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8:23 AM
@bertieb it's much improved, so thanks for the suggestion
9:05 AM
anyone else having issues with riot this morning?
9:34 AM
tho hardly using it as i'm busy at work for once
And so it begins...
9:53 AM
that appears to be more than 6 cores...
10:39 AM
Yes... it seems the CPU temp is rather high. :|
10:52 AM
Oo eck
BBC is giving me a 500 Internal Server Error
Not seen that before
11:19 AM
derp he herp
Ah the joys
for something which technically isn't my fault
but it was the change I setup, that's failed, which feels like my fault.
11:33 AM
the mandalorian... seems to be potentially really good
11:50 AM
has disney+ launched worldwide yet?
12:17 PM
Windows 10 on Arm needs more industry support.
But Arm is here to stay, and will carve out its own niche in the PC market.
seems like a bit of a failure...
its not going to launch in western europe until the end of march!
12:33 PM
Decoding Arm instructions is always going to be cheaper (in terms of power) than decoding x86 instructions. Even if the rest of the core, including the execution engine and backend, are of similar complexity, an Arm frontend will always be more efficient than an x86 frontend.
That's why I've always argued that x86 can never be as efficient as Arm. It's just not technically possible.
ICE's suck too
but they don't suck so much that everyone is immediately driving electric cars.
Yeah. Decades of software will still run on new x86 processors.
are we all just in a grump today?
All we have on Arm is an emulation layer.
The biggest complaint I have is the lack of high-power (35W or higher) Arm processors. It shouldn't be hard to hit 5 GHz or more with high IPC with Arm while still consuming less power than a comparable x86 solution.
Probably because a market does not (yet) exist for desktop-class Arm chips...
(Arm's simplicity makes it easier to achieve higher clock frequencies than with x86.)
12:58 PM
@Burgi my network certainly is
A: How much overhead do actual Intel x86 processors had in order to pipeline?

Peter CordesMany forum threads over at http://realworldtech.com/ have debated how much the "x86 tax" costs x86 CPUs in terms of transistor count / performance / power, vs. a simple-to-decode ISA like MIPS. 10% is a number that has been thrown around as a wild guess. Some of that cost is fixed, and doesn't ...

1:21 PM
interesting, @bertieb it seems if I wait long enough, without entering any input, when it's merging 3+ albums, it's fine.
However, if you even accidently hit enter, it borks
@djsmiley2k-CoW Interesting
Maybe all the async stuff finally figures it all out
I have a theory
the captured input 'stops' on a return
so you could enter 1moeih3t0ih3rohi3r3 and be fine, as long as you don't hit return
It's almost like the input isn't in the threading, so it captures the input, immediately passes it to a thread that's 'processing a move'
then, eventually the display catches up, asks you for input
but you're no longer in the 'input' phase.... so you can't enter anything
Makes sense in my head at least lol
1:42 PM
2:01 PM
oooooooooooo idea
now i've got stuff in folders and a lot more stuff is auto id'ing
i should run the script in auto again
2:38 PM
our hosting company just forwarded this security warning over:
3:36 PM
@bwDraco I learned 5700 XT has driver issues. I probably will reconsider and go with EVGA nVidia RTX 2060 XC Black.
3 hours later…
6:08 PM
Sara Chipps on November 13, 2019

In my very first blog post, I wrote about what a personal experience taught me about the Stack Overflow community. I said we were going to step back and re-evaluate how we deliver feedback, how we can improve content quality, and how we can reduce friction between people. I said that our goal is to have the question asking process be painless and beneficial for new people and Stack Overflow veterans alike.    

During this re-evaluation period, we noticed something in our reputation reward system. We give anyone who receives an upvote on an answer ten additional reputation points, but only give five reputation points to people who receive an upvote on a question.  …

7:00 PM
TL;DR: Question upvotes will now be worth 10 reputation points. This change applies retroactively and reputation is being recalculated to reflect it. It is currently being applied only on Stack Overflow; the rest of the Stack Exchange network will get this in Q1 2020.
3 hours later…
9:33 PM
@bwDraco It's rolling out across the whole network as we speak.
I thought they said the rest of the network was getting it in Q1...
...oh, misread the post.
That's the question UI.
@bwDraco ^^^ yes, this
Please pay attention those sitting in the back of the room! ;)
running a another auto tag
> 2632
1 hour later…
11:02 PM
wow, that easy, i'm impressed
sanitize your user inputs :p
11:15 PM
eheh :p
11:46 PM
More likely: Click on all the pictures of people who appear disloyal to [name of company or government]

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