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12:04 AM
@Bob heh. in theory that means ttrss on ngnix/lighttpd on WSL? ;p
Stupid Sony phone restarting 3 times to change SIM cards.... Could have saved 5GB of my data allowance if it were less retarded
Lmao, I just bought two data add-ons on someone else's account, because EE used a cached session someone else had on this wifi hotspot...
@JourneymanGeek fox's gonna throw a fit :P
@FMLCat ...wat.
@Bob Yeah... facepalm
If I access the EE's "My data" page (sorta a mini "My account" page) on mobile, which doesn't require authentication, then visit the same page again via wifi, it'll "imprint" my mobile account details onto the wifi connection using a cookie. Thus, the cookie identifies my mobile account number so I can check my data allowance even when connected to WiFi
What appears to be happening now is someone else has done that on this public wifi hotspot, but instead of using the cookie to identify a mobile account it's basically done the reverse, and used the hotspot's IP to log me into the session he opened with his cookie, thus logging anyone on this public hotspot some previous user's account
12:15 AM
you should probably report that, they might give you money
It seems to have ignored my cookie identifying my mobile number and just used a previous cached session from the same IP
there must be a server component
@Burgi Why, when I could use up all his credit buying 10x £1 data add-ons instead of a £10 that gives 20 times more data?
I mean oops?
Looking for program, tool, library or something that will inventory and build clickable web page of interesting folders in the filesystem. Where 'interesting' means there's a certain file in it with some metadata. E.g. Foobaz\.project and Project: Super Collider; Owner: Heracles; Date Initiated: 0500-12-02; etc... ... Anyone know of anything like this? Or just even where to go and talk about it?
@mattwilkie there's a software requests site on SE
12:19 AM
Oh and it's not even HTTPS
Not that that matters much, when you've got a flaw as fatal as "Logging you into someone else's account automatically on a public hotspot"
@JourneymanGeek Thanks, that sounds like a good place to start.
@FMLCat using an IP address for log in is so utterly broken it's not even funny
@Bob It's even worse than that
It's automatically and silently assigning an IP to auto login to someone's account and overriding/ignoring actual login information and probably done so without the other person's knowledge or consent
Either that or the server's got a glitched session ID
Nope, it's using IP
Just checked with another device in incognito mode on the same public hotspot
Anyone on this public hotspot who goes to this mobile operator's website gets automatically logged into 07534 081 778's account. Who probably never even entered his login details while connected to this hotspot.
And on a non-HTTPS connection too. Trying to access the account management page via HTTPS gets a 403 Forbidden error.
12:27 AM
Security on this provider is so broken it's worse than laughable.
How do these people have jobs
@FMLCat Cause they can BS their way around
12:46 AM
On memory cards... Why isn't CFast more popular?
Among other things, CFast uses SATA, which means that CFast readers require little more than a bog-standard USB to SATA bridge. In fact, the connector is electrically compatible with SATA, requiring only a mechanical adapter, a hotswap-capable SATA port, and SATA power to implement internally on a PC.
@bwDraco cause SD cards are cheap and common.
Because it's ridiculously expensive and if you have SATA you might as well use a full SSD or mSATA drive.
It also should be very easy to adapt an existing SATA SSD design into a CFast card.
and you don't need the performance/size combination a lot of the time
@Bob or M.2
Also, !!xkcd standards
12:51 AM
Yet Another Storage Standard is a bad idea
But SATA controllers shouldn't be expensive these days, are they?
@bwDraco on the rather thin margins and engineering costs that consumer hardware has?
Probably yes
At least for use in something like a high-end digital camera.
It's also nowhere near as small as MicroSD
12:53 AM
As a replacement for the old PATA (!) based CompactFlash, it makes perfect sense.
@bwDraco which more or less got killed by SD
You're not replacing CF.
CF has already been replaced. Over a decade ago.
You're trying to replace the replacement of CF.
Well, SD killed nearly every other small storage format
There are still some advanced cameras that use CF, though Canon has been switching to CFast in their high-end DSLRs.
(Sony memorystick/M2, XD cards ...)
@bwDraco very specialised needs
12:56 AM
Nikon, on the other hand, decided to come up with a semi-proprietary format called XQD, which is PCIe-based.
presumably ultra high speed, high refresh rate, 4k video
There's also CFexpress, which uses NVMe.
proprietary is bad
@JourneymanGeek I still have that XD card lying around... was it 16 or 32 MB?
Don't think I even have a reader for it anymore
@JourneymanGeek At some point you might as well use an embedded high-speed SSD and just export/dump to SD.
I thon't think the common multireader does
@Bob M.2 probably would work!
12:59 AM
@JourneymanGeek I was thinking directly soldered, like phone storage. Saves a bit of space.
my daiso multi-card reader (which i suspect sometimes corrupts sd cards ;p has... M2, MS/MSPRODUO SD and Micro SD slots
@Bob in which case there's a standard too
which I cannot remember off the top of my head
@JourneymanGeek That's what CFexpress is for, but I don't recall seeing anyone adopt it just yet.
@bwDraco more that "standard interface"
@JourneymanGeek Not really. Well, there's a couple of protocols, but the actual connection depends on the NAND and controller packages.
I was thinking eMMC?
1:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek Also UFS is the fast one now.
ah ya
I couldn't remember, lol
@JourneymanGeek I found it by going "emmc vs " in Google :P
1:54 AM
classic shell is dead
kinda dead?
@JourneymanGeek Start8?
naw, I just use the default
I used it for a bit with windows 8, before the win 8 contest
@JourneymanGeek yea I find the one on 10 alright
on 8 it was bleh
8 was completely designed for tablets
Wix# is amazing
3 hours later…
5:13 AM
Holla folks
If a PC has a rogue SSL cert installed (by, say, a stupid school), what can I do as a webmaster to prevent MiTM attacks?
5:30 AM
@rahuldottech HSTS stapling?
@JourneymanGeek I'm not sure if that helps, in this case
Q: My college is forcing me to install their SSL certificate. How to protect my privacy?

