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12:10 AM
TIL my Dell S2714DG has two USB ports in the back adjacent to the USB 3.0 Type-B connector (for the hub) in addition to two ports on the side. It also has an audio out via the display connection.
The speakers I have are USB-powered generics; hooked them up to the monitor. Powered by one of the back ports and connected to the monitor audio port. It's been reconfigured accordingly.
> It also has an audio out via the display connection.
You mean like HDMI throughput?
I wonder if my monitor has this...
DisplayPort also has audio.
I smell an idea!
That freed up a USB port from the motherboard for more functional stuff :P
@bwDraco TIL my Dell S2417DG has two USB ports in the back adjacent to the USB 3.0 Type-B connector (for the hub) in addition to two ports on the side. It also has an audio out via the display connection. (source)
12:33 AM
@bwDraco oh that's pretty common. Meant for soundbars
@rahuldottech Rahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul
Busy working on a keyboard macro I rely on for photo editing...
And the recovery install logs show no errors
@ThatBrazilianGuy Congrats!
And the messages on TWRP says it detected and patched files and partitions
Now it says it will boot up a few times and take a few minutes to complete
12:40 AM
Huh. CUE is much easier to use than ROCCAT Swarm.
If it works I... I'd.... I will... I would... Damn what should I do?
Can't say I'd kiss you because I'm married. And you're not a girl. And you're underage.
@Bob debating switching the torrent box to ubuntu :(
Also, it's easy to select groups of keys to set the RGB lighting. I can drag-select an area of keys in CUE, whereas Swarm requires me to Ctrl+click each key to select multiple keys.
So... it booted. There's hope. crosses fingers
So... The SuperSU app has ben installed :D
To misquote the forged in fire slashy guy....
"It will... booot"
12:47 AM
You are groot?
@rahuldottech I LOVE YOU RAHUL
HMU on Telegram so we can discuss payment on steam games
But cheap games plz cuz I'm Brazilian and poor.
Also write an answer and I'll happily accept it.
1:03 AM
@bwDraco meanwhile... I have a 13-port hub :D
@bwDraco cue is buggy and dodgy :\
@JourneymanGeek debian! :D
@Bob here's the fun part
if qbitorrent 4.0 comes out and has the feature I need...
....Were those laser sound effects as rocks fly by always there? — jpmc26 1 hour ago
I may start building it myself until the repos support it
but I really do want something modern, and not breaking every time there's a kernel upgrade
for doubleplus fun... qbitorrent apparently might have changed where it stores things at some point
1:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek debian! :D
@Bob irony here is...
You know that's not a very useful photo, right? — RedGrittyBrick 7 hours ago
windows might have been more stable
My toaster takes better photos than that. — Alexander 5 hours ago
@JourneymanGeek well, my Windows systems typically don't crash-to-bootloader on updates
@JourneymanGeek actually, it would've helped :P
1:09 AM
snapshot before upgrade => restore snapshot
@Bob /boot is on fat32 no?....
@JourneymanGeek trivially restorable
.... and I'm a neep
I have 1) The 4 files I actually need on the system backed up. 2) on the same drive I'm running my boot iso off of.
