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12:00 AM
@nhinkle I can assure you that he had given us more problems then just those
too bad, really. he's asked some interesting questions, but that's no excuse for causing problems and being annoying
and the gold badge for Marshal goes to................... @yhw42
darn, he needs just a couple more, but he's at 749.something
marshal? i don't see that on the badge list
Q: New badges for the increased flag-weight.

BobbyBecause the flag-weight has increased to 750, and (if I understood it right) you'll get less and less weight with every flag towards 750, I'd like to suggest two new Badges: Sheriff (Silver): Achieved a flag weight of 700 Clint Eastwood or Marshall (Gold): Achieved a flag weight of 749

Hi everyone
12:10 AM
Hi @BloodPhilia.
How are you?
Hey @mark! Fine thanks! Just setting up a github repo :D How about you?
I'm doing great, thanks. It's funny, I just got done setting up a GitHub repo of my own! XD
@MarkSzymanski Oh :D For what?
Ah. They must not have actually been implemented yet.
This, a tool (RubyGem) for converting Colloquy's awful XML logs into plain text. (Colloquy is an IRC client for Mac OS X.)
12:12 AM
Gosh, my flag weight of 330 seems paltry in comparison
Hey @BloodPhilia!
@KronoS! :D
@MarkSzymanski Nice :D
@nhinkle I'm at 500 :P
Thanks @BloodPhilia ^.^
@MarkSzymanski My project looks lame compared to that :(
12:13 AM
What's your project, @BloodPhilia?
@MarkSzymanski Well I've forked an Android app to suit my needs, which is what is now in my repo (github.com/BloodPhilia/KalSMS) At the moment I'm developing a server side python program that acts as an SMS gateway by receiving, processing, storing and sending sms back through the Android phone
@BloodPhilia: That's much more awesome than mine!
All mine is is 51 lines of Ruby XD
And, you now have one follower on GitHub @BloodPhilia
@MarkSzymanski 74 lines of Python here so far
@MarkSzymanski Awesome! My very first!
12:16 AM
Yep! :D
@MarkSzymanski Oh, and a few lines of Java for the Android app!
How dare you say mine is more awesome than yours! XD
Well, yours looks more impressive :(
Mine is just a few files
does anybody know if there's a way to share a dropbox folder to the public?
@KronoS you have a public folder
12:18 AM
like anyone and everyone can view and download contents, but not edit?
@KronoS There is
can you not just make a subfolder in there?
@KronoS: Put the folder in your Public folder.
@MarkSzymanski Where can I see who is following me?
How do I link to it?
12:19 AM
right click on file/folder -> dropbox -> copy public link
@BloodPhilia: Go to your public GitHub page and click on the "Followers" link.
And, @BloodPhilia: most of the files in mine were generated with hoe. The only one I actually touched was lib/colloquy_log_to_text.rb
oh hmm
@MarkSzymanski I don't see the link!
it looks like you can link to a file but not the whole folder
@BloodPhilia: Just click on the number, it is a link ;)
12:20 AM
AH! Thank you @nhinkle
I just need a file shared anyways
@MarkSzymanski It says "0 followers"
Or, @BloodPhilia: You can go to github.com/BloodPhilia/followers
@KronoS should work fine for just a single folder
@MarkSzymanski I know, but it says no followers
@BloodPhilia: I know, it just hasn't updated. If you click it it'll still list me.
12:22 AM
@KronoS you should've posted it as a question on SU :P
@MarkSzymanski Nope, not on the followers page either
@BloodPhilia: Really? It works for me.
@MarkSzymanski Okay, nevermind, just needed a refresh
You have another follower :D
12:23 AM
Thanks @BloodPhilia!
That makes 8 ^^
@MarkSzymanski Fuck yea ;D
Q: How do I 'share' a folder to the public in dropbox?

KronoSI understand that I can share a single file to the public via a link on dropbox, but what if I have an entire folder that I want to be able to grant access to the public? Is there a way to do this? If so, can I change access rights to where they can only download the files within the folder but...

