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12:06 AM
I've also unthawed the Fate chat and game room, just in case anyone wants to use it. That's not an instruction to go use it, but it's available now in case you'd like to.
1:04 AM
@MikeQ Obligatory OOTS: giantitp.com/comics/oots0216.html
1:18 AM
Q: Are there any consequences of a Critical Failure on attack rolls?

AndrásAt "Attack rolls" on page 446 of CRB I could not find anything. For generic weapon attack rolls, is there a difference between Failures and Critical Failures?

Q: What has been published about the legendary tarrasque's mind? Can the tarrasque feel love?

Nathan HincheyI want answers related to any published Dungeons & Dragons materials from any edition, as well as any licensed novelizations. For the one-off tarrasque fight I'm running, my players are looking for corny options, and have been discussing casting tongues on it. The 5e Monster Manual entry for it ...

2:07 AM
@Yuuki lol, I mean, yeah
but if it was just the gameplay,....... their stories are all pretty hamfisted, I might even argue that Detroit, one of the newest ones they have made, is the most hamfisted
but you know, Heavy rain is "what would you do for your kids" Beyond is "how do you deal with loss" Detroit is "slavery=bad"
it's not that they are bad messages per se but,..... wow
well,.... maybe Heavy Rain is a little,..... some of the choices you can make are clearly horrible
Q: Would the Disguise Self spell benefit Stealth checks made to hide?

aaron9eeeThe Disguise Self spell description says "You make yourself [...] look different until the spell ends". So, assuming a woodlands setting, and your "different" includes basically turning yourself into a bipedal bush, wouldn't this then increase your bonus to Stealth checks made to hide? Obviousl...

2:35 AM
hey there @BlackSpike
@Shalvenay hey
How's things in @Shalvenay-land?
OK here, still need to do some dungeon-design though :P
I'm elbows-deep in code ... trying to streamline Vampire character sheet
@BlackSpike -- speaking of your RM game, how's the shield-maiden doing?
oh, Mara? she's fine. We're in a Labyrinth <ooh! spoopy!> I tried not to get into combat, ... but ...
I've got a combat-rogue, a paladin and a Wizard (as well as my shield-maiden) to keep me out of trouble ... :D
Wizard failed his Fear Check against our first Foe ... would have ran out of the Labyrinth if I hadn't sicked my Dog on him! :D
Got a laugh round the table, as Wizard runs off ... "Doggo: FETCH!"
(Unfortunately, the latest updates to our Forum have made it a Members-Only area :( or I'd post links. )
3:08 AM
So far, mara has not had to defend me. Nearest was when the paladin disarmed the Big Orc, and I picked up it's (previously defined) "horrifically sharp" spear, to stab it with ... every one was "whta? nooo, stay back! You're non-combat!" ... luckily, they killed the Orc just before my initiative, so i got to coup-de-grace, as it fell :)
Anyone have experience with the new "D&D Essentials" kit(s)? (Icespire or Stranger Things versions, either.) My son was underwhelmed by the Starter Set, but I've been eyeing the Essentials description with Christmas coming around the corner....
@nitsua60 Sorry, no. Not seen it. What didn't they like about Starter Set?
@BlackSpike Nothing in particular disliked, it just didn't really hook him.
(I run games for him and his friends as time permits; I'm trying to keep planting the seeds that one of them could also run games, and then they'd get to play lots more than just what their full-time-employed dad-of-three can squeeze in.)
age range?
11 to 11.
3:18 AM
That's when I started. Throw them in at the deep end!
Though, like any good kids-on-bikes movie, there are little sisters hanging around =)
sisters? what are these 'sisters'' that you speak of, earthling? <middle of 3 boys>
I'm always surprised (although I shouldn't be - I did it!) how much 11yr olds can cope with, if it is somethign they want to be involved in.
(but then, I'm always surprised how much kids can't fathom, if it;s "not-their-thing" ... )
(tl;dr : kids freak me out. get off my lawn!)
@BlackSpike Amen, spike-brother. My three spent the last year watching both of their grandfathers decline precipitously and visibly and terminally. Didn't faze them a whit, frankly.
3:30 AM
Sorry to hear that :(
But young 'uns can have a "yeah, that's how things are" attitude ...
my grandpa was told he wouldn't make it past 20 ... was never well since (mining accident) .. so i only ever knew him as "not well". made it to 80! But even as a kid, I knew he wasn't going to last ... was just a matter of when
@BlackSpike Sounds familiar: I don't remember a time, from earliest memories to age 35, that my gramma didn't end a visit with "it was nice to see you. I probably won't see you again."
@nitsua60 <brief catharsis, then we'll get back to RPGs> was about this time of year ... granddad had already bought us kids a sack-load of xmas presents ... made for a sombre 25th. But we knew he'd want us to enjoy the gifts, and move on. :)
woa. Don't talk about my grandad much ... just hit me ... I hope your kids remember theirs with the love I do!
<and enjoy their 'Essential' set! Don't know details of it, would they prefer a 'proper' PHB? >
4:25 AM
Q: What should be done about D&D 5e questions about the original "Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron" content, now that it has been updated/finalized?

