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12:55 AM
@ThatREDACTEDGuy What law forces a company the relocation of an employee within an organization?
This must not be in the US because in most states in the US you don't have that type of protection.
@Ramhound ThatREDACTEDGuy was formerly ThatBrazilianGuy if that helps :P
But I don't think he's talking laws...
And, eh, in any case... having stronger employee protections than the US isn't a high bar to pass.
he was also ThatRussianGuy at some point so....
In glorious workers republic of the people... Oh wait
1:11 AM
"the law states they'll have to relocate me somewhere else withing the organization." pretty sure he was talking about a law.
yeah, he's in Brazil
@Ramhound Huh. I somehow skimmed over that.
and is a g-man, oppressing wordpressing the people
who exactly is a G-man?
I am shocked learned Bear was putting on weight because my father was giving him a little to much food
need to remember to send Bear lots and lots of tennis balls and a ball picker uper
for my father
you over feed the dog you get him to his correct weight
1:17 AM
lol (He works for his government.)
heh, my dog has we have the same issue.
Roomie invariably loses weight when my parents arn't around because he thinks my parents expect him to have treats
It's just a little weight. He is to much of an athlete to allow it to happen
and with me he's all "meh, I don't really want any"
I see
I had to get Bear a slow feeder because he would scarf down his food
But the little brat is to smart for his own good and is able to still eat fast
1:19 AM
roomie is not food motivated
roomie however needs VERY consistant timings
which my dad is terrible at
my alarm didn't ring
any idea what those things on a stick used to pick up balls is called?
I am convinced he woke me up at my usual time
Something like this?
tennis ball thrower/launcher
this is awkward
I need to upgrade my desktop to 1703
1:25 AM
but I don't have any recent image backups, and I need to wait another week or two for the new HDDs to arrive
my recent image backups lived on the now-dead drive :\
"I don't have any recent image backups"
the worst part?
this delivery is coming via auspost, not i-parcel
my last amazon via auspost delivery got ... stuck
if the update fails it will roll back to 1607
very tempting'
@Ramhound If the update fails, it should roll back to 1607.
should != will
I always make sure I have an image backup ready before major OS upgrades. Because they do fail, in weird ways.
1:34 AM
is it 100%, no, but I updated my surface to windows 10 hours before an exam and it rolled back :-)
I just spent a few hours two nights ago trying to help a friend recover their trashed bootloader. After, guess what, the 1703 update. That didn't exactly roll back properly, did it?
@Ramhound Which is taking a risk.
IMO, an unnecessary risk since I should have the backup anyway...
But, eh, 1607 is still supported. If this means I need to wait an extra half a month for the HDD delivery, meh, I'll wait.
It's just mildly annoying timing.
2:17 AM
@allquixotic What's with these images lately?
3:27 AM
@Ramhound, @JourneymanGeek, you can't be a real geek unless you go a route like this: youtube.com/watch?v=QGBuj6Mp5T4.
3:39 AM
For whatever reason, DNS resolution has gone out of whack on the main laptop.
The DNS client service has just totally locked up.
Off to the Feedback Hub.
.... Google is linking me stuff about applying for public housing... This is slightly creepy
1 PFLOPS in a single rack. The vast majority of that compute capability is from the Radeon Instinct MI25 cards. There's 80 of them in the machine; each of these cards does 12.3 TFLOPS of FP32, so that's 983 TFLOPS. The AMD EPYC processors do the rest.
(Radeon Instinct MI25 uses the Vega GPU, the same technology underpinning the Radeon RX Vega cards coming out in less than two weeks)
> Back in 2007, you would have found the same power in a supercomputer called the IBM Roadrunner. This was a super computer project that was once the most powerful, well, super computer of its time and built by AMD and IBM for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The cluster had 696 racks spanning an area of 6000 square feet and consumer 2,350,000 watts of electricity. The cluster consisted primarily of around 64,000 dual core Opteron CPUs and some accelerators.

So basically in a little over 10 years, AMD has managed to make a system that consumes 98% less power and takes up 99.93% less spa
Roadrunner was a supercomputer built by IBM for the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA. The US$100-million Roadrunner was designed for a peak performance of 1.7 petaflops. It achieved 1.026 petaflops on May 25, 2008 to become the world's first TOP500 Linpack sustained 1.0 petaflops system. In November 2008, it reached a top performance of 1.456 petaflops, retaining its top spot in the TOP500 list. It was also the fourth-most energy-efficient supercomputer in the world on the Supermicro Green500 list, with an operational rate of 444.94 megaflops per watt of power used. The hybrid...
