is revealed and by line-of-sight (or whatever else to call it), they are now visible
Would you mind if I simplified the situation a little? (the bracers and two attacks seems besides the point to me)
A hidden attacker attacks the target.

After the attack are they still hiding, still unseen, and/or still unheard? (we already know their location is known)
5:38 AM
The attacker has to be able to see their target, and thus the target (barring other things) must be able to see the attacker as well
When do you think this "being able to see each other" takes place?
After the attack hits/misses as that is when the attacker's location is revealed
That feels strange to me for a number of reasons. Firstly, by your description it seems like it's when the attacker pops in to line of sight to make the attack that they should be seen.
Why are they seen after the attack hits/misses instead of when they are about to attack?
It sounds like there's some conflation of game terminology with vernacular going on here.
Because of how it's described "If you are hidden—both unseen and unheard—**when you make an attack**, you give away your location when the attack hits or misses."
5:41 AM
But also, Wizards is famously just not that careful with their verbiage on this kind of thing.
But also, hiding rules are very much GM territory with 5e. Not particularly designed for strict RAW usage
@Medix2 But your logic was that it's because the attacker must enter line of sight to attack right? So why do you think the attacker is unseen when they attack? Shouldn't they be visible?
Moreover, even if you decide that they are seen after the attack, why would "you give away your location" even be a rule? If you are seen then your location is known.
Being visible is not the same as being seen.
It seems like this whole interpretation causes a ton of problems.
They are seen because their location becomes known
They are not seen (invisible) because they have hidden well
5:42 AM
@Medix2 "They are seen because their location becomes known" but having your location known doesnt mean you can be seen
Being seen and having a known location are totally separate
I never said it did
If you can be seen and your location is known then you are seen. That's just... pretty obvious
@Medix2 Ok, I'm missing the logical jump from "They are seen because their location becomes known"
@Medix2 Perhaps you misspoke earlier? You believe they can be seen because they can be seen and location is unrelated?
Previously they were hidden, they could not be seen, heard, located, anything. Then they attacked which revealed their location. Imagine now the target looks at that location and voila there is an enemy there
@Medix2 By the same token, imagine they look at that location and they can't see the enemy because the enemy is being actively stealthy
Then they can't see the enemy, but they do know where it is at the very least
5:46 AM
@Medix2 Sure.
I know how I run the hiding rules, and I find it a rather bad idea, especially in 5e, to try to apply the concept of RAW to stealth/hiding rules
But hiding means there are specific mechanics for being able to see someone.
@Medix2 Well that's fine, you run the game you want to. But you understand that doesnt change the RAW right?
Know the rules, then change them
@jgn To be fair, the rules are somewhat ambiguously written; yours is not the only possible interpretation.
Clearly you don't like the rules so you made your own. Great, that's the fun of pen and papers.
Also, the tone of your responses does feel a little condescending. I'd advise you to be aware of that.
5:48 AM
@V2Blast I don't think there is any interpretation of "give away your location" that can mean "you see them", at least none that doesn't mean messing up large sections of the game, including making invisibility nonsense.
@V2Blast I'm sorry?
The hiding rules are very much written with the GM having a lot of say: "Ultimately, the DM decides when circumstances are appropriate for hiding."
@Medix2 Sure, but the unseen attackers rules don't say the same.
I don't think it's really fair to take that sentence from Hiding and apply it to the entire rules.
Yes the DM has the ability to change anything they like, but to say that is the way its written is misleading.
"if you come out of hiding and approach a creature, it usually sees you. However, under certain circumstances, the Dungeon Master might allow you to stay hidden as you approach a creature that is distracted, allowing you to gain advantage on an attack before you are seen."
The rule on unseen attackers is specifically about being hidden: "**If you are hidden**—both unseen and unheard—when you make an attack, you give away your location when the attack hits or misses."
@Medix2 We aren't talking about coming out of hiding and approaching a creature here. We are talking about staying in hiding and attacking.
Yes, but it doesn't say "If you are hidden—both unseen and unheard—when you make an attack, the DM decides what happens"
Instead it gives explicit instructions: "you give away your location"
I'm just pointing out that the hiding rules are important for this at the very least, and those rules are very much in the GM's ballpark
5:54 AM
Is the extent of "Ultimately, the DM decides when circumstances are appropriate for hiding." unclear? It's supposed to be only for deciding if someone can hide where they are trying to hide.
