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12:06 AM
@doppelgreener Don't we all? Some of us have wake-procrastination issues too
12:25 AM
@doppelgreener I embrace my sleep-procrastination habit!
12:35 AM
Q: What rep is required to see upvotes/downvotes?

BenI was just wondering what rep is required to see the votes on a question? I.e. Total upvotes/total downvotes. I am of mixed rep over several SE sites so I can't specifically remember.

12:48 AM
@Miniman I actually very much enjoy getting up early! It's just that I never want to sleep early. It's like sleep is an intrusion into an otherwise relaxing evening, and even if I know it'll enable me to experience a wonderful, beautiful early morning, I somehow haven't been able to translate that into wanting to sleep early.
I have a few friends who manage it very easily, and I want to be able to do it too.
1:15 AM
Q: Can the Dungeon World Wiki entry be improved?

DougMThere seem to be smattering of questions about Dungeon World of late, which is apparently a system with very specific rules as to what a GM can and cannot do. However, the wiki entry doesn't include a single mention as to this quirk of the system, instead only including a marketing blurb from a ...

Is the oracle something that just auto posts questions into slow chats to spur conversation or something?
The Oracle is the RGP.SE-specific re-name of the chat RSS feed bot.
It posts new items from any RSS feed that gets put into the 'message feeds' section of this tab.
Specifically it's currently tuned to post every meta question, as it arrives, with about a 5-10 minute delay
1:30 AM
Ah okies.
Q: How many times should I/could I edit my question?

BenFirst of all, I would like to start off by saying that my goal is merely for entertainment, and (shouldn't) improve nor hinder the original meaning of the question. My question has a fairly large edit history already, some major, some minor, but the original question has changed into another alt...

Thassalotta meta questions all at once.
1:44 AM
@BESW Yesterday a friend described being a Doctor Who fan as like having an alcoholic spouse: You know how wonderful they once were, and you're hanging in there hoping they'll get better, but it's becoming more and more evident their better days are past but you can't bring yourself to leave them yet.
@Dorian Legend of Grimrock has a lizardman PC race
Lizardman isn't dragon :P
You said "dragon or lizard"
I said dragon :P
Not lizard, because I specifically excluded Argonians from the Elder Scrolls saga
22 hours ago, by Dorian
I just realized I need a videogame that I can play a dragon-like or lizard-like race besides Skyrim and their Argonians...
1:47 AM
Hmm... I stand corrected. Was also tired.
Meant to say no lizards.
Because lizard races generally suck.
and are actually pretty frequent in games, while dragon races are few and far between.
@doppelgreener Except that every generation of Doctor Who fans has felt like that about the previous generation of Doctor Who stories, so... grass is greener, don't make 'em like they used to, back in my day, get off my lawn.
3.5 Question: Making a Dragonspawn character... Should I go White with the +1 and be done with it, or should I go Black for the much cooler look, slightly better stats, and a +2?
Colin Baker has said that both Nine and Twelve are doing things he wanted to do but wasn't allowed to--things which fans have spent thirty years saying that producer was stupid to disallow. Now that it's happening, "Oh, it's not as good as it used to be!"
DragonStrike is a 1990 video game based on the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy tabletop role-playing game. == Gameplay == DragonStrike combines elements of role-playing video games and flight simulators. The player character is a knight who flies on the back of a metallic dragon equipped with a lance and various magic items (among other things a magic orb that acts as a radar in the game). The player's dragon can use its recharging magical breath to attack and can also attack with its claws if the dragon passes closely above enemies. Opponents in the game include evil dragons with and without riders...
Q: Asking questions about game events, with specific in-game situation

BenI have a question about a specific in-game situation, and ask about the reaction from a well known party? To elaborate, we need to offload a Deathguard with intact Gene-seed, but we're uncertain about what might happen if we turn him over to the Inquisition, given the circumstances of his coming...

1:52 AM
Being a Doctor Who fan is more like living with someone who's so addicted to misery that he'll invent things to be miserable about. And that someone isn't Doctor Who: it's other Doctor Who fans.
(The single hands-down BEST thing about Doctor Who is that it DOES change. Inevitably and unpredictably, it is incapable of remaining the same.)
@Adeptus Not bad, but that's a dragonrider. Decent though. I think I have a ROM for it on my PSP, I have alot of ROMs on my PSP... Need to play Breath of Fire again but I haven't gotten around to looking for it again. Still, getting paid tonight so that's something.
