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12:00 AM
@rlemon You got a problem with short people? What are you trying to say here? Is being short wrong on the internet? I don't like the tone of your voice.
@JimmyHoffa: and taller chairs!
well yes I also have an executive chair. otherwise your ass starts to get sore way to early in the evening
@Psycogeek Using little trickery, I accessed Dell technical support chat today and found out that part numbers eBay motherboards are listed under are parts for bare motherboards while there is also motherboard service kits which have also have same number of digits and they can be used with Dell's internal database to locate where such motherboards are used.
looks down from the chair
Relax Jimmy.. here, have another drink ;)
12:00 AM
I can't believe how much commotion is being caused by the chatbot...
@rlemon Now short people are drunks? Why because we've got no impulse control? What are you trying to say @rlemon?
@JimmyHoffa don't make me start an MSO post about short vs tall people! lolol
no Jimmy Hoffa enjoyed his drink.
@Psycogeek When I asked Dell upgrade parts for replacement motherboard, they gave me part number which was used in Russia and China while my laptop was purchased in USA. Who knows, maybe if I took plunge, it would not work. But guy told me he could not find motherboard matching part number of my motherboard.
and the stick man isn't likely short, he just needs to properly adjust his chair. that isn't good for your lower back to let your legs dangle all day.
think about your posture!
12:02 AM
@CanadianLuke: its probably cause it resulted in a sudden change of something thats a core function of the bots
let me dig up my response to another mod about why it likely blew up.
lol, I think my suggested edit to that MSO question got declined
@rlemon He also hit people a lot, do you think I'm some kind of violent person just because of my pseudonym? Am I supposed to think you're sour and harmful to stomach mucosa based on yours? I'll bet you think I've only got a 3rd grade education too
they didn't even partially accept the edit and include the grammar fixes
I agree with the bot greeting message, and we did kinda vote on it in OUR meta...
12:03 AM
apparently because I'm "one of those guys" who likes the auto-greeter, I'm not allowed to fix grammar and add facts to a post
well my profile picture is meant to accurately depict my personalty to the best ability any one image can.
so you can judge me all you want by it
@rlemon now you've got a problem with people of ill education? Violence is somehow not an acceptable form of expression? You better calm down with all these accusations.
@rlemon dude, he's clearly trolling you ;-D
@allquixotic I know but i'm Canadian, so I'm representing with nothing but politically correct responses
12:04 AM
he's using his magical powers of list monads to swizzle you into thinking he's being serious, when he's just joking around
@rlemon aha, there you go... good boy :)
I mean, this isn't my first outing on the chats.
just making sure you weren't actually feeling the full bite of His Right Honourable Sir Trollishness
How can CPU socket be BGA and PGA at the same time?
@rlemon Yea, I read the post that message is referring to. I just believe it should be up to each community, but I'm seeing so much discussion about it, but SE employees saying no to a simple welcome message
well that is also my position. disable it if you don't want it
12:06 AM
@allquixotic its a record. with lazers.
in our community it works well and we will suffer (well, we might be annoyed) if it is removed.
@CanadianLuke honestly, there's a lot of support on both sides, and the community is fairly divided -- it's the sort of issue where it would have been a very good thing for the SE employees' own reputation with the community to go ahead and ask their own MSO question about this (kinda like Mad Scientist did) and get peoples' opinion before taking action
even if the result ended up being them ruling against the auto greeter messages, I and others in the JS chat room would be a lot less peeved if there had been a discussion first
@allquixotic I'm also disappointed my godmode was deactivated
