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2:49 AM
Comment-answers REALLY make me mad D:
some people just don't get the basics of Q&A
7 hours later…
9:58 AM
@MarkSzymanski Quite often, I'm not certain enough about my proposed solution to turn it into a full answer, so I then turn it into a suggestion/comment. Don't see anything wrong with that.
i know a bunch of people with atypical family arrangements, so it was surprising to see this:
A: Can you peer review my database design for a school system?

nhinkleOne thing which immediately jumped out to me is this: LastNameFather string, LastNameMother string, FatherName string, MotherName string, FatherContact string, MotherContact string, FatherPlaceOfWork string, MotherPlaceOfWork string, Your design assumes that every student will have exactly 1 m...

@nhinkle Why surprising?
@DanielBeck surprising to see that the developer hadn't considered that
When I edit a post, I'm told my edit will be peer reviewed. Is there some specific way I can peer review others' edits myself?
it's something that's so normal to me, but never crosses most people's minds
10:05 AM
@nhinkle OK
@nhinkle Agreed. Sounds like pretty bad planning to me.
@nhinkle OK, I thought you were surprised about something in the answer, which is just common sense.
It also doesn't consider the topic of "names", but that would make the database designer's head spin.
@DanielBeck, that was my answer, so no, it didn't surprise me :P
Granted, in a local school environment, first and last name are probably a reasonable assumption for names.
@nhinkle I see. I think it's essential to have a listings page. Perhaps I don't have enough reputation yet anyway.
@oKtosiTe are you referring to proposed edits?
eventually it's supposed to be added to /review, but apparently hasn't been yet
10:14 AM
@nhinkle Yes. Sounds logical. Will keep an eye out for it.
no problem
Does the system keep track of who approves edits? It's not visible in the topic, like e.g. for close votes. Seems like it could easily be abused if not.
@DanielBeck I don't know the details. There's some meta posts about it if you look around, mostly on meta.SO
@DanielBeck I was thnking about that too.
I find the election notification a bit confusing. I already did cast my final vote...
@nhinkle I don't like Meta.SO. I look like a new user there with ~300 rep, just because I barely contribute to SO. It'd make more sense if they used Meta.SE for that, or created a new meta site for things like this.
10:21 AM
@DanielBeck, suggest it on meta.SO :P
I do know what you mean though
morning all
howdy @DMA57361
morning @DMA57361
I just got an email from someone at macworld.com. They want to publish some of my answers.
@KronoS and @ChrisF - I don't know what the solution was. I was messing with so many things that didn't work, took a break, and when I returned it was workin...
blimey... a lot of transcript to catch up on
10:25 AM
@DanielBeck, answers from SU?
@nhinkle Yes, SU answers. They want to use some on hints.macworld.com apparently
Hm. Just remind them of the attribution requirements dictated by the CC license SU uses
@DanielBeck remind them to follow the licensing rules at blog.stackoverflow.com/2009/06/attribution-required
E.g. this one
A: How to change the input source name in Mac OS X

Daniel BeckThe system-supplied keyboard layouts are located in /System/Library/Keyboard Layouts/AppleKeyBoardLayouts.bundle. Right-click that bundle and select Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents/Resources/English.lproj/ Edit the InfoPlist.strings file to change the names used for the keyboard ...

