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12:59 AM
1 hour later…
2:17 AM
crap, anyone running Windows DNS servers, update ASAP
Why would anyone? :P
@JourneymanGeek pretty common
ADDS needs DNS to be set up and the easiest way to do that is to use the built-in DNS role
at the very least as part of domain controllers, and lots of people use it on public internet too
@Bob They should have been updated yesterday, on Patch Tuesday.
2:26 AM
@bwDraco Just about no one updates servers on the day patches come out.
Unless there's something very critical, you'd normally schedule downtime, etc..
3:20 AM
I think the charger that came with my 15" MBP isn't able to put out a full 87W. Odd. I put another 87W charger that looks identical (including the printed label) on my MBP and it doesn't really discharge appreciably
so, false alarm about the MBP and more like "there's a non-zero chance Apple might ship you a defective charger" ?
@HornOKPlease I'd recommend using a Kill A Watt meter.
I know there are going to be some losses so the reading will be higher than the actual power delivered to the computer, but if it's substantially below 90-100W under full load, you may have a defective AC adapter.
I keep meaning to buy one of those
and a thermal sensor too :P
@HornOKPlease What kind? A non-contact IR thermometer, thermocouple probe, or a thermal imager?
thermal imager, like a FLIR for my iPhone
I have a standalone Seek RevealPRO thermal imager: grainger.com/product/49ZA24
(FYI, any thermal imager capable of more than 9 Hz is export-controlled and cannot be exported to most countries outside the US)
Oct 12 '17 at 2:11, by bwDraco
On Seek RevealPRO export controls... the ECCN is 6A003b.4.b. Per the EAR, export control reasons NS2, RS2, AT1, and UN (covering fully-embargoed countries like DPRK) apply (see country table). (I am not a lawyer; consult a qualified attorney for specific legal advice.)
> Subject to U.S. EAR Export Regulations
(shown on the boot splash and engraved near the lens on the back of the RevealPRO)
(restrictions shown for the 30 Hz, 320x240 models apply to all thermal imagers with a resolution of 110,592 pixels (equivalent to 384x288) or less and a frame rate of >9 Hz to 30 Hz)
Actually... up to 60 Hz.
Summary of export controls for thermal imagers: sierraolympic.com/images/uploads/documents/ExportChart_rev1.pdf – Restrictions shown for the 320x240 models (30 Hz or 60 Hz) apply to all thermal imagers with a resolution of 110,592 pixels (equivalent to 384x288) or less and a frame rate of >9 Hz to 60 Hz. Thermal imagers that exceed these limits are subject to more stringent controls. (I am not a lawyer; consult a qualified attorney for specific legal advice.)
3:50 AM
@bwDraco "most countries" != "western-friendly countries" which covers probably 80% of this room
...I forgot the specifics :P
(had to look it up)
though India/Singapore seem to need a licence... blech
4:09 AM
Hmm... the RevealPRO uses a 12-micron microbolometer.
And it seems that 12-micron sensors are subject to additional export controls but I'm having trouble finding information about this.
I don't quite see any regulations specifying a pixel pitch. It's mainly resolution and frame rate that determines the export regulations.
As long as it's an uncooled microbolometer and not something more exotic.
Whatever. Enough legal research.
In any case, if you plan on taking a thermal imager capable of more than 9 Hz frame rate or 640x480 resolution out of the US, you might want to check with a lawyer before you proceed.
The Wassenaar Arrangement on Export Controls for Conventional Arms and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies is a multilateral export control regime (MECR) with 42 participating states including many former Comecon (Warsaw Pact) countries. The Wassenaar Arrangement was established to contribute to regional and international security and stability by promoting transparency and greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and dual-use goods and technologies, thus preventing destabilizing accumulations. Participating states seek, through their national policies, to ensure that transfers of these...
^ Generally, thermal imagers of up to 60 Hz and 111,000 pixels can be exported to these countries.
4:27 AM
5:03 AM
@Bob Have fun waiting at the station for 8.948209 years
I'll... be out of college by then?
@Bob I like that it's so accurate that after all that time they know the train will arrive exactly 47 minutes into the 78,440th hour
5:20 AM
Oh yeah, the guy without a daddy has daddy issues. Explain that logic. Hmph.