. #dnd @ksonney titled our next encounter "I got 99 problems and a god is one." @UrsulaV says, only one? We haven't annoyed enough gods.
I personally like Old Who and New Who
but both have done things I find unsavory
"Oh, yeah, Vecna too." #dnd --in our game, Vecna is forgettable
like 10's run as a general rule
not all his episodes are bad, but I find most of them mediocre at best and not so many of them actually entertaining
though to be fair, the biggest issue wit New Who in my own opinion is that it has this tendency to try and say "oh look this is the best Doctor ever!!!" or "this is the best companion ever!!!"
2:02 AM
Both Ten and Eleven had golden, shining moments where they delighted in the sanctity and wodner of a normal, ordinary human life. Twelve just looked a girl flat in the eyes and said "You're not special."
and while you might say that by itself it is only cute or annoying,.... the fact that they do it more than once to more than one character is in itself an issue
Anyone ever deal with Dragonspawn in 3.5?
@trogdor The biggest issue with New Who, to me, is Moffat both writing and show-running. He's written some good episodes, but ultimately he's got the George Lucas Prequels problem - nobody to tell him, "That's not a great idea".
@Adeptus this is true
I think Moffat should either be made to retire or actually keep someone around to give him advice (that he will actually take)
the things I have mentioned at least partly are owed to him
Eh, similar things happened in RTD's run--The Recurring Return of Rose comes to mind, among others.
2:06 AM
My biggest issue is escalation. There's this weird obsession with 'this series finale must be MOWAH EPICNESS than last series finale!'
@Miniman This is a firmly Moffatty problem.
@Miniman that actually encompasses part of what I was trying to convey
@BESW And she still keeps coming back, well into Moffat's run!
He has the same problem in his other shows, like Sherlock.
there is too much escalation, there is no way people will not become desensitized to it nor start to resent it eventually
2:08 AM
@Adeptus Honestly, I'm totally okay with the Moment taking Rose's shape. It wasn't Rose, and it was especially good because Nine was absent, so she was a nod to that era.
(And Piper did a spot-on job being not Rose.)
@BESW this made me so mad
and the main reason was that the Show itself bascially said it was impossible
at least have the decency not to lie about it
@BESW I was thinking of the end of 10's run... but that was still RTD wasn't it...
I have nothing against changing Doctor Who
I do have an issue with just reversing the edicts you yourself made in your own run
@Adeptus [shudder] Yes. As evidenced by how hard RTD tried to make us hate Eleven, with "It's not me! I'm going to die and it'll be someone else! I don't want to [whimper, blubber, whine, moan]." Talk about going out ungraciously.
I think I mainly just want to see every person (like for example Moffat) relinquish their run in a timely manner
2:13 AM
And not just Ten: that was RTD doing his best to celebrate his own time on the show and sabotage the next guy.
@trogdor So was the Daleks surviving the Time War... or Gallifrey surviving the Time War, for that matter. Though that has kind of been explained away by the 50th.
though to be fair, I dunno what a fair run time would be
@Adeptus the Daleks were brought back during a new Doctor's run
I don't consider that an issue
Hmm... maybe I'll find people talking about tabletop games in the Dr. Who room... :P
@Dorian I know how you feel
@Dorian No one appears to have experience with the thing you asked about. So... [shrug]
2:16 AM
I know, but still :P
Unfortunately there can't be a 'Dr Who room' on rpg.SE, cos it would be off-topic. Life is full of these little ironies.
Actually, there could be.
Rose was brought back by the same Doctor who specifically said she would be gone for good,.. even if her reappearance any number of times was always temporary as I recall
Oh wait
not on RPG
As always, if there's an RPG topic to be discussed then the other conversation will happily move to the Not A Bar.
2:17 AM
But on SE in general, because there might be a Doctor Who SE
But otherwise, we range free unless the topic is actively going to make people uncomfortable (as religion, politics, etc).
@Dorian There is a scifi & fantasy se. No DW specific chat, AFAIK, but it would be on topic in the general room
We've got more DW fans here, though.
If someone has spells "as a level one sorcerer" from a race, do prestige classes that advance spellcasting (as in "+1 level of arcane spellcasting class") advance the spells from that race since they have effectively Sorcerer1 spellcasting?