you'd need a bootcd to get into the ZFS system, to be sure, but once you're in it's 1 command to rollback, 1 command to chroot and maybe 3 commands to recreate the boot partition
well in theory, all I'd need to do is chroot into my old install and it should work?
1:12 AM
@JourneymanGeek no, not quite
you'd be missing kernel modules etc
chrooting into a different install is for quick fixes, not extended running
no no
I mean to reinstall grub
oh, that's assuming the bootloader is your problem
pretty sure it is
13 hours ago, by Journeyman Geek
my linux box seems to not be booting
I'd start here. THAT dosen't work
so I'm basically going to see if I can get the important bits out
RUN! Run as fast as you can!! Company telling their developers not to use SCM is like a hospital telling it's doctors not to wash their hands. — Euphoric 17 hours ago
RUN! Run as fast as you can!! Company not giving developers full control of their development machines is same as hospital telling surgeons to use same blades as kitchen is using! [I could do this all day long!] — Euphoric 17 hours ago
1:52 AM
Data recovered, backed up and semi tested.
@Bob wat.
Hmm. Corsair seems to have used better keycaps that don't make excessive noise when a key is bottomed out. The ROCCAT Ryos MK FX is very noisy when I bottom out.
Or that may be the surface of the keyboard base, which is brushed aluminum.
Also, the board is much more compact, even with wrist rest attached. ROCCAT goes too far with the flair and uses laughably large bezels. The bezels on the K95... are practically nonexistent.
(not sure what the base of the Ryos is but I think it's plastic)
Aha. The key switches are damped.
Nice job, Corsair.
2:15 AM
@bwDraco its a mechanical. You eventually should learn not to bottom out ;p
then any keyboard starts not to sound like a machine gun, and you can truely enjoy the music of the clickyness.
orrr O rings, like a filthy casual ;p
7 mins ago, by bwDraco
Aha. The key switches are damped.
This is Cherry MX Brown as with the Roccat - key feel is a tiny bit harder, perhaps because this is a new keyboard. Otherwise, usual Cherry key switch quality.
@JourneymanGeek I kinda regret getting a non-clicky mechanical.
I prefer the quieter action of the Brown switch.
Still has a tactile feel, but very light touch at 45 cN.
My 6Gv2 has Black switches.
I love the keyboard, just wish it was clicky
Disabled the Roccat Swarm software. It's used for the keyboard, but not the Roccat Tyon mouse, which has its own driver.
2:33 AM
Huh... I did not know that you could get the latest MS Office + 1TB of OneDrive for $6.99 p/m o.O
That's a hell of a lot cheaper than $14.99 p/m for 1TB of Google Drive.
2:55 AM
@bwDraco hm?
@MichaelFrank that the personal one?
I get home for about the same (buying 1yr from officeworks usually). 5 installs
if you share each install with a different user you also get 5 TB of online storage, but meh :P
@Bob It's Outlook Premium.
@MichaelFrank ... outlook wha?
o.O that's new
Yea, I'd never heard about it before.
@MichaelFrank outlook premium is dead
it's just office365 now
3:18 AM
Would this question be on-topic for SuperUser?
Should I migrate it?
Or, should I just close it (as off-topic for EE.SE), and let it rot where it fell?
Q: Ways to provide internet to another commercial space within the same building, under one internet provider