As far as I can tell, you can only become hidden when you cannot be seen. Then, in order to attack a creature you must have line-of-sight to it. And upon a hit/miss your location is revealed. Then the question is whether or not the creature can also see you in addition to knowing your location? Or rather, do you remain hidden after the attack hits/misses?
@Medix2 You can attempt to Hide so long as you are not "clearly seen"
The question is whether knowing someones location is enough to be able to see them, especially if they are hiding and usually can only be seen after a successful Perception check.
I believe that is covered in your already existing question
It's not really the same question unfortunately. You will notice that the answers assert that "knowing location = being able to see" as part of their answer.
Eg Dale M's answer: "“Giv[ing] away your location" means that you are no longer hidden " without any justification or explanation.
That's the answer's fault, not the question's
Compare this to the next answer which states "Giving away your location" just means that enemies know where you are. It doesn't necessarily mean they can see you."
6:07 AM
But again, they don't quote or talk about the rules.
that's not the question's fault imho
They just assume that to be true as an assertion of their answer.
Well, lots of people are making assertions, I did at one time try to explain "from the start" with the rules, but RAW questions/answers are not well received here unfortunately
So I think it would be good to have a conclusive answer about whether knowing location = seeing which can clear up this common issue
I'm kinda lost. What's the purpose/goal of this conversation?
It's debate club time. So they gotta debate.
Are you asking for help to make a SAQ?
6:10 AM
@BESW What's a SAQ?
I feel Iv'e made my point
In 5e it is a common misconception that knowing someones location is the same as being able to see them. What would be a good way to ask/answer a question to clear up this common confusion?"
Some Answered Questions?
Q: Does Mage Hand require line of sight to summon?

C.V.I've seen many questions asked about whether or not you need to be able to see your Mage Hand in order to control it. However, can Mage Hand be summoned through a wall or other such obstruction? Mage Hand's description states (PHB pg 256): A spectral, floating hand appears at a point you choo...

Q: Can a Way of the Open Hand monk's Open Hand Technique prevent Legendary Action reactions?

Daniel HurnTiamat can take a Legendary Actions at the end of each turn, and I believe these were listed as reactions. Could an Open Hand Monk's Open Hand Technique prevent these legendary actions entirely? Per the Way of the Open Hand monk's Open Hand Technique feature: Whenever you hit a creature with...

So I should just post it and then do the answer?
6:17 AM
I'd warn against didactism and condescension, SAQs tend to be plagued by those and it leads to structural problems which make them bad fits for the site.
i think you should answer your question on what revealing your location means
@BESW How does didacticism apply to SAQs?
@Medix2 Well the same question in different contexts is a unique question, so its not really the same question. But it would help to answer that other question, so maybe I should link it as related?
2 hours later…
8:30 AM
Good morning rpg people
Oh man I misread the rules for a 5e Eldritch Knight, which means an abandoned character build I had actually works !
Best misreading ever !
9:10 AM
Spindown d20: are they bad, evil or is it just me that's paranoid? Discuss please.
@STTLCU They are not intended for rolling, they are largely for a different purpose which is fine
I get that they're designed for life points tracking and they are ok for that. But what happens if somebody uses them for D&D?
@PierreCathé How'd you misread it?
@STTLCU Assuming it is fully dense its actually fine. Number distribution on a die is to minimize bias from production faults
@STTLCU IIRC the distribution of the numbers is not the same
9:20 AM
Almost all the d20s I used for the first several years of my TTRPG life were spindowns.
I'd say that in the grand scheme of Things Which Were Impactful On My Experience, their spindownness was completely insignificant.
On an unrelated note: we might need to do a search for questions about the original versions of WGTE content and potentially retag them as UA, if they did appear in UA; I'm less sure about how to handle the WGtE content that was changed without going through the UA process. (Otherwise, the questions/answers need to be updated I guess?) Probably worth a meta after I've slept, unless someone else can phrase it better.
Ok, I accept the possibility that I'm just paranoid :D
This recently bumped question brought it to mind (the double-bladed scimitar and Revenant Blade feat are, to my knowledge, two things that didn't go through UA but were changed in the final version):
Q: Does the double-bladed scimitar's special attack let you use your ability modifier for the damage of the attack?

