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12:44 AM
This is weird.
I have a windows machine, NTFS drive C:. "my computer" says 40GB free of 465 (so 425GB in use).
WinDirStat says 335GB used.
So either there's 90GB of stuff that windirstat can't see, or something is wrong with the filesystem's free space accounting.
@ToxicFrog Could be wonky hardlink counting but that usually goes in the other direction.
Hm. I wonder if windirstat correctly reports on-disk sizes?
...that's a good question. I don't know if it's reporting disk size or apparent size.
Looks like it's reporting apparent size.
90GB of space leakage still seems pretty high, even with 4K blocks, but it's possible.
@ToxicFrog Quick test: rather than checking the drive, select everything (show hidden/system) inside the drive root and check the size on that.
via Explorer
I'll just install ncdu and use that, it can do either
ncdu reports a difference of about 1GB between disk and apparent size, which works out to about 1K of leakage per file, which sounds plausible.
Of course, there are some directories I can't access, even as root. Who knows what's in there.
1:12 AM
@ToxicFrog Eh. psexec -s -i
Administrator is not root. SYSTEM is.
As Administrator, then.
while ($true) {
    $dir = [math]::truncate($i / 10000);
    mkdir -force $dir > $null;
    echo $null > $dir/$i;
    $i += 1;
when one needs a quick script :) (hi @BenN)
1:28 AM
@ToxicFrog I think I found your discrepancy :P
lotsa small files
There's a total of 950k visible files; even if each one wasted an entire disk block that wouldn't account for a 90GB discrepancy.
@ToxicFrog Have you tried running windirstat as SYSTEM?
2:31 AM
AMD Radeon RX Vega announced: anandtech.com/show/11680/…
Products available August 14.
This is more than a paper launch - AMD has released final product specifications and pricing.
As rumored and teased earlier, there are two versions of the fully-enabled RX Vega 64, an air-cooled model ($499) and a liquid-cooled model ($699) with higher performance. There's also a less expensive RX Vega 56, with 1/8 of the NCUs disabled and lower clocks on both the shader cores and memory. All cards feature 8 GB of HBM2.
@bwDraco hah, they're beating Apple to the punch! I thought Apple was going to be their launch customer
RX Vega 64 slightly outperforms GTX 1080 in preliminary benchmarks.
Sadly, AMD is doing very high TBPs. The standard RX Vega 64 card is rated at 295W. (GTX 1080 has a TBP of 180W.)
(TBP = total board power)
2:54 AM
pretty ridiculous how inefficient they have to be just to beat a 1080
As has been the case for Radeon cards for a while, the new Vega cards have FP64 at 1/16 of FP32. (For comparison, Pascal other than the HPC/AI-oriented GP100 runs FP64 at 1/32 of FP32.)
but then they're still doing bulk fab and Nvidia is still doing SOI, AFAIR
Lower cost on the GPU die, but I suspect AMD is running on narrower margins than NVIDIA because of the expensive HBM2.
HBM2 is very, very difficult to manufacture.
@bwDraco Vega should be amazing for Ethereum.... :P Pascal's weakness has been in memory performance, as evidenced by the fact that the RX 580, half the card that the 1080 is, can churn out just as many if not more MH/s
I'm sure the Ethereum miners are salivating over buying out all the stock of Vega the instant it goes on sale
They're probably getting good economies of scale, but there's no getting around the cost of making HBM2.
Vega 64 actually has the same memory bandwidth as GTX 1080 Ti. I suspect it has lower latency, though.
A business to run, sigh...
PC Gamer notes that Vega's high power consumption will make it less attractive to cryptocurrency miners. pcgamer.com/…
Also, AMD has introduced gamer-focused Vega Packs that pair cards with AMD system components and games in an attempt to control demand from miners.
I do not know if I really want Vega, though. My heart's pretty much set on the GTX 1080 or GTX 1080 Ti, though I'm still kinda resentful of NVIDIA for creating vendor lock-in with their PhysX and GameWorks middleware and prohibiting manufacturers from supporting both G-SYNC and FreeSync on the same display.
3:06 AM
@bwDraco depends on the MH/W too
double the power consumption, but if it can more than double the MH rate then it's still viable
@Bob Rapid packed math.
That might make a huge difference.
disappointing to see a return to huge power consumption though :\
there goes me giving advice to not worry high-power PSUs :(
(I was saying any modern GPU should be fine on a 400W PSU)
Currently, Astaroth is specified to use an 850W PSU. I'd rather not have to step up to 1000W, and I shouldn't have to.