A O'm trying to save on having to pay 2 internet bills, as I already pay $300+/mo for internet in one business, which is on the second floor of a building I am renting another suite in the basement of the same building, and I'll also need internet, but I'd prefer not having to pay minimum $100/mo f...

too broad, listy question....
Drop it out the window...
2 hours later…
5:17 AM
Have you tried Cleaning, Rebuilding then saving, closing and re opening the project in Visual Studio and then Cleaning and Rebuilding again. This sometimes works for me :D — JosephGarrone Dec 17 '12 at 11:31
"Have you tried turning it off, on, off, on, off and on again?"
@BenN I'm finally getting around to playing with WPF :P
Still not entirely sure how I feel about it vs WinForms, but ... eh
My only WPF experience was an attempt to partially migrate a WinForms app to it so that I could get hardware acceleration on drawing stuff
It did not go so well
5:22 AM
@BenN You can host a WPF control in a WinForms app
I did that with AvalonEdit way back when
Indeed, that's what I did
but this is a WPF-from-scratch app
mostly cause it's simple and I thought I might as well try WPF sometime
However, the assumption of immediate-mode graphics had put out tendrils into the rest of my application and the partial WPFification made things even slower :(
@BenN oof.
Fortunately, I had backups!
So I just rolled back all the changes and stuck with WinForms
How's your WPF experience so far?
5:25 AM
@BenN s/backups/source control/
Unfortunately I actually meant backups
@BenN Not too bad. Creating user controls in it is working pretty well, but the data binding is looking scary. That's next :P
@BenN D:<
I'm struggling to parse that emoticon
le sigh
My home Internet connection is down.
5:27 AM
Currently tethering from my phone. T-Mobile's LTE is good enough that it's mostly indistinguishable from the 100/10 cable connection during regular web browsing.
How do you design the forms? VS has a WinForms designer, and I vaguely recall an Expression(?) program for WPF, but I never used it - my embedded controls were all created in code
@BenN VS has a WPF designer too!
> Horror, disgust, sadness, great dismay
I've taken to using more of a mix tbh
Hm, maybe I should put the thing in source control
5:29 AM
@BenN Usually I end up 'designing' my WinForms screens in code. Right now, I'm placing some controls with the VS designer but cleaning up the XAML manually.
@Bob Oh neat! The last time I leered at WPF design was probably 5 years ago (!)
With WinForms, sometimes I just chuck things on there and dock/anchor them if I'm lazy :P
Heh, WinForms is pretty great for throwing together UIs
@BenN I distinctly remember a WPF designer in VS in 2010
Oh, maybe I just assumed I had to use the dedicated tool
5:30 AM
I think Expression evolved into "Blend for Visual Studio"
Which is still a more advanced designer but I'm not dealing with animations etc
Custom control repeated over three rows. I do like how margins work in WPF.
And now... the binding :P
Ooh, that's pretty slick
ugh. Decisions.
5:33 AM
@BenN doing a rebuilt of my linux box
@JourneymanGeek Debian! :D
Currently running fedora lxqt but its kinda failing every time I do a kernel update due to what seems to be a stupid big
@Bob want secureboot support and lxqt > zfs ;p
@Bob also, some features I want are likely in bleeding edge versions of my torrent client... and I'm too lazy to build my own
ironically I don't really want an LTS distro. This is more of an annoyance ;p
(also, damn the lack of good full system, automated backup options on linux)
@JourneymanGeek Debian unstable? :P
@Bob what I'm thinking of doing is getting a proper install up, getting everything set up... then imaging it
so at least I can get to a useable state quickly
since everything important's really on my /home
also fedora 27 for now ;p
5:53 AM
Why not openSUSE?
6:17 AM
Hey, we’re partnered with SUSE
Mostly around our server hardware I believe
2 hours later…
8:08 AM
reinstall done
you could of likely just fixed the boot
lets update, and see if this thing comes back up. (then image the whole disk with clonezilla)
@djsmiley2k probably
@djsmiley2k could have*
thanks bob :D
but I needed to upgrade anyway, and wanted to see if it still breaks on an update ;p
also, I'm all sorts of scatterbrained today and probably would have spent 4 days fixing it ._.
8:09 AM
oh i know that feeling
was up for what felt like hours last night :(
I replied to the wrong people on another room
4 times.
On the same reply
(don't worry. NOT handling flags until I am confident I can brain ;) )
@djsmiley2k there's basically two things on that system I need
One, I can never remeber the name of but I just need to compile and run it
the other is a set of rss feeds
I need to rewite the filters but... that's fine
8:34 AM
sigh office politics
8:47 AM
sup @Burgi
9:00 AM
how strange that there are 2 RJ45 USB cable questions in one day....
Q: 10pin RJ-45-to-USB, need to make console cable (Linux router)

ShankensteiniumTo preface this question: I'm not able to get to a parts store any time soon. I'm well aware that I could buy what I need, but I'm trying to make do with the tools and hardware I already have. I found a cable that is 10pin RJ-45(48?)-to-USB. The jack has leads on 1(red), 4(brown), 7(black), 9(wh...

9:11 AM
bah! i've attracted a downvote
might be he saw it was a HNQ and...
i should do more of these "help! wtf is this cable???" questions. i've got a box full of weird ones at home
That's the old Wyvern. The images were originally taken for a post on a private Reddit sub.
@Burgi in theory at some point we'd want a community faq.
9:17 AM
@JourneymanGeek as in making the question a community wiki?
No. Have a master question covering it broadly. A million different identify a thing for a thing questions are hard to find
Q: How do I identify hardware I am unfamiliar with on my computer?

Journeyman GeekHow would I go about identifying a port, card or connector on my system which I am unfamiliar with? Where would I find information on what these parts are? What would be the steps I would take in identifying a unknown port or cable? This question comes up frequently, and the suggested sol...

