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11:03 PM
That was easy to turn upside-down :)
11:18 PM
!! Caaaat
11:37 PM
So... toying with the idea of getting new server hardware and Windows Server 2016 licenses for a home lab (probably a Standard 16-core server license pack and one user CAL). An actual purchase is extraordinarily unlikely at this point, but what do I need to know?
If I do this, I will probably run out of money, but who cares if it gets me the certs I need to get an IT job?
Also... with people talking about how essential a home lab is for those in the industry, this reminds me of the stress factor.
Should I pick a different career path instead?
11:56 PM
@bwDraco What is your goal with your home lab?
Would you be OK with ripping it down and redoing it every 6 months?
Well... I'd rather not have to take down and rebuild machines FWIW, but that itself can be a learning experience. I'd probably maintain a fully-licensed system (funding permitting) anyway.
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