@CanadianLuke I'm not sure what happened to the godmode command, unless it was in one of the two files I deleted, but I doubt it
12:09 AM
The issue with banning it is mostly going to be felt in the JS room. Honestly. we get a lot of in and out traffic and before the message we were being asked like a dozen times a day "can I ask a question?"
it led to snide remarks and us ignoring said user
the system works for us
@rlemon To be sure that sounds like a different problem altogether
I don't see why they would remove it. Ultimately it has increased the quality of the JavaScript chat room.
@JimmyHoffa ok, we are on a Question and Answer site. you are going into the chat room titled Javascript with a question about javascript. What makes you think you would have to ask the most redundant of questions which is "can I ask a question?"
the entire site is dedicated to them asking questions!
hear that a dozen or more times a day for months and yes, it gets quite annoying
we had it pinned in the side bar, and in the description and people ignored it. since pinging them with that information they have stopped for the most part and everyone (including them) are happier
and if the lurkers are being annoyed, who is actually more important in this case. The people looking for help and the people who are offering it, or the people who are lurking in the background doing nothing
@rlemon Well, I read somewhere a long time ago on one of the SO blogs that they wanted to make the site comfortable and useful to veteran users so that we wouldn't be driven away by low quality questions; "can I ask a question" is a low quality question even for chat
honestly that was and is our number one reason for that message
I guess what they'll end up doing is actually scaring away all their veteran users, which is fine by me; if they want to make the place a grave yard, they're welcome to host a billion posts from 2013 and earlier, and basically nothing afterwards
12:18 AM
if it is nothing but noobs it will be the blind leading the blind. we may as well be on expertsexchange
and honestly, other recent policy changes and decisions that have come down from the top regarding the main Q&A sites, excluding chat entirely, have also been discouraging veteran users
I don't answer many main site questions anymore because it is hard to find one that isn't overly specifically about a stupid jQuery plugin
nothing interesting
(SO main site ofc)
so yeah, there was this one great insightful post a few years back about how they wanted to maintain a balance between being too choosy and too open, and between helping veteran users remain motivated while also being accessible to new users
seems they've failed at that effort, and they don't even realize or want to admit it.
I've actually gotten rather disappointed at how frequently I've looked at a question, thought about the answer, and then said to myself, "Eh, I'll let someone else answer that." because the question wasn't interesting to me.
I'm perfectly content to go elsewhere; at this point, the only thing keeping me here at all is the generally positive, upbeat, smart community of my peers, many of whom hang out in chat, but even those who don't, are still great overall
and I guess if we get an alternative chat site up and running for refugees I won't even miss that part and can cancel my SU account :)
12:22 AM
@allquixotic Yes, the method was , well sort of Random :-)
would need a replacement for the Q&A site though
Atwood's Discourse? hmmmm
@allquixotic resists urge to make smart ass comment on meta.su about your WALL OF COMMENTS!
@rlemon oh, please do make a smart ass comment about my wall of comments! it's totally warranted :) when I've dug in my heels, I'll argue a topic until we're talking about metaphysics or epistemology, and then I'll start quoting Descartes and Kant.
ohh yea, I have 155K+ messages in the so chat system. It is the only reason I am active on the site as much as I am. I much prefer the live interaction and help over the main site format.
fortunately the guy I was dueling with didn't get down to that level, or it would have strayed way off topic :P
12:24 AM
for me the chat is so
A: What should be the limits for chat bots interacting with regular users?