@bwDraco lol. it won't make that much difference
100 for CPU, let's call it 300 for GPU, 100-200 for other components
600 would still do fine
(that would add $70 to the BOM)
3:09 AM
800 is still overkill
1000 is massive overkill
Worst-case power consumption with components overclocked is probably in the ballpark of 550-600W, judging from what PCPartPicker is saying.
(434W estimated load power consumption, plus about 50W from the CPU and 75W from the GPU when overclocked)
@bwDraco so my guess wasn't far off :P
put it this way. i7-7700k, GTX 1080, many HDDs... I barely go above 300W (IIRC) total system draw and even then it's by a little
a 75W overclock is massive btw
I'd probably say normal gaming load power consumption is in the range of 250-300W. AotS would probably cause the system to pull closer to 450W without overclocks.
swap out the GPU for one with 2x the consumption and 500W would be on the high end
@bwDraco I think I did my tests with a furmark load on CPU and GPU
Prime95 and FurMark are the usual torture-testing tools.
3:14 AM
@bwDraco furmark has a CPU stress tester too iirc
can't remember. it was last year
unless you plan to go multi-GPU there's not much point in anything higher than 600W, anyway
anything higher would be for other features (fan-off under a certain load, maybe some features are only available on higher tiers, etc.)
this is, of course, assuming the PSU can handle its max rated power all on the 12V rail(s)
@Bob Let's not forget that I'm trying to use the very best parts out there. The plans call for Seasonic PRIME Titanium.
@bwDraco eh, for similar reasons I went with an 860i
just saying. the point isn't because it's 800W; it's the other features
I believe the AX860i is slightly less expensive than the PRIME...
...seems not.
Newegg has the price set at $209.99, $10 more than the PRIME Titanium 850W.
A key principle behind Astaroth is reliability. I don't want to skimp on anything I can't easily replace.
I need an educated opinion. I'm just a software engineer. I run a RPi3 cluster at home. It's connected to the internet via DDNS. I have a crappy old Netgear N300 flashed with DDWRT handling the routing. I'm looking for something a little more substantial.

I use the router as a bridge between my stock ISP router and my server cluster. (Both run DHCP.) The bridge connects to the ISP's router over WiFi and then acts as an AP for my wireless RPi3s. I need a more modern router (I intend on flashing DDWRT) because I want more speed, and I want to isolate some server services by serving most of m
@Allenph WRT1900ACS?
3:21 AM
@Allenph Some would suggest OpenWRT these days. There's also nice x86 boards you can run pfSense on.
@bwDraco THrowback to WRT54G?
Apart from that... Asus is solid. TP-LINK is good while cheap.
The more enterprisey equipment is better supported (think Ubiquiti) but you won't be running custom firmware on those.
@Bob OpenWRT over DDWRT? I thought DDWRT was the standard.
@Allenph There is no "standard", but ddwrt dev is very haphazard these days :\
@Allenph Kinda, but despite efforts by Linksys, development of open-source firmware has been problematic due to chipset vendors being very reluctant to release code for their chips.
3:23 AM
@Bob Part of the goal is to do this all open-source. (Software at least...the RPI3 will finally remove non-free components in the GPU bootloader in Stretch)
@Allenph Then pfSense on x86 is probably your best bet.
It's probably a bit harder.
But it's more open.
Linksys wants these routers to be able to run open-source firmware, but it seems Marvell et al. aren't playing ball.
As long as you're running (dd|open)wrt, you're somewhat at the mercy of esoteric hardware and running software not supported by the manufacturer.
x86 is a well understood platform
But if you want easy or cheap, then... yea, one of the wrt's.
Yeah...I don't want to spend more than $50 honestly.
I'm still on ddwrt but it's been upgrade hell. @CircusCat prefers openwrt iirc
3:25 AM
I feel like I should get more than enough power out of that.
I think they sorted out the chipset issues, though.
@Allenph ...$50 doesn't get you much :P
@Bob The RPI3s only use 2.4 at a max speed of like 100mbps or something like that.
@Allenph A decent router will cost you at least $150. We paid $230 for our Nighthawk X4S.
and don't start with the rpi3, which has, frankly, terrible performance for any real workload
@Allenph if you really want cheap, pick up one of the basic TP-LINK things, flash it, and be done with it
don't expect much out of it
3:27 AM
I'm not really an open-source purist. I choose the solutions that best fit my needs.
@Bob I started with the ODROID. I should have stayed...but.
I'm running a web server, an email server, and a DLNA server for LAN.
