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5:58 AM
@user2901020 Welcome to Root Access chat for Super Users! I am this channel's helpful chat bot. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. For bot commands, type !!listcommands
does anyone has in-depth knowledge of remote wakeup (i.e. PCI PME)?
7:00 AM
@balpha Welcome to Root Access chat for Super Users! I am this channel's helpful chat bot. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help. For bot commands, type !!listcommands
Who's responsible for that guy ^^^?
@balpha click the bot's name you'll see his about me, it says right there :)
[some|all]quixotic is his owner
7:15 AM
@allquixotic Please disable the greeting. Annoying every user joining the official Super User room and pretending that a bot that calculates fuckability is an official part of the chat is not acceptable. If someone knows about the bot and talks to it fine, but an auto-greeting is crossing the line. And please reconsider the /fuckable command.
I have suspended the bot for now, let me (or another moderator) know when the greeting is off.
@balpha I don't know much about how the bot works - haven't had much time to spend in this room since its inception - but I do believe anybody can teach it (and make it forget) commands, so the commands you took exception to likely aren't a built-in feature per se. FWIW.
@GeoffDalgas @TimPost:
^ I think that would answer any lingering questions
7:37 AM
If I'm correct, that bot can forget commands, but can't learn commands (the del permission controlling who can make it forget stuff), really do want to reconsider /fuckable
@TimPost Apparently it is a full command: github.com/Zirak/SO-ChatBot/blob/…
Based on the algorithm there, I'm thinking they could just rename it to "acceptable to date" or something... isn't that the generic thing about if somebody's within a certain age range and some factor then they are/aren't socially acceptable as a partner?
Yeah, it's just the phrase that some might find questionable / offensive
That bot has some pretty cool plugins
1 hour later…
9:18 AM
i asked this question :superuser.com/q/674809/241659
but later i found an exact question here :superuser.com/q/279459/241659
should i delete or vote to close my question ?
i found the later after posting the question.
Can laptop motherboards have UMA / IGP graphics? While such today are located on processor's die, I want to know if those are also built into motherboard.
i am a little less on votes for my questions and i get frequently blocked out from asking questions.I don't want to happen that again.
9:50 AM
@Boris_yo: sure
Q: How Can I Not Show the Green Download Progress Display for Google Chrome in the Windows Taskbar?

theMaxxI use Windows 7 and when downloading with Google Chrome the icon in the taskbar has a partially green background that indicates the download progress. Is there a way to not show this green status indicator in the Windows taskbar? I find it distracting when I am working. It seems there is no op...

@Ash: as cynical as it sounds, I'd leave it be for now
> there seems to be surprisingly little information about this on the internet
Yes, very surprising ;D
since it'll take a while to close/delete ;p
I just spent a few minutes trying to work out the IP address for my raspi
which is still wired to the old router, and on the same ip addess and subnet
10:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek How do you identify socket type by physical observation?
not easily
on desktops it usually says somewhere that they are
never opened up a laptop properly before
10:53 AM
Do you sell on eBay @JourneymanGeek?
What do you do with old laptops?
usually? Run them till they completely fall apart
I have 7 year old HP laptop but don't know what to do with it.
well, nothing is an option
I have one basically as a loaner system, at the moment its plugged into a printer to act as a print server
11:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek Loaner? You loan it?
if someone's system is down, or we have guests who need access to a laptop?
@JourneymanGeek Oh you live in a hotel. You are hotel manager!
no, but we have visitors
naw, I live in an office
Hey you could also charge visitors per hour...
In dollars minus years you have this laptop since its manufacture date.
11:20 AM
So if usual price in your locale is $10 per hour, subtract years of your laptop and charge them. Quite fair.
I actually have a photo of @JourneymanGeeks house
@OliverSalzburg That's from Sims!
He is not a Sim.
It's not from Sims, it's from Google :P
(we actually have something like that in plastic...)
I'm picking up one of these to replace my WRT54GL
good reviews, supports tomato, ddwrt and another third party firmware thats specific to this
11:27 AM
@JourneymanGeek There is problem with sending data?
@Boris_yo: presumably
I'll be seeing if I can work out what's wrong, its only wifi anyway
@JourneymanGeek Can it be fixed by specialist in laboratory?
not really worth it
@JourneymanGeek Tried replacing antennae?
I want to see if there's any obvious damage, then just use it as a wired router/switch as needed
its probably not an antenna problem
besides, I've been complaining about the router being too tanky for ages ;p
11:34 AM
@JourneymanGeek Tanky? As bulky?
built like a brick outhouse ;p
I've had this router for almost, and maybe over 10 years
I've never had any major issues with it until now either
12:00 PM
@JourneymanGeek How bad are refurbished motherboards?
Search for "nook formats" in Google. See result "What file formats are compatible..." with URL: e-readers.techcrunch.com

