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6:00 PM
Besides, the economy is quite unstable right now. I earn 2.5x less here, but practically unfireable.
@ThatREDACTEDGuy just wanna check as my eyes are tired, that says x and not % right ?
everyone is firable
@djsmiley2k Yeah, they'll pay me in a bigmac and fries. Per month. Yeah, they're offering a bit more than seven times minimum wage.
just chexcking lol
I'm terrified because my self-assessed skills are:
- JavaScript: very low
- jQuery: a bit better, but not much
- Bootstrap: that's ridiculously easy
- CSS: just the basics.
- HTML: not bad but not great
can u learn?
6:06 PM
- WordPress: I can create a WP theme from a static website
- PHP: I know PHP enough to write WP themes, but not on a pro level. No MVC, OO, classes, etc.
1 min ago, by djsmiley2k
can u learn?
@djsmiley2k Yes
can u afford to loose vthe role?
My current one? Well, that's the million dollar question.
Suppose I leave this role, interview with the new employer, somehow get the job, in 3 months they decide I'm not fit and I'm left without any job.
suppose ur job disappeared in 3 months...
6:19 PM
Working for the government is the most stable position possible. If it disappears in 3 months the country is bankrupt.
Anyway, I'll see if I can get an interview. Let's see what happens.
@ThatREDACTEDGuy your employer disappearing isn't hte only way to loose a job
@djsmiley2k Well, apart from my employer disappearing and being fired (which is really rare in this environment), and me being forced to move to another city (don't see it happening in the near future), what are the other ways?
If my employer decide to close all the (multiple) websites we have, they'll just relocate me. As it has already been done in the past.
(the relocation, not they closing any websites)
If they decide to close all the multiple IT branches (ha! sure!) the law states they'll have to relocate me somewhere else withing the organization.
Hmm... A coworker just told me I can ask for up to one year of unpaid leave.
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@JourneymanGeek :O
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