@Dorian "+1 level of arcane spellcasting class"
emphasis mine
2:27 AM
Yes, I realize that. But the racial ability is specifically "All spawn gain the ability to cast spells as level 1st-level Sorcerers. If the base creature already possessed levels in Sorcerer, then the dragonspawn's effective sorcerer level increases by +1."
Seems to me that makes all dragonspawn 1st level Sorcerers whether they take the class or not.
@BESW except they're also currently being really genuinely terrible, and not in a "bah! back in my day" sort of way
I rather disagree. Listen and Kill the Moon were each overall quite good, with just one or two scenes which brought them down for me.
@BESW mmm, I have not seen Kill the Moon yet, though I... did not like Listen much. I am willing to put that up to opinion.
But we can both agree that... recent episodes... have loads of faults that merely require a bit of stick-poking and inquisitiveness to expose
@Dorian That makes more sense as a question, I thought you were asking about racial features that give you a spell or spells as a level 1 Sorcerer rather than just spellcasting as a level 1 Sorcerer
@doppelgreener This is not new, though. The KIND of fault has changed, but I don't think there are MORE faults.
2:31 AM
@Dorian I have no idea about the answer to your actual question
why is my sleep-procrastination message getting starred
I am so confused
are those "me too" stars or something, is it resonating with people?
those are the stars you should be counting to go to sleep
@doppelgreener Probably that and the amusement value
PC's sent to do a task as a means to start the story. PC's dispatch the task with extreme prejudice. PC's don't take the bait of the story, and just go back to get another quest to murder someone for their boots. Is it ok to beat the players with a rule book?
@BESW in older episodes though, we had women with distinctly different personalities, and had much more depth to them than being exquisite mysteries. and we also didn't have people regularly attempting to bite off HUGE stories, without the writing ability, time or budget to pull off well, and thus having to spit out something only half-chewed and serve that.
2:37 AM
@doppelgreener But... now Clara has a distinct personality, with some surprisingly nuanced character development and attention to her own story beyond the Doctor.
@BESW I think part of Clara's problem now come from what has been done with her in the past
from what little I know, she has gone back in time and woven herself into the Doctors whole past
that can be pretty galling I think
Yeah. That's... not cool, Moffat.
But it's now basically gone from the story; it had no lasting impact on her relationship with the Doctor, which... I'm okay with.
@BESW which is odd considering the immensity of what happened but I too am okay with it going away forever
@BESW I agree she does appear to be developing a genuine personality and I am pleased with this
so they do appear to be improving in some critical areas, I am waiting and hoping it sticks
3:05 AM
Ok, I just have to share....
I'm running Rasputin Must Die! My players arrived at Rasputin's fortified camp in Siberia, and then we didn't have any sessions for over a month.
Tonight we finally all got together again. They spent the entire session trying to figure out how to get into the place. Exactly two dice were rolled, which is unheardof for us.
The final plan?
Attack the soldiers with summoned, invisible T-rexes. See what happens. Then go to sleep.
I can get behind this plan.
Now I have to figure out how a camp full of mind-controlled soldiers with (primative) machine guns, intelligent tanks, undead snipers, and the like react to a T-rex charging right over no-man's-land at them...
This has got to be the strangest thing I've ever had to run. I've heard of stranger, but never seen it...
@Bobson But if they're invisible, how would the soldiers react?
@Miniman Only one is invisible. The other becomes visible as soon as it attacks something.
@Miniman well, presumably the observed effects will be clearly visible
3:10 AM
And the guard towers have spotlights which reveal invisible creatures.
This is sounding more and more like an Atomic Robo comic.
Yes, yes it is.
Except in Atomic Robo, Rasputin only makes an appearance as an Odic projection controlled by Edison to assassinate Tesla.
@BESW Not knowing his character well, I wonder if Doctor Dinosaur would be appalled at their use of dinosaurs for this purpose, or nod to their admitting that Dinosaurs are a natural choice for fleshy apes to turn to for problem solving, or both
@doppelgreener Both. Also he would make a disparaging comment about the typical mammalian lack of ingenuity because the dinosaurs don't have gun mounts.
3:13 AM
One of my players commented that the lightning storm around the towers sound like "magical Tesla gone insane". Which is surprisingly accurate.
@Bobson Accurate, yet also doubly redundant.
"Tesla" already contains implications of "magical" and "insane."
@BESW Haha!
@doppelgreener No, really. He once made a Futuresaurus Rex which spat out a pair of Mauser pistols.
3:21 AM
@BESW but did it use them?