Think about it. Cramming 1 PFLOPS into a single server rack.
5:04 AM
5:38 AM
6:16 AM
6:33 AM
anyone has any tips?
I was using rufus and realized it like 2gb in, stopped it, pulled it off.
SOMETIMES.... testdisk could do the trick
image the SD card first?
well, with which tool?
@Avery diskpart?
unlikely to help
will either need to get the stuff in other ways or send to data recovery and drop a month's salary so ugh
Open cmd as an administrator.
Run diskpart.
Type in select disk.
Then enter select disk <yourdisk>.
Type in clean.
Then enter select disk <yourdisk> again.
Finally run the command create partition primary.
Open Windows Explorer, right click on your drive, and format it.
@Avery Fixed the same issue with this one, try ^
6:42 AM
look, I had data on this drive
I was supposed to pick e
I picked d
Oh, wait...
and it overwrote some/most of it
You want your data back? Sorry, misread
@Avery gnu ddrescue to image I suppose
6:43 AM
ew lenax
@Avery telegram
or dd
or I donno
[just joking around I use linux]
actually here, dd would be fine
I just typically prefer the rescue centric variation on the theme
6:45 AM
also can we take a moment to appreciate how bad windows is in this sense?
I could just dd if=iso of=/dev/sdb or what ever it is and it'd be done
but the gui and everything is just
getdataback is working
@Avery Really depends how you overwrote... if you literally overwrote the data, it's gone and not coming back. If you just clobbered the partition tables, you have a chance.
except getdataback found most of the files
I overwrote some of the data, not all
and clobbered all of partition tables probably
at least I can see most files
Ya you probably just stuffed the partition tables and maybe the filesystem metadata.
@Avery eh, there's nothing stopping you from running dd or any other CLI disk imager. Disk2vhd (sysinternals) would be the semi-official one.
You just don't have one built-in, which is a bit bleh.
7:06 AM
@Avery yay!
GetDataBack is amazing
it requires license to copy though
It has saved me so many times
and I don't want to pay 79$
@Avery Uh... telegram?
@Avery testdisk
7:10 AM
and everything is magically working and copying
"I would need to send it in and spend a month of salary" - "I don't want to spend 79$".
Don't forget to actually check recoverable files as you might get 2GB of garbage somewhere inbetween.
@Seth One month's salary may or may not be more than $79
That's correct but if you're really making 79$ a month you're either in a wicked economic situation where you either need to spend very little a day or your exchange rate is insane or still live at home/have some other way to pay your bills.
@Seth Or... part-time job/internship?
In which case you have alternative means to pay your bills/live at home. Even than 79$ isn't going to get you much in terms of professional data recovery from what I've seen. Last time I had a dead drive and had a look it was already 90€ or something for them to have a look at what they could potentially get you back.
Or is accommodation is the US really that cheap? It's really, really hard to spend less than a couple of hundred €/month for a roof above your head in Germany + something to eat + insurance and all that stuff.
I guess you could already save a bunch of insurances.
7:24 AM
I don't live in US
I don't really expect people on SU to be from a country where you earn I don't know ... 50$ a month or something. But this wasn't really about you but about someone who hypothetically is making equal to or less than 79$/mo. That would be ~2.5$/day though that doesn't really mean that such a person wouldn't be just working one hour a month (in which case 79$/hour is rather good I guess). Hm~ more aspects to this than I thought at first.
the salary mom earns is ~600usd
full time teacher, around 45-50 hours a week
$2.8/hr is good by turkish standards
7:39 AM
Wow, didn't know there was such a huge gap. If I take numbers I can dig up for Germany a full time teacher would/should earn something around like 2800$/mo (around 16$/hr at 40 hours a week. I'm really not sure about the numbers of hours our teachers have to do). That is all after taxes but without taking the rent for your flat etc. into account.
2.8K after taxes?
That doesn't sound right
oh hey, BoUoW will be just WSL soon wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/…
that was such a stupid-sounding name
interesting chart of average wage around here.
@Avery mean or median?
7:49 AM
@OliverSalzburg you're correct that it's a bit high as it seems to be based on the highest possible wage Source which might not be entirely reliable.