ForsytheI am using the double-bladed scimitar with the Revenant Blade feat from Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron. The double-bladed scimitar's special feature (p. 74): Special. When you take the attack action and make a two-handed attack with a double-bladed scimitar, you can use a bonus action to make ...

Even those specific dice had other qualities which would make my game experience more or less enjoyable, that completely overshadowed any impact of their spindown quality.
@V2Blast I thought all of their spells had to be evocation/abjuration, but actually they are allowed one exception (and more on levelups) so it allows them to e.g. swap out a 1st-level spell at XL 7 to get Enlarge/Reduce
9:21 AM
Also, a spindown with a fault isn't necessarily biased towards high numbers, and that bias is probably fairly small
@PierreCathé Ah, okay. Yeah, only some of their spell selections are limited :)
@V2Blast Yes, and that means my grappler char doesn't necessarily need a wizard buddy to make them bigger
"Wizard Buddy" is the new Harry Potter inspired Air Bud spinoff series, right?
Sounds about right
Okay, this is awkward but:
In the past I've said positive things here about the TTRPG "Hot Guys Making Out" by PH Lee. I have revisited the game text recently and am upset that I was ever able to speak about it that way. This is my wholehearted un-endorsement of that game, including the recently-announced upcoming modifications which do not address its fundamental problems.
9:43 AM
@BESW What's turned you off it?
It glorifies a toxic sexual power dynamic that's common in particular genres of fetishised depictions of gay men written by and for cis women.
Right, that would do it. Fair enough
I don't really want to talk about the details, there are people who've done that better than I could.
But part of being truly sorry for saying something harmful, like I have, is making at least as much noise when correcting ourselves, and in the same places. So here I am.
Very respectable of you. Thumbs up!
Thank you, but it's just the minimum decent thing to do.
10:28 AM
@BESW ah dang,..... that sucks
11:26 AM
@V2Blast Assuming both die are fair, then the distribution is the same. Spindowns are a lot easier to cheat with, but why play d&d with cheaters?
11:59 AM
I can see a badly balanced spindown die causing a more noticeable bias in the results
12:16 PM
@kviiri Right, I wouldn't let one be deliberately used "because it rolls well", but in a innocent pinch it's fine
@Someone_Evil Mmh, I don't really care much one way or the other but just pointing out that the distribution can have significant differences
12:54 PM
If you have advantage you get to roll with the rigged die
1 hour later…
2:26 PM
@Yuuki want beholders? Because that's how beholders happen!
@Gwideon howdy
how is everyone
movin' right along
@NautArch along what axis?
2:28 PM
@Someone_Evil ALL OF THEM
@jgn you're generating complaints over the last couple of days. General themes are familiar: seemingly-obtuse argumentativeness, strawmanning, nitpicking long after everyone else has moved on.... We've spoken to you privately about it, now I'm saying it publicly:
Stop making chat and the site(s) unpleasant for others. You may be the nicest person in the world face-to-face, but here you're coming across badly. Fix that.
@Rubiksmoose @doppelgreener @V2Blast @Miniman @BESW @kviiri @NautArch ^^
I think I'll stay out of this
@Gwideon (sorry--bad timing on my part. I was just catching up on transcripts and flags, just as you were coming in to start a nice day!)
2:30 PM
@nitsua60 It's fine
@Gwideon personally, I'm doing well. I'm finally back to running regularly after an abdominal surgery this summer, and my pace hasn't really dropped at all. Which makes me happy. (I'm carrying 10-15 extra pounds, which I'd like to fix, but it's nice that the cardio's still there.)
@nitsua60 I am still more out of shape than I'd really like. But I just tried doing some yoga with my wife last night using the downwarddog app - and i really enjoyed it.
@NautArch Ooh, sell me on that app? We used to have a yoga routine with our smartTV that worked well for us, but then that got put behind a paywall and we haven't managed to get that back into the schedule. And we're both tighter than we'd like. (Lots of long runs and not enough stretching may be good for cardio, but not so good for hamstring tightness....)
@nitsua60 It's a paywall app, but it's pretty cheap. Wife says it's $35/year. It's got a mobile app as well as a web app, but no roku or smart TV app that I can see.
