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12:13 AM
Which sub did you ask on? Each subreddit has its own rules for what content is allowed. General discussion subs often don't like support questions; there are separate subs for this kind of content. The rules and wiki (each subreddit can have its own internal wiki) will often suggest a different sub to ask on if they don't accept questions of this kind.
12:30 AM
I did read the rules
It was just the users
Yeah, some subs are better than others. (I have Reddit Premium FWIW... :P)
Yeah it sucks too
I have lose too much kamma
May i ask a question here, or it's just for chatting?
You might not get an answer, but sure.
Or we might tell you to go ask it on the main site :)
12:45 AM
That means you'll prolly tell me to ask in the main site
thanks anyway for being kind
Some questions are fine, like "what is 2 + 2?"
But asking to explain the difference between Males and Females... not so easy to do on chat.
I have a question about excel, to be honest
i don't think it's easy to explain, nor it sounds hard, but idk how hard it may be, so it may be harder to explain than i think
ask away, we can't vote to close your chat lines. :P
i need to do something in excel i'm pretty sure is possible, but idk how, and i know that the overall idea of stackexchange is to help people to get better, not just give away the awnser, i'm just kinda desperate
12:51 AM
what are you trying to do?
i need to get a table
and then i need to get all the columns merged into a single column, excluding the head, and add on the second column the head corresponding to each row
you prolly didn't understand what i said,

numbers     letters     fruits
1                A            apple
2                B            orange
3                C            banana


1           numbers
2           numbers
3           numbers
a           letters
b           letters
c           letters
apple     fruits
orange   fruits
banana  fruits
it looks way uglier than i made
put 4 spaces at the start of each line to code format it.
i'm still searching a way anyway
you can press the up arrow to edit your comments
kinda like this
12:57 AM
Hmm... probably need TRANSPOSE, but not sure exactly how you'd do that.
i'm actually transposing it
what i have originally is a table with users
on the first column
and over 600 columns after that with permissions they have
the table has 2800 rows
what i need to do is repeat one line for each permission for each user
Sounds more like a Pivot Table job.
it's liek
this is the kind of thing I'd write a quick program for lol
user 1 permission 1 permission2 permission3
user 2 permission 1
user 3 permission 1 permission2

and i need to get like

user 1 permission1
user 1 permission 2
user 1 permission 3
user 2 permission 1

and so on
1:01 AM
is it a one-off?
if it was a json or a object i would definitly write a script to do it too
problem it's a table
idk what you meant with that
how often do you need to do this?
are you just doing this once or will you need to do it again later?
only once
save as csv
1:01 AM
we are "remaking" our system
and use the programming language of your choice (personally, C#/LINQPad + CsvHelper)
and need to reassignate the permission for all users
on the system
well, i know javascript >_>
I'm sure there's a CSV lib for nodejs
but that may probably work if i think a bit
Are the permission columns unique? Like if I have permission 1 and permission 2, will they be marked in the same column as another user that have permissions 1 and 2?
1:03 AM
i may just use each row a string and split it onto the ; then make a 2d array
they are not on the same column
like, if the second user have only permission 2 but not 1, it will still take place on column B
that will help actually
it's easy enough I'd do it for you but I'm assuming you can't share the data :P
yeah, i can't
but there is even online parsers
though if yo uwant you can try a sanitised snippet
1:14 AM
thanks for all the help
is there a chat room for hardware?
@northerner This is the only room we really have.
Though you may as well ask, discussing hardware is a hobby of at least half this room :P
Anyone tried dust filters for the case?
1:33 AM
My case comes with filters so, yes, I do use them...
Actually, it's been a while since I've seen any enthusiast cases without them
They'll reduce airflow a teensy bit but they're much easier to clean than a heatsink, so usually a net win
Any ideas on why Open Media Vault isn't booting for me
I just install it 2 times now
the pc that I am using it on is MBR
IT's not even making it to the boot loader
Is it meant for GDT
@Bob I should look into this...
In fact, all my PC hardware is due for a spring clean. :|
@MichaelFrank But... it's not Spring!
True... I guess I can put it off for a couple months.
1 hour later…
3:15 AM
Imagine if people just referred to the notes as "Turings"
Or whatever other faces they have
"That'll be 3 Turings thanks!"
My shelf made nas
Isn't booting to the SSD
No matter what OS I put on it
The CPU and the mobo are around 2011-2012
Any ideas why?
I install debian on it
3:48 AM
look all though the bios, I change it form IDE to ACHI mode but that didn't fix it.
4:11 AM
@MathCubes Could be anything really. Is the SSD the only drive installed at the moment?
but I can boot into the flash drive
@MichaelFrank I am out of ideas like really, It's MBR.
The only thing I haven't done is to pull that ssd out of it and install it in a other computer
But that would be really of a pain
Just disconnect the other internal HDDs and test with only the SSD.
Why would that matter?
Sorry, you said you were all out of ideas.
I don't care either way if your system boots, perhaps you could put a question on the main site instead.
4:28 AM
@MichaelFrank Yeah, I was asking cause I thought you had a reason for that, that I didn't knew about that.
Process of elimination is a logical method to identify an entity of interest among several ones by excluding all other entities. In educational testing, the process of elimination is a process of deleting options whereby the possibility of an option being correct is close to zero or significantly lower compared to other options. This version of the process does not guarantee success, even if only 1 option remains since it eliminates possibilities merely as improbable. == Method == The method of elimination is iterative. One looks at the answers, determines that several answers are unfit,...
4:50 AM
3 hours later…
7:21 AM
There are some incredible deals on i5 laptops for prime day
But I can't get any right now
8:22 AM
@rahuldottech its a shame that no-one ever has a £50 note
he should have been on the £20
9:17 AM
@Burgi I've had 3 in my life
each time was a special occasion tho.
@Burgi @bertieb @DavidPostill bulb.us11.list-manage.com/track/…
go on, switch ;)
@djsmiley2k we are happy with octopus
9:33 AM
@djsmiley2k I'll run the numbers when I'm home
"Okay Google; remind me to check energy prices when I get home"
Wait, this isn't speaking out loud!
9:52 AM
boooooooo ;D
5 hours later…
2:34 PM
Alessio Civitillo on July 16, 2019

