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12:06 AM
@Braiam: Thanks
Interesting that spammers are now commenting to each other.
"Oh thanks. I'm a real person yanno, all made of meat that is not spam"
12:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek totally not spam :P
12:53 AM
1:09 AM
Might be a new ava
1:24 AM
@JourneymanGeek you don't look especially happy
1:41 AM
Its the angle :p
(Also that is a normal happy tongue)
2:47 AM
@DragonLord comment to be found some day under your answer, but processors have done all that for 15+ years, what makes this one so much faster :-) you still do not have the raw more simplistic basics that made the largest difference
the same things that were in the marketing , and on the speedo sites , when that round of processors came out. In fact nobody has covered it yet. almost as if it is written to be all about "code" from SO.
@Bob fantastic! I hope they're including FAR in the official game
3:02 AM
@Psycogeek Huh?
It's incremental advancements at this point.
The only major advances at this point is in reducing power consumption and adding more cores.
Got $1250 to spare? Supercharge your laptop with this: newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117424 :P
(Not that +400 MHz, +2 MB L3 cache, and overclockability are worth that much to me...)
Might as well use this money to build a desktop.
@DragonLord making the paths to everything in the processor 1/3rd smaller and having 1/3rd sized transisters doesnt do anything for speed? Putting the memory controller right on the cpu, which is completly new, and direct connecting the memory to the processor, making it fully 2X faster. Connecting PCI lanes direct to the processor. having 2x as many transisters for processing (is that that many more "execution" units?) something like that would make a gpu almost 2X faster by itself.
Smaller transistors would enable higher clocks, but doesn't provide any microarchitectural advantages by itself.
Those are the reasons they finnaly hit on a full 2X speed, vrses some minor change not worth buying into.
The question doesn't ask about putting more cores on the CPU. It's about single-threaded performance per clock.
The iGPU is irrelevant as well.
@DragonLord go back to the moors prediction (moors law) page on the wiki, and read Wirth's law. It is my understanding that the reduction in size and the path distance is One of the hugests advantages to speed, not power consumption.
3:13 AM
The focus is on microarchitectural improvements enabling higher IPC.
@DragonLord And more of the simple basic execution units . . . wait what do you think they are using the 2X transisters for , minus the gpu?
The addition of execution units has already been addressed.
I am talking about the most major things that have changed, perhaps you should fire up a core 2 duo Intel arhcitexture PDF and see how much of what was written by everyone was already there. Thesse PDFs have repeated that stuff. not saying i understand it, just have read it more than once, as if 1/2 of it is copy pasted from the last processors write up, add in one more cute marketing term and it is in :-0
Hmm... GTX 970 is $470... Ouch
@Psycogeek Okay, added this:
> Increasing transistor budgets enable more execution units such as integer ALUs and floating-point units to be included in the processor core.
Also, earlier in the answer (in the superscalar section):
> The processor may have multiple functional units of a particular type (such as integer ALUs) and/or different types of functional units (such as floating-point and integer units) to which instructions may be concurrently sent.
3:23 AM
@DragonLord Well i dont know, it brings up how do you have 2x execution units without either more piplines to them or 2x speed? Honest i really do not know, i just know that everyones write ups sound like every PDF that intel has ever written, and there were 4 major advancements specific to sandy/ivy/haswell haswell only adding in the regulators on-die which was sorta stupid.
These 4 things were 89% of the speed, some of the others , do not get implemented BY software , untill the code base (what is programmed with) and the coders utalise them, often this takes years.
So the hype that revolves around a processor (and motherboard) changes that you see at the hardware locations , is usually the most relevent things (at that time). what we read here at SU, instead is how a processor works because i am going to be programming tomorow :-)
The two could be blended together , or the most important changes that are made to speed could be at the top.
> Greater integration of parts previously external to the CPU, such as the northbridge, memory controller, and PCIe lanes, reduce I/O and memory latency. This increases throughput by reducing stalls caused by delays in accessing data from other devices.
@Bob: sounds about right. the x60s are the sweetspot pricewise.
I don't want to make any more edits for the time being.
But because you keep insisting on mentioning increased integration...
3:39 AM
I keep insisting that from my perspective the speed , is the speed :-) the stupid users (like me) want to know where the heck all the speed came from.
That was covered by the hardware sites.
@Bob: that said, I probably need one, or its AMD equivilent. Unless the rumours of dx12 or the next gen graphics processors letting you pool texture ram between video cards is true
@Psycogeek The real issue is that you don't quite get the fact that a variety of microarchitectural improvements have been made over the years.