But I'm not sure if you couldn't just pop it open in a browser and then chromecast it to a TV if you have that option.
I've got my gaming PC hooked up to the TV, so I can just acccess a browser directly. But didn't know that last night and just 'listened' and tried to follow what my wife was doing.
emphasis on tried.
@NautArch Yeah, we can go from devices to TV not too badly.
2:38 PM
I also learned about the two primary 'types' of yoga, hatha and vinyasa. The app offers both, but wife and I are definitely more into the hatha style.
at least we like the same thing :)
@Gwideon how're you doing?
Rykara's answer on cutting words and criticals may be what I was looking to see. Makes a lot of sense.
@trogdor "Gameplay". Quantic Dream essentially makes the same game over and over with a different setting each time.
@nitsua60 I'm doing fine.
Hi Gwideon
Also happy Friday everyone
2:51 PM
@kviiri Friday happy dance!
I also can't believe how much of an idiot I am in Mass Effect 2. Took me way to long to figure out how to get to the citadel :(
Friday just reminds me that I need to prepare the final session of my sci-fi campaign (players have expressed a desire to move on as the sci-fi campaign is a bit aimless)
Eberron strikes again with that double bladed scimitar. It seems very similar to the scimitar of speed without the +2 magic property.
@Gwideon That's easily solvable by giving them a computer from the early 2000s.
Plenty of people used AIM back then.
3:09 PM
@Yuuki I'm not sure why I bother to read anything you write anymore. I should know that I'm just going to be angry at whatever (too clever) pun you made. :p
In hindsight, I think the punchline would've landed better if I replaced "AIM" with "AOL Instant Messenger".
You gotta have that beat where the reader goes "huh?" for a split second and then "oh goddammit".
3:24 PM
uh..... that monk subclass question....
@Yuuki As a fellow punster, I approve of this message.
Can someone tactfully tell them not to edit their question content? and how and why?
I can do it myself, but I'm not sure it'll be welcoming.
@goodguy5 Technically, that they're editing their question isn't a problem: it hasn't gotten answers yet. They do need to be editing their question correctly though, which they're presently not.
that's what I was trying to say. thank you
3:42 PM
@NautArch Casual Observation: the Scimitar qualifies for the Great Weapon Fighting fighting style.
@Xirema Which makes it equal in DPR without needing a feat. (unless I've messed up the maths in which case I need to fix my answer)
It doesn't qualify for the Great Weapon Mastery feat though (fortunately)
@Someone_Evil Correct.
It's extremely weird to me they didn't classify it as an Exotic Weapon.
Since this seems like exactly the kind of scenario where, as a game designer, you'd want to do that.
@Xirema That term doesn't really exist in 5e does it?
Just an FYI, I went ahead and cleaned up this old question so that it can stand up to modern stack standards and we don't have to lock it.
@Someone_Evil It does not, no.
3:56 PM
@Rubiksmoose 'cleaned up' in this case includes deleting three out of five answers? :p
@Someone_Evil Yar. Mainly because I removed the part of the question that inspired them and would make this an off-topic question nowadays likely.
The three answers had a total of 2 upvotes and 3 downvotes between them FWIW.
But yeah, the reason I mentioned it here was to get extra eyes on it. If anybody is concerned about it feel free to let me know.
I totally agree with what you did. I was just being cheeky
@Someone_Evil :) cool cool.
Does the Double-bladed scimitar warrant its own tag, or should those questions simply have the eberron tag (or neither)?
@Someone_Evil I don't think we need a tag for a single weapon.
And I don't think the eberron tag is necessary since the question isn't about the setting itself.
4:09 PM
Fair enough
I need a bit of help with character creation.
@Gwideon In what system?
What kind of setting?
i'm making this character to get a feel for character creation. it's the starwars universe
4:13 PM
@Gwideon Cool, what is the concept? That's where FATE character creation starts.
