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12:06 AM
@CaldeiraG haha, I love the bit right at the end.
1:02 AM
> **You've turned on storage sense**
> To optimise storage usage, we've turned on storage sense for you.
Wait... so did I turn it on? Or did Windows?
7 hours later…
7:50 AM
@MichaelFrank :D
6 hours later…
1:55 PM
So... was thinking about the discontinuation of Xeon Phi. x86 isn't really well-suited for manycore devices of this sort, but what about Arm?
1 hour later…
3:01 PM
yey local flooding
In other news: Hills, what are they good for?
Living on top of appently.
3:13 PM
Vicki Boykis on November 14, 2019

In Pycon in 2014, Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python and, at the time, the Benevolent Dictator For Life of the language, stood on stage in a shirt that had a large 2.8 written on it in block letters, with a big red no entry sign through it. “It’s time to move on to Python 3,” he said, telling the audience that they should start adopting the new version of the language into their workflows. 

After many years of hard work towards that goal from the core committers, and surrounding community of libraries, Python 2 is finally at end of life. January 1, 2020, according to pythonclock.org, is the drop-dead date for support of Python 2.  …

3:29 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW There's a Frankie Boyle joke about that
But I won't repeat it here
because it's a bit anglophobic
1 hour later…
4:55 PM
@bertieb something something blue north of the border
i was trying to think of a scotchphobic thing to say
you don't see frankie boyle these days
not after he got fired from the bbc for what he said about the queen on mock the week
@Burgi Eh, there's plenty of mean stereotypes
But best avoided
something something painted blue etc
There's worse
Katie Hopkins seems to manage it
But best not to go there
4:59 PM
something something deep fried alcoholics
Frankie Boyle's an interesting person
his comedy is quite outrageously offensive
but he's personally quite a pleasant, considerate person
Usually it's the other way round
are you frankie boyle?
$celebrity seems nice in whatever medium they inhabit
but is a complete arse privately
He offered to do a charity fundraiser a group that I was involved with was doing a few years back
5:01 PM
the guy from prodigy was a nice guy too iirc
He privately does a fair bit for good causes
Keith Flint?
Aye, sounds about right
George Michael too? ISTR lots of rather nice stories coming out about him after his death
i think he had bought a cottage in some village in the home counties and would take his elderly neighbours to the supermarket
i remember hearing about a story of someone in one of the huge glam rock days back in the day
he had a huge party in a hotel and they threatened to kick him out so he bought everyone in the hotel a bottle of expensive whiskey and left it outside their doors
> For users who want the best without going to the high-end desktop, the Ryzen 9 3950X has the best overall score out of all the chips we’ve ever tested.

If you thought the 3900X didn't have enough power, the 3950X is your answer.
For gaming, typically no more than 5% behind Intel's best at low resolutions, with a few exceptions; at higher resolutions and settings, there's generally no meaningful difference.
For workstations, the Ryzen 9 3950X simply wipes the floor with Intel's mainstream platform, and even the HEDT line is often bested.
5:17 PM
And I'm not just saying that because I took my Intriguinol® this morning
FWIW, 16 cores on anything resembling a normal desktop was only a dream a few years ago. Today, it's a reality.
Note that unlike the rest of the Ryzen 3000 lineup, there is no stock cooler. AMD recommends the use of a 280mm liquid cooler.
> $749 (SEP)
(and FWIW, I had already planned to replace the existing liquid cooler on Astaroth)
That's an eye-watering price
Yeah. But Intel used to charge way more than that, even with lower core counts.
And gaming doesn't take a back seat to workstation performance.
5:21 PM
Yea, nice that it can do both
But that price tho
I suspect they're going to sell out very fast. I need to jump on it the moment preorders open.
I had money saved up for this for a while...
Do you have a workload that would benefit from 16C?
CPUs depreciate nearly as fast as cars
A few. Not many, but I do actually have things that can benefit from the extra cores.
Aye, there's lots that could possibly benefit
And if you want it because you want it, that's fine
Sadly, the workload that would have benefited the most from this has mostly gone away ever since I resigned from my old photography job. RawTherapee is extremely thread-heavy.
But that doesn't change the fact that I'm a photography enthusiast...
5:24 PM
Nice things are nice, as Bob's Burgers says
Also, being able to record gameplay at high quality without adversely impacting performance.
I can do that
(because Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a CPU hog)
and I have a creaky old i7 somethingorother
5:24 PM
It's, what, 4ish years old at this point?
Does fine
Eh, that's an HEDT chip...
Well yea
It cost 300ish quid new when I bought it
Not 750ish
Also, this processor supports Astaroth's memory configuration at rated speed (dual-rank, one DIMM per channel, at DDR4-3200)
because dollars are pounds when it comes to these things, despite what the exchange rate claims
Eh, if you want it go for it
I'd lay off the "every dollar counts" for a while afterwards tho ;-P
5:32 PM
@bertieb Bur cars do fine (finalcially) from year 5 to year 26.
> AMD's 16-core CPUs is an epic end-zone dance over Intel
Rubbing salt in the wound.
@Hennes I might quibble on the exact years there but fair point
First few is 'never buy new' for cars though.
And after 20-30 years repairs become expensive
Then again, CPUs are an order of magnitude cheaper than cars brand new
May maybe it kinda holds, ish
And yea
Not sure how old the previous one was. 26 is a guess. Could have been 25, or 27. But that range
Aye. Last CPU I bought was about $500. Last car 14k euro
Not a quite trivial difference
5:42 PM
my car was £1500
Oh boy, I misremembered
that cpu was from 2014
1 hour later…
6:52 PM
It is just me, or did Microsoft boost the speed of feature pack updates again?
7:16 PM
it's chair building time
7:36 PM
@David 1909 installs like a routine cumulative update for 1903 users. For users on older versions, it's a major OS version upgrade.
7:53 PM
@bwDraco Any tips on figuring out if my Ryzen 5 3600 is running too hot? I've got Ryzen Monitor, and it seems to average around 44C on the stock cooler at idle. I feel like my i5-2500K ran quite a bit cooler on a similar cooler though.
@MichaelFrank The chiplet architecture does pose some cooling challenges as more heat is being concentrated on a smaller die. The higher temperatures are kinda normal.
Make sure you've installed the latest chipset driver and firmware (UEFI/BIOS) available for your system.

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