Kinda like this
@Burgi We have canonical questions for situations like this, where lots of people ask what is essentially the same question. Here's an example:
Q: USB flash drive not working or is appearing as an empty disk drive, Disk Management reports "No Media" with 0 bytes size

bwDracoI have a USB flash drive which is no longer recognized by my computer. Windows Disk Management and DiskPart report No Media with no storage space (0 bytes) on the drive and I cannot partition or format the drive: Source If the drive appears in Windows Explorer, trying to access it returns an e...

@JourneymanGeek depends how distinctively you can describe it
9:58 AM
I guess it works
I have no idea HOW it works
but it does
@JourneymanGeek your linux machine?
> "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." :)
11:01 AM
@djsmiley2k it imported my feeds... After I deleted the config files and reinstalled...
that's... impressive?
also, the new rss feed list format is a json file sooooo
In theory I might be able to hand edit them
12:03 PM
i get copied in on the weirdest emails
12:29 PM
and, it's not from Onion - it's a genuine article from The Telegraph
12:53 PM
1:32 PM
ah lol
Handy I guess?
might help you
I need to look into getting some certs. Also, if I drank booze I'd PROBABLY be drunk.
feeling a bit "meh"?
1:49 PM
i'm sorry to hear that, dude. anything i can do to help?
naw, I'll be ok
We're not yet at the b5 binge watch stage of depression
just a wee bit of meh-ness
besides, job hunting in SG generally sucks
when i feel like that i go to the pub with a mate and have a whinge
Whinginess is slightly before b5
i chat online and whing
1:53 PM
sometimes you need to just get squiffy and chat utter crap for a few hours
or build stuff ._.
can you go to the beach with the roomie and a good book and make sand castles?
roomie drags me along for walks every morning
and my dad's basically obsessed with cricket so I do all 4 walks now.
dfo you interact with any other humans?
other than your parents?
not much
1:56 PM
I mean I hate other people, but... sometimes it's good to talk
Well mostly online, lol. I don't have much of a social life.
I mean, I enjoy talking to you guys, but it's different..... with voices?
this is what i mean, you need to just pop out and go "le sigh" on someone elses sofa
hense my chatting online on console.
1:57 PM
ah lol
yeah it helps
lol. Lets see. Stuff that I wish I could do but can't...
and on voice chat I can swear and stuff
1) build a new PC (money?)
concentrait not on what you can't do, but what you can
1:58 PM
2) get this matchmaking thing moving again
such as spelling ;D
are you on linkedin?
i get millions of job offers on that
that's where most of my interviews come through
Might pop by a training place and see about some certs next week
Might be able to use some of my government self improvement funding/get some leads through there
also... speaking of jobs ....
twitter.com/Remoteycom these guys just started following me on twitter ._.
I'm wondering why and who I might know there ;p
(or if they randomly follow people)
2:24 PM
hey guys
is anyone you familiar with pivot tables in Excel?
Yes, those pants make you look fat.
@AndyK yes....
@Burgi Hi
would you know how to format a pivot table in a certain way?
I need to show you a video of what I want
i tend to just leave them with the default formating
they r evul
what is the data in the original table like (the one that the pivot pulls from)?
you might need to ask this on the main site
@Burgi I'm bringing the data
3:17 PM
github.com/microsoft/procdump-for-linux Not quite something I expected ;p
3:28 PM
@JourneymanGeek I totally wasn't expecting that :) Now I'm trying to work out what it was a response to ...
3:49 PM
@JourneymanGeek O_O
4:48 PM
car's alive \o/
sduch a huge relief
5:20 PM
Accidentally connecting your multimeter across the terminals of a car battery in "unlimited current" mode instead of "voltage" mode...
@djsmiley2k woop woop! My bikes alive too! Same relief
@djsmiley2k is it herbie?
or KITT?
5:48 PM
6:06 PM
@Boris_yo i suggest moving back to estonia ASAP
6:37 PM
well that was odd ;D
@FMLCat fried?
also cool, what was up with it (last i know someone puked on it)
@djsmiley2k Probably just blew the fuse in the MM... if anything...
@Mokubai nod, was going to suggest that if dead
Though, given the prevalence of cheap and naff electronics these days...
deadly multimeters, daves pet hate
7:34 PM
hum de dum
7:49 PM
> It’s a fun time to be a consumer.
I'd say it's nmever a good time to be a consumer D:
8:03 PM
@djsmiley2k nah, just sparks and a funny smell. Still works fine
@djsmiley2k battery was buggered and some weird spark pllug issues (probably contamination)
@Mokubai nah, the unlimited current mode specifically has no fuse.
@FMLCat Not even a patented "nail" fuse?
@Mokubai no, there's two modes. Standard with a quick reaction fuse and unfused.
(estimated fault current in the high hundreds of amps)
Ah well. You live and learn...
Or burn... depending on whether someone puts a battery across your "terminals"...
@Mokubai A typical automotive battery has a CCA rating of 500 amps. And that's a low temperature rating.
The sparks made me jerk back before anything got damaged anyhow. Should probably check the meter setting next time... I usually do
8:07 PM
In normal operating conditions, your prospective short-circuit current is likely to be well over 1,000 amps.
Anyway, overheating my engine seems to have fixed the spark problem and replacing the battery fixed the battery problem
Lets hope it stays fixed... Touch wood
@FMLCat Sounds like spark plug fouling.
@bwDraco I am aware of the significant instantaneous load capacity of a lead-acid battery.
@Mokubai This is why they're so good for 'recreational' uses. >;)
Q: How many amps can a car battery supply?