Congrats though! That's great that they want to use your answers
and it would be good to get some publicity for SU, too
10:29 AM
They do attribution of course. Not sure whether me directly or me on SU though. Tbh, both work for me. Let's just see what happens.
i would link them to the blog post @DMA57361 linked, just in case :)
they're required to link back directly to the original question, for instance
As I'm the original author of my answers, I can license to them however I want. If I want no attribution, I can do that.
Question and answer are two authors, so it's more difficult there, but they probably don't want the question/answer format anyway.
yes providing they don't include the question (which somebody else may have written) and your question didn't get edited at all. i highly doubt you'd run into any issues, and the SO team probably likes the attention for SU, but again, just want to be careful
@DanielBeck good point
well i'm going to sleep
as it's well after 2 am now over here
10:35 AM
Regarding being careful, true. I have absolutely no experience doing this.
Good night @nhinkle
'night @DanielBeck
bye @DMA57361, hope you have a good day :)
@DanielBeck if in doubt, maybe email the team ([email protected]) and see what their take is?
@nhinkle cya
@DMA57361 In doubt regarding..? The ownership of my answers?
anything of that nature, I suppose; you own your content and license it to SE, but the peripheral stuff (edits, etc) might be a question mark?
@DMA57361 My posts aren't usually edited by others. But even information gathered from comments could be slightly more interesting. As I said, I don't think the Macworld folks want to use the answers verbatim, so that might not be an issue. I'll get more information how this works though.
10:50 AM
fair enough; it's not an area I've much experience in either
11:06 AM
@DanielBeck Not strictly true - by posting you've agreed to SE's licensing terms which means that both you and SU need to be attributed.
@ChrisF but according to superuser.com/legal :
> You agree that all Subscriber Content that You contribute to the Network will be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. You grant Stack Overflow the right and license to use, copy, cache, publish, display, distribute, modify, create derivative works and store such Subscriber Content and to allow others to do so (“Content License”) in order to provide the Services
which I interpret as the writer maintaining ownership but granting usage to SO?
Well the writer always has ultimate ownership, but what you quoted doesn't contradict what I said (or at least I don't think it does)
if the writer keeps ownership they can republish it (or license it to other parites) however they want without attributing SO?
I see your point - but I'm now officially out of my depth with this legal stuff so I'll shut up now
lol, well so am I :)
it's just an interesting topic
11:14 AM
A: How to watch 3D on Acer "3D Ready" projector?

ChrisFIt all depends on how the content is encoded. Using two projectors. The left and right eye images are sent to different projectors which have been aligned to perfectly overlap and projected through polarised or tinted filters. The user wears the appropriate glasses and sees a 3d effect. With th...

You just can't please some people ;) - see glenneroo's last comment
heh, quite
Well I've done a final update about quad buffering. It is annoying sometimes when you spend some time on an answer that you know is right and it gets virtually no up-votes. But such is life on Stack Exchange.
it can be frustrating, but as you say, such is life :)
@ChrisF As original author I can license my content to whoever I want however I want, as I said previously. I grant SU a license to publish my content (duh) and re-license it as CC Attribution, I don't give them ownership of my material. This is what the SU legal rules are about, as well as the issues with other sites copying everything. But I can give my content to other myself, under the same license, or others.
11:30 AM
19 mins ago, by ChrisF
I see your point - but I'm now officially out of my depth with this legal stuff so I'll shut up now
I shouldn't have stuck my oar in.
Ownership of content on the site (if there were a rule of copyright transfer) would be an interesting problem anyway, as it is non-transferable in German (law governing me) or continental European law, but can be transferred to others in US (Stack law) and British law, afaik.
@ChrisF Sorry, just now got the notification.
Oh god I hope @TomWij gets his Copy Editor badge soon. The front page is useless in the meantime ;)
he's fixing untagged questions, which needs doing, and best to do it on a Sunday when there's less traffic?
@DanielBeck would they consider doing something more with SU?
Hi! :)
they get to republish stuff as long as they show where they got it from
or even ask some new questions to get answered here
it's like free work for them anyway
11:43 AM
I've recently cleaned local storage in Chrome, and lost all of my extensions' settings :(
morning @Nyuszika7H and @IvoFlipse
hi @DMA57361 :)
Q: Is storing extension settings in local storage considered as a good idea?

