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9:02 AM
@Bob vojnil
I like kallk a
9:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek ...are you alright over there?
9:48 AM
Must have butt typed or something
in completely unrelated news, apparently this exists: gearbest.com/tv-box/pp_166769.html
someone slapped a giant battery on a NUC-class device
...or is it slapping an x86 proc on a battery pack? hard to tell
Actually, probably a screenless tablet
That's just crazy
@Bob looks like the usual piece of chinese garbage , that barely works, highly overrated specs with stolen operating system . . . where can i get one :-)
There's plenty of use for small, shitty, low powered servers.
With prices like those, nobody ever knows they dont really work, because it is not worth going through the return process, so eventually it becomes one of those "projects" that sits on the desk, that "I'm going to get to" :-)
9:56 AM
heh. I'm waiting for the 35 dollar x86 ;)
Pre-Order, that is like investing in a perpetual motion energy project, ya just dont know for sure you will ever get what is promised.
@Psycogeek Considering it's been reviewed by a trusted reviewer? This actually is what it says on the tin.
$100 isn't exactly small change you wouldn't bother returning, anyway.
If it's just blatantly broken (or includes illegally activated software), => payment processor dispute => done
And its a brand I've heard of - they tend to sell cheap and cheerful tablets
Who trust reviewers anymore ? They send them the good stuff , and then run a few ads.
Ya get it home and crack it open and find one of them China high clock zero execution processors inside, because they got a deal on 10K clones intel stickers :-)
@Psycogeek You trust known ones, because it's pretty damn obvious when they lie and then they are no longer trusted.
i.e. they have at most one opportunity to lie and then they lose the trust of their readers forever.
It's not a winning proposition.
@Psycogeek Again, payment dispute. Done. It's bloody obvious if it doesn't include the right OS, doesn't run x86 programs, etc.
I'm as cynical as the next person, but this isn't something that's so very easy to cheat on. Seriously.
Of course, you have manufacturers trying to pull a fast one (=> Kingston SSDs). That's still an issue.
But it would actually be difficult to do so with a device like this, where (a) you can see hardware specs easily and (b) there aren't any cheaper components than what they're already using.
With Intel and MS subsidies, Atom's about as cheap as you'll find any x86 chip, and Win8.1 is free.
That said, I'm not actually planning to try one - I have no use for these.
Just interesting that they'd slap a battery pack on one.
(And if they've lied anywhere, it's gonna be the battery capacity...)
10:09 AM
So those trusted audio reviewers ? the ones who tell tall tales all day long about cables with diamond conductors , are loosing credibility ?
@Psycogeek I have yet to see anyone apart from the manufacturer claim that the AQ cables are any good.
There's that crackpot with the magic pebbles, but AFAIK he has no credibility in the first place.
@Bob what happened to Kingston ssd?
@Psycogeek Their first batch(es) was good. The later batches used different chips with the same model number.
Possible to do on an SSD where the hardware is relatively opaque.
@Bob Yea that too, I have battery testing stuff here, and that is all they ever do, unless china has some new math i am not aware of.
Near impossible to do on a device like this where hardware specs are easily discoverable.
10:14 AM
@Bob which is why stuff like this will also come with the numbers on the top of the chips (for some strange reason) sanded off :-)
@Psycogeek Also, a fundamental problem with audio is that it's rather subjective. Once you pass a certain line (below which everything is just crap regardless of who's listening), whether one device is better than another will depend on personal preference. The performance of a general-purpose computer like this is very much objective - either it works as well as it claims or it doesn't. You can measure performance objectively.
Anyways it is cool to find computers that could do some e-mail, browse the web, and play a video for ~$100
@Psycogeek Oh, there's already better ones for cheaper.
I've seen x86 tablets (including a shitty screen) for < $70
This one's interesting because it has a giant battery but no screen.
Again, MS has made Windows free for these OEMs with low-end devices, and Intel was selling these Atom CPUs for $35 IIRC. Maybe even less.
Chuck in a cheap mobo, some RAM and a bit of eMMC, and off you go.
And the mobo wouldn't do much either - these Atoms are SoCs.
The mobo would just provide some connections between components. No PCH, I think.
Overall, the hardware might cost them $50, labour maybe $5, shipping subsidised by the gov last I heard...
If you add on the screen/battery, maybe another $10, probably less.
