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@FMLCat What do you think about Ars' article on 5G? arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/12/…
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Not necessarily the case. For my Discover card, a close reading of the cardmember agreement indicates that for each day, the daily interest rate is applied to the previous balance and any new transactions and fees that are posted (as of the date specified for the transaction) before credits and payments are applied. This is computed at the close of the statement cycle. Since a credit can only be applied when a transaction posts, this means you would be chaged interest on the cash advance and associated fee from the day you took it out to the day it posts, inclusive. — bwDraco 5 mins ago
Took me a long time to make sense out of this situation (cash advance taken against a credit card with a negative balance).
@Bob 5G is like 3G, except this time they mean it (except the implementation will still be a total mess)
Some freaking idiot wrote a calculator in 21,351 lines of pure HTML cdn.rawgit.com/Holger-Will/htmlcalc/master/htmlcalc.html
6:38 AM
Let me see if I can draft an answer...
> But actually handing over your own cash for the privilege of having "GAP" screaming across your chest in 90,000pt font makes you more of a social victim than that poor sod of a PhD student standing at the street corner holding a wooden pole with a sign at the top reading "Golf Sale this way". At least he's getting paid to do it.
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Not sure if it's okay to copy entire sections of the Cardmember Agreement for an answer...
> Statistics play an important role in genetics. For instance, statistics prove that numbers of offspring is an inherited trait. If your parent didn't have any kids, odds are you won't either.
...welp. I might have misread the agreement. I'm looking at again...
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A: Cash advance on a credit card with a credit balance

bwDracoFor Discover cards, under all versions of the Discover cardmember agreement, you will always be charged the cash advance fee, which is the greater of 5% or $10. Given a -$100 balance, if you take out a $100 cash advance, the resulting balance (including fee) of $10 will be subject to the cash adv...

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Morning all
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@bertieb Afternoon! :D
@Nick Touché :P
Maybe I should just stick to the generic case
Dec 13 at 8:21, by bertieb
Time-appropriate greeting to y'all
@bertieb Salutations seem to be ageing well in the 21st century.
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11:31 AM
@Burgi we're saved
also, sup yall.
Huzzah for Bloodhound
And in other good news, I think my car exhaust's sorted, after a few Sundays spent underneath it
How's Mrs Smiley's car doing..?
11:46 AM
we are car shopping at the weekend :/
fully expecting more tears and tantrums
Oh the joys
@bertieb £900.
and unsure what went wrong in the first place,but £900 to fix the MOT failings.
@bertieb What did you do with yours?
@djsmiley2k dam_son.jpg
Not a nice bill at all :-\
@djsmiley2k The front rubber-mounted retaining piece had rusted away so the exhaust was making a gawdawful rattle
So we modified it with a crosspiece, two legs which we secured to the exhaust with a couple U clamps
Plus a couple of Jubilee clips to hold the braid, which was also a bit loose
I have a screenshot :-P
2 ticks
12:10 PM
@bertieb ah fun
i wish I had room / equipment to do thsi stuff
@bertieb thing is.... it's 50/50 if it's worth it or not
however there's no suitable cars we can find atm
for what she can (or even can't, with her brothers help) afford....
That's always a sticky situation to be in
My sister had a similar issue a couple years ago
Fortunately was able to find a cheap Picasso (I think) to run for a year till its MOT ran out and they could afford to doa proper replacement
Hope something appears that suits her
(annotated version of above)
12:25 PM
@bertieb "screenshot"
@Bob :D
An IRL screenshot
There should be a name for that
I was expecting a screenshot of a scan of a photo on a wooden table
I am disappoint
Oh, I could print it out I guess
@Bob I am Nick. Nice to meet you, dissapoint.
Upload to 9gag
Onebox here
Shouldn't lose too much fidelity
12:27 PM
@Nick Instructions unclear, accidentally found cure for cancer
Not what was intended
Better delete and start again
12:43 PM
Take photo of screen. Whatsapp it. Then reconvert it 20 times. Then print it out , put it on a wooden table and photograph it with a potato.
@JourneymanGeek But what type of potato? ;-P
Depends on the size of the photo I guess
1:10 PM
googles 'potato EF lens mount'
Not Canon, looks like Mir-1B
But still!
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2:21 PM
@Bob do you know if the second NIC is connected on OVH? or do you think that's a per-server thing?
mine isn't plugged in :/
carrier: 0
@allquixotic do you have lshw ?
oh nvm
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@bertieb is that Guy.... what's his name?
Speed man
No idea
random GIS eesult
Are you annotating me? D:
I mean my image was a GIS result
4:20 PM
mine too :P
well, not so random, but still
@BenN time for me to search the backlog of what you were telling me to run :D
> The reason is that up until NSX 6.3 some old v1 API works only with local admin user, as these API requests don’t get authenticated via vCenter/SSO. This issues has been fixed and most of these APIs authentication in NSX 6.4 do work with non-local 'admin' account.
According to the NSX Ops page... cept, we're running 6.4 :/
The main 'advice' on the issue seems to be 'use a local account'
which is a pita.
And the 'stored' local account password I have is wrong too
4:35 PM
is the BBC using Ai written articles I wonder. This doesn't read like a human wrote it
> It is not the first time robots have gone awry. In 2017, a security patrol robot "drowned" when it fell into a fountain. In December 2018, a robot in an Amazon warehouse accidentally punctured a canister of bear repellent, injuring human workers.
5:18 PM
...my Hexgears X-1 is reporting 69% battery life after ~4 hours of use last night, from a full charge. Purple constant backlight on the lowest charge level. That's in line with expectations (worst-case is about 4 hours at full brightness with a more power-hungry color that uses more of the RGB LEDs).
@JourneymanGeek which one?
5:46 PM
So... staqi-bot won't be out till April '18 :/
5:59 PM
!!tell nouser hi
Huh. Interesting
Anyone want a tired small child?
@djsmiley2k if(in_array($child, $kittens)){ print "yes!";}
6:18 PM
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@Burgi how caught up on dr who are you?
1 hour later…
@djsmiley2k fully
Norway, winter, north.... no snow?!
9:36 PM
it wasn't winter
i thoguht she saicd twas :O
didn't think they did
9:56 PM
PSA: To get macvtap working on Ubuntu 18.04 after a server migration to newer hardware, I had to change yakkety to bionic in <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc-i440fx-yakkety'>hvm</type>. I figured it out because I was comparing a working VM with an older one that was on the older machine type, tried it just for fun, and it worked. Update your qemu machine types! Good general advice. (@Bob - PROBLEM SOLVED :D)
going to self-answer
A: macvtap libvirt guests have no network connectivity after server migration

allquixoticI solved this issue by following this troubleshooting process: I tried the MAC address and the macvtap adapter from the Windows VM that wasn't working, with one of my newer Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machines. It worked. What the heck? So now some KVM guests work with macvtap, but others don't? I did...

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