@Psycogeek: the PIV was complete shit ;p
The main goal is to address why CPUs have become faster despite clock rates remaining the same.
NetBurst was horrendously inefficient, I agree.
with the pentium M (which was something like half the speed, but benchmarked similar to a PIV), clockspeed started meaning less
3:41 AM
@DragonLord because intel added the words hyper stellar intermicro inversion stacked singularity to the glossary terms?
And integration means you have more bandwidth between components
I've added that into the answer.
> In addition to the above, greater integration of parts previously external to the CPU such as the northbridge, memory controller, and PCIe lanes reduce I/O and memory latency. This increases throughput by reducing stalls caused by delays in accessing data from other devices.
3:56 AM
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore%27s_law Find "Dennard scaling" on that page it is 1/2 way down the page. Assuming it is correct , scaling would be at the top of the list?
the wiki for Dennard scaling itself, is not so good , but the writeup on the moors law, page indicating the forgotten and all important electronics themselves, is much more interesting sounding.
If I understand it correctly, Dennard scaling is what allows higher clock rates even with shallower pipelines.
However, clock rate scaling has hit a wall.
Too often the web science is like watching the big bang theory , and having to hear about the long dead schodengers cat again :-)
There . . . is . . . more . . .
And as a side note, someone is working on an analog processor, a series of processors that tie together to attempt to better mimic the human brain, using aspects of analog, and claiming high-faluting speed increases.
By tossing a bit of analog in (and imperfection much like the human brain) we would no longer be limited to binary, by using it only as useful, the number of transisters themselves becomes less important , having more stages in each instead of 2.
@Psycogeek Isn't that what quantum computing would achieve?
4:11 AM
I guess by todays definition "A classical computer has a memory made up of bits, where each bit represents either a one or a zero. A quantum computer maintains a sequence of qubits. A single qubit can represent a one, a zero, or any quantum superposition of those two qubit states;" Everything in between :-)
I believe previously "quantum" was mostly being applied to smaller and smaller and smaller. Applied to atomic changes and almost atom sized transisters and such.
I guess "crystal storage" died and didnt get on the wiki either. Some dude had a working 3D 2 divergant laser storage creation by shifting the state of the atoms or molecules in a block of crystal.
Claimed he could store 320 full length movies on this (about 1") chunk of crystal. Sort of funny that now we can store 7000 already on a chunk of aluminum
'chunk of aluminium' = HDD?
I am still waiting for that nano (whatever) li-ion battery that in a pitri disk claimed to be able to store 100 (ya betcha) more power.
@JourneymanGeek Yea, are platters more often glass or aluminum? I still have not found out, seems that earlier ones were more often glass?
4:27 AM
IIRC they're aluminium coated glass
but I typically buy HGST so...
4:46 AM
First sector reallocations after 2 PBW.
Drive is still operational; this is normal for an SSD under heavy use.
Data retention test passed, write testing resumed.
@DragonLord as a proud owner of two Samsung 850 Pros, I think they're one of the most remarkable products to come out in a long time, in terms of price and the value you get for it
No new events in the last eight days is a good sign.
I know you have one too
I'm very picky with my hardware and I absolutely agree with you.
I chose the 850 PRO for a reason.
I do not like settling for second best especially when it comes to storage.
the funny thing is, there are technically SSDs out there that are better than the 850 Pro, but they're so hideously expensive that the value proposition goes out the window -- and the difference is not all that remarkable for "normal people" workloads
4:52 AM
Best SATA client SSD, period.
They have the same advantage intel does tho.
@JourneymanGeek I'm still on the 560 :P
They control the entire stack so they have first dibs on cool new tech.
If we get rid of the "SATA" qualifier, the Intel SSD 750 would be the best.
I might get even more 850 Pros going forward if the price comes down
I think they will have a very enduring use, even years after release
4:53 AM
@Bob: 660. Not sure if I want to get a 4gb 960 (960ti?) or 970 yet
because new gen SSDs will still remain fairly expensive
but the old stock of 850 Pros might not be
1 TB is still a lot of data
It is
(tho, I consider it a baseline size for a spinning rust drive now)
@JourneymanGeek From the looks of it, Samsung is an entire year ahead of IMFT and Toshiba on 3D NAND.
Right now, nobody else has a 3D NAND product on the market.