Benjamin GruenbaumI honestly believe that the people making decisions about the bot should be the community of the room. Stack Overflow has always worked well because of community decisions. This has been working really well for us in the JavaScript chat and we find the bot extremely useful. Other rooms who use ...

@rlemon I still get a few questions every now and then that I can really sink my teeth into on SU, so I wouldn't go that far to say that root access is SU for me
@allquixotic Invite him to continue the discussion in chat.
Waddup all?!
I like going to SU and seeing what interesting questions are available... sometimes some stuff really worth answering, either to clear up user misconceptions, help them reason about a problem, or just provide an answer
12:26 AM
@allquixotic well honestly, you guys don't even see a fraction of the foot traffic we do (correct me if i'm wrong)
@Boris_yo i would not think they could, But many china sites are offering items Generally. that might indicate they have or can do both. Sometimes the spec is wrong on some china sales also, have to be very carefull. They might list ALL specs for the models, but the model sold is a more limited edition. (for like phones and drvices)
@rlemon I'm not correcting you; you are right :)
so I imagine if you did you would see many more interesting questions :)
if the chat didn't have as many new faces with new problems on a daily basis it wouldn't be as interesting
12:30 AM
@rlemon we see a fair bit of people coming in and asking questions, and I love helping them
@JourneymanGeek do dogs use chairs?
@AGirlSaidMySmileIsCute First it was penguin and now turtle?
@Boris_yo Species be trollin' each other
@AGirlSaidMySmileIsCute It's contagious
12:33 AM
:O I just joined and am being forced to look at man nipples! oneboxes must go!
@Psycogeek Hmm I see Latitudes E6420 have heating problem with GPUs, be it Intel or nVidia. Maybe mine overheated and died but I did not measure temperature. However how could it die while laptop was on standby? Things happen though.

"The problem seems to be the thermal table built into the BIOS"
Even pokemons!
@Boris_yo those are the kind of clues you need to know why.
@Psycogeek Seems like was gap between heatsink and GPU according to post. Should I buy Arctic Silver 5 and use it with Ceramique 2? Are they both complement each other?
@Boris_yo You should use only AS5 but in very small ammounts and carefully. and if there is pads or gaps, then you probably want to have shims on hand as previously discussed.
12:41 AM
@AGirlSaidMySmileIsCute Your trolling burdens one of my CPU cores. If it burns, you will owe me second core.
@Psycogeek Pad? Made from fiber or something?
@Boris_yo google.com/… And those might be used in Other places, where they must go back there as there would be no shimming or bending things in place in some situations.
@Boris_yo lol
@Psycogeek So those are pads? I wonder what shims are like. They should be very thin? shims should be placed between pads and thermal compound between shims?
@Boris_yo My opinon of these stupid oily foam pads is very very low :-) I have seen video rams overheating where that method was applied and still fully functional, and it no less sucked. But ya gotta do what you gotta do. It not like they would bother to precision machine everything to micon sized perfection. so they dump in these Filler thrmal interface items , and it "works" some.
documentary evidence!
12:49 AM
They think pads are better than quality thermal compound?

Should I use gloves when removing thermal compound and putting new one? Should I use isopropyl alcohol to remove thermal compound properly?
@JourneymanGeek I wonder who is next to @JourneymanGeek
@Boris_yo: that is clearly not a terrier. This is merely proof of dogs on chairs.
@Boris_yo No they know pads suck :-) they Have-To use them when there is larger gaps even a tiny gaps. and when things are not soldered perfectally flat, and all that other stuff. They do Overuse them :-) when some really good machining and precision would have worked. but hey its an assembly line. Toss this on slap this together. Heck if cars werent made with plastic snap in trash, i would have to always walk :-0
@Boris_yo Alcohol isnt that effective against a good goop. tech solvent sprays are, but thats a mess and toxic nightmare too. Paper towels and alcohol, with paper towels acting like toilet paper . . . nuff said.
12:56 AM
So large gaps cannot be filled with thermal compound alone?

