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1:59 AM
@Miniman much like the rest of Australia :P
There do seem to be a ton of Urban myths about Australia for sure
Australia itself is an urban myth
2:12 AM
That'd be ironic, given how little of Australia is urban.
@Ben then where is my friend immigrating from? thinks
From the ocean?
@Ash The Edge of the Horizon.
I'm sorry to say this but your Friend is apparently a fish or a dolphin or something
Maybe a whale or an octopus or a mermaid or something but a sea creature of some kind
2:28 AM
Actually I saw him on his way out. He said "So long and thanks for all the fish"
@KorvinStarmast I knew that asking about frog souls would either be tumbleweed or go straight to HNQ, though I wasn't sure which way it would be. Does seem that it became popular. Glad I could amuse some people.
Debating on whether to lurk here. Is this more 5.0 or 3.5?
It's whatever you throw at us
We got all sorts
3.5, 5.0, 4.0, PF, SF, DH, SW, and even the occasional LLKoM
That is to say, that's if you have something in regards to talk about in regards to any of that. Currently we're deciding whether or not Australia is actually just a colony of sapient cephalopods.
2:43 AM
@Amaranthine But honestly, D&D5e probably gets the most airtime. Though not a majority.
I've noticed an uptick in PF/3.5 stuff recently though!
But yeah 5e gets a lot of airtime even still.
(But I might be wrong on either count. For a while a couple years back recipes/"what I'm making for dinner tonight" probably edged out dd5e for top slot.)
oh we mean chat lol
Hence the sapient cephalopods lol
hahaha yeah. Reading things fully. It helps.
2:45 AM
Which almost assuredly have souls. At least in D&D 5e
3:03 AM
In other news, I came across an interesting conundrum recently.
I have somewhat of a "subdermal scar"
A while ago I noticed a ring on my arm, just while at work, as if I'd leant on something for a period of time. The weird thing was nothing quite matched the location or shape that made any sense.
It eventually disappeared again, until I recently noticed it again. The same ring, in the same location.
That's when I realised it was actually from a bite one of my friends gave me a few years ago when we were playing around.
That is where she bit me, really quite hard, and looking at it, it does match the shape.
3:27 AM
hey there @Amaranthine, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
@Ben we even have DW, Fellowship, and the occasional GSS discussion ;) as well as WoDish stuff, SR, Fate, BGS, you name it
Q: What's the story to "WotC gave up on fixing Polymorph"?

J. MiniIt's been well-established that Polymorph is broken. However, I often see the claim that "WotC gave up on fixing Polymorph". Is there some sort of history to this? From what I've gathered, it seems like they must have gone through multiple errata for it before giving up completely, but I don't th...

@trogdor I will have to inform her.
And tell her husband to buy a large fish tank I guess :p
3 hours later…
6:08 AM
but he is too!
they all are, because, ok the joke is tired
it needs lots of rest
6:23 AM
@Miniman @MikeQ I have made a grave error. I researched A Logical Discourse
6:35 AM
@Amaranthine Welcome! Lurk away. There are plenty of D&D 5e players, but also those with experience with previous editions of D&D, and with plenty of other RPGs as well! (Obviously D&D 5e tends to get a little more active discussion than older editions of D&D simply because it's the current edition.)
@nitsua60 Someone find the relevant chat message about the least on-topic thing here :)
@Ben Have you had it checked out by a doctor?
@V2Blast Not yet, it hasn't caused any issues. It's simply been a case of "wait... where did that come from?" only for it to disappear a few days later.
Hmm. Might be something to ask about at your next general checkup, at least.
that sounds like something to get looked at
Of all the things I should get looked at, this is really probably the least urgent haha. Nothing has come of it, I've had it for years, it doesn't cause pain or affect any ability. It's mostly just odd. Lol
6:45 AM
Hi all
@PierreCathé Hi!
> Fandom has acquired the Cortex roleplaying game rules system from Margaret Weis Productions. [...] Additionally, Fandom has brought Cam Banks, lead designer and developer of recent versions of the system, on board to guide the future of Cortex.