The 850 PRO was announced in July 2014 with enterprise products even earlier.
Nobody else has even a prototype SSD with 3D NAND in it.
There have been announcements from others that they have 3D NAND available, but no SSD or other completed product has actually been announced, not even a prototype.
Samsung's first 3D NAND chips (24-layer) were announced in August 2013.
Samsung has had a consumer product with 3D NAND on the market for more than half a year while competitors are just getting started.
This shows just how far ahead of everyone else Samsung is.
Samsung leads by an entire generation. One entire generation.
5:21 AM
to be fair, Intel has never been particularly good at making affordable, consumer-oriented SSDs with great endurance and price per GB
that's the breakthrough of the 850 Pro: it combines price per GB affordability with incredible endurance, and the perf is great too
5:37 AM
Simple question. I have a server, and I want to virtualize using Vmware. Just like how Workstation does. Which software / edition do I use from the 492839823923 VMWare products?
Intel is good at leveraging enterprise technology to produce extra-reliable consumer SSDs, though.
6:00 AM
@Shiki ESXi
So uhm vSphere?
@Shiki: ESXi, but it a bit picky about hardware.
I do want to use the host as well for running services, but I also want to use virtual machines...
linux or windows?
And does it have to be vmware?
Host is Linux
6:01 AM
what distro?
Ubuntu - 15.04 (due to KVM, which turned out to be a mess when it comes to advanced networking)
KVM is pretty damned good on fedora.
blah. I don't run virtualbox any more so I can't really recommend it.
I also tried VirtualBox, but in terms of performance, it's just horrible. (it was chewing away several cores just for no reason ... but I also had this on desktop)
Nah, it didn't get any better. Maybe the next major version, who knows
so I was pretty satisfied with KVM, but when I started setting up macvtap, the entire virtual networking went downhill. even the NAT guests lost their network access. (my biggest issue with it is that virt-manager sometimes saves settings, sometimes throws an XML error, sometimes just does nothing. of course you can get your hands dirty and just edit with virsh (that's what I did until I started to bring up bridging))
6:04 AM
I haven't updated mine in ages. I run an instance on windows as a way to get os/2 screenshots as part of a running gag ;p
macvtap just sucks.
well... try bringing up a bridge on a server with one IP and no KVM-over-IP. :P
Really new versions of nm let you do bridging.
(and even that is ever so slightly flaky for me. Its reliable until I reboot, then dosen't work for a while, then suddenly works)
Hmm I only tried to use virt-manager (and command line) to bring it up. But once I set up the bridge - closely following steps, checking things twice, I always lost access
lol.. sounds great. :D
installed a vmware now (workstation, lol), I wonder if it can run headless
6:06 AM
Needs a few more tweaks, I think I need a static IP
google it? ;p
cheers, I will give it a try later today
Nah, installing a new vm is faster than google
can I 'observe' the stdin of a particular bash process?
6:21 AM
@JourneymanGeek Wow, I killed vncserver after pressing "run in background" and it really works. 10/10. But I will try your Bridge tutorial - I just cannot fiddle with the host's network during peak hours. :))
Yeah, makes sense
@Shiki: the KVM option's still a little flaky for me tho
6:38 AM
Oh. Well for now I launched a bridged vm, but no connection (now installing vmware tools.) Why is it so complicated tho?
hm. maybe need to add the user to a group? Needed to do that in vbox
6:54 AM
thanks for the tip, I remember that, same goes for libvirt. But not finding any info on this... I just ran vmware with gksu.
well I will just reboot the host once Windows finishes with the updates... (like a thousand years later, lol)
Which reminds me, I need to update my latest unused hobby install ;p
(when I get home. Since I can't remember my router IP address, and fancy coloudypantsphoneappforrouter can't find my ip addie either
> latest unused hobby install
Wutz dat?
btw just use a dyndns, most comfy for home routers
Are any of you guys using ARCserve Backup? I don't understand how the timing works in this application
So these are the options I have. Even though it's in German, I'm sure you can figure out what it says
Run on Monday-Friday, every 20 minutes
At least that's what I think it means
or at 20 minutes
Okay, forget I said anything :P
Above the days, it says except :P
7:04 AM
For a low flat fee... ;p
Okay, now I switched the days around. It still shows 2015-05-02 00:10 as the next run time
is there an "apply" button? ;p
Yeah, I'm pressing it like a crazy person
Backup that uses this old winforms looks...... oO
7:10 AM
I've now manually set the next run time to now
Maybe it will never move the next run time closer to the present after you've changed it
@Shiki: Its the new thing!