@nhinkle done
@KronoS Shouldn't it be on web apps?
12:26 AM
@BloodPhilia: I don't think so, since it involves the software front-end.
@BloodPhilia possibly...
but it's on-topic for SU so I'll leave it for now
@KronoS Okay... I don't know exactly how dropbox works, so I was just asking ;)
@BloodPhilia it's a legit question
@KronoS Mine or yours? :P
@BloodPhilia yours and mine :P
but I was refering to yours
12:37 AM
I think I'll be off to bed now!
I'm off to go watch the game
Bye bye :D
yah i think it's valid for SU as dropbox is both a web and desktop app
@KronoS : answered
i actually found you a few things that might work
A: How do I 'share' a folder to the public in dropbox?

nhinkleAccording to the dropbox forums, there is currently no official way to share an entire folder publicly. You can only get links for individual files. One potential work-around would be to group the files into a .zip file and share the public link for that. The downside of this is that you would h...

12:58 AM
awww, missed @BloodPhilia
@KronoS, @nhinkle hey guys
I really like the Meta sidebar, where it highlights important questions, etc
2 hours later…
2:35 AM
hi all
anyone knows what is alternatestreamview?
3:19 AM
Oh, boy. Look at the comments on this question.
Q: What is the frame rate for BluRay movies

DilSeWhat is the actual frame rate and resolution of a commercially available movie BluRay? Is it 1920×1080 @30 fps?

2 hours later…
5:35 AM
hey @Sathya when you get the chance mind talkin?
5:55 AM
sup @KronoS
Saw that I caused a good ol firestorm with the whole dropbox issue @Sathya
ah, wouldn't call it a firestorm as such @KronoS
Which actually I'm not seeing the duplication clearly. mind sharing why it's a dupe?
@Sathya true it could've been a lot worse
A: How does one appeal a close decision due to supposed question duplicate?

Sathya I can share a single file to the public via a link on dropbox, but what if I have an entire folder that I want to be able to grant access to the public? Is there a way to do this? Is there a way to get this link from Dropbox when I'm on Windows (or via the Web) without creating a public shar...

oh my didn't even see the meta
goes to read
AH so you migrated and combined... agree with the action :)
6:01 AM
actually, no
oh maybe not yet... is that your intention @Sathya
all 3 of you are under the opinion that there's no duplication
lol of course... but I'm open to being told otherwise
I combined both the questions - w/o the spoiler there's no way to indicate that the block of text are 2 separate questions is there?
My main issue in this matter is the "folder" share to the public...
No but that can be done with many other questions as well...
6:03 AM
see the thing is all of you seem to be fixiated on the duplicate title
> but what if I have an entire folder that I want to be able to grant access to the public? Is there a way to do this?
Actually I was refering the body as well... there's really no mention to sharing a folder in the body of the dupe
not in the question, but the answer demonstrates both
and your fix doesn't work with folders... in order to share you have to do it online
No, it does.
you don't have to share it.
I take that back... there's no link for my MAIN folders
i.e. photos etc, only folders within the main ones.
6:06 AM
see, I just created this folder, haven't shared this with anyone
and it's there for you.
Actually I take even that back... it seems to work everywhere... duely noted and your right as usual :P
Thanks @Sathya :)
A: How do you get a public link to a file in Dropbox that isn't in a public folder?

SathyaGet the latest build of Dropbox, and you can right click any folder in your Dropbox and get the shareable link Note: @slhck points that the Mac version doesn't support this yet - It does work on Mac. You will need to enable the sharing model feature on your account first (it is not enabled b...