> An updated version of the system—called Cortex Prime—was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2017. Fandom will fulfill all the commitments of the Kickstarter, plus integrate full digital support—like we have done for Dungeons & Dragons with D&D Beyond—to enhance the experience. Cortex Prime will become the first time digital tools are built-in
7:25 AM
Hello o/
7:56 AM
8:25 AM
I'm going to write up a little "experiential learning" booklet for the #SafetyJam, and if anybody who's played a game with me in any capacity has thoughts they'd like to share about how those games succeeded or failed at creating welcoming communities where people felt like they would be treated with respect and their concerns or suggestions taken seriously, I'd really appreciate having those conversations.
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9:50 AM
Damn my players have seen right through me
Last session they agreed to escort a damsel in distress to safety, accompanied by her soldier brother
Who lives to protect her and fights well
And one of them just texted me "he dies next session, doesn't he?"
not anymore he doesn't
anything your players predict must be subverted
Honestly it just makes me want to make him die even more horribly
ah right
and make them really helpless to save him
so you respond to that text "well, he does now" and then don't talk to them for a week
this is healthy
9:53 AM
@Carcer hmm that's an interesting thought, must it really ?
@Carcer Barovia is unhealthy
@PierreCathé no, I was being sarcastic
I'm thinking, maybe I could instead allow a (hard) way to save him, which could reward the player for anticipating that guy's death
Maybe even allow one of them to replace him if they so wish
@Carcer Back before I was more explicitly collaborative, I really enjoyed making my players feel smart for having figured things out, by listening to their speculation and thinking "Well that's better than anything I would've done, we'll do that instead."
10:14 AM
@BESW it sounds almost like you want players to have fun or something
@Carcer Heresy !
@BESW It's not a bad approach, but I wouldn't do it before really thinking things through and seeing how it changes the rest of the story.
no he doesn't let us have any fun don't worry about it XD
@PierreCathé It helps to not have a story in mind. [grin]
10:17 AM
@BESW Not a story but a plot, and maybe their idea is neat, but doesn't fit as well with another plot point
Same smell.
Back in those days, I'd carefully develop characters and factions with motives and agendas of their own, and plans for achieving them, and backup plans.
@PierreCathé Are your players the ones who want a fair mystery with the expectations of rewards in accordance to their ability to figure stuff out, the sort who like surprises no matter the fairness, the sort who like to feel clever regardless of anything, or some of the other possible sorts?
Better an okay scene that flows well than a great scene that feels contrived
Then I'd let the players loose into these carefully constructed webs of influences and plans, and watch them careen around making a mess of everything, and each character/faction would respond in character according to their goals and motives and whatever contingencies they might (or might not) have for what's going wrong.
The PCs are the story.
The thing about creating characters with agendas they're pursuing, rather than plot points I'm trying to hit, is that I don't have to worry about contradicting anything that hasn't hit the table yet. All that's true is what everyone knows, and what the table hasn't seen is not yet true, only possible.
11:04 AM
I like working that way too :D
11:18 AM
@PierreCathé You may be interested in reading through the rules for Dungeon World (or the other Powered by the Apocalypse rule sets, though I'm not very familiar with those). The motto is "play to find out what happens", and there are fairly structured rules around what BESW is talking about regarding factions with goals, rather than predefined outcomes that you try to force.
That one subset of the rules ports pretty well into other games as a GM tool.
11:32 AM
I know about those rule sets, but I'm no fan. Also "factions with goals, rather than predefined outcomes that you try to force" that's a false dichotomy. My npcs have their own motivations and act according to those. I don't force outcomes either, I create situations and the outcome is determined by how the players react.
What I meant is that if I have a plan of e.g. how a villain will act and a players says "Gee I bet they'll act in that other way !", even if it sound good right now I won't necessarily make the change because it might have unforeseen negative consequences on the coherence of the world (for example maybe it wouldn't align with the villain's end goal, which the players don't always know)
@BESW "characters with agendas they're pursuing, rather than plot points I'm trying to hit" that's also a false dichotomy, you can have characters with agendas and use those to build plot points
You can, yes. But it would only be a false dichotomy if that was necessary.
You do realize that you're telling me that the way I have actually run games is impossible, right?
@BESW No, I'm saying that "characters with agendas they're pursuing" and "plot points I'm trying to hit" are not mutually exclusive
Which is not what I said.
"I'm going to eat a sandwich rather than a pizza."
"That's a false dichotomy, because you could eat both!"