@HornOKPlease lol, just a relatable quote from Jake Peralta
5:50 AM
Not the best source... but worth a read.
(source document (CC BY-ND 4.0, so feel free to share))
1 hour later…
7:00 AM
@rahuldottech TIL that Bhutan has a policy that you must be happy, is this true?!
7:23 AM
@MichaelFrank Not a policy, but people here are apparently the happiest in the world
(no, really)
Also, only country to have a negative carbon footprint
> GNH has been devised by Bhutan as an alternative indicator for GDP as a tool to measure progress or development. The level of GNH for an individual and for Bhutan as a country are determined through measures in nine domains.
GNH = Gross National Happiness
7:53 AM
if there's any truth to that, that's absolute gold
why not just bundle Chrome with Windows then! :P
@HornOKPlease Microsoft can still tune the code to optimize for battery life (the primary argument in favor of EdgeHTML). Chromium is permissively licensed.
I'm still on Firefox, but the battery life is terribad, far worse than Chrome, let alone Edge.
@rahuldottech Wow.
Anyhoo, good night y'all.
8:21 AM
Time-appropriate greeting to y'all
8:43 AM
Having some trouble sleeping :p
I actually have firsthand experience with this:
Apr 8 at 16:48, by bwDraco
Speaking of routers... one of my more distant uncles (who doesn't speak English) asked me to downgrade Internet service he was overpaying for. When we got to his house, it was obvious that his equipment simply cannot support the speeds he's paying for. I just saved him $20 a month.
@bwDraco Hey, I pinged you a couple days ago for some help with choosing a raid controlled, dunno if you saw. Can you please take a look? You'd be ding me a solid.
@rahuldottech Wait. Why do you want a raid controller?
hardware raid has fallen out of fashion
@Bob For... my PC?
@rahuldottech use software raid
2 days ago, by rahuldottech
@bwDraco details of raid controller: https://www.eiratek.com/product/pci-e-2-port-sata-iii-raid-controller-card/
8:46 AM
@Bob Not supported by bitlocker
Also, dunno if you can boot off a software raid
or, better yet, don't use raid
just take backups
I can't do much digging right now.
raid is only good for always-on availability and worse than backups in every other way
@bwDraco Whenever, I have a few weeks before I order
if you can live with the bit of downtime to restore backups, don't bother with raid
8:48 AM
@Bob worse how?
@rahuldottech software corruption, ransomware, affect both drives.
you have no version history (accidental deletion)
you have no portability (if the controller dies, you're screwed)
rebuilds take forever (literally orders of magnitude longer than restoring backups)
@Bob This is for my homeserver, I'm planning on deploying some stuff on it. I'll have a scheduled HDD backup, but I figured I'd have a raid 1 on the boot SSD?
most likely the cheapo controller will bottleneck performance
and don't even think about using a SSD with it
@rahuldottech NO. DON'T DO THAT. NOOOO.
cheapo raid without trim support on ssds is horrible
not to mention I bet it won't manage the full read/write speed of ssds with the crappy little cpu on it
8:51 AM
@Bob Said it has SSD support
@rahuldottech What is the underlying hardware?
@rahuldottech Doesn't necessarily mean it supports RAID passthrough.
@bwDraco it's a ASM1061R
I mean, what chipset/motherboard?
@rahuldottech it "supports" SSDs in the same way my USB 2.0 to SATA adapter "supports" SSDs: horribly
@bwDraco gimme a min
8:52 AM
That's a very old RAID controller. It doesn't support TRIM.
It'll technically work. It'll just bottleneck performance and get worse as time goes on due to lack of TRIM.
@rahuldottech What kind of hardware is your server running? CPU & RAM?
Given the choice, if you really want disk mirror, I suggest zfs.
If it really must be Windows, use dynamic disks.
Avoid hardware RAID. Especially avoid cheap hardware RAID.
The whole "hardware RAID good" thinking is literally over a decade outdated
@Bob @bwDraco It's a tower PC from a couple years ago, runs Win 8.1 Enterprise, i7, 4GB ram, but I plan on upgrading that
since modern CPUs would barely notice the extra load
Motherboard RAID is probably a better option.