Nyuszika7HI've recently cleaned Chrome's local storage because I changed the encryption password for NotScripts. Today, when I start Chrome, I see – all of my extension settings are lost! Yeah, I could keep the extension- ones alive, but it was night. Is there any reasons why extensions store their settin...

hmmm I guess you should either turn off Chrome, then clean
so it doesn't sync the deletion
or not delete them if you don't want to loose them
> I could keep the extension- ones alive, but it was night.
11:50 AM
now it's time to try and supercharge my computer :P
@DanielBeck Won't stop at that badge... ^^
@DMA57361 Hmm, it would be a good idea to perform front page flooding activity on sunday only...
@TomWij possibly you could argue the opposite - do it when traffic's higher so it clears from the front page faster? don't think it really matters
Or merge me into the community user, I bump random questions. :D
I'm actually wondering about the Interesting Tab now
Ah, I'm listed there too, but a bit less...
@TomWij I didn't think the interesting tab worked on SU?
If you have interesting/ignored tags then those should give quite different views for you.
12:05 PM
@IvoFlipse Like what? Collaboration, similar to the SU blog?
@TomWij ah, for some reason I was under the impression they resulted in the same...they don't...
@TomWij Too bad. But seriously, retagging "untagged" 0-vote 0-answer closed questions from 2009?
@DanielBeck As per @JeffAtwood's suggestion, yes. See what @Sathya links:
@IvoFlipse I just got an email so far asking whether I'd like to submit some of my content to Macworld, don't know more about it yet. Wait and see.
A: Can the hardware and software tags be obliterated?

Jeff AtwoodI agree -- these tags add nothing, and they are perilously close to meta-tags, which are forbidden. Ask yourself this: Could a (valid) question have the single tag software? Could a (valid) question have the single tag hardware? I think the answer is clearly no in both cases. So, I hav...

12:08 PM
@TomWij OK, that's where they come from. Makes sense.
@nhinkle was thinking what's wrong with that approach, tbh
@TomWij For some reason, ?tab=interesting doesn't work as expected. Too few mac/osx/safari/... related topics? Because I sure don't have windows-7 in my interesting tags...
It's actually barely different from the regular front page.
Probably because I don't ignore enough.
@Sathya Oh well - I was nearly at the bronze tag badge for [hardware] ;)
ow that sucks :) @ChrisF
Not really
12:19 PM
@DanielBeck It bumps interesting and draws back ignored tags and some other things.
But yeah, I would say it works better with ignored tags.
And well, also note that it's biased now due to the retagging spree.
@TomWij I've used it before, and didn't see much of my interesting tags back then either.
yes similar to the blog @DanielBeck
and since it would be Mac only, we would use our Mac experts for it off course ;)
12:38 PM
Hmm, I've flagged a comment on MSO, so, why don't I get the Citizen Patrol badge?
@Nyuszika7H the badge is for flagging posts as offensive/spam IIRC
@DMA57361 I did that… (“flag this comment as noise, offensive or spam”)
posts = questions / answers
> First flagged post
bingo, @DMA57361 clears it
Q: List of all badges with full descriptions

Popular DemandWhat is each badge? Jump to: Regular badges A-L and M-Z Tag badges Badge families Area 51 badges Return to FAQ index NOTE: Some badges are awarded based on score. The term score, in this context, means the total amount of upvotes minus the total amount of downvotes.

12:40 PM
and search for the badge name
not bad 65-70 C at 4.4 Ghz
@IvoFlipse what's the normal rate?
3.3/3.4 something like that
and the temps are 30C at idle
> Being a moderator isn't about being popular - it's about knowing when to step back and let the community decide what to do and knowing when to step in and take the lead. I hope that I've demonstrated that I can do that over the last 5 months.
by @ChrisF
12:46 PM
@IvoFlipse what are onload temps at stock ?
haven't checked tbh
but it's running at 1.5 Ghz when I'm just chatting
which I guess is a real power safer most of the time
best of all, this was just one setting in the bios
and it runs at 1 Ghz more
argh, got a huge scratch at the bottom of the ipad screen and no idea how it got there... I have barely moved it... now im pi$$ed off today!
12:50 PM
it must have been done in fury over seeing my awesome new temple @Wil ;P
lol, it looks in the shape of the top of a finger... e.g. a large ^ shape... just a bit more curved
annoying, I don't have long nails and no one else has used it... it has barely been off my desk
but it is noticeable :(
A: SU Retag Request: [computers] + [pc] --> [computer] or [pc]

TomWijcomputers has been obliterated as per DMA57361's answer, it clearly was a meta tag. We still have computer and pc, I think computer can be obliterated but we need to pay special attention to the questions in pc as they are personal and thus that tag could be used in the same way server is used.....