Yes. One for each tiny Rex hand.
oh boy
Robo's reaction was "What."
that would be my reaction
Dr Dinosaur is crazy
in basically every sense of the word.
The craziest bit being that it's entirely possible he's totally sane, exponentially smarter than everyone else in the world, and just pretending to not make sense.
3:24 AM
@trogdor and at least one new sense, which he coined himself?
@doppelgreener maybe XD
(Because, you know? His crystal-based science works.)
@BESW he is so smart he has more than adequate mental faculty left, and confidence to exert, for simulating a totally incoherent and insane personality when dealing with everyone else just for fun.
> Dr. Dinosaur: Bah! I can travel in both time and relative dimensions in space!
Emma: That's the TARDIS!
Atomic Robo: Who're you?
Emma: Emma. He stole my science fair project and now he's doing Doctor Who references at you!
Dr. Dinosaur: It is only a coincidence! I do not even know who Tom Baker is!
3:36 AM
Note to self: "a shining example" can be used as a double entendre when referring to something horrifying and involving people going insane.
and isolated places where people break down doors and yell "here's Jhonny!"
3:49 AM
@trogdor yes precisely
hoo boy
"human ranger|cleric hybrid multiclassing into avenger" was a set of words I never thought I'd read about 4e
^ (for roleplay reasons)
For roleplay reasons, this unholy abomination shall burn.
@Magician This could be roleplayed awesomely. A stalwart defender of the wilds swears a mighty oath of vengeance when someone burns down a forest.
@Magician I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt that there are probably good mechanical features they want from the Avenger class, which they want because of roleplay reasons, and it's not just that they want to look like an Avenger and have the name and such.
@doppelgreener I strongly suspect it's because VENGEANCE.
Typically, such characters originate from "roleplay by numbers" approach made popular by 3.5
3:57 AM
@Magician an alternative is becoming a Vengemancer, but that is so often confused with Vegemancer so as to have faded into obscurity simply due to the hold of that association
(* vengemancer is not a real class don't worry about looking it up)
@doppelgreener A cleric/ranger is probably a better fit for a Vegemancer anyway.
@Magician I am not familiar with this approach; what is this approach?
@doppelgreener "I used to be a basket weaver, so I'll put my skill points into craft:basketweaving, and not in Athletics as these dirty optimizers suggest."
@Magician AAAUUUUGUuuureerrugh... [withers and dies]
Pretty much, yeah.
4:05 AM
@Miniman Suddenly I am imagining a ranger training for weeks with a bunch of warriors thinking he's becoming a Vegemancer, then finally performing a ritual to become infused with the requisite power, when the leader of the ritual says: "I now anoint you as a new Vengemancer." Ranger: "...wait, I thought I was becoming a Vegemanc--" Head Vengemancer: "Too late!" [anoints] Ranger: "NOOOOOOOOO!!" [devotes his life to getting revenge on Vengemancers]
Others join his cause and swear revenge, and the entire society of Vengemancers collapses to internal war and dies with a whimper. (Or a hoot of laughter, as the irony of the entire situation clicks with the very last vengemancer with his final breaths.)
@doppelgreener Also there is the Vegemiter.
@Dorian I provided an answer to your question. Unfortunetely I had to put the answer into a different question that KRyan had answered. But I don't believe his answer to the other question answered Dorian's.
I think I've re-tagged all the Fate questions that were really begging for , , and . But I likely missed some, and I skipped a few which I felt weren't totally clear.
I have been seeing a lot of Fate questions, and have never heard of that system. Could someone give me a quick run-down?

What kind of game is Fate?

Jul 24 '13 at 7:43, 22 minutes total – 43 messages, 5 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Aug 26 '13 at 15:00 by BESW

You may also find the Fate tag wiki helpful.
4:17 AM
Interesting chat that was to read. Knowing my pot headed alcohol induced friends, we would end up roleplaying for two hours just trying to get off a chair with that sort of system.
Ah, that is the kind of game is made for.
Back in my middle school days, I played Rifts. Do they even make that anymore?
@BESW My wife is a Vegemiter. She eats it by the teaspoon. (NOTE: this is not suggested behaviour for anyone not raised on the stuff)
@Ruut A quick Google and the Wikipedia says it's still supported by Palladium.
(It's not especially common for a game system to be held onto by the same publisher for so long. Cool.)
4:21 AM
@Adeptus Heh, yeah. And I take blackstrap molasses by the tablespoon.