When clicking on result you arrive at completely different website. Weird bug?
@Boris_yo: probably not very
This is painful :P
depends on who refurbished them
@JourneymanGeek Dell's motherboard, means sent back to Dell and refurbished.
@Boris_yo: then its probably ok
12:14 PM
@JourneymanGeek But since this motherboard is offered on mainland of China...
1 hour later…
1:21 PM
Dell's Next Business Day warranty misunderstanding: bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/stories/1999/04/26/…
1:49 PM
@JourneymanGeek That was dark.
2:08 PM
@JourneymanGeek what's tomato? a dd-wrt fork?
@Braiam Not a fork, another alternative firmware
What is the best software to recover deleted data?
from Windows 7
that is free
ok, I was thinking that I finally could make ketchup out my router... seems that he's still not useful
@EinsteinsGrandson recuva.
I can't use any Boot CD
err... unplug the drive, use another system
2:11 PM
@EinsteinsGrandson The software that you used to create your backup of the data
@JourneymanGeek you sure?
@OliverSalzburg he backups Wednesdays... and today is Tuesday :(
ddwrt's compat list only lists the N66U, and the AC56U/AC66U
@EinsteinsGrandson Rule 1 of undeleting: it doesn't work. Rephrasing: don't expect it to work.
I don't understand
what i did was
that i overwrote the file
There were 2 files
on my desktop
and A2.xlsx
I renamed A2 to A1
So now I don't have the original A1 anymore
Is there any hope?
2:17 PM
Did you pull the plug immediately? No? It's probably gone.
Created a new file and/or downloaded something and/or installed a new program? Almost definitely gone.
It's gone.
1 minute ago
I have 400 GB of 448 GB free
Rule 2 of undeleting: don't write anything to the drive.
it will not help me?
on the partition !
2:19 PM
Don't use the drive, don't even shut down (files can be written on shutdown), just pull the plug and recover offline (boot disk, etc.)
By now? Probably too late.
You could try, but every second you continue to run anything on the drive you have a high chance of nuking that data.
@JourneymanGeek Pong
@JourneymanGeek Pong
new router installed
dead zone is about a foot smaller ;p
you got lead in the walls or something?
oh yea, does ddwrt actually work on it?
@JourneymanGeek The N56U (not on the compat table) seems to use Ralink hardware, while the N66U, AC56U and AC66U (all listed on ddwrt's compat table) use Broadcom
!!mustachify Braiam
dafuq? you guys kill Cavil again?
2:30 PM
@allquixotic balpha took exception to a certain command
check your pings
oh, right.
7 hours ago, by balpha
@allquixotic Please disable the greeting. Annoying every user joining the official Super User room and pretending that a bot that calculates fuckability is an official part of the chat is not acceptable. If someone knows about the bot and talks to it fine, but an auto-greeting is crossing the line. And please reconsider the /fuckable command.
read about there
so it's OK for JavaScript to do it, but not us. cool.
not sure why the sudden mod-storm either, actually
"balpha" doesn't come up when I @ in here either, so I guess I can't reply to him
I guess I'll just ask a question on meta.SU
2:33 PM
> But just to make it clear: We can, at any time and with or without any reason, say "We don't want that anymore; turn it off now."
A: Are bots specifically allowed or prohibited in Stack Exchange chatrooms?