I really don't know what you're trying to argue against. It sounds like you're assuming that everybody except you is doing the absolute most extreme possible version of whatever we're talking about--for example you seem to think if I'm using players' ideas that must mean I'm disregarding the internal coherency of the setting.
@BESW That was just an example illustrating the fact that using player ideas in not without risks, and should be carefully considered
"I won't necessarily make the change because it might have unforeseen negative consequences"
That seems nuanced enough to me
11:42 AM
"I wouldn't do it before really thinking things through and seeing how it changes the rest of the story." That's nuanced too, all I'm saying there is that it carries risks
Which... makes me feel weird, that you felt it necessary to explain something so basic to me.
Not necessarily to you, but to anyone reading
And now you're explaining to me that characters with agendas aren't mutually exclusive to pre-determined plot points, which again--seems kinda weird to feel the need to point out when nobody said otherwise.
Oh you can forget about that, it comes from me misunderstanding your statement, I thought you were arguing that they were
And you pinged me personally to say both those things.
I'm not saying your points lack nuance. I'm saying your points only make sense to add to the conversation if you think you're the only one capable of nuance, because these are all pretty basic concepts that nobody's been arguing against.
So I'm really confused and trying to find a more generous interpretation of your contributions than that you think we're kinda oblivious.
12:02 PM
@Nyakouai Hello!
12:28 PM
100% this.

Even when I was carefully constructing NPCs and loosely railroading towards encounters, the players still bulled around in my china shop.

So, now I have a vague region idea map.

"if players are here: they might run into these PCs, these combats, or these explorations."

4-5 words for each as a base point for me, and the rest is pants-seating
Q: How to deal with a Homophobic PC

GwideonI’m about to start a sci-fi campaign using Ultramodern5 (a modification of D&D 5e for non-fantasy settings). I’ve been working with players to help build their characters, and one player character has me a bit worried. The player wants his character to be homophobic, as the character is Russian a...

wow, what a question
12:43 PM
@goodguy5 There's all sorts of imperfect PCs - killing, stealing, racist, lying, so of course this is just another example of a flaw that would come up sooner or later as a topic.
I'm surprised it didn't come sooner
There was a similar question about a 1950s self-made man with a bunch of prejudices.
Though that one was from the PoV of the player trying to portray such a PC.
On second thought, perhaps that makes it not similar at all in most people's book.
Worst one I had was a Sith Inquisitor that was xenophobic, sadomasochist, highly sexualized, devious, perverse and overall creeping-vibe character
Insta veto-ed this oen and ask the player to come up with a more classical evil level of Sith
(So only xenophobic and tyrranic)
1:01 PM
@Nyakouai Star Wars is an odd one when it comes to such things. It's a setting with a grand opposition of good and evil, and dealing with some grim things like WMDs . . . but its evil in the films appears . . . sanitised most of the time.
Sometimes people like sanitised; sometimes they want to explore a phenomenon in all of its no-nonsense warts-and-all 'glory'.
I don't understand why "evil" should necessary be "Gross tentacular horror that want to rape both your soul, skull and possibly body just because it's trash"
Not necessarily.
But it's one of the ways it can express itself.
The Empire is evil. They torture, murder, oppress, segregate, enslave, etc etc
They prone an ideology akin to flat-out nazism
But in the end, they don't need more to be evil (and I'd say it's already enough)
Having one of my player make his character touch herself midfight cause she get off of goring xenos is at best midly disturbing
I don't recall the films exploring the Empire's ideology almost at all. It had the usual trappings of a dictatorship that are the same across different ideologies, but that was about it.
@Nyakouai Oh god this just triggered a flashback, I've had a fellow player do just that :'-(
1:07 PM
I would imagine that exploration of dark themes comes with moderate disturbingness as part of the package.
People just have biases against one type of disturbingness and/or in favour of another one, but it's just that - a bias.
Moderate disturbingness. Sexual fetishes from what would be considered by most of the society as "batshit crazy/revulsingly puky (and frankly unhygienic)" stuff... Not my jam
Of course, it's just my bias ;)
But since I was DMing, it was vetoed before coming into play
@Nyakouai Necessary disclaimer/disclosure/admission/whatever: It's not like I don't have my own biases.
@vicky_molokh It's okay, didn't take it personnaly, and I agree ^^ We all have biases, and it's good to acknowledge them.