Not too heavy.
If open-source best meets these requirements, then I'll go with the open-source solution. If not, I'll pick something else.
Especially spread over three Pis.
@Allenph frankly, I dislike most ARM boards
@Allenph What level of openness do you need?
3:28 AM
(and that's after using a rpi, and playing with a thunderx server)
they work for some things, but can be pretty damn finicky
Side note...there's never going to be a way for me to play nice with my ISPs router if I want hairpinning, is there? IE...connected to ISP's router...try and hit my domain...request filtered to my other router?
I'm sure someone makes a pfSense-capable ARM board
Is it completely open with no closed components whatsoever, or can a few binary blobs be tolerated?
but, honestly? you're not getting it for $50
If you're looking for a 100% purely open solution, your options are extremely limited.
3:30 AM
@bwDraco The RPi3 has some non-free components. I mean...you have to be pragmatic at some point.
6 mins ago, by Allenph
@Bob Part of the goal is to do this all open-source. (Software at least...the RPI3 will finally remove non-free components in the GPU bootloader in Stretch)
@Allenph you can probably fiddle with static routes and hairpinning on a NAT layer before hitting the ISP router
@Allenph Blah. I don't subscribe to the ideological theory that all software must be free.
(let's not get into the free software/open-source software debate here)
@Allenph if you want to stick with ddwrt, look up supported TP-link models on the ddwrt wiki and buy one you're happy with
@bwDraco I don't either.
3:31 AM
you have maybe 3 or 4 models to choose from under the $50 mark
I think there is a space for paid software. Even proprietary.
I think maybe one supported 802.11ac
@Bob My problem with DDWRT is that they SAY they support it but fail to mention that model doesn not support OpenVPN, etc.
tbh more recently I've been trying to separate my APs from my routers
I understand it's very difficult, but.
3:33 AM
custom firmware works fine for routing. it tends to suck for wlan
I realize that a 100% open solution eliminates any potential security concerns due to hidden vulnerabilities or (worse, although unlikely) backdoors that cannot be easily detected.
@Allenph and that is why I suggested x86 with pfSense
@Bob Maybe another RPi3 doing the routing and the VPN and just using the router as a bridge?
Why not just x86?
Consider getting a Compute Stick.
@Allenph that could work. personally not a fan cause it's a single slow (100mbit) port, but I've done it in the past
3:34 AM
@bwDraco Honestly...because I'm a little OCD and can barely tolerate the router not fitting on my nice neat wireless "server rack."
@bwDraco a compute stick is possibly just as bad as a single-board ARM machine
you're not getting much connectivity out of it
@Bob The application is extremely cost-sensitive.
x86 is not cheap. The Compute Stick is the cheapest solution I could suggest.
At that point I might as well get two wireless radios and use the Rpi3 itself as the bridge, yeah?
I'm not sure what to suggest at this point.
Even though I'm the one responsible for managing the network at home for my parents, I don't want a solution that requires too much maintenance.
@Allenph remind me why you can't run openvpn with ddwrt?
was it the lack of flash?
3:41 AM
@Bob The particular router I have has a weird partition scheme apparently. The flash is effectively limited to 3.8ish MB.
So I picked the newest build that fit.
> OpenVPN is only available on units with at least 8mb flash
Back to the Radeon Vega discussion: The Vega 10 die is huge, larger than even Pascal GP102, with 12.5 billion transistors over 486 mm2. A big reason for this is the large amount of SRAM on the chip. tomshardware.com/news/…
It supports PPTP.
But that's obviously not secure.
Anyways...thanks guys! Appreciate it!
@Allenph See if you can get your hands on a WR842ND
that one has 8 MB flash
A WDR3500 could also work
@Allenph ^
In other AMD news... tomshardware.com/news/…
New 8C/16C Threadripper chip for the TR4 platform.
3:48 AM
ooh, an Archer C50 is actually really cheap
and supported by openwrt => wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/archer-c50
@Bob I think I'll look at that last one. If worst comes to worse...I could probably install whatever I want on the USB with JFFS.
but maybe not ddwrt
@Allenph take a look at the C50
(Ryzen Threadripper 1900X: 8C/16T Whitehaven (Zen) @ 3.8-4.0 GHz, 16 MB L3$, 4 MB L2$. 180W TDP, $549.)
XFR on Threadripper has been revealed to be +200 MHz on all chips thus far.
I'll take a look. Thanks @Bob.
So much exciting AMD news \o/
Preorders for Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X open tomorrow and will ship on August 10.