svetaketuMy college administration is forcing us to install Cyberoam Firewall SSL certificate so that they can view all the encrypted traffic to "improve our security". If I don't install the certificate than I won't be able to use their network. What are the ways I can protect my privacy in such a situa...

:41546993 There is so much wrong with that post
@rahuldottech funny thing is that screenshot has nothing to do with the post
@JourneymanGeek oh lol
What was it about then?
5:36 AM
@rahuldottech one of the other mods on another site had a running joke about how long it had been since they had last clicked on the green rep indicator...
@JourneymanGeek oooh. I missed that in the screenshot
@rahuldottech yup
I had that post open cause I noticed someone commented asking what the screw drive vehicle was ;p
I gotta go, class
1 hour later…
7:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek Getting there! github.com/BobVul/GrowlToToast/tree/wixinstaller I have a MSI installer now :)
7:33 AM
It looks like this is something GameStop specifically asked for, something Square Enix may not have originally planned to do.
GameStop is really struggling FWIW. Physical game sales have dropped dramatically over the last few years, and the local stores I've been to have shifted towards game merchandise and collectibles.
The fact that this is a GameStop exclusive points to a special order from the retailer.
Your thoughts on the trend towards digital distribution in the game industry, especially its impact on retailers?
8:25 AM
retailers are getting their just deserts
hmm. desert.
8:37 AM
Big impact on retailers (lost revenue) but loved by the gaming industry - the lost reach from the retailers is offset by higher profit margins from the digital sales and lower BOM.
However if a retail is willing to pay for it, I can see these small "special editions" work in the future - Costco does it with products like Quikcbooks or TurboTax
@bwDraco floof
8:55 AM
morn morn
> It would be really appreciable if you can revert me with your requirement or any reference website
reverts the email to the junk folder
9:21 AM
@TomEus I think most serious gamers have a steam account :p
i think the last physical game i bought was the re-release of uplink
9:51 AM
I don't think I've ever bought a physical game
10:27 AM
11:21 AM
I try to buy physical... but if I buy digital, my wife can't tell when I get a new game! ;D
I don't think optical disks have any purpose in the modern market
Unless you have something shiny
12:22 PM
@JourneymanGeek Does Steam still have a wallet? Or has it done away with it?
@FleetCommand it still does
12:45 PM
my linux box seems to not be booting
any error?
Just threw me into minimal bash like editing mode...
only thing is I have noooo clue which partition has my linux stuff
ah you're in the grub shell
ls - does it show any partitions with ext2/3/4 ?
all are like hdX gptY
how many physical disks you got?
1:00 PM
and there's apparently 4 partitions on each
2, one EMMC with windows and one msata with the OS
hdX refers to the physical disk, gptY refers to the partition number
the tricky part is I don't remember the partitionlayout
I was about to ask
would it b e the fedora defaults?
I know gentoo normally does boot / swap / root
but it changes between distros
I think so
might have home seperate
ok, you could try using the tab completion
linuxefi (hd0,gpt0)/vmlinuz-(tab)
1:04 PM
however, you may also be able to do ls (hd0,gpt0) as well
doing that
so the one with the vmlinuz on it, is normally /boot (unless fedora doesn't have a seperate /boot)
and then you'll have swap, then /
and in your case gpt3 will be /home I presume
I guess that worked!
lol what happened?
1:08 PM
now its throwing me a bunch of sata link down errors 0_0