My take was that character that come into conflict with most biases are straining things
@Nyakouai I do see RPGs (and gaming in general) as a useful tool for getting rid of one's biases. There was a girl who got over her thing against spiders after playing a priestess of a spider deity. I got much more comfortable with the concept of metal bodies by way of a combination of SOMA and Eclipse Phase. I'm sure there are many other such stories, even if they're not often talked about (as people often don't want to admit such things, whether past or present).
1:24 PM
My metal body is on backorder, but soon....
"No more Mr. good guy"
@vicky_molokh You got me thinking about how to solve my own phobias
Do not look well
@Rubiksmoose (Are you implying metal bodies are obscene? :P )
1:56 PM
Rule of thumb: never insult someone with a metal body.
Especially when yours is all squishy.
Rule n°2 : always have an electromagnet handy
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Korean character in title, mostly non-latin body, mostly non-latin title (260): 190921 아스달연대기 17회 다시보기 (17화, 시즌3 파트3 7회) 무료보기 haxd 다운로드 by Train Chuchu on rpg.SE
Thanks Smokey
2:20 PM
Is there an actual policy regarding language? I'd guess automatic English, but I never bothered to check, since it seemed obvious?
@Nyakouai The official Stack Exchange policy is to only support English Language questions; and although there are a few grandfathered in foreign language stacks, the policy is to not open new ones. I strongly disagree with that policy, because I think users benefit more from being able to ask questions in their native tongue and receive answers from users also in their native tongue, but I guess SE aren't interested in accommodating that.
2:35 PM
Well, I guess that would lead to a possible number of duplicates in different languages, so...
@Xirema Oh wow, TIL.
how is everyone?
@Xirema to be honest, it's not a very surprising policy given that supporting extra languages multiplies the moderation load heavily
2:46 PM
@Carcer On one hand, moderation is a totally understandable concern. On the other, forbidding people to use their native language in certain places leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.
@vicky_molokh in public? Sure. In a moderated discussion space? I don't have any qualms with saying "sorry, you need to speak English here, because we've got the responsibility of moderating what you say and if I can't understand you I cannot ensure you're keeping to the rules"
@Carcer It is in public though.
none of this is public
@Carcer I agree with you here. It's impossible to have a moderator for every language. it's a logistical impossibility to allow other languages.
@Carcer In what way? Anyone without an account can search a Stack and read it. IIRC there are even ways for people to either edit or post without an account.
2:50 PM
we're not on the street talking to each other
stack exchange is a private owned and moderated forum
everyone is welcome to come in, sure
what I'm saying is it is obviously and definitely wrong to tell people conversing in the street what language they ought to use as it's none of your business, but when they are conversing in your office, where you've got a responsibility to ensure everyone is being polite to each other and nobody is expressing horribly foul views or whatever, they have to converse in a language you can actually understand
I'm honestly torn in many ways on the policy. You can't just create a mixed language question pool, because then you'll have users who will visit the front page and see nothing they can respond to. But if you tag everything with its associated language and show pools based on the user's language, you're segregating the userbase.
@Carcer It's private in terms of money, but it's public in practice and usage. A public establishment like a pub would be looked at unfavourably, to say the least, for discriminating based on sex or religion even if there are logistical benefits to doing so. A private club would be given more of a pass. But the Stacks are lean more towards a public establishment than a closed private club.
I acknowledge that this is a complicated issue because we're at a point where many privately owned internet forums have become de facto public spaces
the distinction between something like a pub and something like SE is that in a pub the conversations are still private
And—it should go without saying—it's probably a lot easier to just code for English Users.
(or whichever language the original programmers speak)
if you go into a pub and you start shouting about something such that everyone in the pub can clearly hear you - which is effectively what happens when you post a forum because whatever you're saying isn't just limited to the people you're immediately conversing with - you'd probably find different rules start apply
I mean, whatever language you're shouting in a pub would probably kick you out for being disruptive
but the point is that for conversations held in a pub vs conversations held on an internet forum the proprietors have different levels of responsibility for moderating whatever is being said
as with most things the problem is capitalism
3:03 PM
@Carcer It's interesting that the pub (which was brought up just as an example of a public place) largely flipped some of the public/private nuances. But that seems to be going into the woods of specific examples, rather than the ethical considerations of forbidding people to use a language as such (which really reminds me of some horror stories from Imperial and/or Soviet times).