DaffyGoogling this hasn't given me much information. I've heard numbers ranging from 30A to 300A. My question isn't how many amps a car battery does supply in normal operation, it's how many amps I would measure if a car battery is shorted across a multimeter (assuming the multimeter doesn't explod...

> In theory, with a perfect conductor you are looking at over 2000 Amps. With their test, they saw 1700 Amps. [...] And these are just 33 Amp Hour batteries, small compared to most cars. These are UPS batteries! My car has a 150 AH battery with 750 CCA, and it's not even a premium battery.
> In short, we are talking about literal Thousands of Amps for a dead short.
8:16 PM
@bwDraco If the battery is dead there cannot be a short! ;)
Example high-performance automotive battery: xse.com/leres/z06/images/78.pdf
> Internal Resistance (Fully charged): .0030 ohms
12 volts / 0.003 ohms = 4000 amps prospective short-circuit current.
8:34 PM
Damn this slow internet and the prevalence of machines that auto-update themselves whenever they like
Something is hammering the internet and I don't know what.
the tv.
Only got dumb TVs. Or not. The one smart TV is one of those old ones that either needs me to spend £15 on a wifi dongle, or connect it via ethernet. It's basically a dumb tv in that case
Could be the playstation
Or any number of other things.
It's probably the fridge.
9:16 PM
BitPay provides stable, predictable transaction fees, and AFAICT, Newegg still uses it.
@MichaelFrank With its recent volatility and insane price boost you can't guarantee what price you're paying for a game. Good for them.
I can't really tell why Bitcoin is having this sort of bull run.
FWIW, I have a position in bitcoin which was originally a gift worth only about $20 at the time. It's now more than $1,000. Now what?
9:34 PM
@bwDraco If you cash them in you are supposed to pay tax on it ...
@DavidPostill Yes, yes, capital gains tax. I've already looked into this.
(IRS considers cryptocurrency to be property)
I would wait until it's worth a substantial amount of money :)
Yea, don't be the guy that used 200 bitcoins to pay for a pizza.
9:53 PM
@MichaelFrank I love the comment section on that announcement. It's basically all the cryptocurrency fanbois coming out and belching the name of whichever currency they might have and saying "PICK MEEEEEEEE!!!!!"
lol. I bet somebody gets fired for this:
On the other hand:
> A further apology explained "the headline should have read '£2m for 'sex lair' school' in reference to a story printed on page 11 of today's newspaper".
@Mokubai On the first page of comments when I checked there was someone complaining they were banned, despite them "buying $10k" worth of games.
10:25 PM
Fuck Kraken. If it weren't for their UK banking system being broken I'd be rich.
@FMLCat Kraken is a nice brand of rum.
10:53 PM
Yum yum
They had the ceramic bottles here cheap but I thought they were just painted glass :(
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