This one has harsh policy for non-US buyers: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=181254822975&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123
@Psycogeek Paper can scratch I think I read...
@Boris_yo: its probably due to shipping costs
@Boris_yo Then if you mess with them thermal Pads, they will have to be replaced. They collect dust, so will be dusty on the edges, they "crush" into position and wouldnt be to good about crushing again. They are filled with oily thermal slop that conducts like a "Deep Fat Fryer" (my analogy) , and if you Clean off the surfaces you remove the thermal oils, and then you gotta replace the pad. So either you leave it alone as much as possible, or replace.
@Boris_yo No if stuff does not come DOWN on the part and touch fully where you have metal to metal or metal to silicon, then you shouldnt try and replace crappy pads with goo. Although i Have done that many times. But only when i could re-arrange it to a full contact situation.
@JourneymanGeek Paper?
@JourneymanGeek You did not reply to correct message.
1:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek cute!
@Boris_yo: you need to learn to grok the context
@allquixotic: we can blame the comms room people for that. Thats one of my christmas hat-vatars.
(since photochopping a hat is lame)
@JourneymanGeek hehehe
@JourneymanGeek lol no I need to remember my messages to keep up.
How long does Windows take to shrink a volume?!
@Psycogeek Ceramique 2 is better than Arctic Silver 5?
1:12 AM
@AGirlSaidMySmileIsCute A long, long time. :(
@Boris_yo I dont know, ceramic goops are fully non-conductive and non-capactive. what kind of fun would that be when nothing can go wrong? I am not changing my preferacne when everytime i do it doesnt last Time (longevity).
@Psycogeek That's the point so I don't need to open up laptop often.
I fixed my old WRT54GL ;p
@Boris_yo That would be the point, to somehow perfect everything One time, and never have to see it again (in that state).
@JourneymanGeek How?
1:23 AM
@Boris_yo You have a big disadvantage, you never did this before. You have a big advantage, you can spend days doing it very carefully, which could prevent what happened from happening again. Gotta go do a system backup again, so i can install more horrible programs , BBl.
@Boris_yo: 30 30 30 reset
@rlemon Wow, this is surprisingly nice:
Q: Require two clicks to join a chatroom

GillesThere are two camps with very different positions regarding how users should be treated when they join a chat room: If you join a chat room, you've signed on to be addressed by random people and bots. It's expected that you may be pinged by anyone or anything. If you join a chat room, you're lu...

yea I was just reading it
1:46 AM
I was against this proposal, until you suggested it might reduce chat participants by 80%. Now, I kinda like it... — Shog9 7 mins ago
@Braiam They explicitly want minimal participation in chat here, it's probably more here at all because they'd get more complaints asking for it than if they didn't. But they would rather be without it.
The whole thing is structured not to drive social relations, that's why there's no private messaging and too many comments gets an auto-complaint
exactly... but then there is the XY problem to solve and no way to solve it efficiently.. :(
@Braiam Quite right, but that goes back to: SE isn't here to solve problems, it's here to gather authoritative info
Everything about SE suddenly made way more sense to me when I realized to think of it like Wikipedia. The participants are not the point, SE/Wikipedia does the minimal possible to get them because otherwise there's no site, but the point is the internet audience googling for info. Do too much to please your participants and you'll turn away your audience.
@JimmyHoffa And yet, despite many of the veteran users realizing and maturing to this fact, the vast majority of the userbase by numbers still thinks (wrongly) that it's about their problem and getting it solved.
Heh, remember we were talking about FP's image problem the other day? SE has a huge, fricking, image problem. Like, ginormous.
@allquixotic The other part of the problem is the amount of even veteran users who think it's about solving people's problems and playing friendly-buddy-buddy-help-guy and then they go to Metas around SE to complain that questions they want to answer are getting closed even though the questions will be of zero value to the broader internet audience or are unanswerable.
2:02 AM
you should all hang in the Javascript room a bit after this is all blown over.
@JimmyHoffa: about half of that describes what I do there ;p
err... my two more popular question were answered by myself... so... I don't know in what category I fall @JimmyHoffa
But having been through the battle of Programmers.SE which went from "Yeah let's try having a whatever-the-users-want site" to "HOLY shit that is a whole lot of totally wasted disk space in question format. Let's tell them they have to follow rules too now because otherwise we'll just rm -rf this shit" and seeing a community struggle through that transition.
A: why are the best questions the ones which have been closed?

Yannistl;dr We already tried supporting those questions, we even gave them their own site. Sadly, it didn't work out. C'est la vie. 3 years ago, a Stack Exchange site called Not Programming Related came out of Area51, the Stack Exchange staging zone. NPR was supposed to be a site where questions t...

