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1:00 PM
@Burgi @djsmiley2k apparently he worked as a fake review maker
lol wtf
Is that.... Tweet length?
@JourneymanGeek 19 words
WASHINGTON — Trump, in a series of tweets, attacks own FBI, says its reputation ‘in Tatters - worst in History!’ ^This sentence is an entire @washingtonpost article. Not Kidding. Just 19 words. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-in-a-series-of-tweets-attacks-own-fbi-says-its-reputation-in-tatters---worst-in-history/2017/12/03/64b21148-d82d-11e7-a241-0848315642d0_story.html
1:25 PM
Yup it fits in a tweet
But did the WP actually tweet that? I can't be bothered going back 4 days in the tweet history ...
Oh lord
@DavidPostill @JourneymanGeek duckduckgo.com/…
Oh lord. It's not just @washingtonpost. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=WASHINGTON+%E2%80%94+Trump%2C+in+a+series+of+tweets%2C+attacks+own+FBI%2C+says+its+reputation+%E2%80%98in+Tatters+-+worst+in+History!%E2%80%99&atb=v89-6&ia=web
@rahuldottech What is your point?
> Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
@rahuldottech Most news organisations are syndicated so they receive the basic article before getting one of their journalists to flesh it out
1:32 PM
@DavidPostill everyone posted that
see above
@rahuldottech But does anybody actually care?
news just in: newspapers are dying, journalists blame shoddy reporting.
@rahuldottech AP will have sent out the article to all the agencies in the syndicate
1:34 PM
twitter.com/rahuldottech/status/938758783483895808 "Sorry that page does not exist"
it is news worthy that the PotUSA is calling into question the reputation of the policing organisation that is investigating him
Print syndication distributes news articles, columns, comic strips and other features to newspapers, magazines and websites. They offer reprint rights and grant permissions to other parties for republishing content of which they own/represent copyrights. Prominent American and international syndication services include: Family Features Editorial Syndicate Guardian News Service News International Syndication The New York Times News Service Telegraph Media Group Tribune Media Services Project Syndicate Universal Press Syndicate provides news and lifestyle content to publications and IFA-Amsterdam...
@Burgi but, no one is listening to him, other than those who were already listening to him.
the great seperation is coming
the masses who follow blindly, and those who are educated and choose to question
similar to science/religion separations in the past.
i'm still surprised that the republican party haven't removed him from power yet
@allquixotic turns out it was the traffic shaping
Compared to the shitstorm happening over his tweets about Jerusalem the comments about the FBI are a gentle zephyr
1:37 PM
I'm partly surprised no ones shot him.
@DavidPostill I'm sure there is some powerful people shaking their heads.
there is an emergency meeting with the security council to raise sanctions against the USA about it
@Burgi Unfortunately sanctions never rarely have the intended effect :/
did you see how his wife had decorated the white house for christmas?
it looked absolutely depressing
Do I want to? D:
1:45 PM
Last Apollo mission to the moon was exactly 45 years ago. Experience in real time. This is amazing.
@Burgi His wife didn't do it.
> Harrisburg designer Debra Eberly -- who served as one of the 150 volunteers to help the decoration of the White House this year
ah i think she had input though
This website to so well built omg
> The White House said Mrs. Trump chose every detail of the decor and did a final check late Sunday after returning from the family's Thanksgiving at their estate in Palm Beach, Florida.
ho ho ho
fake news
1:49 PM
Compare that to:
> "When you're dealing with a large concept or house such as the White House, obviously there is going to be a designer in charge," Eberly said. "They have so many rooms to oversee that they're pretty much, 'here are your supplies for this room,' and pretty much the design is your own. As long as I'm putting in what they want to see, you pretty much have almost free reign, to a point."
that's what I'd expect
it's just funny how the official statement isn't the same
@DavidPostill probably precisely why he's making them
@JourneymanGeek Could be, but I think that strategy may well backfire ...
@DavidPostill funny thing is? It fits the narrative he wants perfectly
And more importantly, its a very good distraction - especially if congress is mostly republican
1:55 PM
In other news "US House votes to expand concealed carry gun rights"
Cause I feel terrible about closing old old old questions and want to blame someone else superuser.com/questions/81563/… product rec?
@JourneymanGeek You can now blame me. Closed as we don't want to have bad examples hanging around.
No offence but you haven't been around long enough to feel a twinge of guilt every time you delete one of molly's posts ;p
Yeah, I figured that probably should have been closed ;p
2:15 PM
@JourneymanGeek I never feel guilty about closing/delete crap posts :)
@ThatBrazilianGuy <3
It's no problem at all :D
And I don't care who the OP is either :)
See! No respect for history ;p
(Old user from the beta, lots of her questions wouldn't meet modern quality guidelines - she quit cause she was unhappy with early quality standards, asked for a user deletion... but the posts her still in her name)
@JourneymanGeek There were no Mollys harmed by closing that post (unless there was a name change I don't know about ...) ;)
ya ;p
Buts its old
09? early post beta I think
2:17 PM
I'm old as well. Does that mean I shouldn't be closed? :)
julien == molly?
@DavidPostill no, you must stay active :P
@Burgi from what I gather, molly was another old user
1 min ago, by Journeyman Geek
(Old user from the beta, lots of her questions wouldn't meet modern quality guidelines - she quit cause she was unhappy with early quality standards, asked for a user deletion... but the posts her still in her name)
but there was no molly on the question...
@Burgi Yeah, not that one
@Burgi no ;p
But similar reasons
2:21 PM
i am so confused
A: Tool to copy files of HDD with bad sectors

