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1:17 AM
I like Microscope's "Focus". "This is what we're talking about, this round."
Gives the game a framework, something more than a blank-slate
A friend recently recommended that I read Burning Wheel's "Beliefs" mechanic, for something similar but geared toward each player gaining control over the themes the GM will give their character to explore.
1:41 AM
Dee Pennyway has a Twitter thread walking through how they set up the discount and Community copies for Mnemonic on itchio.
2:02 AM
Dragon+ Magazine article: "Behind the Screen: Sign Language and D&D." Matt Chapman chats with interpreters on both sides of the Atlantic working to make D&D more accessible for hearing impaired players and viewers. (But notice that only the article author uses "hearing impaired," a lot of deaf people don't like that phrase.)
2:59 AM
@BESW I was curious about the reason "hearing-impaired" is disliked, so I googled. It seems it's because the "impaired" phrasing seems to indicate something damaged or substandard, a problem to be fixed
Yeah, many Deaf communities are VERY vocal about not needing to be fixed.
(See also the social model of disability, for a broader perspective on why "impaired" can be argued to almost never be a good word to use for that kind of thing.)
3:59 AM
Q: Does the Prepare Food ability from Cook's Utensils stack?

DacromirHere's the relevant ability from Xanathar's guide to Everything: Prepare Meals. As part of a short rest, you can prepare a tasty meal that helps your companions regain their strength. You and up to five creatures of your choice regain 1 extra hit point per Hit Die spent during a short rest, p...

4:23 AM
Q: Can you cast Dispel Magic on a Shadow Monk's Silence?

NicboboLet's say a Wizard is outside the range of a 3rd Level Shadow Monk's Silence, casted via Ki points. Can he dispel it? My gut inclination is that the Wizard can indeed dispel the Shadow Monk's Silence despite it not being technically a spell, due to the Sage Advice Compendium containing this r...

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9:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (348): Does the 2019 UA artificer need to prepare the Lesser Restoration spell to cast it with their Alchemical Mastery feature? by KIM ANN on rpg.SE
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1:24 PM
2:04 PM
apparently so
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6:37 PM
We played some Spirit Island today
With an all-experienced crew yet it still took forevaaaaar
7:07 PM
Hey I'd like to report someone
@Gwideon The site has a flagging system for that. Next to their comment / answer / question you can flag it for the specified reason. Then the site mods take care of the rest.
7:22 PM
@Gwideon yeah, just whack a flag on the post in question and it'll get handled :)
@Gwideon Your report has been received and we are taking care of the user. I would like to apologize that the user has been able to keep harassing you though.
We've been monitoring the situation but it has taken us a bit longer than usual to take action.
As always, please let us know via flags or in here if there is anything we can do.
I'd like to give a shout out @Glazius for a fun run of Fellowship (a PbtA game) demo over the course of a number of weeks as all our schedules tilted and weaved. That was a lot of fun. ToTM well done as the GM. two thumbs up!
Q: Do I have advantage with Riposte when moving away from a flanked enemy and triggering an opportunity attack?

HoenderSlayerSo I am playing a Rogue who is planning on dipping 1-5 levels into fighter. If I get to Lvl3 Fighter I will take the Battlemaster archetype and take the Parry, Riposte and Feinting attack manoeuvres. Now say it is my turn and I am currently flanking an enemy with a friendly PC, When I move dire...

@kviiri A lot of agonizing over the right thing to do, or just general fiddliness?
@KorvinStarmast Thanks! I try and keep some kind of demo packs around when I can, and I'll be glad to teach/run any game I've answered a question about.
2 hours later…
9:19 PM
@Glazius the other two players were a tad insecure and wanted me to review all their decisions :p
2 hours later…
11:16 PM
@Gwideon to piggyback on what rubiksmoose said: flags are a little better for us in the way they create a trail of breadcrumbs and keep things in one place. But please don't be shy about asking in here if you're not sure whether something "rises to the level" of flagging. (Not that that was the case here.)

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