Now... one of those things I like about Threadripper is how they're hitting fairly high clocks with all cores under load. 3.4 GHz over 16 cores is quite remarkable.
So... your thoughts?
4:39 AM
May 30 at 15:38, by djsmiley2k
@bwDraco yey free screwdrivers for everyone! \o/
Torx wrenches will be supplied with the processors.
4:54 AM
so... it basically a cut down, full fat server processor?
cause I remember oldschool server processors had heatsinks held down by screws
@JourneymanGeek Yeah - but with two Zeppelin dies (and two blanks for IHS structural integrity) instead of four.
May 30 at 15:13, by bwDraco
Well, well. The SP3 socket is going to be tricky to work with. The cover is secured with Torx screws. Then again, it was originally designed for server processors...
(TR4 is a close relative of the server SP3 socket)
the spaces are new
the multi die packages are not
Latest work place lolz.
I had to move a router cause some idiot I shall not name placed it above a false ceiling. Which appears to be occupied by birds
@Bob ^
5:17 AM
5:42 AM
@JourneymanGeek o_O
6:15 AM
@Bob Just placed a bid for the C50. Thanks.
7:01 AM
@Allenph You'll want to note that ddwrt doesn't seem to list C50 support.
OpenWRT does but it seems to need a TFTP flash, not a webui flash.
Though it is a cheap way to get 8 MB flash
7:54 AM
ugh! its timesheets day
8:45 AM
no more for me
no more shifts ever again
are you starting your new job tomorrow?
@djsmiley2k :)
and day off today to not break working time ;D
however some how today as gone from 'nothing to do, have fun all day' to do the shopping
and my god the house ios so messy -_-
9:11 AM
arugh shopping time
9:51 AM
lol. S8 knockoff banggood.com/…
I see a familiar face!
10:10 AM
Hello people
I've been dared to get pink braces
I have three minutes to decide before the orthodontist calls me in.
Should I do it?
It'll be for a month
@Rahul2001 lol by whom?
It sounds a bit "gay"
@DavidPostill semi-girlfriend/best friend
Not so much girlfriend tbh anymore
@DavidPostill hm. What does that mean, exactly?
@Rahul2001 Erm without offense to anybody "gay" is an expression that can mean "homosexual"
@DavidPostill ah yeah well
@Rahul2001 Don't
10:13 AM
Colors shouldn't be related to homosexualitiy :/
@OliverSalzburg lol why not?
I might just get purple instead, darker colour look better
@Rahul2001 If you like pink, go for it. If a girl "dared" you to do it, don't
@OliverSalzburg well, too many people are looking forward to it
And I don't have anything against the color
So eh
This is the way in which girls test if you have a spine or if they can shape you to their will
Lol the teacher overheard us and she just said "you'll look cute" ;p
You also don't let a girl give you a makeover, paint your nails or cut your hair
10:15 AM
We have a very weird teacher
@OliverSalzburg ah yeah well. Fair enough.
I used to paint my own nails at 6th form
but thiungs are different here... so
@OliverSalzburg yeah seen that in the past. But I've known this girl for a long time, she knows what she can ask me to do and what I will refuse.
@Rahul2001 You're right, it shouldn't be. But we all live in our own little societies and cultures. And while it is still associated by people in a way that they possibly will make fun of you, it's best not to try to be a pink rebel
@Rahul2001 I'm exaggerating, but there is truth to what I said. How much, you will learn later in life :P
@OliverSalzburg lol okay :)
@djsmiley2k guys don't usually paint their nails here. Isn't seen as "masculine"
When I was younger I let girls pull that shit on me several times and I always regretted it. I always thought it would get me "in" with them, it didn't. It just friendzoned me. Of course, your mileage may vary, but be careful not to be dragged into stuff you might later regret just to get your hands on a girl
Now I really want to know what that $75 S8 clone is like :\
Wish I could get an Audi S8 clone for that price
10:26 AM
fracking friendzone
@Rahul2001 that was the point of doing it.
I never had a chance wit hthose girls
so friendzone was fine
it gave me friends xD
it did however get the attention of some other girls, whom I've spoken about b efore
phantomjs depcreated on gentoo, advises to use chromium in headless mode
10:41 AM
I did it
or is it :D
@Burgi fracking indeed
@Rahul2001 sex?
@Burgi got pink braces
10:44 AM
Because friends dared me to
for your teeth?
@Burgi yep. Stuck with these for 5 weeks
fair enough
In other news.
Today is mum's marriage anniversary. No one has brought it up yet.