Molly7244Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier recovers files from disks with physical damage and allows you to copy files from disks with problems such as bad sectors, scratches or that just give errors when reading data. The program will attempt to recover every readable piece of a file and put the pieces togeth...

This one is by molly?
@Burgi Molly was old user. She ask question. Question ok den. Not ok by 2day standardz. So dear mod jmg must delet. but he feelz bad destroyin histori.
@Burgi y boi
Q: Where did Molly go?

ldigasBeing an irregular regular on Super User, I know most of the crew which are also usually the most knowledgeable ones, and the first on the scene, when it comes to answering questions. Lately, I haven't seen Molly answering any, and upon checking the user list I find her name missing. It isn't st...

2:23 PM
@Burgi Mission Accomplished ;)
Sep 3 '10 at 8:09, by Jeff Atwood
@sathya @random Molly felt s/he (don't know gender) was

1) S/he feels anonymous voting is counter productive.
2) S/he feels the moderators are not doing enough to keep the site classy.
3) S/he is tired of being down-voted without any reasons as to why.
Well, spoke
Jeff's an awesome chap
#makeJeffGreatAgain ?
2:33 PM
I actually kinda miss that from when the network was smaller ;)
2:47 PM
Rather appropriately
Mar 13 '11 at 10:53, by The Journeyman geek
dear me...
is apparently the first thing I ever said in chat
(so I probably missed the bit where The Atwood was super active on chat)
@Burgi you're still HNQ.
This is most excellent.
A: Is it important not to scratch copper wire when removing insulation?

RedGrittyBrickMinor superficial marking is just that. Unimportant. Deep nicks around the circumference create weaknesses. Those would cause problems. Redo. With the right tools, careful use and a little practice, you will be able to strip insulation without nicking or scratching the copper. Suitable tools, ...