V2BlastThe Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron was originally released on July 23, 2018. Keith Baker's foreword on p. 4 stated (emphasis mine): Bear in mind: this book presents my current vision of Eberron. This is the world I run at my own table and the way that I’ve converted its ideas to fifth edition. ...

4:39 AM
@nitsua60 I haven't played or run it, but I do own it (...and you can see it too if you're in the Chatizen ToA D&D Beyond campaign :P ). The Essentials Kit adventure is Dragon of Icespire Peak (level 1-6); the 3 digital-exclusive adventures (included alongside DoIP in the D&D Beyond code that comes with the physical box set) are Storm Lord’s Wrath (level 6-9), Sleeping Dragon’s Wake (level 9-11), and Divine Contention (level 11-13).
To my knowledge, it's much more of a "bounty-board" style of adventure than a linear adventure like LMoP or HotDQ/RoT.
It also comes with a published version of the Sidekicks rules, as you presumably know, and the digital supplementary adventures provide rules for leveling them all the way up to level 12. (The upper level boundaries listed above are the level the PCs reach by the end of that adventure.)
@BlackSpike The physical Essentials Kit box set includes a 50% off code for the PHB on D&D Beyond (in addition to a code for the Essentials Bundle - DoIP plus the 3 supplementary adventures listed above). The box set itself also includes basic rules for character creation rather than just giving pregens.
Anyway. That meta took a long time to type up. Hope people respond to it :)
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6:11 AM
Q: Barring Epic Boons, is there a way to gain immunity to fire damage?

Himitsu_no_YamiIs there a way, barring Epic Boons, for a player character to gain full immunity to fire damage. I know it's easy to gain resistance by, for example, being a tiefling or casting a spell that grants resistance. But I'm looking for full immunity. The lower the level at which it can be accomplished ...

6:26 AM
@V2Blast Also of note if they already have the Starter Set is the fact that both modules center on Phandalin.
So it wouldn't be too hard to pull material from both for one campaign.
6:54 AM
also true, though if the son's played the Starter Set and been underwhelmed, that's not as much of a pro :P
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1:22 PM
Hey, guys. Could anyone please link me to a good video about Pathfinder RPG, explaining to a person completely distant from tabletop RPGs what they are, what Pathfinder is, what a game session looks like, etc.
I want to direct a person to RPGs for English language practice
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2:36 PM
@Baskakov_Dmitriy Is the edition important?
That Second Edition just came out so idk if they'll be as much material on that.
I was wondering, is the game important? Would a D&D 3.5e video be equally good? The modes of character creation and play are the same, even if the options are different.
(I do not know of any such video that I'd pick over the myriad of similar videos out there, but other people might find the information useful)
3:11 PM
@RedRiderX I haven't played 2e, I was asking about Pathfinder 1e. Thanks for the reminder about versions
@Zachiel Yep, that would suffice
The youtube channel Saving Throw has a playlist explaining Pathfinder rules, and a playlist with a pathfinder playthrough. youtube.com/user/SavingThrowShow
Though they don't spend a ton of time explaining RPGs as a concept.
I think they've only done stuff about 1e
5 hours later…
8:01 PM
@BlackSpike We just had lunch with stepmom-in-law, trying to figure out what to do this year. She wants to just be low-key and reflective, but also to provide a lot of fun for three little kids. Not an easy line to walk!
3 hours later…
11:23 PM
@BESW useful things for princesses to know XD
11:36 PM

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