I've seen the spectrum of why those arguments to "Let's just let them keep their crappy question open, who cares it's not helpful" all don't actually add up
@allquixotic seriously? Did somone tell him we dont care if he is still in his underware. as long as he doesnt post the pictures of it. Hey wait, you guys arent actually seeing me post in my underware are you? :-)
2:05 AM
@JimmyHoffa: I answer an embarrassing number of bikeshed questions (then give away quite a bit of that reputation)
@JourneymanGeek SupserUser is kind of hard to separate from that stuff, people come here because their mouse broke, not general mice or someone elses mouse in the future, theirs. They overwrote their MBR and want to know how to fix their mouse. That's what SuperUser is for. It's invariably going to be a lets-just-help-whoever-or-whatever question site.
@Psycogeek exactly, you fill out a darn profile, you come to chat to talk to the peeps... why are you getting aroused of a bot pinging you. remembering you the rules of the house?
@JimmyHoffa: oh, I was thinking of the heatsink question I just answered.
@OliverSalzburg how'd that Bushmills treat ya?
@JourneymanGeek Ironically it's crappy questions that garner the most rep. I'm still miffed that my highest rep answer is: programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/214059/… which is a crappy soft question as opposed to programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/206536/… which is a complex technical problem.
I know!
2:12 AM
@JimmyHoffa I've made a few edits to questions that generalized from "I have this problem with my thing!" to "How can I go about fixing problems of type X?"
we try to create canonical questions where it makes sense to do so; that makes SU more encyclopedic and tends to garner massive community approval
and if we're lucky it also solves the user's problem ;p
For a while this was my highest rep answer, which I almost didn't write because when I saw the question I brushed it off as "That's just obvious, and totally not useful content" but it got redditted.
A: Where does paypal's 92233720368547800 number come from?

Jimmy HoffaIt's the maximum value of a long (64 bit signed integral type). from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.int64.maxvalue.aspx The value of this constant is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807; that is, hexadecimal 0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. This would be the maximum value for a 64-bit signed inte...