@rahuldottech Yea, go ZFS (Linux) if you can, and run Windows in a KVM VM.
If you can't, try dynamic disks on Windows.
@bwDraco I'd also advise against Intel RST RAID, having run it for 7 years (and still running it now)
8:55 AM
@bwDraco Dunno if it supports it. Is it common?
It chooses suboptimal sector sizes (poor performance)
@rahuldottech I'd honestly advise avoiding RAID entirely and just sticking with backups
Especially with SSDs, especially especially on SATA with consumer hardware
Because even always-on doesn't work properly: if a disk fails, it could very well lock up the entire system (blame SATA) before it times out a while later.
You could try Linux MD RAID. It's a well-proven and easy-to-manage software RAID solution. You can overlay the FS of your choice on top of it.
Decision tree:

* Backups :D :D
* Software RAID :|
** ZFS :)
** Windows dynamic disks :|
* Intel/mobo fakeraid :(
* Cheapo hardware raid D:
@bwDraco If you're going linux, just use zfs
no point faffing about with mdraid
ZFS is complicated and requires a lot more learning, and expansion is trickier (need to add whole zpools IIRC), but is robust against data corruption.
@bwDraco ...it doesn't require a lot more learning
remember, @rahuldottech doesn't feel the need to read whole books before trying something
you can honestly follow a tutorial and get zfs up and running in 2 hours with 0 prior experience, which is about as long as it'd take to mess around with mdraid anyway
probably less now that it's prepackaged for quite a few distros
9:03 AM
I'm talking about learning the commands and basics of the ZFS architecture.
as opposed to learning the commands and basics of mdraid architecture?
you don't need to learn "architecture" anyway
the commands, here, I'll tell you: zpool create and zfs create/list/destroy
that's all you need
@Bob ...and this is why I'm stuck. I'm a coward. But I digress.
now, if you were to do it properly in an enterprise environment: yes, learn more (by doing exactly this!)
(hence "the word of the day is courage" on Matrix earlier)
but for a home server? especially in 2018? (as opposed to the nightmare days of 2015/16)? I doubt you'd really run into problems
but if you insist, yes, mdraid is probably better than hardware/fake raid
9:06 AM
The question is a matter of requirements. ZFS also has higher hardware demands.
@bwDraco that's why I asked about CPU/RAM
you won't feel it at all with an i7 of any age
bonus: you get cheap and easy block-level compression if you want to put more on the SSDs
ask @HornOKPlease if you want; he's run hardware raid (with its associated problems) and zfs
eh its a home server
you learn more if things break
@JourneymanGeek not if the things break in a proprietary hardware blob on a crappy sata controller
well, I suppose you'll learn to not do that again next time
@Bob That's an important lesson
working out things broke is a lesson.
also, cough I have my 'magic' realtek PCI gig e card something
9:10 AM
I'm not sure that's desirable here.
I've not gotten it working reliably on any OS, and working out it was slowing down the system it was in was a learning experience.
@Bob I'm insisting on using the book to learn Docker, even if I get nowhere.
get somewhere
@bwDraco stop going that man
learn the basics off the web
Then as you require more advanced stuff, look it up
And yes, I will spend more money on the upcoming second edition of the book.
9:13 AM
You can use a book at one point, I suppose. Not from the beginning
The only CS thing I've learnt from books is the five basic HTML tags, and that was back in seventh grade
...sorry for trolling.
@rahuldottech I remember checking out one of those "learn C# in 24 hours" dealios, and a similar one for web dev.
Spending money on learning materials is like... so 1980s
Got through like 2 pages? of the introduction
9:15 AM
@rahuldottech 90s too
Then put it aside for a year before finally just writing a couple programs (without the book) and off I went
It's so much more satisfying.
@Bob lol, at this point each time I wanna learn a new language I just go through the basic syntax from learnxinyminutes.com and then just play around till I figure stuff out
@rahuldottech My learning a new language is along the lines of download hello world and browse the language docs for a bit
But I don't learn languages for the sake of doing so anymore
more often it's puzzling through existing code in an unfamiliar langauge
@Bob I'm usually to impatient to read the docs, unless I'm trying to do a very specific and complicated thing
ok gtg see ya
9:17 AM
@rahuldottech the idea of that site is decent but this is just too big an infodump
much more useful to just google "<blah> C#" every now and then
It's far too late for me to be up, so sorry for the trollish messages.