made some progress I guess?
going to try restarting ,and poking around the bios a bit
sata link down doesn't sound good.
also forgot to set root
oh eh in theory I can also boot into a liveusb, chroot...
If only I'd actually remembered to back up my RSS feed list ;p
Basically that's the only real bit I need to back up
it just runs that and... er...
IIRC some small services with no real data
Ehh. Will get it sorted tomorrow
2:05 PM
2:33 PM
Any idea of a captive portal bypass using DNS tunneling?
http over dns?
What's eww?
in that?
the entire thing :P
And the reason is
> Secret chips in replacement parts can completely hijack your phone’s security
> Booby-trapped touchscreens can log passwords, install malicious apps, and more.
> research shows how replacement screens can be used to surreptitiously log keyboard input and patterns, install malicious apps, and take pictures and e-mail them to the attacker. The booby-trapped screens also exploited operating system vulnerabilities that bypassed key security protections built into the phones.
> The malicious parts cost less than $10 and could easily be mass-produced. Most chilling of all, to most people, the booby-trapped parts could be indistinguishable from legitimate ones.
Well... fuck.
2:42 PM
Okay, That's quite intimidating
It gets worse:
> > The researchers' booby-trapped touchscreen, for instance, logs unlock patterns and keyboard input, takes pictures of the user and sends them to the attacker, replaces user-selected URLs with phishing URLs, and installs apps of the attacker's choice. A second class of attacks uses the chip to exploit vulnerabilities in the OS kernel. To keep the attack stealthy, the chip can also turn off power to the display panel while the uninitiated actions are performed
@AnimeshAshish I've done it. It is slow. It is laggy. And it won't work on all APs, just some, it's hit and miss.
Great work, I must say. Gotta learn alot.
Here I am, Trying to make a Python GUI that is capable of showing ram usage, hard disk usage and stuff. Any help on that?
3:07 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy trust no one
that way you never need to contact anyone
so get rid of the phone
Q: Identify an Unusual USB Port

BurgiThe back of our UPS has a USB port so that it can be monitored from a server it supplies. However this USB port doesn't appear to be one of the normal standard USB connectors. It looks a little like an RJ45 connector, I tried an ethernet cable in case the port was just mislabelled but that didn'...

shameless plug
reject, they haven't provided the additional research references
4:06 PM
@bwDraco my brain cannot actually parse what they have written
4:48 PM
have i hit HNQ?
@Burgi not yet, i don't think so
@djsmiley2k lol
Generally speaking, I hold my writing to very high standards. I will never accept an edit that adds questionable content I am unable to verify. I also expect far better grammar than this.
You're right - it did read like the person who suggested the edit may not be a native English speaker.
This alone is typically not a reason for me to reject the edit, as long as I can understand and correct it, but I just wasn't able to verify the claims.
I mean, it may have merit, but technical information of this sort must be accurate. I will never willingly allow my readers to be misled by inaccurate information.
5:14 PM
Q: How do I root the Samsung Galaxy On7 G600FY (o7lte)

That Brazilian GuyI just bought a Samsung Galaxy On7 G600FY (o7lte) and I'm trying to root it. When I try to root it using cf-autoauto-root, I get a Unsupport dev_type message on the device screen. What I've done Successfully flashed a custom TWRP recovery using Odin. Backed up the whole system with TWRP. Down...