Let's see what time it picks next
> Maybe it will never move the next run time closer to the present after you've changed it
this sounds like some very old saying. :D
btw @JourneymanGeek do you know recent Android phones?
(then again, my home boxen are backed up with veem endpoint, )
@Shiki: super vaguely
Not currently in the market, probably picking up one next generation.
well. I want to order a Note 4, but there are two variants (Exynos and Snapdragon). Not sure which one should I buy. (So far I read: 1) Snapdragon got loads of roms, kernels, etc. 2) Exynos heats less, is faster, got a lot better battery life. 3) Snapdragon can overheat, but also supports 4K video recording.)

But everything I read is a bit different ... (I mean, reviews, people's posts, all contradict each other.)
7:16 AM
ahh. IIRC @allquixotic has (had?) a note
166 of 182 updates. (that terrible feel when your server got only HDDs...)
I hate this new stupid versioning trend. Firefox v3000, Linux 50... all became just pointless numbers.
@Shiki: my vm/home server would probably fit in the server bay of your server ;p
not sure, it's just a rented one, so if you have some giga-vm from AWS... my machine could not house that
seriously tho, it's cheaper to rent one than pay for colocation+buy all the hardware yourself
(or to run a machine at home, electricity is not cheap either)
I run something like a nuc
4ish watt proc
Wait. they made a browser with windows in the windows?
7:31 AM
okay then, ignore my electricity point. :P
I also built a low-power Atom box, but I'm not using it anymore... any ideas what I could use it for?
@JourneymanGeek for 10k$, and it's done by two kids. I hate kickstarter sometimes (most of the times).
Depends on what you need.
lol @ the video about it:
> you can browse the web
> you can access your bookmarks
> you can check your social feed

INNOVATION. Steve would be proud. :D
I run an IRC bouncer, torrent client, and use it as a backup target.
it would be awesome to have an open-source bittorrent backup program
the one by Bittorrent Inc works great, but shame it's done by Bittorrent Inc
*Bittorrent Sync
7:46 AM
> Goto will only run on x84 systems at the moment.
Damn. I can't run it :(
I guess the +2 is the "ad viruses", which this browser will block. (yes, ad viruses!!!11)
BOTY - Browser of the Year
> Wow your awesome!
Excellent grammar.
> Not only will your name be listed on our site, but you will get the next version of Goto Browser 1 month prior to release! Allowing you to test it before anyone else.
I don't know why being a beta tester is such a privilege... -_-
mate, you don't need grammar, only social feeds.
...isn't this personalised home screen thing pretty much what Google's old widgets did? urk.
it's all just a firefox with addons.
7:51 AM
> Awesomium HTML UI Goto is almost always safe from ad viruses, unlike some browsers
Chromium, actually.
Also, Awesomium uses a heavily outdated version of Chromium.
I would know. I tried to adapt our chatbot (cc @allquixotic) to run on it. It has extremely limited ES5 support.
As of Nov 2014, they were running Chromium 18. Which was initially released in Dec 2011.
Yea, no.
For example, H/W-assisted video decoding was added in 23.
And we're on 43 now.
Seriously Bob, it's just a rage material, don't take it too seriously. :)
Kickstarter and Indiegogo is literally a breeding ground for scammers and failures.
Only 0.001% (or less?) turn into a real project/real proper game/real whatever.
Most of them just scams/promises.
@Shiki I'm more amazed that anyone donated to them at all. And that it ended up as a "staff pick". Some braindead employees they have there.
Just check the other projects. :)))
And buckle up, prepare to rage.
8:08 AM
Actually there's a game I was tempted to get on kickstarter. But waiting for it to get a few reviews. Seems really cool so I don't wanna get disappointed ;p
@JourneymanGeek I forgot to back the Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter... :(
@MichaelFrank fire in the flood. ;p
Game has a mutt ;p
The Flame in the Flood? :P
Yeah, probably ;p
8:32 AM
So a client just called. He plugged a mic into his workstation this morning, which caused the whole machine to freeze
He then unplugged the mic and hard-reset the machine
Now it won't boot
Oh, and, obviously, he'll bring the machine by later today so we can fix it
Any suggestions? :D
I'm assuming the front panel audio connector was plugged into something nasty instead of the onboard audio
8:47 AM
;p. naw.