@Ruut If you've got any more questions about Fate, we're always happy to talk about it. I'm currently running two games in a playtest game using the engine, and planning two more games in other versions of it.
There was a game, I can't remember exactly, something like Ninjas and Superspies, that if you roleplayed - essentially an atheist - you got special bonuses to defend against supernatural effects. Does that ring a bell to anyone? Different martial arts also gave different bonuses. Aikido gave this, karate gave that, and so on.
@Ruut That one doesn't ring a bell, but I'm not as familiar with the pre-2000s systems.
I think that's why so many people who are new to vegemite, don't like it. They assume it should be spread thick like jam or peanut butter. Which some people like, if they have acquired the taste. But for newbies? You want the thinnest scraping on toast you possibly can. It's a strong flavour.
@BESW I would like to learn more about Fate, but, I am at work right now and can't commit to more in depth conversation.
@Ruut I think Cyberpunk 2020 gave different bonuses for different martial arts. But it didn't have supernatural at all.
4:28 AM
The problem with a lot of games I tried out in during my teenage years, the only one, literally, that me and most of my friends even today, have stuck with has been D&D. A little bit of vampire - but I never liked roleplaying as vampires when werewolves were basically incredible hulks with claws.
@Adeptus Even I enjoy the taste of it, but I've never met anyone who eats it by the teaspoon
But I have forgotten most of the stuff we tried out.
The only rpg.net review which mentions ninjas and atheists seems to be Bureau 13, but I'll expand the search parameters.
@Lord_Gareth Hello!
> How many times, when the Fighter says "I draw my sword", did you just want to smack that cheating-optimizer in the face and say "No! You don't draw your sword! You draw Orcus!". When the Cleric says "I run away from Orcus!": "No! You run into Orcus! Rogue tries to hide? He hides behind Orcus! The bard in a tavern on the other side the town tries to order a drink? How about a nice frothy mug of Orcus?
4:39 AM
It is still a delight to see your avatar on the right
um,... do you mean left?
Tales from the Floating Vagabond is a science-fiction role-playing game by Lee Garvin, published by Avalon Hill in 1991. It has the tagline "Ludicrous Adventure in a Universe Whose Natural Laws Are Out To Lunch". == Overview == The game takes a comedic approach to the genre, encouraging the gamemaster to begin each adventure in an outer space bar called The Floating Vagabond. Players choose from races such as humans, elves, Disgustingly Cute Furry Things, and Dogmen, learn skills like "Look Good at All Times" and "Projectile Vomiting", and consume dangerous beverages containing toxic substances...
@Lord_Gareth ...did the fighter always want to be a painter?
@trogdor well, I mean over there in the user list (wait until this message goes up a little for the arrow to point to the right place) --->
^^^ Speaking of 90s RPGs reminded me of this one (and it's apparently finished a Kickstarter for a new version of the rules)
4:41 AM
ah ok
@doppelgreener lol
@Magician Came from a thread where a DM was bragging about how he had a list of secret house rules. One of them was that summon spells had a chance of summoning greater demons. Orcus was used as an example.
Which he then defended to the death for pages upon pages.
Suffice to say that Orcus is now a meme on GitP
You mean Orcus is an Orcus on GitOrcus.
@Lord_Gareth Wait, this wasn't the same person as the GM arguing that players shouldn't be allowed to have a coherent understanding of the rules (and the house rules) and doing so is a punishable offence?
There is no Orcus, there is only Zuul.
(If I remember that infamous thread correctly)
4:43 AM
@doppelgreener They were also arguing that any form of mechanical knowledge was "cheating optimizing" and "metagaming", while also, at the same time bragging that they'd banned Knowledge skills and if players wanted to know things about the monsters they had to study the books in real life
Thus enabling their characters to know things
@Lord_Gareth ... wait which one was also doing that? The secret house rules one you just mentioned, or the one I just mentioned?
@doppelgreener Yes.
[bloodcurtling screams of agony, withers and dies again]
@Lord_Gareth What is this I don't even.
It's like they learned how to play from watching parodies of D&D.
....I see that Friend Computer made a Giant in the Playground account.
4:48 AM
@BESW GitOrcus keeps looking like the website where demons upload their changes to ongoing demonic projects.
@BESW Possibly two
@Grubermensch There are poor DMs, and terrible DMs, and there are the DMs who make your presence at the table an exercise in trying to enjoy soul-destroying suffering. These are not those DMs. They go beyond that, into a category the name of which we dare not speak.