@IvoFlipse ... if you dim your backlight to the minimum, and then go to ibooks, does your backlight flicker? mine does and it is annoying but not sure if they all do it... so wondering if I could get it swapped on warranty :S
don't think so @Wil
ask it on apple.se ;)
or askdifferent as they like to be called :P
:P try to keep away from that site
it isnt really a question though and many others from a google search have it... i just want to know if it is all units
1:02 PM
dont have it
bugger, ok
1:19 PM
ouch that's quite a blare
@rzlines but much nicer than @IvoFlipse's one :P
@Nyuszika7H :)
2 hours later…
3:30 PM
@oKtosiTe: That's not what I meant, what I meant by comment-answers were things that were supposed to be comments, but the user didn't have enough rep to comment so they posted as an answer.
Hi there! :)
Hello, @Nyuszika7H. How are you?
@MarkSzymanski fine :)
4:05 PM
howdy all
@MarkSzymanski just flag them as "not an answer", a mod can either remove them or I think they have powers to convert them to comments now as well
Wow you guys talked alot since I ws last in here
@DMA57361: Cool, thanks for the tip.
4:29 PM
sneaks in to test something
How can I see clippy?
How do I ask a question?
Do that ^
@DMA57361 - I'm on a MacBook now. Where does Clippy appear?
How do I ask a question?
how do I use @TomWij's dupe script file?... really
It worked!
How do I avoid the wrath of the users here while messing with chat?
4:31 PM
I want to nominate myself for moderator, but I'm not sure if I should.
okay, I've seen clippy, I'm good.
That brings him up for me.
I want to nominate myself for moderator, but I'm not sure if I should.
That's the first time I got clippy to show up for me.
I used to participate on SU a lot more.
4:32 PM
When it happened, I was all WTF? xD
But then I had other things to do
OMG! Ubuntu just booted on an old laptop I was fixing. I'll be back soon.
@MarkSzymanski Of course. Yes, those are annoying.
Windows Registry files are missing. Where does Windows store the defaults/backup files? I know it does somewhere.
4:50 PM
@DMA57361: ...
I'm just quoting Wikipedia.
Well yes he's not using as any form of address, only as a subnet mask
> Class A addresses contain 7 bits in the network portion giving 27 - 2 = 126 possible networks since all 1's and all 0's are not allowed. Consequently 24 bits remain for the host portion allowing a total of 224 - 2 = 16,777,214 hosts. is reserved for loopback address purposes where just is used normally.
> The address is used as broadcast addresses and as a default route address, meaning any network. The address is sometimes used by hosts that have yet to receive an IP address e.g. a DHCP Client awaiting an address from the DHCP server.
52 secs ago, by DMA57361
Well yes he's not using as any form of address, only as a subnet mask
I deem you're wrong...
he's not using it as an address
he's using it as a subnet mask as a subnet mask defines a subnet that contains exactly one IP address as an address is the local broadcast address
the two are not the same
Incidentally, can I just add that the downvote wasn't mine, I think it was possibly the OP's, as it appeared with his comment.
4:56 PM
A: Why is my subnet mask

TomWij If you assign that as your subnet mask, it is no longer a network but a standalone host which could not communicate on the interface where it has been assigned As you can not communicate, prominiscious mode will not work at all. See the man page for dhcpd.conf, you can do this b...