I think I looked at the clock and was like "Well, I have 2 minutes to kill, may as well write something"
I've had that happen
superuser.com/questions/671249/… this is probably a better fit for physics.se ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yeah but the answer would be useless to everyone then, just like all the answers on Physics.SE... whistles and backs away
@JimmyHoffa that's the power of a simple (aka silly) but popular question
2:15 AM
superuser.com/questions/485800/… this got upvotes for the sheer ugliness of it.
@Braiam Yeah, but that's the stuff we have to keep on the edge of allowed or else veterans will disappear in a plume of smoke when they realize all the questions are boring and not worth their time, then you end up with a forum: A bunch of people asking and answering their own questions, where they're not competent enough too accomplish either correctly.
!!tell 12145634 xkcd 979
@allquixotic darn, I was looking for that one!
2:18 AM
@ChatBotJohnCavil I'll never tell.
I don't remember ddwrt builds being so complicated
@ChatBotJohnCavil This actually really makes me want to change my SE nick to DenverCoder9...
when you have 6 puppy's to feed, everything becomes complicated @JourneymanGeek ;)
@JimmyHoffa DO IT! :D
@JourneymanGeek Sure you did. You just don't remember it because you were in a drunken stupor.
"Dem curls", I heard you mutter under your breath
2:21 AM
@allquixotic: pfft. the last time I was anything close to drunk, I was answering questions high on actifed.
2:45 AM
can I ask a Q on g+ here?
@JebediahKerman: depending on the question, its possibly a better fit for webapps
check their rules, of course ;)
You can of course however ask any questions in chat here. Unless they pertain to Chat bots
oh, that here
I suppose!
as we all know youtube has been updated to incorporate the shitty g+
when I go on my g+ page and view it as if Ii was a differen publix videwer I can go to the linked youtube account
I do not want my g+ to link to youtube at all
I don't want to think about g+ right now... at work we have a project we need to start on ASAP to integrate with google, facebook, and twitter for OAuth... what a trainwreck. And all the OAuth libs for .NET happen to be absolutely terrible. I think I'm going to go play some Assassins Creed Revelations... Taking a huge (6 months +) break from a game sucks because you pick it back up and don't know how to do anything anymore or where you left off. O well, the story is awesome..
2:57 AM
g+ sucks beyond sucking
g+ is the dyson of sucking
@JebediahKerman Those vaccuums are no joke, my wife sold those door to door in college and she was so impressed I will never hear the end of it...
(nor will I ever spend $300 on a vaccuum, fuck that.)
have you taken a look at support.google.com/youtube/answer/… ?
@JimmyHoffa: dyson's industrial design is awesome ;p
@JourneymanGeek Hoover's consumer design is terrible, but for $100 I'll just replace it in 2 years, and another 2 years after that, and another 2 years after that, and I'll still not have spent as much as I would have on one dyson.
@JimmyHoffa: I don't own a dyson ;p
@JourneymanGeek tried that, does not work
3:01 AM
I have an old bosch that has its hose held in place with cable ties
@JourneymanGeek Cheap vaccuums last just as long as a Dyson if you only vaccuum once a month :D
(oh and their fans...)
@JourneymanGeek Alright I appreciate that because I just love it when you see a company who's really good at something say "Well hell, if we're good at this, we may as well do other things with it too", that's why I think Amazon is awesome. Online book store website decides "Well, we're good at managing virtualized servers...maybe we should sell that as a service...", that and book selling are basically the same thing... O_O
I don't own any dyson stuff ;p
@JourneymanGeek Nobody does, the company's just a myth who makes fancy commercials to fill air-time so other advertisers don't think there's spare and the price plummets :O
3:05 AM
3:27 AM
Sheesh, just finished reading through the transcripts and meta posts about b*ts. Apparently, I missed all the drama.
Plus, someone posted Tom Lehrer here and I was not logged in!
Anyway, I've never seen Gilles so worked up over anything before!
I think the last time I saw him on MSU was the OS X thing ;p
allquixotic I can understand since he has a personal stake but I never thought the greeting would elicit such strong feelings.
@JourneymanGeek He is very active on Unix & Linux and so am I so I see him quite often.
He is always a calm reasonable and ridiculously knowledgeable presence
@terdon: I think the folks at the js room were pretty worked up too
3:32 AM
Yeah, read most of that transcript too :)
I have to say I dislike the cavalier attitude displayed by SE here but they toned it down a bit.
@terdon: this sort of intervention is uncommon
(thankfully so)
Yeah. that's what surprised me
Let's hope it stays uncommon.
Anyway, sorry, didn't want to start this all over again, just had to offer my fart to the winds here :)
tis ok XD
is currently working on getting used to his two new toys, and trying to fix his old router up to be more useful
I entirely understand the feelings in question
ya. I picked up a razer orbweaver 2 days ago
trying to configure it to be more useful XD
and a new router cause my old one 'failed'
(and then, thanks to the internet (tm) I fixed it)
3:35 AM
What the hell is that!?
Hang on, checking it out
@terdon: its an updated, mechanical varient of the old razer/belkin nostromo
20 key keypad + d pad with a paddle, and an additional button