@Miniman "Who forked Demogorgon? Not again..."
@doppelgreener The use of magical storage is also banned in his games, as it is clearly a cheater's way around the all-important encumbrance and attrition rules.
@Magician I keep looking at this comment and lol'ing.
@Lord_Gareth I suspect this DM is DMing as an activity to create horcruxes
4:50 AM
Going further to make the general statement that only problem players would ever even want magical storage
And that real, worthy players would never think to use it.
@Miniman It's a very exclusive kind of humour :D
What was his stance on collapsible 11-foot poles?
> Tom Riddle: "And how exactly does one split his soul?"
Slughorn: "Well, you must understand that the soul is supposed to remain intact and whole. Splitting it is an act of violation, it is against nature."
Tom Riddle: "But how do you do it?"
Slughorn: "By an act of evil — the supreme act of evil. By committing murder. Killing rips the soul apart. The wizard intent upon creating a Horcrux would use the damage to his advantage: he would encase the torn portion —"
@Lord_Gareth Real players use Bags of Holding to create astral rifts, obviously.
(I speculate that DMing like this would also be sufficient)
4:52 AM
Ah! I remember what it was in particular that reminded me of Floating Vagabond! @Ruut mentioned atheists getting bonuses vs the supernatural. In Floating Vagabond, each character has a Shtick, which gives you various weird abilities. One of which meant, if your character doesn't believe in something, it doesn't affect them. (I think it was called Escher Effect)
@Grubermensch Preparing for the adventure ahead of time is cheating, as is asking questions about the nature of the campaign.
He specifically used the example of asking if it would be an undead-heavy campaign because you were intending on playing a rogue, incidentally
Such questions are signs of a clear and present disruptive player who must be banned at all costs
...why am I not flagging this entire conversation as obscene and offensive?
@BESW Not sure if joke or protest of subject matter.
@BESW Schadenfreude.
@Lord_Gareth Neither am I.
4:55 AM
@BESW When faced with some forms of evil, you must laugh, for otherwise you will weep.
Makes you feel sorry for a person in the kind of context that would inspire this hypercontrolling style.
@Lord_Gareth Or you could do both at once, going back and forth for a little while
@Grubermensch No it doesn't c(:
Would it be overkill if I started linking the meta question every time I saw someone demanding downvoters explain their downvotes?
@Miniman Even if it was, remember: there is no kill like overkill
4:58 AM
@Miniman Negatory. The Boulder thinks that pile-driving this into people is important, and does not understand the concept of overkill.
Nice to have such a strong consensus, I get really sick of seeing comments like that.
@Grubermensch From what evidence I've been able to gather - the subject in question is extremely secretive - this guy was raised into a godawful 'old school' style game table and combines an insistence on this style with absolute certainty in the perfection of his GoodRightFun.
He loses players from his table like a wound loses blood and doesn't care. Every person who leaves was just another cheater.
> Maxim 37: There is no 'overkill.' There is only 'open fire' and 'I need to reload.'
I really ought to catch up on that comic. I'm like two years behind.
@Grubermensch I can care for and about people without reservation. But I save my feeling sorry for a person in a difficult situation they are trying to get out of. If a person is just unknowingly being a terrible person, I will care for them as a person, but I will not feel sorry for them and what they inflict upon themselves.
5:02 AM
And I will note, the information I've been giving here is all confirmed by the subject, often without provocation.
So, yeah
It's kinda
Like that
@Lord_Gareth [breathes a gasp of life, begins to unwither]
Q: metagaming-only campaign, possible?

catI am fascinated with the humor in metagaming (as in Harry Potter and the Natural 20, only more audacious), and wish to create/play a campaign that consists almost entirely of that. Is that feasible, and are there some suggestions and past experiences that I can learn from? I am not very experien...

close votes as too broad? this question is effectively asking for tips
5:19 AM
@Lord_Gareth Would you mind taking a look at this answer (and its comment thread) and telling me whether I'm going crazy?
@Miniman That was painful to read. Comment left.
Ruut is incorrect.
Thanks, I was starting to think I'd fundamentally misunderstood something.
@Miniman I was about to be all clever and point out that old people statistically on average may suffer some mental health issues, and you are becoming older, so you are becoming statistically crazy, but then I finally discovered some hard facts on the matter:
> Prevalence of mental illness decreases with age. Prevalence (including substance use disorder) is greatest among 18-24 year olds (26%) while prevalence among people 75 years and over is 5.9%. -- mindframe-media.info/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/6009/…
@doppelgreener Ouch, shut down.