please check question after viewing answer xD
3:06 PM
@djsmiley2k yeah but the upvotes have trailed off and i managed to get 2 downvotes.... shrugs
This is amusing. A question came up related to the thing I am currently futzing around with.
So I ended up 1) pointing him at the manual 2) geeking out mildly over LED packages ._.
@djsmiley2k that's just evil ;p
3:27 PM
@djsmiley2k lol
My toaster takes better photos than that. — Alexander yesterday
@Burgi oh God what did he do now?
@FMLCat he has declared that the USA is officially recognising the disputed territory of Jerusalem as the capital of israel
the entire world has turned around and generally agreed that it is A Bad Move™
3:44 PM
@Burgi facepalm
i think the EU are looking to bring sanctions against the USA
personally i think we should bulldozer the ENTIRE city so no-one can claim it
@Burgi bulldoze Trump
4:48 PM
@Burgi Unfortunately Bob the Builder ™ has been officially retired (in other news).
but scoop, muck and dizzy! rolly too!
> CBeebies has launched a new cartoon with a female obsessed engineer as the star character to address 'gender imbalance' in children's animations. It will follow the adventures of eight-year-old engineer Bitz and her younger brother Bob (right), who make creations in her 'maker-space' tree house'. The move is part of a drive to diversify children's programming and scrap some male-led cartoons. Old favourites such as Bob the Builder (left) and Fireman Sam are no longer shown on CBeebies.
Bob waves goodbye for the last time :)
I don't even.
Why can't male characters lead?
Bob the builder stared Wendy, his wife.
so ... :/
> with a female obsessed engineer
aren't all engineers female obsessed?
4:59 PM
@djsmiley2k it's not "male characters can't lead", it's "90% of leads are male, maybe we should put a bit of effort into moving the needle towards the middle"
5:19 PM
How do I stop the stack exchange chat rooms from remembering the last thing I typed when I reopen Firefox?
No Clippy, get lost.
5:43 PM
@Mokubai Yeah, that is starting to irritate me as well. Something to do with FF57 I suspect ...
Pretty sure it was doing it before the update. Been annoying me for a while.
Hmmm. Whacking Esc, reloading the tab, then closing seems to fix.
Autofill bug?
Never enabled it
Don't even know where the settings are
i'd google for something about saving form state
Thing is that it saves the state before it clears the chat bar, then apparently fails to re-remember the cleared state so when you re-open FF you get the old state.
5:52 PM
so clearing the chatbar doesn't update the state...
It doesn't do it for every chat window though.
Which is the annoying thing. It's like 50% of the time
Yeesh. When did the "what history do you want to remember?" thing get so bloody complicated?
And what if I want to clear forms but not search?
I remember back when we had tabbed user interfaces with things grouped and sorted sensibly!
Not these silly searchable webpage thingies masquerading as "settings" menus...
search IS a form.
If you have to have a search box so people can find the settings for things then you've pretty much failed at having a good interface
come back to chrome.
6:00 PM
@djsmiley2k No chance. I'm stuck with it at work, I'll be damned if I'm using it at home too.
k, edge is waiting? XD
I'm almost at the point of going over to Edge.
s/to/the/g :)
FFS Firefox!
Hiding the smegging download button if I haven't used it recently!
I don't care that there are no downloads this session! Just leave the button there, I might want that file I downloaded last night!
6:11 PM
@djsmiley2k Or just not hide things in the first place... Hiding something that was always "just there" is idiotic and annoying.
you mean like toilets?
Give me a tick box in the download window or something to enable it.
@djsmiley2k Are we hiding them now?
@Mokubai we don't keep them under the bed anymore, so... yeah
like... corpses?
I never kept it under the bed, the plumbing would have been a nightmare...
like men in lead roles on tv?
it's equality for non-download buttons!
6:14 PM
You keep them under the bed as well?!?!
With the corpses?
getting crowded
Sounds like a recipe for disaster and/or arrest
How do you deal with the smell?
I'm pretty sure that febreeze isn't going to cut it... not with that combination...
@Mokubai There is a checkbox for that. Go into customise. Click on download button, uncheck autohide :)