Ah, basically an extra keypad with a handrest and fire button?
pretty much
For the left (not primary anyway) hand?
3:37 AM
Does it have speakers or does the thing come with fans?
What are these things for then?
The grilles I mean.
just decoration I guess
OK, phew, having a self-cooled keypad is a bit too much!
I must say its comfy
3:39 AM
Looks it
Have you played any games with it yet?
currently playing batman arkham asylum
Crap, you said 2 days ago, of course you have
So, worth it?
actually not as much as I'd like to ;p
I've had a flu
That's when I do most of my serious gaming!
lol. Once I get used to it, hell yeah
not me ;p
3:41 AM
Yeah, depends on the flu. I tend to stay in bed with my laptop and play civilization or something calm like that.
and it needs some more tweaking
lol, and the game
the arkham games are seriously stealth/brainish
@JourneymanGeek Why? You're on Windows aren't you? Don't you guya have Plug N Play?
@terdon: oh, in terms of key maps
Ah, OK, honest tweaking. "I want you to do what I want you to do"?
A geek's favorite pastime.
for example, I had the spacebar set for crouch and the thumb button set for jump, cause its logical
but the other way around makes more sense for being able to do takedowns intuitively
3:44 AM
Heh, you know you'll end up spending more time tweaking than actually playing.
I also need to work out the best places for quick-gadget buttons
@terdon: yeah ;p
And then you'll do it all over again for the next game...
(also, pricy as hell, so I'll likely work out a keymap for other things)
@terdon: yup yup
Shit, just saw the price, and only for 1/3 of a keyboard!
@terdon: yeah, though I suspect the fact that there's only 2-3 companies that make this sort of pad contributes
and this is their top of the line model
(hell, it costs more than a BW)
though, I paid 20 dollars under RRP
3:46 AM
I;ve been toying with the idea of a mech keyboard so at the moment I can only see that as "too few keys"
@terdon: my main keyboard is a blackwidow ultimate
Did you get to try it before buying or did you order? By try I mean just get your hands on it in a shop so you can gauge the feel.
@terdon: I took the risk ;p
I figured if I hated it, I could just flog it off to someone else
Don't say things like that in public, we'll never buy from you again
(this RARELY happens)
3:48 AM
Yeah, I just remembered, you're the "clackity keyboard mafia" guy arent'cha?
Just checked your profile, not anymore apparently.
Are you actually from Singapore?
English is a second language?
kind of
tamil is my 'native' language, but I'm effectively bilingual
Can't hear your accent obviously but you sure read like a native.
Grew up speaking both?
afk. i am told its time for walkies
3:51 AM
fair enough, so did I but with Greek and English.
Have a nice walk :)
2 hours later…
5:34 AM
@terdon most mech keyboards that use the same switch will feel similar, at least
I'll find out next month if I made a good decision or a horrible one :P
Oh yea, @JourneymanGeek, the batteries and charger were returned to the sender by HK post :(
I got a refund at least, but they've now discontinued the charger...
cause its li ion?
@JourneymanGeek ya. though I wouldn't be surprised if they just returned all batteries
(even though carbon-zinc and alk are perfectly safe)
might explain why DX switched to china post at some point
5:43 AM
now I have to find a new charger
in the meantime, I'm using the charger and batteries that came with the torches, and praying it doesn't blow up
I think it's the same charger you have
A squircle is a mathematical shape with properties between those of a square and those of a circle. It is a special case of superellipse. The word "squircle" is a portmanteau of the words "square" and "circle". Equation In a Cartesian coordinate system, the squircle centered on the point (a, b) with axes parallel to the coordinate axes is described by the equation: : \left( x - a \right)^4 + \left( y - b \right)^4 = r^4 where r is the minor radius of the squircle (cf. equation of a circle). Generalisation The squircle is a specific case (found by setting n = 4) of the...
6:37 AM
@Bob Q43 of your Sat, Johney has a arena for his horse which takes 1/4th of his 1/2 acre property which is on a 78* triangular endpiece property, johneys trailer is 40 feet and the deck extends 4 extra feet of the width of model 8473 airstream. If johneys arena is a Squircle with 38% rounded edges, how many square feet will johneys arena be?
A) johney does not really care, nor do the horses. B) bid the job after seeing the general size ,order extra fencing C) ask on a math site, they love that stuff.
7:33 AM
@Hennes I still say it's close to useless. But then I have >1k tabs, and I'd never see the icon in the first place.
Much more useful would be a list of sound-playing tabs, preferably with a mute toggle.
I think I can count the number of people with >1K tabs on one hand.
/me sneaks into Bob's office and sets all tabs to load on start.
(Also: I wish I had an office...)
7:49 AM
@Hennes Ahahahha
@Bob Is that emotion laugh or surprise?
answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-security/… so dang helpfull. How about I go in and Re-phrase it. I have disabled, nuked it, cumpled it up , dissasembled it, blocked it, and overwrote it with NIST NIST 800-88 , quarentined it with Malware bytes, over a month ago and nothing has changed. With That In Mind, what the freak IS IT?
Uhh its shows little icons, it downloads from the web, happy now.
2 hours later…
10:01 AM
@JimmyHoffa Nice. It'll fit in my collection ;P
10:29 AM
A: How to prevent BlueStacks from starting automtically?