@vicky_molokh but it's public in practice and usage with the difference being that you can be banned or removed from the space, so the "it's public" argument is only half supportable.
I don't exactly feel great about it, but I would and have (in previous roles with moderation responsibility) told people to please use English because the moderators can't understand you otherwise
@KorvinStarmast You can be banned from other public places, like big shops, schools and the like. Doesn't stop those places from being public.
forbidding people to use a language Your framing of that using those terms is (in my view) somewhat disingenuous. The practical limitations of a text based communication systsm isn't a matter of "forbiddance" - it's a matter of scope and utility to the customer base.
the distinction is the purpose and nature of the way you interact with those places
a shop isn't a place to discuss issues in a moderated way with all the other shoppers
it's a place to buy things
3:06 PM
thank you @Carcer, for saying it better than I was thinking it.
you might have conversations with people while you're there but that's incidental and your own business
@Carcer Its purpose may differ, but that doesn't make it non-public. Which is just an indication that there's something else going on.
(Sorry, will depart for some while, not sure if I'll return to the chat today.)
but at the same time, yes, it's worrying because for all that one can say you're perfectly welcome to use whatever languages you like in public or in your own home, but there's no discussion space where you can actually use your language, that still has a stifling effect
(Have a successful day everyone.)
I suspect we're getting a little hung up on the precise definition of public, whereas the crux of the matter is really "moderated"
3:17 PM
@Carcer yes, I think "public" may have been a red herring (albeit unintentional?)
@vicky_molokh I'll try, though I just found out I'll be on call this weekend. Blah. :(
3:29 PM
@KorvinStarmast :( boo
It’s amusing that my most upvoted question (can you milk an ivory goat) didn’t even benefit me, as the character I wanted it on, Miracle Hwip, ended up going with lots of Alchemy Jugs instead. (Due to S9 rules, he’s now reduced to only 10 jugs)
@GaelL But hey, you got a whole bunch of fake internet points ;)
All the questions about nets also were for the benefit of Miracle Hwip, as he is a Valor Bard net thrower.
Action Cast, Bonus Net !!
As were all the questions on donkeys and true polymorph and simulacrum, because his simulacrum is true polymorphed into an ancient brass dragon then change shaped into a donkey... to transport his 10 alchemy jugs because beast of burden. The donkey is named Shrek.
The donkey actually has 3x more health than Hwip, which is nonsensically hilarious.
It’s a uhhhh very serious character.
@Gwideon I'm glad you talked to your player! Just so you know, I'd highly highly recommend introducing a Safety tool into your game to help deal with this and any other issues that can and will occur.
@GaelL hahaha! I love it.
There were a few months here that any time I would see "whip" or "net" in the title I knew exactly who was asking :) (and that's not a bad thing at all).
@GaelL XD That's a lot of jugs and a great name for a donkey.
@Gwideon see this comment for some starters:
Have you used safety tools in the past (like XCard, Lines/Veils, or Script Change)? If so, I'd highly recommend adding something to this answer about them because this is exactly the situation which they exist for. — Rubiksmoose ♦ 5 mins ago
But we have at least a few users that can help you out implementing a way to run the game safely and in a fun way if you wanted. Just give me a ping any time (I don't consider myself a safety tools expert but I can certainly can help you get started and understand things and/or point you to others who know much more than I).
3:49 PM
Ah yes, the whip questions are also for Miracle Hwip, who has acquired a mutated tail that acts as a nonmagical whip, and has learned the Thorn Whip cantrip.
@GaelL That is incredible. How'd they get the tail?
@Rubiksmoose It was a miracle, that's where their name comes from.
Ahhhh it’s a special permanent effect in a particular Tier 4 module. I was truly not expecting it. The DM rolled something and started laughing.
@Yuuki :P
The name was from level 1, but became even more relevant with that tail. I rarely used it since then, but its existence pleases me.
Actually no, he asked me to roll a d10, then looked at a hidden table and then started laughing before announcing my new mutation.
3:53 PM
@GaelL Don't you just love it when the dice are in on the jokes?
It was fate !
I go full tilt on thematics whenever I create a character. Hwip even has the Discovery background feature (Hermit) to have found a Secret Mayo recipe.