I'd love to see a device like that, but without the shitty battery :P
We've been working with cheap hardware like that for quite some time now and the battery management is the worst PITA
First thing that goes, i usually remake the battery packs with more realistic capacity.
It still helps to have the case and a (hopefully) usefull curcuit inside.
Then i would undoubtedly be re-arranging the cooling , to actually be effective under heavy use.
10:25 AM
@OliverSalzburg There are some out there.
@Psycogeek The guy who tested this says it peaks at 58 degrees C under stress testing.
Dunno if it throttles clock speed though. Probably does.
The Pipo X7 had cooling issues - a common mod was to add some thermal transfer pads between the CPU and case.
There are a lot out there, but just like ~100$ smart phones, 40 hours worth of reasearch later, you realise that you really want the ~250$+ one that would not be an exasperbating experience
Also helped when there were less, and a whole user base of people with the same device , and the same problem existed.
While one person might be able to solution one of the problems, it takes a whole team of users :-) to really get them all addressed :-)
That being because 4/5ths of the owners have it sitting on the desk still because "I'm going to get to it" :-)
@Bob If you can recommend (or suggest) anything, I'd be interested in hearing it
Also, standalone 10" LCD panels with HDMI input would be interesting ;)
@OliverSalzburg Well, I haven't used any myself so any recommendations would be second-hand at best :\
The Pipo X7 is relatively well known, but has the previously mentioned cooling issue.
I don't get it, you can get tablets with sweet resolutions, but no standalone displays of the same size
Pretty easy to fix, but that's an additional $20 and manual work.
10:35 AM
ohh that is the processor name MTK , the things carry bigger clock numbers than speed.
@Bob We usually hand-assemble into larger products anyway
@OliverSalzburg @JourneymanGeek had one? not 10" though, I believe
@OliverSalzburg Well, if you're going to rip the PCBs out and mount some custom cooling, that'd probably work.
@Bob I can only find those that seem to be tailored to the RaspPi community
@Psycogeek Rockchip is worse.
But they tend to use standard ARM cores.
The early ones used the shitty outdated designs.
More recent ones should be identical to any other CPU based on the same ARM core (Cortex, etc.)
@OliverSalzburg well, if you can find a good HDMI => DSI board, that might open up more options
Does it need to be touch?
@OliverSalzburg also a bit odd that you're buying random retail parts :P
@OliverSalzburg wonder if they make ribbon cable extentions, many of the pannels used use a ribbon cable to the pannels (all different numbers of connections) Peel apart a tablet seperate the pannel, and that just leaves some way to connect it.
Small pannels with touch too, in a standalone frame , with speakers, with touch input connection. do not see a lot of those even after the windows expects everyone to go touch.
10:43 AM
@Bob We use whatever works... but we haven't found it yet ;P
But we learn with every failure :)
And it seems like the Pipo X7 is not available in .de
Maybe they're selling it under a different name here :\
@OliverSalzburg I don't think it's on Amazon
@OliverSalzburg There's also the Intel sticks
"Since this units run Bing OS, it is NOT the same as the Windows OS " lol what is a BINGOs ?
@Psycogeek ...who said that?
Whoever it is is clueless.
question, which the responce was "Windows 8.1 with Bing is the generally the same as Windows 8.1, but only with additional Apps. All the software runs on your pc would run on this box"
looks like the same OS as any other Android , with googl, , , i mean win8
10:59 AM
@Bob I found sellers on amazon.com, but none in Germany. Even when searching a price comparison website
And I don't know about those sticks. One of the most important features for us is being able to remotely boot the device, like with WoL. Tablets and similar devices usually lack that capability
So, optimally, we would have a very small form-factor, proper PC with a 10" display connected via HDMI
We've already invested a bit of money into crap that doesn't work. We also tried building from raw components, but it was multiple times more expensive than buying some tablet off-the-shelf
Surprisingly, you get really good prices if you order 100k unity from China, compared to the 20 we need :P
Have china make you one, like everyone else does. then you just have to deal with insuring you get first 2 to test, then about 2 years to debug and complete order.
@Psycogeek We did that
Learning to swear at them in chineese is helpfull, or you will need a agent from there :-)
They provided hardware that was faulty for a price that was unreasonable
If you only need a couple of units, it's very expensive
That is what always happens, at first, that is how the game is played.
11:07 AM
Especially including import taxes and such
Oh so you dont need 1000 of them?