balphaWith Coding Kitten, FlackBot, and Eliza, there are at least three precedents for this. There is no official support, e.g. an API or something like that; any bot has go through the same channels as a normal user. This includes Eliza (which, just for the record, was just a fun weekend project of m...

(yay, another instance contradicting "community decisions"...) hides
@Bob Pops showed up sometime ago playing with the bot.
@jokerdino yea, pretty sure he's seen it before. that reaction was a little out of the blue, though
they probably won't break any kind of API at the moment.
@jokerdino that's not the point here...
What was it?
2:37 PM
read up about a page
I can't think of any reason that would happen unless someone complained
I can't think of anyone who would complain
this is just bloody odd
especially where thats part of the base bot
@Bob: minor mistake on my part there
with respect to dd wrt and tomato support
was there whatever command he was talking about learned by the bot?
2:40 PM
@jokerdino: no. Its part of the original bot code
@jokerdino it's a builtin command carried over from the original bot
which is currently running on at least one SO room
unless that's been disabled too
eh, that's dooble standards
@allquixotic: I can't even remember the last time someone ran that trigger
2:41 PM
most definitely still running:
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 16 secs ago, by Caprica Six
@Bob Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Guess you just need to patch that command.
Wait, he actually takes offense with the greeting?
@jokerdino he also wanted the greeting removed (???)
that's even more wtf
because, really now?
yeah, it's considered spamming now.
...unless something is broken, it should only greet the first time a given user appears
which really only applies to users new to this room, not counting when its memory is wiped (a few times so far while moving to different drivers)
can someone please verify that this link is correct; the site is blocked for me atm


To share experience with others
i need the JavaScript chatroom not Java
link plz
2:48 PM


Topic: Anything JavaScript, ECMAScript including Node, React, ...
thanks bob.
caprica 6 does the greet too
I'm confused
@JourneymanGeek exactly
and @jokerdino tested, it's running the base bot with that command:
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 47 secs ago, by Caprica Six
@jokerdino 420, help, listen, eval, coffee, live, die, refresh, forget, ban, unban, info, jquery, choose, user, listcommands, norris, urban, parse, tell, mdn, afk, awsm, color, convert, define, findcommand, fuckable, get, github, google, hang, inhistory, learn, 5318008, i_am_a_robot, aliens, ym, format, 3point14, camel, ihatelanadelrey, fa, knock, lick, insult, ultimateinsult, microlove, easytools, wherearethegoats, tobacconist, ninjad, adventure, w3schools, 3mdn, joystick (page 0/4)
right. Now I need to work out if I forgot...
2:51 PM
@allquixotic it should still ping even if it doesn't come up in a tooltip
or maybe ask in... what was that channel... TL on MSO's chat?
@JourneymanGeek Tavern on the meta.
What is the maximum number of rows that i can have in Google Docs Spreadsheet?
@allquixotic Easy fix: Just name your bot Caprica Seven and put a female avatar with a hot girl.
Apparently it is the accepted standard.
In free version
2:57 PM
@EinsteinsGrandson What have you tried?
What did you find?
put 1000 rows in Google Docs Spreadsheet
it lets me only like 350
not more than that
@EinsteinsGrandson Weird, I think I have way more than that in one.
I have one with 730 rows open now. Just pressed a button and now it has 2730 rows.
maybe it is the issue of Opera
i will try Chrome
Do you see a button "add more ______ lines to the end"?
3:00 PM
What happens if you use it?
@JourneymanGeek no, but immediately (in terms of messages - there was a 7 hour gap) prior someone new to the room ran listcommands
I guess that's the "anyone who would complain" part answered.
bleh, thats kinda obnoxious
going into a room, messing with the bot, then complaining about aspects of it to TBTB
3:08 PM
Just not pointing fingers too fast, because that's certainly not any conclusive evidence.
For all we know, it might've triggered a filter for how many times someone/thing says "fuck"... in which case I'd probably be on the list.
Q: Some issues with a recent action that was taken regarding the Root Access chat bot

