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12:11 AM
So to bring some closure to this: I've had some private discussions over the last couple of hours and have worked out a way forward. I realize that folks here are tired of this and want to see actual results, but I'm afraid it will take some time. That said, I have a much clearer understanding of precisely what the issue is and among other things, I'm planning to see an actual professional about my emotional struggles.
Good luck! Hope it's fruitful :)
Thanks for being so patient with me about this.
is this any different to the other times you promised to get help and change?
Let's keep things positive...
yeah ok...
1:05 AM
Anyone want a shot at making superuser.com/questions/1519110/… sound less angry?
BTW: I am 90% sure that superuser.com/users/1132162/dfdfdfsdfs is the author. If they are not the author then they are way to angry
7 hours later…
8:19 AM
Happy birthday @Burgi!
8:49 AM
Happy birthday to you! @Burgi :)
Happy birthday! :hap:
My first ever answer (and post) on meta.so repcapped with +96
9:07 AM
you old now @Burgi?
@djsmiley2kindarkness there's no rep on MSO :D
then wtf did I get a medal for
9:23 AM
Happy Birthday @DavidPostill!
@djsmiley2kindarkness yeah :(
@djsmiley2kindarkness Still not as old as me :/
i really wanted a lie in today
Hehe. Today is my normal day off. And I took yesterday and tomorrow as holidays :)
2 hours later…
11:39 AM
Fun stuff. This will totallllly not piss users off.
@rahulatschool that sucks
@rahulatschool here is a crazy idea... don't use chrome?
i admit that the browser market is starting to look very lopsided
@Burgi everything is a chrome-alike
Vivaldi is nice but... chrome based
Opera is full evil now
Firefox is.... firefox based
Ya, its the last holdout
11:53 AM
and IE11 still sort of works
Vivaldi +1 from me :p
They finally dropped IE support :D
there is a big banner saying that
I was using it on a server and no chrome installed :o
11:55 AM
they could have kept modernizr
I'm rather intrigued by this ekioh.com/flow-browser
but its still vaporware
i'll be honest they've actually gone out of their way to make it look shi terrible
@rahulatschool cough cough antitrust.
we still support IE11 in our development cycle
and most of the major FE frameworks still support it
@Burgi SE's policy was always Latest-2
11:58 AM
we go with visitor stats
5% or more over 12 months gets you IE11 support
12:23 PM
are SO's traffic stats public?
@Burgi I don't. Haven't in a very long time now
@Burgi I don't usually test my stuff on IE.
Mostly because there's no intersection between the kind of people who'd be interested in the stuff I make and the kind of people who use IE
IE11 isn't a big development investment at the moment
Then again, my stuff also usually has very simple UIs and doesn't require fancy cutting edge web features
I get why companies and all have to support it tho
you should develop to the standards and the browser should just work
but because we are human we end up developing to the browser
which is why having an ecosystem entirely chrome focused is a really bad idea
people develop something that works with X feature in chrome but it is non-standard
chrome then starts dictating the direction of the web standards
when MS killed edge was a really bad day for the open internet
12:49 PM
@Burgi Actually when they locked in Explorer was the start of the bad day for the open internet. Explorer was always the worst at tracking standards.
caniuse.com/#compare=ie+11,edge+79,firefox+74,chrome+82 is illuminating. Scroll down and look at the red blocks :)
yeah i know
@DavidPostill you make a fair point here. i guess you could extend my comment to say "what remains of the open internet"
2:00 PM
well thats crap
2:27 PM
Pining for the fjords... :(
3:10 PM
Slight highly pitched noise comes from desktop PC. What can it be?
@Boris_yo Coil whine, fan or hard disk. Take your pick :)
Fan[s], coil whine (also from monitor), bad spindle in HDD, the small child you've told to clean the PC...
@DavidPostill the user? ;)
Open the case and see if you can figure out where the noise is coming from ...
Solar flares.
3:16 PM
It is not constant. It stops for example when I right-click on "Properties" of directories. Then it starts again.
@bertieb now now. That's chimneys.
@Boris_yo Sounds like monitor coil whine, mine whines more when it's closer to a full-white screen
Changing what's on the screen changes the whine
in my case
@JourneymanGeek Gotta adapt to the 20th 21st century, yo
I remember at our old house, I thought one of the monitors had coil whine
i spent ages trying to figure out where it was coming from
@bertieb CRT monitors do that :p
3:20 PM
then one day the whine changed very slightly and I was like "wait, that sounds like someone talking"
then I lsitened even more carefully, and was like "wait, that's Matt LeBlanc!"
@bwDraco Yup! But also my very-definitely-not-CRT monitor does so too
@djsmiley2kindarkness Speakers acting as a radio receiver?
I've had that
Does RGB lighting have influence on CPU resources?
when I turn them full down or full up
@Boris_yo probably negligible?
if anything at all
I hear slight high pitched noise and then I hear slightly different high pitched noise taking its place.
@djsmiley2kindarkness matt leblanc lived under the desk in your old house?
3:26 PM
They seem to be switching one for another.
oh yes so I should finish the story
so then i glare at my wall
try and get my ear to it - nope can't hear anything
still glaring at my desk
then i look at my speakers
they're turned off
but.... sound is coming out
Aye :P
3:44 PM
@Burgi Aye, it's weirdly scrolled in Chromium
i really wanted to read that heatmap information :(
Could probably fix it with devtools
Where's the take a screenshot thing in chrome devtools?
i enabled all the scripts and it's loaded for me
but...... how to share with @Burgi D:
What happened to the top of the page chrome?
how did you get it back in its container?
devtool hacking?
@Boris_yo I get a faint high pitched whine from my touch sensitive bedside lamp, which changes in frequency as I change the brightness (on, bright, bright, off). I suspect it's because LED bulb and built in dimmer.
@Burgi It's full of HTML errors
4:07 PM
site is definitely broken here too
i've managed to get the JSfiddle
@Burgi I had ublock origin turned on,
turned it off and it was fine
if you want a perticular bit of code or somethin @Burgi just say
i don't run an adblocker in chrome and it was broken
4:31 PM
/me shrugs
4:41 PM
@DavidPostill My dimmable LED bulbs generate a buzzing noise that varies with the dimmer setting.
(PAR20 floodlights installed in a track light fixture)
not so dimmable D:
They were specifically marked as dimmable.
I haven't had issues with them otherwise, audible and electrical noise aside.
most stuff coming out of china ain't what it says on the tin tho
its almost like in the race to the bottom, quality has been overlooked
5:00 PM
5:42 PM
@bwDraco Could be related to:
Q: Why do LED Lights Flicker on Low Dimmer Setting