chit0xGo to START > Accessories > Command Prompt and when the command prompt appears, type in msconfig. It will open a new box called System configuration, click the Startup tab, search for Bluestacks, untick it and click OK

looks like a perfectly logical answer until...
@JourneymanGeek sure they do, its called MacSystemconfig MSconfig < Yea that's the ticket . :-)
10:44 AM
Q: Get the Windows Scheduler's Location Or Code?

RamToday i got a task to find the scheduler that is running once in a month, actually I have to change its running time period to once a week. I have searched for it in the Windows scheduled tasks, but i didn't find it. It is sending a mail containing a link. Now i am not confused about this where ...

any idea?
@Ram so you dont even know where it is? that can be lots of fun.
Assuming that it is a normal windows system, you can trim down load of extranious windows noise and work with a smaller list of services and scheduled tasks via the "autoruns" program. It allws you to "filter" out the windows standard services, leaving a much smaller list of junk.
@Ram: might want to add what version of windows, you're running.
and did you just look in task status? did you check display all running tasks?
@Psycogeek sir if i don't getting where it is that's why i asked you expert guys
@JourneymanGeek i have to check it.. does the tasks come role based?? mean to if i logged in to the server as a user not as admin then will i be not able to see all the tasks?
11:03 AM
@Ram: good question actually, and I'm not sure.
I dont know what your restrictions are on why you would log in as a user. But everything you can use to see with could be RunAs an admin to be able to see and control things. many things you can see, but just not do anything with without evelvated permission.
The "normal windows method of scheduling tasks" It does not seem like anyone would SAY that without it being the task scheduler itself. If they tossed it into the task scheduler they Should have put it under thier OWN location (folder like section). If they thought they were being smart they would have put it under windows pile of junk in there , in an area that most related to what They were going to do.
@Ram: if you had admin rights C:\Windows\Tasks would be a good place to look
11:19 AM
That is the place where you configure the weekly reimage of the OS ?
thats interesting. The orbweaver works using its default keymap in linux
11:39 AM
oooh good thing I didnt boot, windows wouldnt say "hey you know that thing you had going for 3 hours now that is 90% finished , did you want to . . . ." sorry.
@JourneymanGeek ok....
actually the another point is "I don't know the task name or the Service name" otherwise it would be easier to find. Actually i just know there is a scheduler working and is used to send mails monthly. i need to configure it on weakly basis..
@Ram yes that mystery thing it does monthly that involves an e-mail :-) Are there any clues in the e-mail it send out?
Is there a scheduler on the computer, or in Outlook, or on the exchange server?
@Psycogeek what you want to say can you please elaborate
I think this is on-topic for Super User, but maybe we should point the OP at Linux&Unix
Sorry to get back so late. The output of this cmd is tcsh 6.14.00 (Astron) 2005-03-25 (x86_64-unknown-linux) options wide,nls,dl,al,kan,sm,rh,color,filecDerek 12 hours ago

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