@KronoS you're welcome.
BTW your link only points to the main folder online... is that intentional?
there's a brief notification that comes up
you might have missed it
Ah I see... well actually didn't lol, but I understand :)
hey @nhinkle !
6:12 AM
@Sathya any way to disable it once you've enabled it, or is a permanent setting on your account now?
hi @KronoS. only here for a moment, then it's back to studying unfortunately. how are you?
btw I've update the SSD blog post with Application start times... just a few basic ones, and nothing intensive like photoshop
@nhinkle doin good... tired
sweet, that'll be interesting to look at
methinks you should go to bed soon @KronoS
@nhinkle will do as soon as my wife finishs coloring her hair...
hahah... ok then
doesn't understand why she chose 1030 at night to undertake such a process
but oh well
6:14 AM
don't think it's possible to disable, dropbox.com/disable_shmodel doesn't work, need to check more
yah i tried that. is there any documentation on it? i don't mind having it enabled, but it would be nice to know if there's a way to turn it off
@Sathya @nhinkle I do think that it might be a good idea to re-word the other question and merge answers... nhinkles answers are valid
@nhinkle can't find any documentation on that
agreed. if you merge them, i'll update my answer a bit and remove the part obsoleted by your post
also @Sathya I updated your answer with a disclaimer about it being irreversible to our knowledge
aha, @nhinkle dropbox.com/help/167
you'll have to remove the link explicitly
6:19 AM
got it. you should update your answer with that info then
feel free to include that if you think it might be useful
ok back to chem for me
see you guys later
I'm headin to bed as well...
will have to get the other blog posts done tomorrow
7:21 AM
Hi all
7:36 AM
@ivoflipse, you overclock, can you shed some light on this subject?
Q: What does the "Maximum Frequency" number mean in the Windows Resource Monitor?

nhinkleIn the Windows Resource Monitor's CPU tab, there is a status box and graph for the "Maximum Frequency", right next to the "CPU Usage" values. What does this mean? The value is sometimes over 100% on my system... what could that imply? By looking at CPU-z's real-time report of the processor's c...

anyone knows what is this formhistory.sqlite in firefox
1 hour later…
9:15 AM
Hi! :)
@tintincute AFAIK it stores the text you typed in forms (except passwords, of course) – if you enabled that option.
9:49 AM
howdy all
@DMA57361 hi
10:16 AM
Greetings Mortals!
10:53 AM
dear me...
superuser.com/questions/256692/… i'm not sure any answer can compete with the first one ;p
Matt: who're you accusing of being mortal?
everyone but me?
1 hour later…
12:07 PM
Q: OpenID association problem

Nyuszika7HI've recently registered on Game Development with my Google OpenID, and I got the 100 rep for associating my accounts, but my name is user6071 and the About me field is empty. I can't even copy my SO profile, it says an error occurred.

12:21 PM
@nhinkle I honestly wouldn't know, given that I'm having stability issues, I'm also not the best to ask
@TheJourneymangeek I guess we have a new Question of the Week :P
who wants to stick ants in their keyboard and try to get them out again?
Shoot at it @Sathya
iz done @IvoFlipse
wondering what's the best way to get ants out of your laptop keyboard? http://u.sbhat.me/eBhF8t
I would have thought the answer would be obvious - insert an ant-eater into the USB port.
Or just use the laptop more? He's obviously not doing enough aardvark.
my way is to fire up BOINC
the heat'll drive away ants :p
12:38 PM
is there a stackexchange site to help me understand women??
i'm guessing not
@kez moms4mom.com? (though it's an 1.0 site)
I'd imagine that stackexchange would have 90% questions closed as subjective and argumentative :p
12:42 PM
in Rename TheOutOfStarsException on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 days ago, by The OutOfStars Exception
The Subjective Exception
in Rename TheOutOfStarsException on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 days ago, by The OutOfStars Exception
The Argumentative Exception
user image
haha i like
we need more people people voting on that hacker news thing
I guess moms4mom is shutting down or moving to something else aren't they?
> As of February 5, 2011, we have moved to DreamHost for our hosting, and we decided to use the open source Q&A platform OSQA to run the site. We've done a lot of work to make the site look & feel the same as the original site, but you will notice some differences:
'allo @ChrisF
12:52 PM
hi @ChrisF, surely you can vote on HackerNews right?
@IvoFlipse Do you need to sign up?
If so probably not as I don't remember registering there.
it supports OpenID I believe or it's just a random username+pw
12:55 PM
lack of creativity :\
+1ed ;-)
now we just need to the rest to start upvoting it too
how annoying, there's a bug in Chrome that keeps focus on the bookmarks bar, I get tooltips all over my screen :@
12:58 PM
I'm not getting images from i.imgur.com again :(
@IvoFlipse I don;t get the tooltip though
anyhow, bbl
strange @ChrisF, in every browser?
i have that tooltips problem too
Just checking
I can get to imgur.com itself OK and ping i.imgur.com, but the images just don't load
Happened yesterday as well. But when I first fired up this room I could see some images (the one of Jeff on the pile of gravel)
it's supposedly fixed @kez, I read the release notes, but either it's in Canary or it's 'not fixed'
1:02 PM
Fails in Firefox and Chrome.
btw @ChrisF if you still want some free rep ;P
there are still some missing tag wiki's, hehe
@IvoFlipse I'll take a look ;)
Any ones in particular?
well mostly the empty ones :P
wow ubuntu 10.blabla and explorer don't have any
Q: How can I determine whether a shellscript runs as root or not?