Mando gunslinger. I know very stereo typical
Stereotypical characters can be a lot of fun (and are easier to convey). What holds you up?
figuring out how to pick good aspects. I already have high concept and trouble (compelled to gamble)
@Gwideon Pick aspects which makes them interesting
also um I don't know how to determine the stresses and skills
4:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, no whitespace in answer, repeating characters in answer (263): What are the official languages available to players? by Shrek Swampton on rpg.SE
is this a decent aspect "Clan Arekson Demands I uphold a code of honor"
(I will admit my actual expertise with FATE is limited, but there are others in here with a lot more)
sorry. I'm a little overwhelmed as this is the first time I've ever done anything with fate
@SmokeDetector That is quite a funny username though
@Gwideon I'm no expert but iirc stress is just a "damage buffer" for physical and mental exertion before you have to accept consequences for damage
4:21 PM
So you should have only empty boxes at chargen
@kviiri I'd rather have a backpack, less capacity but easier to carry.
@Yuuki This is how people before calendars knew it was Friday
Puns just sprouted and blossomed
I know ancient astrologists worked hard to predict all sorts of recurring events: eclipses, conjunctions, and the three-day weekend.
@Someone_Evil Worth noting though that the kind of character who would express an interest in using this scimitar is also the same kind of character who probably did not take the GWF fighting style.
Anyways, I've dumped some stats in the Plane of Math.
4:39 PM
Um can I post the character sheet so someone can go over it and see if I did everything right
If you post a link to it then sure
Yes, do share. I know BESW and doppel are very good at going through Fate character designs and probably many others here too
@Xirema @Someone_Evil The point about elf-only and not being optimal for strength is a good one. But overall, that thing seems OP. Although now I want a bladesinger doublescimatar with GWM.
although i don't think that'll work...
4:55 PM
@NautArch GWM requires the heavy property
@Gwideon For Stress: you have two boxes, one 1-stress-sized, the other 2-stress-sized. Having certain skills at certain levels gives you extra stressboxes. As for skills, you'll want to pick the skills from the appropriate list (better use the default list to get used to the concepts).
@Someone_Evil ah, good point! nm then :P
You get one skill at level 4, two skills at level 3, three skills at level 2, and four skills at level 1. All other skills are treated as level 0 if you ever need to roll them 'untrained'.
Bladesinger sounds really cool though, but note that the special doesn't work with green-flame blade
5:01 PM
No, wait "[the bladesong] ends early if [...] you use two hands to make an attack with a weapon". Boo
@Gwideon Looks playable overall. I have conceptual comments and mechanical ones. Which ones are you after?
@Gwideon @doppelgreener @BESW if you wanted to take a look and feedback on a Fate character ^
@vicky_molokh Both would be nice
@Someone_Evil double fail.
I tend to try to fit make High Concepts more elaborate, usually along the lines of 'adjective noun of something' or 'adjective noun with characteristic_gear', or 'thing-relation characteristic+noun' or the like.
5:06 PM
On a more upbeat note, I guess the published version of the Artificer can take an infusion to replicate any common magic item from XGtE, which has some interesting possibilities
Similarly, I would probably phrase trouble in a way that would make it have both a downside and an upside (this is normal for FATE).
The clan demand is a good source of characterisation fitting into a single sentence.
Grew Up a Street Rat likewise gives some interesting potential.
I think the armour Aspect would benefit from expanding characterisation. Maybe hint at its history. Or expand it to a more full set of gear.
For anyone in my chatizen dndbeyond, someone purchased the new eberron book so we all have access
@Gwideon Mechanically: under core rules, there's not much reason to have Fight 3 if you take Shoot 4. There are rulings and houserules that change that, but under Core RAW, I think Fight can be safely reduced to 2 or even 1.
You have Investigate-based lie detection, which is a good reason to move Investigate to a +3 or so.
Okay I will see what can be done
Will at 3 gives you two bonus stress boxes that can be used only in Mental Conflicts. (One 3-stress-sized, the other 4-stress-sized.)
Athletics is rather important for combatants. Consider swapping it with something.
Physique offers bonus stressboxes for Physical Conflicts (only) at levels 1 and 3, which means that it's a candidate for reducing to 1 or increasing to 3, depending on priorities.
5:13 PM
@NautArch noice
It's interesting that Astrid, despite a stereotypically menacing calling, doesn't have Provoke. Is that deliberate or an oversight?
I'm still not sure whether Quick On the Draw is worth it, but it certainly fits well conceptually for a gunsligner!
I am having trouble reading the rest of the text in the link's Stunts, so can't comment on the third one.
I wasn't quite sure how well provoke would fit but um yeah i guess that would make sense
Maybe you'd just take a Stunt to let Astrid use Will instead of Provoke in those silent staredowns.