allquixoticI would like to discuss with some civility a recent action that has occurred in the Root Access chatroom. First, allow me to catch everyone up on the facts of the situation: Overview Q: What happened? A: Please see this message in Root Access chat. This decision is the primary reason for askin...

there we go
@allquixotic I've pinged Ben (balpha) - we're going talk about it in a moment. Probable outcome, we're going to ask that the auto greeter be turned off everywhere, and that folks strongly re-think the naming of the '/fuckable' command if they use the bot.
@allquixotic Perhaps link to the previous question on a good greeting message?
No fair. I never tried what that command ever did.
3:14 PM
@jokerdino it's one of those "based on the given age, what's the minimum age that would be considered acceptable for intimate relationships" things
@TimPost As I wrote in my meta post, I have every intention of removing that objectionable command. I do not, however, understand the reasoning for turning off the auto-greeter, especially if the greeting can be worded in such a way as to inform the user that this is an unofficial, community bot.
I'd even be willing to let SE dictate what the wording of the auto-greeter must be (or contain), if that would make it any easier.
@Bob That, uh, is not quite useful for the chat, is it?
> //they made me make it. I begged them not to.
@allquixotic saw the deleted chat messages - didn't expect you to post such comments
3:16 PM
@Sathya They're deleted for a very good reason.
"on the Internets, there's no delete"
@Sathya Quick, delete it.
Honestly, I regret writing them at all, but that tends to be my reaction to something that I felt was arbitrary and unfair. Be that as it may, Google won't index them, and <10ks won't be able to read them. So that's something.
@jokerdino Funnily enough, there's a Wikipedia article on that...
I tried very hard to be civil in my meta post, and that's how I really feel now about it -- civil, ready to discuss in a rational way.
3:19 PM
Great, now my Google search history is rather... interesting.
@Bob Colourful I would say.
updated my meta Q with another point under General and another observation note
just to provide a little more
3:59 PM
@allquixotic It's a feature we've deliberately avoided incorporating into chat, at least for now, which is what Ben was worried about once he discovered that the bot was actually greeting people. He didn't mean to single your bot out at all - it just happened to be here that he first notced it
@TimPost Is there a post somewhere on why an auto-greet was specifically avoided?
@DarthAndroid I don't know if it ever came up on meta, it was discussed internally - I'll check though
@TimPost That's perfectly fine. All I will request that you'll do is to please read the section "The Case for the Auto-Greeter" here on my meta.SU question. I will greatly appreciate if you read that. Once you do, if you or Ben still feel that the auto greeting needs to go, then I will make it happen.
I won't be able to update the bot until this evening due to responsibilities elsewhere (work), but I will certainly remove the objectionable command (f***able) with no argument needed, and will also remove the auto-greeter if my plea in that meta post does not convince you.
Once I have performed the requested updates, I will inform you so that the bot can be un-suspended.
@Bob are you there?
4:16 PM
@allquixotic Yea?
did you ever get your key to login to the SU VM that Cavil runs in?
actually, nevermind
I'll do it on my phone
Why the f is everyone so in love with the stupid bots?
OMG, now I have to manually grab the grumpy cat URL from Google like a caveman!!!
@allquixotic Yea, I think I could go in?
You want me to strip out that command and the welcome?
Please see this commit and this one. If you don't understand JavaScript, the summary is: removed that objectionable command and removed the auto-greeter. I can attest in good faith that the next time ChatBot John Cavil appears in SuperUser chat, these commits will be applied to its code. I have killed the bot from the server side, so it will not appear again until I pull these changes. — allquixotic 1 min ago
@allquixotic Heh - the JS chatroom is... rather unhappy about this. (they're also saying that their bot shouldn't be held responsible for "abuse" of the bot in other rooms... hrm...)
4:23 PM
@Bob not surprised
@allquixotic Ya.
I still think the decision was arbitrary, does not constitute community consensus, and is a bit too much of "CYA" (Cover Your ***) and strongly goes against the spirit of free information and community-driven decisions that SE has been known for, but I didn't ever honestly expect SE to remain as open-minded as they first were
but for the sake of cooperation and getting the bot back, I made the requested changes
including removing the auto-greeter
next year I expect they'll want it gone entirely and not provide any justification, just "make it go away"
they could also be trying to clean up the site and the chatrooms to make it seem more professional for the careers.SE thing
@allquixotic pretty much the argument JS was making - also, they explicitly asked "why" a couple of times, no response
chat? seem more professional? ha!
but honestly, trying to merge an environment where IT professionals feel free to spout off, and a professional homeostatic environment that's allergic to anything not politically correct, is a dangerous combination, and I don't think SE is going to be successful in maintaining both in their ideal state within the same company
wait, lemme correct myself - technical people? seem more professional? hah!
4:28 PM
basically they don't want HR managers coming into chat and seeing !!fuckable and deciding that we're immature and lewd and deciding not to post job ads on careers
that's how I read it, because they aren't providing any other valid reason
heck, we could even have a command saying !!shoot or !!dang and HR managers might get offended
oh wait, I said heck... time to ban me
@allquixotic Heh - the JS room is discussing loopholes.
(I suppose we could move to a different, "unofficial" room.)
I mean declaring the room that people gather in the most as "official" is even more arbitrary and ridiculous.
Though, "the room's purpose is very specific to a well-defined group of people" is so open to interpretation... bleh.
Indeed you can feel the difference between Dell technician and Dell enthusiastic technician with passion when you speak to them through online chat...
meanwhile I'm bemused at point of "power" corrupting someone who designed & built the chat system
honestly it discredits your opinion every time you make a mention at that "power trip"
4:44 PM
hrm. they are doing a decent job of dodging/ignoring the question of "why"
At least three times now in JS
They are doing that because they fear someone might come in with flawless logic and dismantle their argument and then they would have to allow the bots back in and look silly
@JimmyHoffa You kinda missed the drama, didn't you?
Q: Some issues with a recent action that was taken regarding the Root Access chat bot