EvilPhoenixThis is something I've been curious about. I make a lot of small bash scripts (.sh files) to do tasks that I routinely do. Some of those tasks require everything to be ran as superuser. I've been curious: Is it possible to, within the BASH script prior to everything being run, check if the sc...

some are like: wth, what do I say about images?
1:06 PM
Thank's Mr Obvious
you know what @ChrisF, perhaps don't bother just yet, then we can use it for our contest
A: What's the best way to get ants out of laptop keyboards?

Nyuszika7HInsert an ant-eater into the USB port. That'll soon get rid of 'em.

Oh right, I wanted to post this as a comment :)
I took care of that for you
thanks for 'flagging' it :P
I didn't flag it, I 'flagged' it. :P
Experiencing connection issues - not sure whether it's just SE or all sites or related to the imgur problem.
1:21 PM
might be related to the upgrade, some things not working flawlessly yet
@IvoFlipse Seems to be OK at the moment. Also got imgur images back
I've started on page 2, but I'll do some more tag wikis later.
All you lurkers out there, go vote us up, we could use some hacker news attention :P
2:04 PM
:P I just might
2:34 PM
is going to hack a studio
(: just kidding @studiohack
3:18 PM
3:49 PM
Good morning everyone.
if you're a Diablo fan/ love Tristram music
morning @MarkSzymanski
Good morning, @Sathya, @Nyuszika7H. How are you all?
3:51 PM
good, @MarkSzymanski :)
4:07 PM
This looks bad...
my name is stack exchange. i get virtually all my traffic from SEO. but i'll mischaracterize SEO anyway http://tcrn.ch/hWd97m
Reported it as I think a heavily fragmented memory isn't handy.
@Sathya: If Nick Rohon's comment is true, that tweet is just to put SE in a bad daylight assisted by a badly written TC article...
lots of comments say the same about badly written TC article @TomWij
4:48 PM
where's danny sullivan from again? that SEO site?
@IvoFlipse Stack Exchange Overflow?
btw any ideas what might cause a computer to not come out of hibernate again?
lol you should tweet him that :P
@IvoFlipse Do you get a BSOD?
the problem isn't getting 80% traffic from Google, the problem is getting outranked with your own content on Google by SEO sites
yeah, eventually
I first just restarted it
but now I got some driver error, but no idea what driver
@IvoFlipse I had that problem when NSIS software like FastStone Capture was open when hibernating.
@dannysullivan SEO? You meant Stack Exchange Overflow, right?
5:05 PM
grrr... I wish someone would ask a decent question for once.
rather than the "I immersed my computer in a vat of incompetence and now it won't boot" drudgery
5:55 PM
Press and hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Delete+Escape+Return+Space+CapsLock+Tab+AltGr+Pause+Home+End+Page­Up+PageDown+Insert to get an easter egg!
I can't :(
Hold on while I unzip my flies.
you can keep average sized Matt inside, thank you very much :P
They don't call me Spider Dijon for nothing...
Nope, I don't see an easter egg.
Only a mars bar
I wonder if we could make new users go through a signup procedure that somehow taught them how to write a question?
6:19 PM
there's a page in place if the system recognizes you're asking a bad question or giving a bad answer:
Q: Heuristics for detecting a bad answer?