@NautArch both or just one?
[grumbles about how stupid this release was]
Or something like that. Since Astrid is already brave and indomitable, which helps a lot in mental conflicts' defensive side.
5:18 PM
I changed up my stuff a bit
um you may want to reload
@Rubiksmoose original was already there, new one is on
@Gwideon Since you moved Investigate down to 1, it's useful to replace Attention to Detail with a different Stunt that would either just give +2 to Empathy for detecting lies (0+2 = 2), or use Notice instead of Empathy for detecting lies. You get to make up your name for the latter Stunt.
@NautArch heck yeah.
@Gwideon What does Astrid do for a living nowadays? Having only Mediocre (+0) Resources implies either not earning much, or spending it all on gambling. The stereotypical answer is of course bounty-hunting, but maybe there's a twist?
alright makes sense
@vicky_molokh was thinking smuggler or bounty hunter
5:28 PM
@Gwideon Adding that to the High Concept (or other Aspect) would be good since it allows Invoking those Aspects to be more competent in bounty-hunting and/or smuggling jobs. Also Smuggling would probably warrant either Crafts or Burglary for hiding the contraband one way or another. Or a Stunt maybe.
@Gwideon Do you have a third Stunt now? (I still can't read past the first few lines of that field.)
I do it's just cut off
@Gwideon What is it?
hard boiled
Another one which is conceptually very fitting, but that I find to be of questionable value from a maths PoV.
true. I tend to go less for mechanically optimal stuff and more for flavor
but um yeah
5:36 PM
@Gwideon what's the context of the sheet? is it for a game you're playing soon?
@doppelgreener no it's more so that I can get a feel for character creation
I'd suggest using google docs for fate sheets, you don't get issues with things getting cropped. E.g. here's one I did for another game
Oh gotcha
Looks fine, though I'd replace "compelled to gamble" with whatever it is about her that makes her compelled to gamble. For example, "Compulsive gambler". Compelled to gamble is more of an event; compulsive gambler is more of a description.
That's a little bit nitpicky of me but it's something that stands out, there's a difference in it saying something about who your character is vs merely something that happens to them
GOttta say, it's interesting to see a non-5e chargen discussion in here :)
"Just One More Roll"?
5:43 PM
I like Aspect names that derive from dialogue/catchphrases rather than just descriptions. Something feels more immersive about It's Just A Flesh Wound compared to Stoic or Pain-Tolerant.
That can work fine too
@Yuuki They look pithy, but they are prone to need clarifying subtitles because they can be read both ways (e.g. just a flesh wound can be read as being tough [invoke to resist damage], or as stereotypically underestimating the severity of wounds [invoke for making the wound turn out to be nastier than estimated]).
So there's an upside and a downside to that.
There's something Fate misses in that it can be helpful to briefly mention what an aspect is about; when Evil Hat designed the Cortex system they included that: you pick up aspect-like things but you also describe what they mean beyond the pithy name, potentially including the history or interpersonal connections implied in it.
(That said, the brief mention is separate from the aspect itself. It's just a description of the aspect. I once had a player submit an entire paragraph as an aspect in a game I was arranging; this needed revision.)
I'm making a google doc character sheet to make things more clear
5:51 PM
The character sheets are fine for paper, just that when we're dealing with electronic character creation we have better options :)
@doppelgreener I can't not read that as Ash. (not our ash)
Which Ash?
Also, I've found in general: it is helpful to leave blanks in your character sheet. Fill in 2-3 aspects, but not all 5. Fill in maybe 1 stunt, but not all 2-3 stunt slots. Fill in half your skills, but not all of them.
In the experience BESW, Trogdor and I had playing together, our 100% filled out character sheets regularly wound up with aspects, skills, and stunts that were simply not very relevant to the game, and we swapped them out later at milestones. When we started leaving blanks at creation, it meant the things we picked were always relevant — we only filled an aspect in when we needed one, and it would be relevant to what we were about to do!
We were initially like "psh, we're RPG experts, of course we can fill everything out," but then we read from the Evil Hat authors that it was actually recommended and lead to better gameplay to leave blanks... and they were right of course.
@doppelgreener Evil Dead
5:56 PM
@NautArch Hey Ash, whatcha playin?
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