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10:01 AM
@Ael I need it too!
A: Show off your hats! (2020 Edition)

Yaakov EllisCan we please have shout out to the untiring, ever-present Community User?

Community User joining in the fun
@YaakovEllis Nice UVed!
@Derpy Looks like you got Samovar and Give a leg up, how?
@U11-Forward Samovar must be something flag/review related.
@Derpy Ok thanks for the hint!
Give a leg up.... don't know, probably something like gaining privileges.
Got it on Arqade as a new user, probably related to getting to 200 rep plus in a short time thanks to a good question.
Or something like upvote and accept answer
I can tell you it is NOT related to bounties since I gave none.
10:15 AM
thanks again
Even if that name "give a leg" would fit "give rep in bounty"
anyway, also lost the lute and the headphones.
@Derpy Yeah that's a big prob for me
@Derpy For the headphone, it was figured out what it is around 3am (UTC) today
(I can tell you if you want)
@Ael Can you tell me?
@Derpy For the lute, apparently the trigger involve a "for x days" so no one has it yet
@U11-Forward You need to follow 8 posts
10:26 AM
@Ael I did it see if i get the hat!
@Ael thanks, you reminded me that I should a) change an hat everyday and b) perform at least a search every day.
just in case more triggers were reused
@Derpy I do hope it's not about changing hat. I like this one ><
@Ael change without moving it, wait 10 seconds, switch back.
I just switched to another one briefly, no one would even notice.
And since there was an hat for this in the past... who knows
@Derpy But I think (based on the bug and what Catjia said about it) that the lute hat is linked to commenting. Maybe something like "leave a comment on 3 different days" (though the number is probably not 3 because otherwise, someone should have regain it by now)
@Ael I got Disciple hat thank you so much!
10:33 AM
No problem ^^
@Ael FOLLOW? Not "Favorite"? I have to actually subscribe to spam? No thanks.
@Derpy You do realize that you can unfollow right after getting the hat, right?
Also, you can follow very old post that no one is likely to do anything on
@Ael yep, you can game the hat for sure like most of them, seems just weird to promote THAT feature.
I already am not a fan of the "New account hat" we have every year
@Derpy Yeah, I'm not a fan of this one either. I like the idea of being able to win every hats in my favorite site
As for the promotion of this specific feature, IMO it's probably just because it's a new one
@Ael it is not that, it is just that it promotes participating in sites you won't care afterwards. And people like @Glorfindel who already have an account everywhere because they help with flags everywhere are kinda excluded by this.
10:42 AM
@Ael there's a lute? You mean I can swap my Balalaika for another instrument?
@RoryAlsop No x) I was just re-using Derpy words
@RoryAlsop Don't let go of your balalaika, you might not get it back. Yaakov stole all the hats again.
@Tinkeringbell At least "Milliner" hats are still here even when they shouldn't be anymore :D
I noticed this morning, yeah. That's something at least.
11:02 AM
Would be amusing in the list of hats earned you also got "you lost Balalaika on Stack Overflow
This would explain why I didn't get Milliner - I must have lost my Balalaika just before getting Disciple
11:12 AM
@RoryAlsop The bug was basically making people earn Balalaika and Disciple at the same time ^^
So you probably hat both those and was missing another one
@Ael weird - I got Balalaika yesterday, but would not have got Disciple if I hadn't read clues in here
So I think I'm not in that use case
I got curse of oil on meta but I did nothing
just one DV
one DV is enough... @AnkitSharma
@AnkitSharma curse of oil is almost any activity (I tested on many sites with different actions)
@RoryAlsop It needs to be done while it's the 18th somewhere in the world, though
11:15 AM
@Ankit @Rory though 'curse' sounds way more exiting, it's actually 'cruse' :P
I did on scifi didn't got
@Tinkeringbell (yeah, I know - it autocorrected)
@Ael yarr
@RoryAlsop Ah, the curse of autocorrect ;)
I had no idea about the word cruse
So I wrote wrong only
11:18 AM
@AnkitSharma It was what made me look for dates - as I have only ever seen a cruse mentioned in religious texts
That's how I figured it out
Got cruse of oil on scifi and bricks too with 1 Dv
11:30 AM
Do I need upvote for Kitsune hat?
I mean an upvote for the answer.
Yes i just got it!!!
27 hats now!