He’s got one level of law divine soul sorcerer because it has law in the name (another strong theme of the character, who is lawful neutral, an ex officer of the law).
@GaelL I'd love to be able to do that. There's something in me that just...doesn't work on that level. I get too distracted by the mechanics and trappings. sigh
Though it helps when I move away from D&D-like systems.
@GaelL Hmm, sandwiches instead of iron rations. Seems a good idea.
It sounds like you have a ton of fun with your characters :)
Great thing about Adventurers League play is that it’s made even for people like me (who do silly builds) to succeed. AL empowers my goofiness !
I went full goof and decided to take Transmute Rock as a secret to say “The Floor is Mayo”.
4:00 PM
@Rubiksmoose Thank you for the advice you've given. I would definitely love some help getting started as I've never used safety tools before.
@Gwideon Excellent! I honestly try to incorporate some sort of safety tool in every game that I run now. It just makes things so much more pleasant. The purpose of them generally is to provide ways for people to prevent players from being in situations where they are uncomfortable and/or finding ways to help people after and to find ways to move forward.
With a flawed character like you are allowing into the game, I think these will especially be able to help.
Also took Enlarge/Resuce as a bard secret so that, as a valor bard, provided there’s a net on the ground, I enlarge it, pick it up, then bonus throw it at a huge creature (with the DM’s approval). I netted an Adult Blue Dracolich in an AL epic, which resulted in a hilarious scene for the table ! Not powerful, but very satisfying.
I’ll stop talking about Hwip now, I wouldn’t want to spam this chat too much.
@Rubiksmoose yeah looking over what I can It seems like It'll be very helpful for me
I especially recommend Script Change or Lines/Veils. The latter I've used more of personally and is a bit "simpler" in terms of learning the functional parts of it IMO. but SC is a very powerful tool and overall I like it better.
I find the theme and mechanics very natural and easy to explain and understand. Eg a player just needs to indicate they want a "rewind" for something that happened that needs to be undone.
Please feel free to read through whatever you want and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
It's an open invitation.
4:15 PM
I agree it does seem very natural. I think I'm gonna implement this in this game as it's probably gonna end up tackling a more mature subject matter and this'll be useful to make sure no one ends up feeling uncomfortable
@GaelL Hah! You don't need to worry about it. We get several threads going in here at once quite a bit. And I'm enjoying hearing about it.
I do have a question. how do I keep players from abusing this to rewind unfavorable situations?
@Gwideon I honestly find Lines/Veils to be very good at preventative stuff as a DM and it helps me to get a handle on what my players want and don't want to see which helps a lot with campaign planning. Not to mention that it allows me to better steer away from areas where I might see problems arising.
@Gwideon Hm. I've never had an experience where a player has done that. There's some trust between the players and the DM that needs to happen.
Especially since a player should never need to explain themselves to use the tools.
yeah that makes sense. I will probably have to explain why I'm implementing these tools and what I expect from the players.
Mhm. That would be an excellent way to start.
4:21 PM
thank you for the help
On the other hand I always try to over encourage the use of the tools. I've never had a case where they have been over-used. Never. In fact, always it has been the opposite.
Using tools has a small hurdle to it no matter how small we try to make it. So I never try to erect any barriers at all for their use. I'd rather take the risk of abuse any day over the risk of hurting someone
Yeah I would as well
@Gwideon Also, looking through Script Change there do appear to be sections that touch on people misusing the tools. To be clear, I'm not super experienced with this, I just like the way it has been explained to me and used in games I've been at in the past.
I should really give it another thorough read through.
yeah I've only been able to skim through but I'll read into it more
4:47 PM
@Gwideon Do you play in an adversarial-GM style, where the players are trying to "win" doing everything they can within the constraints of the rules?
@PeterCooperJr. No I do not. I would much rather work with my players to create an interesting and fun story.
Huzzah to that.
5:04 PM
Sounds boring, any session that doesn't end in an actual brawl and someone having to see a doctor the next day is a D&D session not worth playing.
@Yuuki I feel like I know the answer here, but are you talking about the players or characters?
ah nvm "actual" lol
it's kinda hard for us to have a brawl as it's an online game but I suppose we could play brawl afterwards.
@Gwideon In that case, I wouldn't worry about players "abusing" something like Script Change
anyways I think I'd like to move on
@Gwideon hah!