10:58 AM
@OliverSalzburg lol do I want to know you're going?
you know, with that and "shape you to their will"
@Avery I gave more details later on :D
to be fair, pink braces can be passed off as "oh I got them to match the color of the skin (or whatever the parts inside mouth are called)"
You either want them or you don't. If someone else "dares" you to, then it's not what you want
If you want to do what they want, then there should be some incentive. But I propose that it is not worth it
@OliverSalzburg yeah that ended up like the other possibility apparently. Still "friendzone" is a bad statement, because while you don't end up with a partner, you end up with a close friend, which is probably acceptable for many once they realize the rarity and importance of that.
In the end though, nothing is more valuable than your own experience :D
11:02 AM
@Avery gums?
@Avery I agree that a good friendship is a nice thing to have. But not when you intended a romantic relationship. In that case, it will hold you back emotionally
@JourneymanGeek idk, are those what the meat (or again, what it is called) above teeth in mouth is called?
@oli @ave I regret nothing
11:16 AM
Good :)
@djsmiley2k dude
You met your wife when you were like 15
well, I was 16
it was march
so 16 and 3 monthsish
I mean I never had a chance, because they weren't interested
My grandmother gave birth to my mom when she was 16.
11:19 AM
Lucky. Very damn lucky.
@Rahul2001 hmmm debatable
As I've said before, If I wasn't with her, I'd haave had lots of fun later on.
@djsmiley2k hm.
every decision has 2 halfs
11:38 AM
When I check Facebook and look at the women that were my girlfriends when I was below 20, I am glad af that none of those are my wife
@djsmiley2k it might have 2 sides, but not 2 halves, no.
Given how much your character can develop between 15 and 30, I would consider it very rare that you can stand the same people around you
two ways to go
@OliverSalzburg indeed
There's very few people I can stand, full stop xD
When I was 15, it was enough to share the same taste in music to start a relationship
Today there are 1 person in 1 million who even share the same taste in music that I have
And now politics, culture, views on parenting, ... come into play
don't forget if you have the right squishy bits that they are interested in!
thats a big thing these days
11:41 AM
Good point
let's be honest, that was always a concern, not just lately.
its more out in the open these days
At least it's not something that can easily catch you by surprise
Well, not in my experience anyway
11:44 AM
Political views can catch you by surprise
speaking of politics... its 100 years since the passendale offensive today
from what they were saying on the radio it was the grimmest bit of the war
soliders drowning in mud...
moving swiftly on...
DBAN... obviously disk size affects the speed but are there any other considerations?
what sort of wipe you're doing, rotational speed...
@Burgi true, and that's kinda fun to argue about
@JourneymanGeek i think i am just doing the basic free one
11:50 AM
does CPU make a difference? if i slap the drives in a faster PC will they process faster?
well, my boyfriend sees the openness unnecessary and shoving-into-face...-ey, I see it as representation and a call for acceptance and clarity. It's fun to have constrictive criticism regarding that topic.
@Burgi Don't overdo the iterations :P
or is it all down to the drive speed?
tbh, not really
It's mostly drive speed
11:51 AM
its probably all down to (realworld) drive speed
@Burgi most of it is fixed patterns
so just drive
darn it
maybe cache? I donno
the basic zeros SHOULD be pretty quick tho
the drives that are 200GB+ are taking about 6 hours to process
@OliverSalzburg Hm. Have you walked towards any weird rectangular objects on beaches lately, @JourneymanGeek?
11:53 AM
hmm. No
Wauzers dislike sand. It gets everywhere
@Burgi Don't bother with DBAN. Just dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/blah bs=1M
200 GB in 6 hours is about 10 MB/s. A modern drive should manage anywhere from 100 to 200 MB/s sequential.
DBAN is probably doing something stupid. Well, the whole concept is stupid so of course it is...
so if i boot off a linux liveCD then run that command in the terminal i should be ok?
assuming you don't target the wrong drive
that's the risk, I suppose
most of the machines are ~2006 era
but it's certainly "secure" enough
@Burgi hm. I can't remember what HDD speeds were like back then
still feels like it should be better than 10 MB/s though, unless it's spending all its time on relocating sectors
also, old drive, possible errors, you'd want to tell dd to conv=noerror
@Burgi do you still need the drives? take a drill to them?
or just wait for DBAN, *shrug*
11:58 AM
@Bob That looks more like snow to me :)
@DavidPostill hm... it snows on beaches, right? :P
I can't remember why I installed java
and now it's bugging me about updates
I should probably uninstall it, but idk what needed it
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