Probably user error.
9:02 AM
Unless he jammed it into a fan vent or shorted out a USB connector, I don't think that's possible.
@JourneymanGeek FIXED IT! The entire problem was due to MAC address. I didn't set one, just used an auto-generated one. Turns out the provider gave me one (which they forgot to mention in their letter). Anyway. All is good now.
Not sure if I will go back to KVM, this works and its really comfy.
Will check performance though. KVM offered awesome raw perf.
9:23 AM
@Bob Which is why I'm assuming that the audio panel isn't connected to an actual audio connector on board. But we'll see
9:42 AM
@OliverSalzburg i would suggest you don't think about it for a moment untill you see for yourself :-) a users description of the events could be as useless as the the text shown in a windows error. Once in your hands, and visually observing what the user had done, all will be revealed . . . in the crystal ball.
I'll probably set it up here and it will just turn on as if nothing has happened
10:31 AM
10:47 AM
@Shiki Yeah, there's that. I run it on pretty darned baseline hardware and it does ok. I do think I need a better storage/vm option tho
(fedora server, some smb shares, no gui on the server, remote control of VMs, and expose everything as a VM = AWESOME)
@OliverSalzburg Just make sure you have a container ready to catch the magic smoke.
or a magic smoke replacement kit.
11:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek They're no longer available :( sparkfun.com/products/retired/10622
Now how will I fix my computer?
12:05 PM
5 more hours on the document scanner O___O
I want it!
@Bob I'm bidding on an HP Q5916A
$2800? wtf?
Hell yeah. I'm willing to pay 6% of that
MFC w/ document feeder not good enough?
@OliverSalzburg 6%?
12:14 PM
@Bob Yeah, hopefully less
They are relatively cheap on Ebay if you're lucky
I'm confused.
And, no, anything else is not good enough
Also, the mere thought of the shipping costs scares me. Perks of living in apparently the middle of nowhere.
12€ inside Germany
How much does it weigh?
12:16 PM
No idea, but that's what the guy put up on Ebay
Pretty sure something of that size you're looking at minimum $100 here. And that's within the same state.
These things usually go between 300 and 500. I'm hoping for a good Monday evening snipe though
It says Weight: 50 lb
Good luck with that.
12:17 PM
Shit, that is a lot
Hm. About $40 to ship within the city here. About $50 interstate. Assuming 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m box.
It's also 3kg over the postal service weight limit, so you'll have to go private courier :P
(Postal service will do a 22kg box of the same size for $10 within the city or $80 interstate)
12:37 PM
So one of the latest updates for the OnePlus One wouldn't install on my phone, so I contacted support. After some back-and-forth they suggested that I root my phone and try again
I told them that I rather not mess with the device like that, because I don't want to lose any data, but if I must do it, they should tell me how to avoid any risk
I was assured that this is a safe process and no data will be lost and pointed me to "some article" that explains how to root your phone
Now, guess what happened?
Your phone rooted successfully with no data loss, of course.
Right, right, of course
Well, the good news is, I can now install the update
Its interesting that they suggested that they root it
12:39 PM
I find it amusing (and refreshing, really) that a phone manufacturer would recommend rooting. Now if only they provided root privs out of the box so there isn't a "rooting" process...
The best part is, I didn't even get to root it. I only unlocked the bootloader
Why is it even locked? o.O
I don't know. To my understanding it should be unlocked
Anyway, I just issued fastboot oem unlock, the device rebooted and greeted me with "Hello sir, this is your brand new device!"
Hi guys.
I'm not sure if this is on-topic here, but what's the policy for enabling/disabling downloads in IE?
12:52 PM
@OliverSalzburg You don't pass along a key and all ?
@HackToHell Honestly, I wasn't expecting the command to work without one, but it did something
Maybe that was the mistake, I have no idea
Whenever I do stuff like that, I get the feeling that nobody, especially the manufacturers, have any clue what they're doing
You look up online how to root device XYZ, you find 10 pages with 20 different approaches
And 10 are obsolete for the current software version
What I especially loved with the Samsung devices was lines like "Download the modem package that is right for your device [link to a page containing 100 different packages with cryptic names]"
And then you look into that and end up with some post on XDA where someone says "Well, some of them will result in a working phone, the other won't. Those that result in a working phone are the correct ones"
12:58 PM
@JourneymanGeek as if it matters superuser.com/a/718652/98855 the last comment "while working around radar" reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/2sq09t/…
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