Well obviously nowadays we'd be playing Smash 5 after.
Stupid Brawl tripping.
5:15 PM
true but brawl fit better with the joke
anyways has anyone heard of DnDestiny and has anyone attempted to run or play it
@Gwideon Nah, sometimes we ultimate after sessions too.
On very rare occasions, we "for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U" as well.
sometimes we melee
or 64
@Gwideon [wolf whistle]
5:18 PM
anyways i've been looking through dndestiny and it seems the ruleset is really incomplete. I would love to run it but it would probably be really hard
sorry you guys probably aren't interested in this
@Gwideon what is it?
I don't think I've heard of it.
Looks like a ruleset to emulate Destiny (the video game).
@Rubiksmoose it's a fanmade modification for 5e that allows you to run stuff in the destiny universe
@Gwideon I think the list of TTRPG things that are not of interest to this chat is short. Very short.
5:32 PM
I mean, first off, the big issue is guns. I have yet to find a D&D-esque ruleset that evokes the feeling of video game gunplay in a satisfying manner.
The second issue is adapting a video game.
@Yuuki Whatdya mean. PF's gun rules were great /s
Video game combat and D&D combat have several diametrically-opposed fundamentals.
The one most mentioned in this room, I think, is attack accuracy.
Your hits connect a lot more often in video games than they do in D&D.
but the setting is really interesting and has really good lore
5:34 PM
Oh definitely.
that is true but i'm not trying to emulate the game completely
If you're going to make a Destiny ruleset, I think you're going to have to place it far before the Collapse.
Perhaps right around the time where there were Risen and Warlords.
that's after the collapse
Hmm... I'm remembering things badly.
but it's before the city age
but yeah that would be fun
5:35 PM
That's right, Risen were proto-Guardians that appeared after the Traveler made the Ghosts.
If you want it to take place entirely in the Destiny universe, you might even have to place it before the Golden Age, which would make it entirely unrecognizable.
I think a likelier plan would be to alter the Destiny universe somewhat.
I find the ruleset that I mentioned to be really intriguing but I also find reading through the public release material really frustrating as it's incomplete and not very well organized in my opinion
Maybe make the Collapse even more severe than it is.
yeah maybe
5:38 PM
So everything goes back to super low-tech so you're in the swords and magic setting again.
but then the setting loses it's charm to me. I like destiny for it's space western elements with that grim dark undertone
also I don't think guns should really be run any differently than any other ranged weapon
anyways I'll shut up
@Gwideon I agree. I find guns tricky and unappealing in D&D, but the reasons have nothing to do with the mechanics of using guns
@Upper_Case it's true that they can be unappealing but I feel that mostly has to do with how it's handled within the setting
I feel that if it's integrated into a setting well it will cause very little disruption to the game's feel
anyways now that my thoughts are out there I'll stop.
5:54 PM
@Gwideon (Please feel free to not engage further if you don't want to, I just feel a bit chatty today and am not trying to challenge or compel you to talk more than you want to)
nah it's good
But I feel that if guns are a "thing" in a standard D&D setting then the setting itself is a lot harder to justify. Much like in the real world, the advent of reliable gun technology radically changed warfare, defensive design, and lots of other things
D&D settings as we typically see them simply don't fit with that
I'm 100% cool with players having and using guns, but the condition is that they are almost impossibly rare. Gunpowder, at a minimum, can't be widely known about, manufactured, or available for use. If it were, it's very difficult to explain ranks of sword-and-shield soldiers
They can still be fun and thematic, but I personally feel that they tend to destroy my ability to improvise plausibly in the setting
True but the context I'm talking about it is not a standard dnd setting. Also I think critical role has handled this well overall.
Oh yeah, dndestiny is a totally different beast
yeah it is.
5:58 PM
I was trying to reiterate that treating guns as typical ranged weapons for combat mechanics makes sense and shouldn't cause any problems
yeah no it's fine. I was just mentioning that I kinda agree with you that it can be very difficult to do guns in a typical dnd setting
I do think it's interesting to discuss this. like I mentioned I do think critical role handled this well in both campaigns as the invention of guns has influenced the world
anyways thanks for the interesting discussion
@Upper_Case Well, that's because with guns you can fairly easily take someone out of a fight. If people were more durable, like say a D&D adventurer, guns might be less game changing.