@bertieb there are currently two WP tracks
4.9.9 and 5.0.1
4.9.9 retains the classic editor as default
9:33 AM
@Bob I use it for stuff like markdown, asciidoc, awk, lolcode, XML, etc
simpler stuff
@Bob Keep in mind, it's at most a fourth gen
Maaaybe third
@Burgi ah cool, cheers!
@rahuldottech I do mean any age, including 1st gen :P
what's wrong with mdadm?
hides raid6'd drives
@Bob lol, okay then
(no autocucumber, not "what's wrong with madam?")
(that's a... whole different chat)
9:40 AM
Ok, what's a better RAM config, 4+8, or 4+4+4?
@rahuldottech depends on the board but probably the same on a 2-channel
10:07 AM
@bertieb you will need to download it from their release repo as it isn't available as an automatic update
10:20 AM
@Burgi mine got auto upgraded to the 5x track
Nah I'm good
Just need to fix a few theme things after swapping themes
we'll test the 5 track next week then deploy in the new year
Will investigate for me own blog
Which I don't really use
I'm inclined to leave any that are already upgraded alone
10:47 AM
I'm flailing at this python
Ewwww WordPress
11:08 AM
@Burgi big difference when it's a obscure, personal blog
fair point
1 hour later…
12:25 PM
1 hour later...
12:41 PM
Had a fun ride to work.
!! Caaaat
Got delayed by a train breakdown, bogged down in mud...
They have mud in Singapore?
1:05 PM
@MichaelFrank congrats on becoming a spacefaring nation
1:27 PM
food manufacturers trying to make some cash? :P
1:40 PM
@Burgi clearly you westerners are doing everything in power to solve the worlds biggest issues
well the sprouts and marmite debate needs settling with a UN resolution
... I like sprouts, and I think making tea of them is a crime against humanity. And every other ity
sprouts should be purged
just fullstop
@Burgi I love em baked
1:46 PM
smashing them with hammers actually sound slike a great idea
@JourneymanGeek with bacon sprinkles?
@Burgi naw, we tend to stuff em with a spice mix though
@Burgi ._. its really quite tasty. ;p
i hate sprouts
they should be nuked from orbit
Probably cause y'lot boil them like barbarians
1:49 PM
fried, roasted, baked, mashed....
its all grim
.... mashed?
i was trying to make a LoTR joke but i wimped out
we do actually stick it in a stew
or gravy
are you celebrating christmas this year?
We don't celebrate christmas at all ;p
1:54 PM
@JourneymanGeek Roasting 'em is good
@JourneymanGeek you mean you eat sprouts for..... fun?
Sprouts might be one of these genetic taste things
like coriander
@Burgi yup
also its probably a little more of an 'exotic' vegitable
+++ my mom is an epically good cook
@JourneymanGeek my god... you heathen! ;)
I resemble that remark!
1:55 PM
Man I'm hungry and this isn't helping D:
or celery
I hate celery
All the foods
sprouts are nice when cooked properly
celery is nice when cooked properly
cooking is important :P
2:10 PM
lol wot u guys srsly eat veggies other than potatoes lmaoo
@Burgi where is this from
I didn't know of the webapp on winterbash2018
2:29 PM
@rahuldottech I eat all the veggies
@JourneymanGeek lol, I do
(on pizza!)
amusingly my platonic ideal pizza is just tomato and cheese
no seriously tho i eat pretty healthy
@JourneymanGeek I like all sorts of pizza
Except pizza with sweet stuff on it
And I've stopped having meat so...
(I only used to eat like chicken anyway)
that's not pizza ._.
Is this Root Vegetable Access now?
2:38 PM
@Burgi Root Food Access
@rahuldottech nvm
2:50 PM
someone can't count...
ah its fixed itself now
3:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek Mozzarella cheese, smooth tomato sauce that's a little sweet and a little spicy, corn, kalamata olives, green peppers, a little bit of finely chopped red onion, shaved grana padano parmesan, fresh basil, oregano and thyme, cooked in a brick oven until the crust is crispy and the cheese is golden brown - with a thin crust
that's my ideal pizza (and I've had it)
@HornOKPlease with our oven, thick crust works better
but yes, I like my cheese almost burnt
me too!