Jonah VI just wired up the following schematic and both sets of LED recessed lights will flicker when dimmed below full power. It doesn't matter what the other dimmer is set to (full power, low power, off). The flicker is very quick, it is sporadic and doesn't follow a pattern. All lights on each line a...

6:17 PM
Q: My internet browser tabs and apps are showing on colleagues laptops - Help pls

davidI think I've set up our small office laptops incorrectly... basically my internet browser windows and in some cases my slack app is showing up on colleagues laptops. Can anyone help? We all have macs, with the same apple ID but I've set up an admin account on the computer and then a standard acc...

7:10 PM
The Community Team on January 22, 2020

Welcome to CHAPTER #2 of The Loop, a blog series from the Stack Overflow Community team. This post is a deep-dive into how satisfied users are with Stack Overflow.

We’re excited to share research highlights about the work we’ve been doing to understand how satisfied people are with Stack Overflow. We’ve been working hard to explore what users like best about Stack Overflow and what their top pain points are, with the goal of improving the overall experience of using the site. To this end, we’ve launched a site satisfaction survey, in which we continually survey users about their experiences using Stack Overflow. …

5 hours later…
11:48 PM
Q: Beginner web scraper for Nagios

Canadian LukeI am attempting to learn Python. It was suggested to me to try a web scraper, so I thought to get myself to look at multiple Nagios instances. I have not programmed in Python before, but learned from other code reviews to adapt my standards to PEP8. The online checker says the code passes. from ...


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