(So around 4k before taxes)
@Seth Still higher than I would have assumed. Interesting. Good for them :)
@ThatREDACTEDGuy do it, you'll love it
What is actually the proper way to have special characters in questions? Examples would ``<>`. Should they be replaced by HTML encoded versions?
8:02 AM
@Rahul2001 "did romance stuff", you sly dawg ;P
I mean
he also said this:
15 hours ago, by Rahul2001
@Avery uh. perhaps. kinda. maybe.
when I said
which points at
yesterday, by Burgi
@Rahul2001 sex?
which points at
yesterday, by Rahul2001
I did it
so we should totally pressure him for details
i'll be honest, i'm really not that interested in the sexual shenanigans of a 16yo
Hi folks. There is an online forum which I was using since last March, but recently I've been unable to post to it. I get a 403 Forbidden. In some cases, I can't even log in. The owner/maintainer doesn't seem very interested. When I reported it to him, he didn't even bother to get back to me till I wrote to him again. And it seems likely it has something to do with the advertising network the site it hooked up to.
8:10 AM
@Burgi doesn't look like it works. At least `<Example hides everything after <.
Though I can still read the site, and everything appears to be normal, so I'm wondering why it's just me having problem. With different Debian installations and with multiple browsers. Including at least one where I wiped the config clean. Anyway, I was wondering if SU was a suitable forum for such a question.
@Seth A more complete example of what you're after would be a good idea...
&lt; if you want it to appear in normal text
surround in backticks like < if you want it to appear as code
I haven't tried with anything other than Debian as of yet.
@FaheemMitha No.
We do not deal with issues with websites.
If it's a site you host, webmasters.se maybe. If it's a site run by someone else, maybe webapps.se. But I think you're simply out of luck with a small forum like that.
sounds like the enitre thing is broken
without logs to see why you're getting 403'd, you're screwed
8:13 AM
The actual example would be decyper the characters in text file because it's gobbling up all the special characters and I'm wondering how you would make them appear as normal text. I guess using HTML entities is the way to go as Bob pointed out.
@Seth That whole block should be a code block, not a blockquote.
But it's impossible to tell if the initial > causing it to be interpreted as a block quote is actually part of the snippet.
It isn't it wasn't in the original revision.
As Dave pointed out it really hampers the readability if you mark it as code. My first edit made it code anyway. But there might be other occasions where it might be useful to know how to have them displayed.
wait no
got confused by the diff
I just didn't break up the block. It doesn't really matter that much as well I guess. I was just curious. :)
@Dave What Seth did was correct here. This is, in a loose sense, code and should therefore be in a code block. There aren't any line breaks in the original text. The word wrapping introduced when interpreting this as "text" is incorrect. Wrapping it in a block quote does not make it any more correct. — Bob 8 secs ago
There is no need to break up the block.
8:19 AM
Well that's also a possibility. Thanks for your input. :)
@Burgi Ha!
It was fun
Still don't follow this :)
follow what?
@Seth Uh, take a look at India prices too
@Bob, still don't follow this :)
8:22 AM
If you look at the original revision you will find that it already did look strange, which is why I looked at the source. The problem here is that all those special characters are probably important for the encryption scheme or whatever. On the other hand you're correct that this is pretty much off topic here.
Ah... now I see
@Dave You shouldn't be looking at the rendered output. Because the rendered output is incorrect.
It's incorrect because the original author did not understand how Markdown worked, and what they typed/intended is quite different from what is rendered.
Yes, just seems your comment on the post. Thanks.
@Dave Of course, none of this helps with the whole off-topic thing :P
8:25 AM
@Rahul2001 for stuff or in regards to wages?
@Rahul2001 telegram
@Burgi hm?
True :)
i raised a ticket about migrating that customer's site and listed all the problems with licensing etc and the CSA has replied ask "whats this for?"
they are meant to be a senior account manager...
no wonder we lost this business
8:40 AM
Licensing can be a nightmare.
8:54 AM
for some reason: 1) BIOS doesn't see usb devices or rather, doesn't accept to boot from them
2) booting to them from windows' advanced startup doesn't work, just boots to windows
3) trying to install from inside windows gives the error of "windows 10 install failed" after it gets to the first stage where it restarts
@Avery CSM or UEFI? Or real legacy BIOS?