@YaakovEllis Can you please confirm that Movin' on Up hat is to post an answer that gets accepted but less votes that other answers?
11:51 AM
Only 17 here :D
@AnkitSharma Oof
This year I am slower :D
Last year you won right...
Traffic is less this year on my favourite sites and even office work
@Tinkeringbell the cruse of autocorrect...
11:53 AM
@U11-Forward I don't remember, usually I miss 1'/2 hat
I was in blog for a hat bug stackoverflow.blog/2020/01/15/… ;)
user image
You were off by one hat @AnkitSharma
@U11-Forward every year same story :D 1 or 2 hat :D
@AnkitSharma Yeah that's sad...
2018 I was not even in blog
@AnkitSharma Yeah...
11:58 AM
2016/2017/2019 I made into blog
But never no 1 :D
But this year neither have much time for hat nor submitting answer to Show off your hats
@AnkitSharma Haha yeah

How is this increment processing?
Haha lol changed my name!
@AnkitSharma not talking about ordinal markup I hope.....
I didn't even change my pic from far too long
12:09 PM
@U11-Forward correct (except for one small detail)
@YaakovEllis You answer needs to be also upvoted?
@Ael was a copy paste error - I defined the trigger for disciple but forgot to use it when setting up the model.
@U11-Forward almost
12:24 PM
@YaakovEllis Hmm also question needs a positive score?
12:36 PM
@YaakovEllis Can you confirm that Cruse of Oil is downvote any post?
@Xnero No not only for downvoting post, for all actions
@U11-Forward What do you mean?
@Xnero I got it for upvoting something.
@U11-Forward I only got it for a downvote.
Maybe you upvoted and upvoted at similar times?
@Xnero I'm pretty sure that you can get the hat for Answer, UV, DV, question
and so on...
12:47 PM
@U11-Forward I don't think so.
@U11-Forward bingo
@YaakovEllis Wow I got it right! thanks Yaakov
@Xnero downvotes are included, but that is a very incomplete definition, missing most of it
@YaakovEllis Hmmm... Perform any negative action on a post? (down vote, delete vote, cast a helpful red flag)?
@YaakovEllis The trigger for the Cruse of Oil hat is that you need to perform an action (upvote, downvote, answer, question, comment, review, edit, close vote, reopen vote, deletion vote and so on...) when it's december 18th any where in the world.
12:53 PM
@U11-Forward you included more actions than the actual trigger, but on the right track
@YaakovEllis How about now? The trigger for the Cruse of Oil hat is that you need to perform an action (upvote, downvote, answer, question, comment, review, edit and so on...) when it's december 18th any where in the world.
@U11-Forward like I said, you are including more actions than actually included in the trigger
@YaakovEllis So i guess edit doesn't count...
@YaakovEllis Could I check if my theory for Give a Leg Up is correct?
11 hours ago, by Panda
Give a Leg Up is possibly having a first-time user answer your question.
@YaakovEllis Lemme try again: The trigger for the Cruse of Oil hat is that you need to perform an action (upvote, downvote, answer, question, comment and so on...) when it's december 18th any where in the world.
@Panda Hello Panda
@Panda If that's true it would be hard...
Maybe not who knows, you have to test your luck
12:58 PM
@RoryAlsop And this is why I'm not allowed to make puns :P
@Tinkeringbell you could say you're forbid-pun
@U11-Forward Hi! Yep, but to be fair, most hats are by luck.
@Panda Yee
@motosubatsu Ouch XD
@YaakovEllis For Cruse Of Oil is it vote in anyway on a post on December 18th?
1:15 PM
@Panda What does a first time user mean?
@U11-Forward Someone with the new contributor tag?
@U11-Forward A user’s first answer.
@Panda ok
@YaakovEllis Can you confirm that Disciple is "follow eight posts"?
Bye i am getting off my PC
1:30 PM
@Ael Seems right to me.
I just followed 8 posts and got it.
404 tuned? Stay 404?
Hmm I bet that messes up awarding hats as well
@Luuklag if you try with other random words, it gives you a "correct" not found page instead of just 404.
ah okay, then awarding hats should be fine
"animal" urls from last year have all been replaced with troll videos.
an there is a single url that gives the "stay tuned" message I was speaking of before.
but this one, seems more of a bug/refuse
Yet I am pretty ready to bet that Yaakov will reply "Stay Tuned..."