import seaborn as sns


plt.figure(figsize=(12, 8))

plt.title(‘Cohorts: User Retention’)

sns.heatmap(user_retention.T, mask=user_retention.T.isnull(), annot=True, fmt=‘.0%’);

@bwDraco You online?
@Blogbot your evil tracking code is showing
2:57 PM
Okay, since @bwDraco isn't, @Aibobot, are you?
3:36 PM
@rahuldottech well?
3:58 PM
@rahuldottech don't ask to ask.
come on, you know that by now
4:44 PM
@djsmiley2k They are £4 a month more expensive, but if the £150 is accurate that works out cheaper
@djsmiley2k Is the link accurate? It says nothing about referral / £150, etc
it should of been
let me get it again
hmmmm £75 each
That's fair
150 to share, I guess
5:16 PM
> Good news! This week we're giving you £150 to share with your friends when you refer them to Bulb.

Your friends just need to sign up using your link before midnight on Tuesday 23rd July.

Your referral link is:
@djsmiley2k Now that we know your first name, what is Bulb?
5:37 PM
@djsmiley2k Cheers!
Before I do, are they...
How to phrase this delicately...
Not completely inept?
@CanadianLuke A UK energy provider
@djsmiley2k (In case not clear- as in, conflict-of-interest referral money aside, would you generally recommend them? ;-P)
6:10 PM
Bought that 1TB drive
The Sammy 860 EVO
I think that's the fourth Samsung SSD going in this machine
Ah, yes
An 840, 850, another 860
and a Crucial
I think I'm turning into Draco ;-P
only if you go into monumental detail on the specifics
rolls up sleeves
Let me tell you all about them
I mean, if I had the faintest idea about how they are being used
They suffer from the "slow incremental upgrade" syndrome
as opposed to "Here is what I need and this is my plan"
Which tends to work out more efficiently, if not just better ;-P
6:25 PM
heh, I'm the other way around
I want to do slow incremental upgrades
I end up doing big, upgrades of all the things
@bertieb Been with them less than a month so shrug?
No worse than any other reseller that I'm aware of at this time?
after all, most of them are just resellers.
With my old provider, I literally never contacted them.
@djsmiley2k Good enough :P
@Aibobot My hand seems to be forced by i) running outta space ii) big discounts :P
6:58 PM
Seems reasonable
@Aibobot Sorry, mom called and something came up. I wanted to ask about a couple SSDs but prime day got over by the time I got free :(
Oh well
I'm notoriously non snobby over those.
@djsmiley2k Done
7:16 PM
now i know your first namer muyahahah
Cheers man, hope it's good for us both :)
1 hour later…
8:29 PM
@bertieb This one is black with a matte finish. Nice smooth lines. This one over here has a beautiful green logo, but the case is kinda ugly.
@MichaelFrank slaps roof of SSD This bad boy can fit so many 1s and 0s in it
(I missed your reference so went in a different direction)
9:28 PM
You do what with the who now?
10:18 PM
and the change control (which has been reviewed by the change board and all) had a mistake, which could of been very serious
have, could have. ;)
10:37 PM
"this laptop won't hold a charge, as soon as you unplug it, it just turns off."
Literally pushes the button and it turns on without a charger connected.
11:00 PM

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