@Avery FAT32? Have a Boot directory on the root?
I assume yes to both because I let rufus do it.
@Avery ehhhh. really depends which option you selected.
tbh I find the MS MCT works better
9:12 AM
@Bob Ok. Thanks for letting me know.
@djsmiley2k Well, it's working (or seems to be working) for other people. And I don't see any complaints. Though, of course, if you can't get on the site, you can't complain. :-(
For the record, the site is airhostsforum.com.
Which, from casual inspection, appears to be functioning normally.
When I tried with a clean browser, I got a couple of very strange looking popups. Some kind of browser plugin ad. But very aggressive.
I could ask the site admin to check the logs for my IP address, I suppose.
Any suggestions for any other forums that might be able to help with something like this?
@Seth wages
9:41 AM
I don't get India as a whole from what little I know about it.
9:55 AM
why do we call navigational breadcrumbs "breadcrumbs"? in the story the breadcrumbs failed it was the pebbles that lead the children back home
10:06 AM
A: If USB is not listed in BIOS as a boot option, does that mean the machine can't boot from USB?

mediafingerI just went through the same pain... but I found a workaround. Plug in your USB drive Turn the Zenbook on Enter UEFI (BIOS) through pressing ESC or F2 In 'Boot' tab: 'Disable Fastboot' (*) Press F10 to save & exit Immediately press ESC or F2 again In 'Boot' tab: your USB drive should be listed ...

this was my solution.
basically "disable fastboot"
why is fastboot blocking booting from USB anyways
@Burgi Because they used breadcrumbs on the second attempt.
@DavidPostill but the birds ate them and they got lost
@Burgi Shrug. Note the story doesn't say how they found their way home from the gingerbread cottage ...
Woo I got full firewall access, and everyhthing
@DavidPostill was it not a random woodcutter that rescues them?
10:12 AM
well yess
it's partially working
still can't boot uefi, but at least csm is working.
@Burgi Maybe. The Wiki article doesn't say. I can't be bothered find a copy of the book to check :)
@Burgi it's oddly. Appropriate if you think about it
@JourneymanGeek how so?
Cause people get lost anyway
10:30 AM
did I ever say that windows sucks? no? windows sucks.
or rather OEMs suck
"let's make everything custom to get 1% faster speeds and 100% more frustration" -Asus, probably.
But how does that relate to Windows in general?
random errors while setup, mostly.
I'm tempted to install lubuntu and move on, but I don't own this device.
10:46 AM
> An application giving you trouble? Install a new OS why don't you?
@DavidPostill they ate the witch, and lived happily ever after, after contracting kubu and slowly going insane?
11:10 AM
@djsmiley2k what is kubu?
I may of spelt it wrong
Kuru is a very rare, incurable neurodegenerative disorder that was formerly common among the Fore people of Papua New Guinea. Kuru is caused by the transmission of abnormally folded prion proteins, which leads to symptoms such as tremors, loss of coordination, and neurodegeneration. The term kuru derives from the Fore word kuria or guria ("to shake"), due to the body tremors that are a classic symptom of the disease and kúru itself means "trembling". It is now widely accepted that kuru was transmitted among members of the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea via funerary cannibalism. Deceased family...
11:40 AM
Hey, guys! :)
Gosh, I am receiving too many "back to school" newsletters today from computer vendors. But the school isn't supposed to start in 20 days, right?
@FleetCommand I sure hope I don't have to go back to school :(
@OliverSalzburg Why? Bullies were mean to you?
I actually make more money now than I did when I went to school
I didn't make any money at all when I went to school.
11:46 AM
I do now.
Who can make money when there are lessons to learn and exams to pass?
I also found school extremely boring compared to work
@FleetCommand You can sell stuff to schoolmates
Like stuff only you get because you have the right darknet hookup ;D
That one was forbidden.
@FleetCommand I suppose that depends on where you live :)
Definitely. I could swear a lot of things I was forbidden to do was totally okay in the schools that my cousins attended.
11:56 AM
@FleetCommand Hehe. Here is the current set of school rules for the school I went to. I see they have changed a bit since then - there were no mobiles or girls when I was there :) I probably broke quite a few some of them (but never got caught). The view from the roof is amazing!
@DavidPostill You probably know the subject that high school students talk about the most, right? I am glad where I work, it is forbidden. Well... It isn't but there is a restricting rule for all aspects of it and on the whole, talking about it is considered bad form. GOOD!