allquixoticI would like to discuss with some civility a recent action that has occurred in the Root Access chatroom. First, allow me to catch everyone up on the facts of the situation: Overview Q: What happened? A: Please see this message in Root Access chat. This decision is the primary reason for askin...

@OliverSalzburg solid argument
or scroll up a couple of pages.
It's just settling down now.
4:57 PM
@Sathya The thing that I perceive as a problem is that SE created these systems and then explicitly told the community that we are the ones who are responsible for governing it; then, without attempting to even understand what the community consensus is, they make some decision based on their own opinions. Do you not perceive that as a problem?
Hmm... Is there a danger of bots being banned from the system entirely?
Oookay. Now they've just told JS to rip out another part - specifically, their bot is used to aid their banning system (details).
I mean, I understand that they run the servers and hold the copyright on the code and can technically, legally, do whatever the hell they want; they're perfectly free to ban people or take any arbitrary action, and they are entitled to do that -- but at the same time, they gave the community a specific amount of (finite) power, and now they are totally bypassing that.
@Undo No, bots are allowed, but there is concern over particular features that some of the SE staff doesn't agree with. (And I still haven't seen any reasoning as to why).
If they wanted this to be another site run by fiat of the hosting company running it, they should've just come out and said so, and I've never have signed up in the first place.

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