(this may be especially true for Australia, where mental health issues among young people is a big concern)
so by statistics, technically you are becoming more sane
5:29 AM
Dude wants me to cite my sources on my comment. I dunno man, how do I cite something that has no formalized statements made about it? Interpreting 3.5's RAW is like teaching yourself a dead language.
Actually, by statistics, the crazy people often die young :P
@Dorian Yes, that is probably a contributor unfortunately
(especially because in Australia, one of the most predominant forms of mental health issues is depression and the fact it sometimes leads to suicide)
@Lord_Gareth Bring the comment chain to a chat room, and point out the inference of all the related stuff, and the total lack of support in making contrary inferences?
@doppelgreener This document also notes that "mental illnesses" and "mental health problems" are different, then provides no meaningful categorization, then provides no statistics on mental health problems.
@doppelgreener Oh no, this just got better with the dude missing blatant wording from his own answer.
@Grubermensch ouch. credibility exploded.
5:32 AM
My money's on "mental health problems" having a clear upward trend over time.
Should I drop this off in that chat or leave it here for those who want to observe from a distance?
(had to make sure I brought enough for Michael Jackson too)
Also, there's no discussion of the distortion that increasing medicalization of the psyche over the last several decades may have on those statistics.
I'm certain that we'd appreciate others being present
I'd actually like @doppelgreener there to ensure things remain civil
I'm lurking in there as well, I'm just asking if I should bring the popcorn too or not :P
> The onset of mental illness is typically around mid-to-late adolescence and Australian youth (18-24 years old) have the highest prevalence of mental illness than any other age group. -- blackdoginstitute.org.au/docs/…
@Lord_Gareth I will keep a watchful eye on it
5:48 AM
Oh my god the poor English language. Oy vey!
@Grubermensch With regards to?
(Am editing)
Ah, if that's the first post I should hold off the edit I was working on
i bit a fae?
...and I liked it
I'm imagining a troll that turns into a human every full moon.
5:52 AM
@BESW I can't decide if this is more or less dangerous than a human who turns into a troll every full moon.
It's certainly more embarrassing for the subject.
On the whole I think it's less dangerous - with the split between Infiltration and Destruction time, Infiltration definitely requires more time to be effective.
I am actually unsure of what punctuation to use here, thoughts?
> I feel like that is a little too small a punishment, I mean she pretty much drank Fae blood.
I feel like there is something better than the comma
@Grubermensch I did a quick edit to fix the worst of that post
it alternates between troll and human, becoming human each new moon and staying that way unti lthe full moon, when it will become a troll and stay like that until the next new moon
5:54 AM
@Miniman Yeah I noticed halfway through my own edit [shakes fist]
@Grubermensch Sorry
Excessive Punctuation Man to the rescue: "I feel like that is a little too small a punishment? I mean--she (pretty much) drank Fae Blood!"
@BESW 'I feel like that is a little too small a punishment?' phrased like that still isn't a question, and the question mark doesn't quite work.
@BESW I think you have changed the meaning of the sentence significantly there
Excessive Punctuation Man cares not for your petty "coherence."
5:58 AM
"I feel like that is a little too small a punishment. I mean: she pretty much drank Fae blood!"
I gotta go, have fun punctuating!
@BESW And you shall know him by the trail of semicolons.
Maybe a semicolon instead of the period.
I don't think English has flexible enough punctuation for this sentiment.
The interrobang, also known as the interabang, /ɪnˈtɛrəbæŋ/, ‽ (often represented by ?! or !?), is a nonstandard punctuation mark used in various written languages and intended to combine the functions of the question mark (also called the "interrogative point") and the exclamation mark or exclamation point (known in printers' and programmers' jargon as the "bang"). The glyph is a superimposition of these two marks. == Application == A sentence ending with an interrobang asks a question in an excited manner, expresses excitement or disbelief in the form of a question, or asks a rhetorical question...
@Adeptus that's not so much English as a third party expansion module in small circulation
6:03 AM
@Adeptus Alas, the interrobang is too strong for this one. This is more of a timid question tone.
Perosnally, I'm fond of the Ambiguity mark. blogs.msdn.com/b/fontblog/archive/2006/04/05/569389.aspx
"!?" - ironic interrobang.