So, in a way, I am glad I no longer go to school.
I was a good boy in school
Doesn't mean I didn't break lots of rules muahhaa
but teachers either decided not to care, because I was good, or didn't believe I'd done something....
I'm not even sure. Aside from that one time I never had anything to do with our school rules and that one time it was Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.
Afterwards it wasn't allowed anymore to digitally hand it "you have to copy the school rules" punishment work.
12:13 PM
I don't even remember why I had to do that stuff ... I think I disagreed with a teacher or something.
I disagreed with teachers loads
but only when sure I was correct.
One of the worst (of the few) punishment assignments I received was pretty early on when a teacher had me copy two pages from the bible (DAMN that's some small print!) for moving my mouth. She assumed I was speaking in class (even the person on the same table didn't hear anything).
@Seth What country was that?
Why would you disagree if you're not sure that you're correct? The teacher that "thought" us that you get PHP 5 secure by setting safe mode to on did get more than an earful from me. Especially since he argued that "good software" even works with safe mode on.
12:17 PM
@Seth You live in Bavaria or something?
Copying pages from the bible wtf
Nope but that teacher was a crazy lady and it was during "Religionsunterricht" so no that far off for her.
Ah gotcha
As I got older I began to somewhat feel sorry for her because I really do think she had good intentions and probably really wanted people to spend some time thinking about God and Jesus and all that. But her teaching really, really wasn't good and as a result there was rarely any pupil that liked her.
@Seth Depends on the teacher and such
I don't see how "spend some time thinking about God and Jesus" are good intentions, but I guess I understand what you mean :P
12:24 PM
@OliverSalzburg the road to hell and such?
@Seth You move your lips when you read? ;)
@Burgi did you break it again? -- bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40800183
Sometimes and sometimes I'm just being strange. At that time I was actually giving the answer to something she said without raising my hand and my voice. So in a way she was right that I was "talking" but not in an audible manner and just to myself.
Well that probably sounds stupid ... but anyway.
@djsmiley2k nothing to do with me!
12:42 PM
yes, yes it is
still funny though
i don't understand this bitcoin thing
People think they don't have enough power within the existing system, so they forked it
That's how I read it anyway ;D
Or do you mean the entire "bitcoin thing"?
i meant the fork
They looked at Etherum and wanted to try a fork as well - didn't work out for them either?
(I haven't really followed it)
12:50 PM
the funny thing is no one sees the problem
the chain will eventuaqlly become unworkable
it currently takes days to get sync'd
it's only 5 years old.
I thought that was the problem and reason for the fork
i thought the fork had a larger blockchain for... reasons?
1:12 PM
@XKCD wot no gud comixxx
guys, if you have any idea
Q: ODBC trace that has been activated but how can I deactivate it?

Andy KMy colleague has activated an odbc trace to troubleshoot the issue we currently have. But alas he has created another issue e.g the tracing is activated each time we are running the msaccess program even though we have deactivated the log in odbc. We are using an msaccessprogram that works as a...

1:27 PM
@AndyK Debug and CommLog are set to 0. Without knowing anything about the subject, I wouldn't interpret the registry as logging to be enabled
And the registry path you mention does not reflect the registry path from the screenshot
If that makes a difference
That being said, if there is a registry key named foo.ini, I would instantly start a file search for foo.ini :P
Assuming that there is a file by that name somewhere and it overrides the registry
Or vice versa for that matter
Jun 14 at 7:42, by Rahul2001
Meh, if someone offers me 200 rep, I'll create a bot in pure batch with curl :P
@OliverSalzburg where should I look for the odbc.ini file?
Offer is still up.
@AndyK On your hard drive
@OliverSalzburg mwa ha ha ha
1:35 PM
I don't see why that's funny :P
@AndyK Also check the non-WOW6432Node branch, in case the application is actually 64-bit
I'm pretty sure you won't find a file named ODBCINST.INI or ODBC.INI; I suspect these settings used to live in INI files but were then moved to the Registry
@BenN Which is exactly why you should be looking for them :P
It takes like 5 seconds to verify
Fair enough :)
Oh, and I suppose one could use Procmon to see what files/keys the program is consulting
I don't have either file btw ;D
@BenN I had a look at it and indeed, there are the one set to zero

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