@Psycogeek Yeah, maybe, but it's not worth it for us
Not by a long shot
We're not hardware retailers, we need a reliable product which we rent to our clients and this is not the way to obtain one unless you're willing to invest more money than you gain from the result
And we try not to do that ;)
why the small screen restriction? because you could use a NUC (mini more real pc) thing and a 15-17" ?
We're already using NUCs for some equipment actually
But one of the devices we have is a door signage display. 15" is simply too big
We generally have size constraints from the environment
video people have smaller screens, as viewfinder things, and now that they are all digital. but it wont be touch.
11:12 AM
Oh yeah, that's another thing, we need touch ;D
I would do it, get a premium tablet and just connect up the pannel as seperate. soldering gun and an hour or so under a magnifying glass.
@Psycogeek We are using tablets right now, but they have issues related to battery management
Cause they all worried about a little bit of radiation from a nuclear battery , well boo hoo :-)
Research has shown that it is a common problem with cheap Chinese tablets, because they simply don't use proper battery management on the battery to save on costs
Long story short, the battery level indicated to the OS is simply very inaccurate, causing batterys to stop loading or the device simply shutting down because the battery is suddenly empty or the battery thinks it's empty
Consumers usually don't notice these issues though, because they don't have the device on for 12+ hours every single day
So nobody cares, except for us :P
so you need massive portable runtime, so do I , that is one of the things i am always modding to beat heck on portable devices.
When modding battery size there are sometimes cheap tricks you can apply for those curcuits that think they know how much power is there.
11:24 AM
@OliverSalzburg @Bob 10 inches. Driver board does hdni , composite and vga
@JourneymanGeek Resolution?
1200 x 800
That'd work
Its a bit shit to mount to
We'll just hot-glue it into our case ;P
Do you have a link?
11:26 AM
. . . he didnt say it does touch?
I wouldn't get it from dx tho
I suspect in bulk njytouch woyuld be cheaper
hm, maybe not
their screens are nicer but slightly more expensive
I'd suggest double sided tape ;p
@Psycogeek We could probably get a touch panel separately
@OliverSalzburg: I think there's a touch panel varient too
Oh, now we're talking :D
can't find it tho.
Or yeah, njytouch might have it
11:36 AM
Only finding smaller sizes with touch
hm yeah :/
I do not think one could be really happy with the, add over the screen, mouse emu touch additions, unless they have improved them greatly.
amazon.com/Xcellon-Windows-Designed-Laptop-Monitor/dp/… <-- IR from one side, pen required touch addition
amazon.com/Keytec-KTMT-1214A-ProE-Screen-Notebook-Computer/dp/… <--- velco (almost) thing, with no explainations
amazon.com/19in-LCD-Touchscreen-Panel-Kit/dp/B0043BA8PE/… <-- for 19" again no info, probably usb mouse emu
@OliverSalzburg Ah, those little boxes are usually Atom SoCs, similar to the tablets... not sure if they do WOL.
@OliverSalzburg If you only need 20, just get the Celeron NUCs?
@Bob Well, the NUC is only part of the package. Unless I have all required components, it's no good to me
11:55 AM
@Psycogeek Looks like a nice accessory: flipbac.com/angle-viewfinder-about.htm
@Boris_yo So... it's a mirror?
12:09 PM
@Boris_yo could be if it was upside down :-) I donno i just imagine the sun bouncing where I need it least. The Fold out Sun hoods of that same style seem like a thing. although i never got around to trying one. (plastic, hangs off the back, hopes to stay on etc)
There is always knee pads :-) I will still crawl on the floor to get a shot.
Most of the time taking a picture in similarity to how the human sees something themselves , means you just put the camera where your eyes already are :-)
Stupid story (you were warned). Back in high-school one of the kids was always testing out new things attached to his camera. he would adapt and adopt all manners of lenses , and contraptions to take pictures. including (things like) Sugar cerial box toy binoculars. Every once in a while he would take a really great inovative picture. Myself I do not think it ever had anything to do with the crap he added to the camera, but the fact that he was entertained and continued to push a shutter.
Keeping your camera with you and continuing to take pictures, then viewing them for how they look (or posting them) learning how to use the features of the camera. Living with it, that is how you would be able to take good pics with the wave of your hand. Just like you now wave a mouse around and do amasing things without thinking about it.
superuser.com/questions/907092/able-to-was-really-a-companion <---- not even sure how to flag that? malitious mischief
12:36 PM
6 spam flags in the same second
yea huh ?