Jeff AtwoodA lot of bad answers are slipping through the cracks on Stack Overflow. You can see some examples at Thanks a lot for this post ... and other first time user curiosities I've been paging through hundreds of these first answers by new users and I've identified a few heuristics that, when applie...

Interesting.... But it can't catch the questions which omit basic information that's needed to answer the question, like the gamut of questions where they forget to tell us what operating system they're using, etc.
the problem is, that users who ask bad questions, often also don't read
Someone please have a look at his posts with me and flag anything suspicious
6:40 PM
@IvoFlipse What did s/he do?
well most posts are gone now, but half of them spammed just a link to a product or were generally crappy
I don't see anything suspicious, but I would say they're not a native English speaker.
Answers are vanishing though... Down to 9 now.
It was 13 when I checked, now it's 9 8 7 6
We'll be heading for the moon in a mo...
Phut... phut... pop
And it's stalled.
I told them not to install Windows on the Shuttle
6:45 PM
I left some
so close
so so close
holds breath
If someone else posts Dropbox, I'm deleting it :P
I'll drop postbox if you like, but I won't post dropbox.
7:21 PM
does anyone know about the outlook logging? I've been going through with my temp in c:\ and I found some strange text file...
just wondering what is it
7:35 PM
just wondering what this is:
*** Starting First Run (03-10-2011 09:15:15) ***
...HrPreSplashFirstRun called.
...HrPreLogFirstRun called.
...HrPostLogFirstRun called.
..... FCheckFirstRunStatus failed reading machine value "17019"!
...deleting WAB4/UseOutlook because we're using MAPI.
...writing UUID to HKCU.
...setting Primary Client to Outlook.
*** Ending First Run (03-10-2011 09:15:50) ***
7:48 PM
Outlook 2003 failure log is the best I can come up with
@MattJenkins: what do you mean? hello by the way
Think it gets created if send/recieve fails in outlook prior to the 'Cannot send' message coming up.
firstrun.log is it?
is this some kind of key logger?
No, it's just general crud output by Outlook 2003 during the normal running of it.
ah ok
8:10 PM
@Nyuszika7H :D
@dannysullivan No! You haven't watched the video... Your statement about SEO is wrong! Stack Exchange ALSO gets a lot of other traffic...
@TomWij 88.2% of all your traffic from google is pretty SEO dependent http://bit.ly/hV61rj
@dannysullivan Bad statistics you have there to defend your wrong statement, you should know that all traffic != referrer traffic... ;-)
I actually wouldn't argue with Danny, I do think he knows a thing or two about search engines :P
@cdixon agreed. i think all the talk is much better if it's why google isn't (or is) surfacing quality content
funny Chris Dixon get's involved as well
Perhaps he does know SEO well, but his tweet is just very wrong:
> A) Bad article, he should check his sources (the video).
> B) He defends his faulty stated "all my traffic", which simply is a wrong way to say it, a SEO Editor shouldn't state it that way.
> C) Note how he ignores defending his "I'll mischaracterize SEO" which is based on A & B.
But well, just doing an attempt in getting him to agree or removing his tweet. There is a limit in arguing with influencers (or should I better say "someone who is followed a lot", because "your strongest social connections" are more likely to influence you than a stranger out there on the internet) so I'm not going to draw this too far...
And yes, I get into a lot of arguing, but that's a good thing as both parties in the arguement learn from that...
8:30 PM
he was complaining to Chris that the tile didn't match the video's
Still, I picked up that tweet and it's wrong to me. There is no such thing as a conversation on Twitter, and it isn't marked as a reply either...
@TomWij While true, if the other party isn't interested in learning nor arguing, some might take it up as offensive or annoying instead. Neither get's you the results you want
It will reach his mind, and that's enough, that's the result of placing the tweet. I'm not after other results...
I'm wondering about the success of Google Circles, The Real Life Social Network v2 shows why it's not another Facebook, but rather something worked out in a smart way.
Problem is that most likely everyone is just going to stay on Facebook, it's rare that Google Circles will outnumber it soon. But it is none-the-less possible as Facebook became bigger than MySpace, and so on...
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