@Adeptus I lament only discovering the interrobang late in life. Otherwise I would have probably chosen it as my regular internet alias.
@Adeptus what the hell am I looking at
this looks like a mutant abomination designed to infuriate and troll punctuation enthusiasts
6:12 AM
This is the proposed "Acclamation point" mark. This is the "Certitude point":
that punctuation mark just makes me think of Max
All from here:
Irony punctuation is any proposed form of notation used to denote irony or sarcasm in text. Written English lacks a standard way to mark irony, and several forms of punctuation have been proposed. Among the oldest and most frequently attested are the percontation point proposed by English printer Henry Denham in the 1580s, and the irony mark, used by Marcellin Jobard and French poet Alcanter de Brahm during the 19th century. Both marks take the form of a reversed question mark, "⸮". Irony punctuation is primarily used to indicate that a sentence should be understood at a second level. A bracketed...
@doppelgreener Yup. Psycho-bunny is the new punctuation.
Punctuation is "the use of spacing, conventional signs, and certain typographical devices as aids to the understanding and correct reading, both silently and aloud, of handwritten and printed texts." Another description is: "The practice, action, or system of inserting points or other small marks into texts, in order to aid interpretation; division of text into sentences, clauses, etc., by means of such marks." In written English, punctuation is vital to disambiguate the meaning of sentences. For example: "woman, without her man, is nothing" (emphasizing the importance of men), and "woman: without...
> “question comma”, “exclamation comma”[edit]
An international patent application was filed, and published in 1992 under WO number WO9219458,[18] for two new punctuation marks: the “question comma” and the “exclamation comma”. The question comma is a comma in place of the dot underneath the curve of a question mark, while the exclamation comma has a comma in place of the point at the bottom of an exclamation mark. These were intended for use as question and exclamation marks within a sentence, a function for which normal question and exclamation marks can also be used, but which may be cons
@Adeptus I have no idea when this would actually be used without being terrible
e.g. I can imagine someone saying "You need to ask yourself: what do you need, and when do you need it?" but I have no need to mark that middle thing as a question
and I think the communication of the sentence - especially compared to how it would be spoken - is impaired if we pretend it is an independent question
@doppelgreener I feel it's a case of a solution seeking a problem.
6:28 AM
TIL something. From the patent in question:
> For example, the interabang 1* ("bang" is a printer's term for a slam ! )
I did not even know this was a 'slam' as well
@doppelgreener I knew about the bang, but slam is new to me.
At some point I also learned that a forward slash is known as a whack in some circles.
@lisardggY exactly, I find it amusing to read something to the effect of "{word you know} is another word for {word I didn't even know existed}"
I went digging into the patent to see if I could find a good example of when it should be used.
I found examples, but not one I would call good.
Basically I think it's been invented by those often confused by social situations who want an explicit marker to help them out. :)
No further examples of its usage are provided in the patent
In both cases, I would say: That sentence is an exclamation and that other one is a question, and I have no idea what you are trying to communicate by putting the mark in question toward the beginning that you cannot communicate by putting it at the end.
or, rather, how that's supposed to change or improve the sentence
since I have no idea how to read that in my head anyway
Suddenly, a D&D Monster: The Repunctuation Monster, cousin of the Rust Monster. Known to pore through library shelves, scrambling the punctuation within books, and introducing it to inappropriate and awkward locations. The higher-level cousin is the Regrammariser. Thought to feed off loose punctuation, but some scholars speculate they specifically feed off the anguish of the librarians.
So much chaff
6:43 AM
I do not enjoy UX.SE.
Why is this site so bad. I do not understand.
@Grubermensch Because so many answers boil down to: "I think you should do it the way I like to do it!" - without any form of substantiation, or academic or professional rigour, or etc.
But where are the downvotes!
There should be so many downvotes!
I can't do this all myself guys I'm gonna run out in like 10 votes!
Man for the longest time I have wondered who to approach, and how to approach them, about how UX.SE is basically kinda awful
but I am not sure what to do about it
It is institutionalised and I am not sure there are adequate quantities of UX experts actually using it
All they need is a policy that answers are "not an answer" if they aren't substantiated in some way
That would solve huge swaths of the problem
6:53 AM
I agree.
I would like to take this moment to thank the moderators (and super-members) of RPG.SE for being such giant sticks in the mud that this site maintains a wonderful level of quality.
@Grubermensch I think more than sticks in the mud, we are mile-deep pilings
aka stick in the mud level 20
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