1:42 PM
I think I saw that URL before somewhere @Derpy
@Xnero I follow 10 posts now, 7 Q's 3 A's not awarded yet
Now followed an 8th question, lets see what happens
@Derpy Can I have a link? I'm curious :D
@YaakovEllis can you confirm that the Desciple hat is for following 8 Questions?
@Luuklag I followed 7 answers and 1 question and got it
And so on...
@double-beep Hmm curious
1:54 PM
@Luuklag Maybe a delay in awarding?
perhaps 8 posts where at least one is a question and at least one is an answer?
@Luuklag Yeah, the type of post doesn't matter. I only followed 2 questions
Hmm curious, then there must've been a delay indeed
@Derpy Thanks :D
@double-beep Nope as all the posts I followed were questions.
1:58 PM
Yeah then it definetly is posts
Q: The Lord of the Hats: The Return of the Chicken 🐔

SPArcheon...Also known as "The Quest for the Winter Chicken of the Bash, Part 3" (part 2 here). So, winter has come again. As every year, the staff members try their best to hide some funny Easter eggs, hoping no one would notice them too soon. And as every year, their attempts are fooled by a single me...

and this line
> As every year, the staff members try their best to hide some funny Easter eggs, hoping no one would notice them too soon.

And as every year, their attempts are fooled by a single meddling pony.
is probably the reason for the "Stay Tuned..."
Little did they know that I played the Avatar on an old Ultima Online server...
> How to keep the Avatar busy for hours looking for a clue-- (please scroll forward) How to keep the Avatar very busy for hours looking for a clue-- (please scroll forward) How to keep the Avatar very very busy for hours looking for a clue -- (please scroll forward) How to keep the Avatar very -very- very busy for hours looking for a clue -- (please scroll forward) How to keep the Avatar so very -very- very incredibly busy for hours looking for a clue -- (please scroll forward) How to keep the Avatar so very -very- absolutely unbelievably and incredibly busy for hours looking for a clue
2:27 PM
Why does hats get me nice "Page Not Found" with cute smiling flowers and hats, but hat gets me a 404?
@ppwater that is an endpoint used to retrieve hat data. It returns 404 when an invalid ID is provided... or no ID at all like in your case. — SPArcheon 31 mins ago
Ahh. OK. Thanks :)
Now I noticed hat emoji in question title of hat list
Uff Movin' on Up is tough
/unicorn gets me a "Stay tuned..." so I guess I'll just refresh that every 10 second for the rest of the day :)
I summon satan to sacrifice the souls of bystanders for hats
2:34 PM
I was summoned?
Satan is a parrot? Make sense
How many souls for all hats?
Nono.. it's an anagram for Santa, and I think that's me.
@AnkitSharma I actually managed to get it by accident x)
^^ It was to The Den.
@AnkitSharma I should make some calculations... prices have inflated with the pandemic lately :D
2:38 PM
Souls became a commodity
I sense a writing prompt ;)
Should I show off my hat for the chance of blog O.o
Even when I am not bashing the winter with full power
Can you handle the fame? :) Then go for it ;)
3 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
2016/2017/2019 I made into blog
I did last three years O_/
2:42 PM
That's quite awesome :) I never made the blogs.. never really tried either ;)
@Tinkeringbell I got by luck, I tried for leaderboard but always missed a few hats
Last year was worse when I missed one :D
3 hours ago, by U11-Forward
user image
How you made this screenshot @U11-Forward , I mean last year I can't have the same profile pic
2:57 PM
Hmmm - can't figure out what I'm getting Cordovan for on a couple of sites... any clues?
3:17 PM
@Tinkeringbell too cumbersome to try hats leaderboards. Just knit a Mitty instead. Very easier. So wow. Much shout-out.
@Derpy Well there's no knitting this year and I suck at the game too so no leaderboards or blog posts for me :D
You can still access the knitting with the wayback machine
Which is what I've done because procrastinating on my homework is definitely a good idea
Winter Bash 2020 Knitting, anyone?
@RoryAlsop That is a very puzzling hat. Almost everyone got it.
@EleezatheCharacterWizard I'll pass, I've got enough to do ;)
3:28 PM
@Scratte Cordovan is a horse leather. Could it be connected with folks playing the Hat Dash
@RoryAlsop No. I never played. Never logged in.
