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8:00 PM
It depends. I have earbuds that will rest on the bottom of my ear.... flap... thing, and it stays in unless I pull them up and out. In-ear usually have some rubber thing that sticks into your ear canal, as well, though that's not good for your ears because it can impact ear wax.
There are designs that have a hook that goes around the top of your ear, sorta like a hearing aid too.
also, on aircraft, I have to wear Earplanes to avoid severe ear pain and possibly eardrum damage. I have great difficulty equalizing my ears with pressure changes as it is; to have the direct pressure changes of an aircraft on me would be unbearable
What are Earplanes?
Have you tried chewing gum?
@BenRichards chewing gum and swallowing is effective WITH earplanes, but not without, for me
I'm clicking my ears all the time anyway. If I can't, it's because of earwax being impacted, preventing me from fixing the pressure differential.
I probably have some sort of muscle that lets me do that. I don't think everyone can.
as the airplane takes off and descends (moreso the descent than the takeoff), it changes pressure at a rate that can cause the eustachean tube to become sealed shut and pushed shut by the pressure -- which causes the insides of your ears and sinuses to start building up pressure, much like a submarine underwater. if this gets too bad, your eardrum bursts.
the Earplanes have a ceramic porous filter that allows pressure changes, but drags it out over a longer period of time
by constantly trying to equalize the Eustachean tubes during descent with the Earplanes, I can "keep up" with the reduced pressure change gradient.
8:03 PM
I've never had things that extreme on planes.
Must depend on how some people's ear canals are shaped.
@BenRichards I have a history of ear problems. infections, blood blisters on the eardrum, tubes, outer and inner ear infections, etc.
I have mutant ears that are already damaged
and pretty much year-round cold-like symptoms from allergies
I had ear infections a lot as a kid. I'm also susceptible to earwax buildup. But that's about it.
I like how these earbuds have this in their marketing points:
> Neodymium magnets
> Provide sound reinforcement.
"and neodymium magnets to deliver quality sound"
uh huh ok
Also, add tagline on best buy page:
> BEATS BY DR. DRE OPEN-BOX HEADPHONES The same sound for less, in a variety of styles and colors.
Hah, yeah. "for less"
why are they less, though? because someone opened them up, got their earwax all over them, broke them, and gave them back?
Yeah, open-box is basically a returned item. They mark it down.
I actually bought my type cover 2 for my Surface pro 2 as open-box. Cost of the touch cover, basically. Though it does glitch occasionally and I have to reattach it, though I'm not sure if that's firmware or not. Hard to determine.
maybe that's why they opened the box and returned it ;p
8:12 PM
I wonder!
Either way, I've had it for a couple(?) years now and it's been fine :P
Fine enough, that is.
Gonna get these. In-store pickup is nice. Saves me time browsing the shelves. :P
Ooh, instant $25 off with my rewards points :P
> Shift Bluetooth audio
> Enables simple wireless streaming from compatible Bluetooth-enabled devices. SignalPlus technology helps minimize skipping for clear playback.
That seems to say to me that it can cache the audio stream locally and eliminate dropouts?
> Traditionally when sound is compressed on a phone or music player,
sent through the air by Bluetooth connection, and decompressed by the
Bluetooth headphones, there is a substantial amount of packet loss.
It means your music comes through lacking some soul, lacking some
punch, and with a certain amount of static-like white noise.

Through perfecting a custom implementation of the native Bluetooth
SBC codec, which we call Shift™, we deliver a level of purity and
sound that rivals and challenges the very best in wired headphones.
1. packet loss would come in the form of dropouts, but they're talking about quality, which is an entirely different thing
2. even their "improved" SBC is very likely far worse than AAC or apt-X, as is available on actually good cans
(in particular, AAC is indistinguishable from 256k-ish MP3)
nods I wouldn't expect super high quality sound from earbuds anyway. That's not their selling point. :P
Too late. :)
windows wont save my theme when I logoff
8:23 PM
I'm gonna stop at Best Buy (down the street from me) and pick up these earbuds on the way home.
@BenRichards I cannot leave work on a route that is even remotely efficient in terms of miles and trip time without passing directly by a Best Buy
so I get the convenience factor
I did in-store pickup for a laptop once
however, I'm pretty picky about my BT cans @_@
@snipe I probably could fix this but I'm at work.
1) You're on a standard/administrator account in W7, not Guest?
2) You don't have any group policies (i.e. workplace/school) that could restrict use of Windows?
3) I suspect if 1 & 2 are true, you may have a corrupted registry where the preferences are stored (can happen if a windows update or program installation/uninstallation screws up).
3a) I'd recommend seeing if there's a Microsoft Knowledge Base article and a Fixit tool to fix it for you there.
Can't spend more time on it than that though, sorry.
im on system on XP
Eww XP.
Well, still, not Guest then?
well im not even sure it says administrator when I lock the workstation but on the start menu it says system but its using the localservice profile
yes definetley not guest
8:29 PM
localservice? Never heard of that with regards to user profiles. You're logged in as LOCALSERVICE?
That's exceedingly weird.
im logged in as system or administrator not sure
the profile folder its using is local service though
SYSTEM is also not a user that you can log in as.
Well that's still weird. Your user is not set up right then.
you can.
You're not supposed to.
use power shell
8:30 PM
I'm talking regular windows logins.
Not runas or anything.
oh then probably not
Im doing this because it changes the logon box theme not because I wanna use that account for general purposes
only way so far I know how unless theres a registry thing
If you want to do that, just use a tool like Stardock LogonStudio.
Probably safer than hacking it yourself.
9:16 PM
@BenRichards Love their work.
1 hour later…
10:40 PM
Just got my Nexus 9, along with the official keyboard folio to go with it.
Unlocking the bootloader, hang on...
Bootloader unlocked.
Preparing to flash TWRP...
Coool. I should root my Nexus 5 at some point.
Preparing to install CyanogenMod 12 and Gapps.
10:58 PM
Just had a convo with a fax machine by whistling into the phone. I must be bored.
Minesweeper is such a dick
50/50! Did you win?
It took me a while to get the driver working.
Pushing the zip files to the device...
@MichaelFrank No -.- I clicked the top one, and it went BOOM
Then my monitor exploded, and the NSA called me... JK
Installing zip files.
Rebooting to start CyanogenMod for the first time.
Booting up...
11:09 PM
@DragonLord You make it sound so suspenseful! :o
> Android is upgrading...
We're almost there.
A: How can I assign an external static IP to my machine?

David CusterIf I had more rep, I would comment. I guess I'll just change my answer. What OS are you using?

Can somebody explain users like this?
Do they honestly believe that is acceptable?
My had hurts a little because I hit it against my desk to many times ;$
I only know one creature that can put a smile on my face
:$ Cutest Puppy Ever!
@DragonLord Nice
11:22 PM
Thats one of hp's streams?
by the looks of it
@Ramhound Nexus 9.
I've done this on two other devices, including several times on my 2012 Nexus 7. Installing CyanogenMod on the Nexus 9 is not much harder.
Device is up and running.
It'll be a while before it's completely set up, though...
Root enabled.
@DragonLord I'll probably install CM when I get home tonight. It's about time I refreshed my phone anyway.
11:49 PM
Our software deployment program wasn't running on this computer I'm working on, so I initiated a restart... as soon as Explorer closed the deployment software popped up and started doing it's thing. -_-
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