@DMA57361: Thanks, it's annoying that IP addresses are ambiguous. >_<
@TomWij indeed, this is why I much prefer the /n notation for subnets
And I don't know too much about the latter two elements
I didn't know much about 3 so I refer the man page, he has to do a bit of effort given that he is using Linux.
And prominiscious mode allows you to capture at a lower level, so that you see more network packets than those are meant for you only.
But well, I'm also pretty confused why he wants a Class A address only to lock it down to 1 host. :S
@TomWij he did say "and I got", so I assumed that's what his ISP or modem gave him
at a guess he's in a point-to-point network with a modem (not a router)
Ah, TL;DR sympton. :-(
5:15 PM
@TomWij you still there?
no, but I am @KronoS :P
hey @Sathya !!! how ya been?
ready to be a mod yet? ;P
good, thanks :) @KronoS
I'm here too, @KronoS. If it makes any difference :P
@KronoS haha, I'm looking forward to that, but I'll take it up slowly
5:22 PM
quick question... how do you use TomWij's dupe scripts @Sathya
@MarkSzymanski it does :)
Hehe ^^
click on the link @KronoS
if you're on Chrome, it'll get installed as an extension
I already installed... I'm talking about usage...
clck ^^ and it;ll bring up the list of related questions
earlier I used to open a new tab -> Ask a question -> pass the question title in the text, and the related questions would bring it up. The script does the same
@KronoS can't wait :P exhausted 5 delete votes, all close votes 24 mod flags today :P
@Sathya i'm guessing I have to restart the browser for it to work though...
which I'll have to do after I clean up the blog post
5:25 PM
reload the page @KronoS
restart isn't needed
@Sathya that's ok, I'll inundate you with mod flag here soon ;)
yeah, fill 'em up just before you goto sleep :P
dang that's cool... @TomWij good job
@Sathya Will do! I guess you're going to be promoted from @IvoFlipse peon to an actual slave driver now...
which leaves me a simple peon here soon....
@KronoS: Thanks. Although I'm not using it enough myself anymore, perhaps show 3 to 5 suggested duplicates by default?
5:28 PM
get to 10k @KronoS
@TomWij I'd let it remain as-it-is. I can't tell you how immensely useful it is
@TomWij ya I agree...
@Sathya I'm workin on it...
@Sathya No, I mean, maybe it could show 3 possible duplicates by default, and you can toggle to show the whole thing with the link.
@TomWij interesting
5:48 PM
Q: Open Source GPS alternative OS.

MJBI own a quite out-of-date TomTom 720 go and here's the thought: why pay to upgrade when I can probably find freeware to install over it. I'm thinking like DD-WRT for GPS. Any ideas?