The question you were trying to flag ;p
And definately spam
so that user posted many times on SU only?
classic markov chain generated crap
12:43 PM
Finally a working example of how to disable EdgeUI features on Windows 8
1:33 PM
A: How to avoid distractions from boisterous dog?

user18957You can have a small application which can be created using C language. This application has the ability to produce sound which humans cannot hear but dogs can. You can run this application to annoy any dog. Requirements are : 1. PC with a sound card configured properly. 2. A speaker which can ...

The dog is already annoyed.
@JourneymanGeek Don't be. Here's the number of a great therapist vet, you can talk to him ;p
heh, Do I look like the sort of dog who roots through garbage? ;p
@JourneymanGeek Do you want an honest answer? :P
@Bob: only if its no
1:50 PM
Anyone expert wallet-purse?
That sounds like a random string of words threaded together.
@JourneymanGeek So now I'm slightly worried. News this morning says that the mall very near (less than 1 mile) from my work facility has closed its doors today; there were cops outside; and social media people are trying to incite a raid/looter riot on that mall today.
the riots are moving from the inner city -- which is under lockdown of the National Guard -- into the county, which is where I am :(
ugh even
Thats horrible
2:18 PM
No there are actually wallet and purse hybrids:

2:44 PM
> That was the stark reality Tuesday after a day and night that saw nearly 200 arrests, 144 vehicle fires and 15 structure fires, according to city official Howard Libit. All of it transformed Baltimore from a place to live, work and play into what resembled a war zone.
that from CNN... the scope was wider than I realized
more fires than I thought, and more arrests
not cool :/
3:23 PM
@Boris_yo Aka "wurse"
3:47 PM
Ghost is pretty nice
Doesn't need a mysql server, uses sqlite
@HackToHell how's the most recent version?
I'm still running 0.4 in my very dead blog
never found the time to update it... or add any content... or really do anything :P
@allquixotic :S
Pretty clean and minimalistic
staying home today?
@Bob that seems to be down
hm, my blog is deader than I thought...
gimme a sec, gotta start the vserver
must've forgotten
hm, that's not good
4:04 PM
@HackToHell I've been wanting to take a look into both Ghost and Anchor
@ThatBrazilianGuy It's pretty nice !
@allquixotic I see scenes like this daily when I go to work:
about 3 miles from work
which happens to be the main driveway when you leave the main airport
nice, huh?
4:35 PM
Now the landing page looks decentish
5:19 PM
@JourneymanGeek Pre-exam FP refill :P
@Bob Yeah, my Pelikan Toledo M700 is always checked and filled before each exam day. I sometimes even carry my ink bottle. ;)
The Toledo isn't a pen I take carrying lightly. It's very expensive and is more symbolic to me than anything else.
@DragonLord I'd rather not carry something that expensive around with me though.
...you beat me to it :P
Nah, daily pen in the pocket is a Pilot 78G.
My EDC pen is a Pilot Prera with fine nib.
It's more like an EF nib given that Japanese nibs are typically one grade finer.
Still a smooth writer, though not as good as either of my Pelikans.
My Pelikans get Edelstein Onyx ink, while my Prera gets Sheaffer Skrip Jet Black.
Good luck. I've got lots of work to do as well.
5:37 PM
@DragonLord Plain old Parker Quink for me :P
I do have a bottle of Noodler's Bulletproof Black, but don't really use it...
Especially in a potentially-leaky (damn aerometric) pen in my pocket.
@DragonLord Thanks.
1 hour later…
6:45 PM
@HackToHell I blame you :P
(the host was up about an hour prior to your message... then some kind of hardware failure and now I'm waiting for them to replace it)
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8:04 PM
Who are fountain pens shipped internationally without refills? It seems like those always should be purchased locally. I wonder if it's true for ballpoint and gel pens...
8:16 PM
@Boris_yo Fountain pens are more likely to leak I guess.
2 hours later…
9:51 PM
@HackToHell blog's back up now :P
1 hour later…
10:56 PM
"This isn't your dog - so you can't as others have suggested just take it for walks when you think it needs them. Much like if someone brought their loud child to work, you wouldn't just take the child to the park to tire them out" I disagree with that one for sure, you can walk a dog for the entire day, and other people walking a dog are unlikely to teach it bad things, or do terrible things to it. It might not help, but the dog could be team walked :-)
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