@Yuuki I agree; for mutual combat between groups of bullet-resistant people, probably. Adventurers in D&D are superhumanly durable to anything that might harm them (like swords and magical exploding fireballs) anyways, but the overall setting is still loosely plausible for "ordinary" folk
The palace guards' swords aren't going to be as effective against a PC party as against a "typical" danger, and that can translate to guns just fine. But if guns were readily available, there's a nearly 0% chance that the guards would be using swords and chainmail
6:15 PM
Causally slides into your DMs with a homebrew for Guns where their weapon damage is 3d12, but if any damage die rolls a 1-9 the damage of that die is instead truncated to 0
You know, for more realism. =P
That would be the action movie implementation?
Honestly, for any pre-rifling firearm, that's probably pretty accurate.
also that's not true. Guns were Expensive especially when they were first invented. they were also slow. this is why a lot of nations didn't instantly adopt guns.
Whether or not they're expensive is a less operative factor for the groups in question (like organized militaries and nations) than whether or not the weapons might be brought to bear against them
Even early guns could get "effective" soldiers on the field with less training than needed for most other weapons, and even relatively small numbers of them can change the tactical picture for a defender.
Think of Portuguese guns coming to Japan just ahead of the Meiji restoration-- the old military strategies didn't work as they had before, and never really would again
If guns are new and rare, the setting isn't really perturbed. If guns are at all common, that changes
6:38 PM
@Upper_Case I mean, the old military strategy was "set temples on fire" and there's only so many of those.
@Yuuki I was thinking more along the lines of "spend time, money, and effort getting essentially random people to be strong enough to wield a weapon reliably, then arrange them to crash into similar people on foot or horseback"
But even still, bombarding by cannon might make ruining those temples easier. I've been on the fence for a while about doing a more in-depth look at what a gun (modern or early) would bring to a fight vs. what a wizard has to offer
Seems like a lot of effort for something I've nowhere to publish, though
2 hours later…
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user (72): Can you cast Dispel Magic on a Shadow Monk's Silence? by Ayesha Mano on rpg.SE
is anyone on
No, I'm not here.
oh wow
I doubt, therefore I might be.
We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty.
8:27 PM
I'm definitely not here
I was here, for a time, but time is continuous and not discrete so that offers no information
8:50 PM
I am definitely not here
I am there
Q: Is this Portent-like spell balanced?

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9:06 PM
@Gwideon Someone I know on my TTRPG Discord server was hoping to run a DNDestiny campaign but I think other life issues kept them from doing so
@Rubiksmoose This, I think: dndestinyproject.com
9:17 PM
@V2Blast Never played Destiny. Don't really know what it is
It's... "Halo but an RPG" is probably the best way I can put it.
Like Halo and Diablo had a baby.
9:33 PM
Might work ...
But I never played Halo either. I'm more of a single-player, turn-based, empire-building ... oh, just say "Sid Meier"!!
It's an FPS that's structured like an MMO from what I've seen
But Destiny never pulled me away from Stellaris or Civ, either
I have a nice game of Colonisation going at the mo.
But Alpha Centauri is my go-to game :)
@BlackSpike A timeless classic! I still pull it out for games a couple of times a year, often right before or after a game of Master of Orion II
9:48 PM
@Upper_Case MoO! Not got it installed right now :( Loved that!
Tried MoO 3 .. just a little too much for me
Yeah, space-based 4x games are apparently really hard to do well. MoO II is still my favorite and the standard against which I judge all others
@Upper_Case Indeed!
Trese Brothers are doing ok. Star Traders was a reasonable re-imagining of Elite. I've not actually tried Frontier yet (despite backing the KS!)
@BlackSpike I liked Star Traders OK, and haven't tried Frontier yet either. I'm kind of picky though, and I've been hurt so many times by games promising to be the next MoO II...
But either way, I'm headed out for the evening. Happy gaming!
@Upper_Case Have fun!
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10:48 PM
I’ve made a D&D Monopoly game, and one player only plays 5.0. Any tips on how to combine 5.0 with 3.5 and keep the kid alive? He can hit without a problem, thanks to the +2 everybody gets for nearly everything, but he is so squishy a 3.5 cat is likely to kill him.
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