I think at the moment we use a recipie off a bob's red mill bread flour bag for the crust
@JourneymanGeek lol, I was referring to a type of pizza I order at a nice pizza restaurant near home :D
but it's amazing that you guys have Bob's Red Mill there, we use that type of flower too
@HornOKPlease oh, its actually pretty easy to get
3:22 PM
3:40 PM
there's at least two stores that have a pretty big selection of them - Mustafa (which sells everything) and Red Man (which sells baking supplies)
4:30 PM
Also, trying to edit a message on mobile is frustrating
@HornOKPlease was't that that streaming console?
actual hardware is a Xeon E5-2678 v3, in a custom "tuned" KVM guest on top of Linux. They have a direct PCIe passthrough of a Quadro P5000. The OS is Win10 Home v1803. 12 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD-backed storage. They're using the Red Hat VirtIO drivers for networking and storage.
they give you 8 virtual "processors" (probably 4 cores with HT)
how do they deal with contention issues?
@Burgi CPU? GPU? network?
@HornOKPlease on the GPU
5:02 PM
the network is giving me 996 Mbps down, 110 Mbps up (and more, because it seems the same box is streaming)
@Burgi each customer gets a dedicated GPU just for them - the physical box has 4 of them
so if they have two 8-core CPUs, each customer gets 4 dedicated cores and one GPU, for 1/4 of the box
so that limits each box to 4 people
must be 2 x Xeon E5-2678 v3 (Haswell), 4 x Quadro P5000, 64 GB of RAM (48 GB allocated to guests, 16 GB allocated to host)
i'd still rather have my own hunk of vibrating metal under the desk
> Play, work, and enjoy the convenience of a blazing fast included Internet connection!
assuming you have a decent connection to the remote machine...
it's actually a nice server for $22-25 per month depending on the plan you pick
12 gigs of RAM isn't super for that price, but you get a dGPU for whatever you want (mining, gaming, OpenCL, etc)
and the CPU is generous
pretty nice if you're on the go with a Chromebook / thin and light Windows or MacOS box or even just a phone or a tablet...
@HornOKPlease though, can you get decent speeds/latency on those?
5:11 PM
@JourneymanGeek I mean it works on LTE
though it probably works better on your awesome non-US LTE compared to ours
(US for some reason has one of the slowest LTEs)
well, I'm on a throttled line most of the time ;p
well my chromebook HATES the wifi at work
the encoding is quite nice; you get a choice of H264 or H265. Doesn't really impact the VM's performance either way, but H265 is definitely better on LTE due to lower bandwidth usage (about half)
it works pretty well at home and on public wifi
but the wifi in the office.... nope
Meteor showers these couple nights!
I'm going out to take a look rn. Super clear skies in Bhutan
5:26 PM
its because you are in the mountains
also you have probably live in the most polluted city in the world for most of your life
@Burgi I know
Why do you think I'm excited
5:47 PM
But it's like 3°C out and I was freezing so I came back in
that's awesome Rahul :) it's usually cloudy here, and there's lots of light pollution because it's the East Coast of the United States
6:08 PM
As expected, write performance with Shadow is underwhelming, because it's KVM virtualizing Windows, and that's never had the greatest write performance, even on a physical SSD
I don't have the employee box checked you stupid ass form
6:59 PM
@HornOKPlease Yeah, none of my friends in Delhi are able to see it
plus.codes THIS IS SO COOL
My precise location in just 6 bytes? (10 if in remote areas)
7:15 PM
Meteor shower, you say
remembers clouds are a thing
Clouds, my constant foe
@rahuldottech to be fair, 6 bytes is 48 bits, and there are 281,474,976,710,656 possible unique states in a 48-bit address space. The surface area of the Earth (including oceans) is 510,000,000,000,000 m^2. So the resolution of a 48-bit number is about 2 m^2. Eliminate oceans and it's much higher.
so the math works out
@HornOKPlease mhm
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