Off topic?
I was just about to ask that XD
I think it might be, because GPSs are mobile devices
yay, approved an edit.
/does a jig.
If my Nokia N900 is off-topic, so is that. :-P
@TomWij more fun in the netmask topic, if you're interested.
wore Super User t-shrt to office just the other day
6:01 PM
@DMA57361 Check his new response to the question, apparently not...
He just made my thought about it even more worse, what is he trying to do? :S
@TomWij that post is...
Yeah, if he doesn't clarify then I guess it's going to be a "not a real question".
6:23 PM
Is it alright to ask a quick shell script question in here? Or should I go to Fake Programmers? (which is basically deserted)
@TomWij oh dear :/
Nevermind... Fixed it XD
> chill out, this all ma fault...
indeed, it's quite peculiar
we need more t-shirts like that @Sathya
7:04 PM
@IvoFlipse, if I had an SU shirt, I'd definitely wear it :D
mornin' all
@KronoS there's a blog post I want you to read
7:26 PM
I should talk to Jeff and see what we can do
7:45 PM
Does anyone know about running a server on Virtual Box VS Wine?
@nhinkle.... In enjoyed that alot thank you ;)
8:06 PM
@Moshe, wdym? WINE is not a virtual machine per se, you can't really run "a server" on it
If you're using WINE then you're on linux, and should just use linux's server abilities. If you want windows server components, you're going to have to install windows server, WINE can't do that
@KronoS, glad you liked it :D
@nhinkle ok. I discussed this w someone here. Seems I need to run virtualbox then.
That does seem like the logical conclusion, yes
8:24 PM
@nhinke: do you know much about networking?
@studiohack, not a ton, but a bit
why do you ask
(also you spelled it wrong, so I didn't get the ping :P )
whoops typo @nhinkle sorry
my fedora 12 machine can't reach localhost:2000
I'm trying to install a home server software, and i need to reach that location in order to do that...
do you have something running on that port which you can't connect to?
I have no idea
port 2000?
open your browser and go to http://localhost:2000 ?
8:30 PM
Which I have
and I can't reach it @nhinkle
Hm. Do you have a firewall set up?
hmm yes.
Check to see if access to that port is allowed
"can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:2000
I would also check that the server is actually running. If you just installed it, a reboot my be required, though that's far less likely with linux
8:32 PM
to install the server, I have to double-click an icon on the desktop which is supposed to take me to localhost:2000 to install it
I looked in "Trusted Services", for port 2000 but it is not found.
that's weird... nothing should be running on port 2000 by default
I've tried a lot of the things on that page.
just tried the restart amahi installer, and it failed to stop the service
how do I become root in the user terminal?
su to become root, or preferably, sudo to run a single command as root
8:37 PM
my user isn't a member of sudo
so I need to find how to do that
Is it your computer? If so, you should have an account with sudo privileges
I just have one account on the computer (yes mine), but when I type sudo in the terminal, it asks for a password
the password fails, and says that user xyz is not a member of sudoers
that makes no sense. if yours is the only account, you should be a sudoer
well...I don't know...
weird. is there any sort of users control panel you can look at?
8:42 PM
something happened and it worked?
apparently it is working now @nhinkle
thanks for your suggestions ;)
haha. glad to hear that and happy to help
sometimes I get things fixed in the weirdest ways haha
@TomWij, @IvoFlipse and others: I've been looking at some community-FAQ questions today, and think a few might be ready to promote. What do you guys think about these?
Q: How do I diagnose not being able to reach a specific website as an end user?

Kyle BrandtIf I can generally reach web pages on the Internet but can't reach a specific one, how do I troubleshoot what the cause is as an end user?

Q: Where should I find drivers for my laptop if it didn't come with a driver disk?

isharaI had to reformat my machine because I had a virus. My machine did not come with a driver disk. How can I install drivers after having reinstalled windows?

Q: Replacing the LCD panel in a laptop

neilfeinYesterday, I was cleaning up and dropped my Asus Eee 1005PE. The screen is cracked inside (i.e., cracks are visible only when on), and no longer works properly. I booted up with another monitor attached, and the computer itself is fine, but needs a new screen. Best Buy wants at least $250 to ...

Hi there! :)
Q: Screenshot utilities for Windows

Factor MysticWhat are some good screenshot programs for Windows, preferably free? Obviously I know I can hit the Print Screen key and paste that into Paint and save it, but I'm looking for something that makes it simple. Bonus points if it can automatically upload to an image host.

hi @Nyuszika7H
8:49 PM
the only thing I can think off is updating some of the answers
and 'pimping' them a bit more
give them a certain style
but that can still be done
@IvoFlipse what sorts of things do you think ought to be done to update/trick them out?
well the screenshot answer has a whole lot of programs in one answer
True, but that's a good comprehensive answer. Splitting it into a bunch of separate answers would just result in 10 new answers with 0 score, which would never be seen
no, I would rather edit Michael's answer and simply add a small screenshot of the programs
and perhaps some special features
that would be good
i can work on that a bit
what about the other 3?
8:53 PM
most of the times a picture says more than a 1000 words eh ;P
totally agree :D
that's something i like about the other ones i mentioned - they all have relevant screenshots
I think your answer is complete as it is
or well pretty much
k i'm going to retag those three, work on the screenshots one, then retag it too
Jeff's answer is good as it is too
they're already retagged ;P
once i've done the retagging, can you put in the tag-wiki for community-faq?
oh well aren't you speedy
8:56 PM
the LCD one could do with some pictures though
but if we have to be careful when we borrow them from elsewhere
I'll ask the poster if he wants to add some, if not, I'll do it
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