@DavidPostill I'd found it and fixed it :)
Just annoyed at them changing things for no good reason
This is why old people complain about computers
Just why did it need to hide?
@Mokubai I'm old but all these changes keep my brain working :)
6:28 PM
My brain works enough. I don't need hurdles while I'm doing a daily jog.
I'm fine with the GUI changing, it's the insane little things that get me.
Wait till you get to my age. Changes postpone Alzheimer's ...
There is literally no reason for that button to be an auto-hide thing
It's just hiding UI elements for the sake of it
"Hey, look at our cool dynamic UI"
"But you've just hidden the one thing that people might need on an irregular basis and made them go hunting for it. That or made them never want to close their browser, ever, for fear of it going missing again."
"Yeah, pretty sweet huh?"
sounds of muffled murder
Now you need to go and disinfect your mod hammer :)
6:58 PM
@Mokubai oh the corpses dont mind
@djsmiley2k your avatar is appropriate here
i need a christmas hat for it actually
5 days
7:12 PM
that'll do
7:42 PM
LOL we won city of culture, lol wut
...and spent some time tuning Windows desktop color. The stock "dark purple" color was too dark for my taste and was changed to a shade of Astaroth purple (#8c0aa0 IIRC).
Can't check right now, system's in sleep and I'm running an errand right now.
It did suppress the "This color looks like it might be hard to read" warning, though.
8:49 PM
hi. I've been wrecking me head for 3 hour about a Windows 10 which won't boot anymore. UEFI no longer shows 'Windows Boot Loader' as an option. I am having a fit here. that could please lend a hand?
@pmdci how did it first fail?
Does the system detect the disk?
9:07 PM
@bwDraco that's my thinking too
Did the UEFI settings get wiped? Did it accidently get turned into CSM/BIOS mode?
Does it have a huge gaping hole where the cpu was?
Is the monitor plugged in?
9:27 PM
Is there a power cut in your area?
my apologies for the absence.
It first failed when troubleshooting something in the UEFI, I changed the boot of the disk from 'Windows boot Loader' to the disk's name.
The system DOES detect the disk. I can see it listed in the BIOS. I could also access it using disk part from a recovery USB
monitor is plugged in, no power cut, the right voltage, PC is on a flat surface, I am using my finger to push the power button, not my penis. ;)
Well, first issue is the penis thing... Obviously, that's the issue!
OK, make sure you're set to boot in EFI mode. If it's booting "the disk", you're likely back in CSM or BIOS mode
I don't see any option to change to BIOS mode.
I looked everywhere in the UEFI
the MOBO is an Asus ROG
Maximum IV GENE-Z
9:45 PM
@pmdci thanks for making me laugh
10:14 PM
OK, try pulling up the boot menu with F8 as the system is booting. What options appear?
10:29 PM
i just went to the bins and its SOOOOOO cold
there is ice rain
@Burgi so, below 20? :P
gah. "I'll get to work earlier today!" -- 20+ min train delay
why do I even bother
11:16 PM
@pmdci Maximus IV? That is pretty old...
I know but it was working before
Well, not quite "ancient" but Sandy Bridge is very old nonetheless.
sandy works just fine
the only thing you'd maybe miss is native usb 3.0, and even then most motherboards used one of the renesas chips (granted, an older and somewhat buggy one...)
"unusably old" is another 2-3 years further back
11:28 PM
Hey all
@Bob I'd argue even that might not be unusable
My dad's main PC is still a core 2 duo
and it does fine with some gentle upgrades
Same here!
It's a 2009 Macbook Pro
a Core 2 Schmuo as Louis Rossmann calls them
I did upgrade it to an SSD and windows 10
11:33 PM
I actually need to pull down my last pc from storage and see if it still runs
Had to manually override the colors used by Windows for foreground text because of insufficient contrast. Windows was picking bad colors that I wouldn't get with the stock colors.
@allquixotic I've been subscribed to the zfs on debian mailing list for a while and it honestly scares me a bit how ... informal/uncontrolled the whole importing of upstream patches is :P
I give up.
Windows used to let me pick two different colors, now I can only select one :(
I cannot manually set the Start background color, only the accent color.
Time to go to the Feedback Hub.
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