IIRC Android Enthusiasts rules specify that there should be only one (canonical) rooting question per device model.
Just a reminder.
Yeah. I found no canonical question of my device.
I found out my device is apparently restricted to lower economic regions, mostly India and Brazil.
As such, it isn't target of much custom rom development
I found out this fact after I had purchased it and replaced the recovery image.
Hmm. Yeah, this is a toughie.
There are so many devices for developing and emerging economies we don't get :\
Apparently it's listed as both On7 and On7 Pro
5:46 PM
Playing around with a possible new build for photo/video editing work, possibly with workstation cards and a server-style configuration.
Although I don't really do video, I'm looking into that possibility and might need better gear.
While Astaroth is capable of excellent performance in workstation applications, it wasn't designed for video editing. The storage configuration intended for hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes of video data, it doesn't use workstation graphics cards, and 8C/16T isn't quite enough for 4K work.
...or should I just go prebuilt?
!!s/intended/isn't intended/
@bwDraco While Astaroth is capable of excellent performance in workstation applications, it wasn't designed for video editing. The storage configuration isn't intended for hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes of video data, it doesn't use workstation graphics cards, and 8C/16T isn't quite enough for 4K work. (source)
...bleh. I'll revisit the topic if and when a hardware upgrade is necessary.
We don't have another $5,000 to $10,000+ to spend, and it took a lot of saving up to make Astaroth possible in the first place.
But as a thought experiment... what do you feel makes a good dedicated workstation build, and how much would it cost?
6:41 PM
Depends on need
i have no clue about video editing
Hmm SU has 4 HNQ questions. Is this a record? :)
I.O.C. Gives Russia Major Punishment for Winter Olympics nyti.ms/2kmQAmf (limited free access)
Shor's bones, they've completely banned Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics!
What. The. Fuck.
6:59 PM
cheaters yo7
> In an elaborate overnight operation at the 2014 Sochi Games, a team assembled by Russia’s sports ministry tampered with more than 100 urine samples to conceal evidence of top athletes’ steroid use throughout the course of competition.
You absolutely cannot be serious.
i look forward to a drug feuled etreme games tho
The Olympics have always been a nationalistic thing for Russia. This will really, really, really hurt Russia as a nation.
For the IOC to lay down the banhammer... whistle
@bwDraco Russian athletes were banned in Rio 2016?
7:39 PM
Question regarding OneNote: I have two documents inserted into a table, presently they're showing up stacked, so one document icon on one line, and the next document below it. They are in the same row in the table. Is it possible to put these documents side-by-side without altering the table?
My attempts either cause the documents to stack, or they go diagonal, almost like a float issue that I would see in CSS.
7:51 PM
Nevermind, I inserted two columns in the table, and inserted one document in one column, and the other in the column next to it. That should work.
8:10 PM
wow i made someone rage quit rocket league in solo
8:21 PM
and again, damn lol
2 hours later…
10:08 PM
10:24 PM
What are the odds?
@FMLCat I'm not sure if it's the same file from desktop.firmware.mobi/device:327/firmware:2638, but if it is, then that's the first thing I've tried.
Anyhow, I'll try it, thanks for the tip.
@rahuldottech I'll try it too.
@MichaelFrank Odds of what?
@DavidPostill Of a song being named after an upside-down-backtofront-reconstituted greeting.
10:37 PM
10:51 PM
@FMLCat Wait, this is for On7 Pro (o7prolte), mine is On7 (o7lte).
I should have bought the Pro, it has cf autoroot, unofficial lineage, the works.
WHY THE FUCK both the On7 and the On7 pro have the same model (SM-G600FY) and differ only on the "device name" (o7prolte vs o7lte)?
11:26 PM
Guess what I just got for Christmas...
Spent two hours at the local Best Buy, was so undecided.
Wound up with a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, Cherry MX RGB Brown key switches.
On sale at $170 (most places had it for $190-$200), and I got another $10 off on a reward certificate.
azure got some storage servers on epyc
HNQ, w00t
@JourneymanGeek ^ according to that, firefox 58's going to optimise rasterisation ... which is supposed to help with higher resolutions ... like, say, 4k :P
(just installed CUE in an RDP session)
at east the epyc ones should go better than the old opteron he :P
they used to use those on the A0-A4 tiers... thank god they stopped
11:34 PM
@Bob IIRC this is Quantum Render, which is fully hardware-accelerated page rendering, like a game engine.
@bwDraco nope.
Not yet?
Oh, okay. I see what you mean.
you're thinking of WebRender
High-DPI optimizations.
which is planned but will take quite a while and is distinct from this
this one is just splitting rasterisation off to a different thread, but using the same algorithms and libraries as previously
(I say "just", it's not quite that simple but much simpler than webrender)
technically it helps all resolutions but hs a larger impact on higher resolutions
(also nothing to do with dpi... this one goes by pure resolution, whether you have 4k on 27" or 4k on 50")

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