@Tinkeringbell So.... you are the one that has to knit all the socks for the swag!!!!
@Tinkeringbell Ahahah, I should get on with stuff too lol
@Derpy Ooooooooh this is pretty :D
@Derpy I don't knit. And I've never made any socks.
It could be "Change your hat" I got it after I got the "Mariachi", it I recall correctly. And I changed my hat to that as I found it very nice :) Then.. I think I got the three at the same time, two of them as a result of the bug.
3:31 PM
There aren't any hats for playing hat dash.
luckily I would add.
not because it wouldn't be funny, because the hitbox dissonance
4:01 PM
Another massively starred time because of star messages in chat.
Those seem to be pretty common, and have the same results most of the time.
@Catija Pardon me for asking you, but have you worn any other hat than the sword?
@PearsonArtPhoto someone tried to have a single "star room". Didn't work very well
LOL. It never does.
@Scratte Sure. I wore the mask to unlock Hat Dash. I ... had the Quarantine hair on (upside down) for a while until I got the sword.
@Catija Thanks :) I'm testing out my hypothesis :)
If you had said "No, this is the only one", I'd have found a contradiction.
4:10 PM
@RoryAlsop If it helps, I don't have Cordovane on MSE. Yet, I did the following action there: posted 4 answers, commented (4 times), upvoted a bunch of stuff
And changed my hat (like 3 times)
I did not: raise any flag, use the review queue, downvote anything
And I only edited one of my own post
@Ael Hmm.. there goes my theory :(
I do have it on IPS but didn't ask any questions there
Oh, I also edited (twice) a wiki post on MSE
So IMO it's either "downvote something" or moderation related
I didn't ask or answer any Questions on any site, and I have it.
I skipped some posts in review.
It's not editing related. I have not edited anything.
Ruling stuff out, it could be "Downvote a post" as you already mentioned. That seems to fit with when I got mine.
4:49 PM
@Scratte I downvoted questions on a couple of sites but I didn't get cordovan on those sites so I don't think its for downvoting
It could be "Downvote an Answer"
Yeah but I got it on one site where I didn't downvote any answer
Ah. Well that rules that out :)
No idea where my head it. Must be all that Christmas punch ;)
Did you review on that one site where you got the hat?
And raised lots of flags
So I'm inclined to think its moderating related
4:56 PM
Nope. I didn't raise a single flag.
I could be "Skip"
cordovan u get it after u comment on a question
and OP replies to ur comment and edits the question
Not sure I had that happen.
Cordovan is also probably related to the comments. I commented on a post, the OP replied and edited the post, and I got it. — GalaxyCat105 2 days ago
I did leave a few comments, but I do not recall any edits by the Question author to their posts after I left my comment. I recall the Question being closed.
@PeterHaddad That's just speculation :)
Maybe its just for leaving a comment to which OP replies
5:00 PM
that's how i got it also :p
@PeterHaddad How do you know it's not "Post author pings you in a comment-reply"?
because i commented on other questions and got ping, but didnt get anything
There's a long delay some times. One of my hats was 23 minutes to arrive.
yes it might be
Well it definitely could be comment related. I got a bunch of comments under my answer and replied to them some time before I got the hat
5:03 PM
I didn't get it from commenting on my own post. So it could be just "Comment on any post"
The lag on the winterhats pop-up to see a user's hat is driving me up the walls :D
hmm, looks like we never got confirmation on the Vexillologist hat
It's not "Comment on any post" I just found a new post where the Question author has commented on the Answer, but they do not have the Cordovan.
The answerer used the @-ping reply on one the comments, and does not have the hat also.
@Dragonrage What is the theory? Mine is "Flag an Answer" or "Flag 'Not an Answer'"
@Scratte have a flag validated
@kylejrp Oops. Thank you.
Ahh.. that is much broader than my theory :)
5:10 PM
i have flagged with a few different flags, an every type of flag i have used has given me the hat once it was validated
Then ask for confirmation from the swords-holder :)
@YaakovEllis is the Vexillologist hat earned by having a flag validated?
That's not a swords-holder. That looks more like a flower-bed :)
also, i think i got banned from the hat dash :(
Oh.. you tried to hack it for the meta?
5:14 PM
i did hack it
give a leg up has nothing to do with answer from a new user
i was on the top of the leaderboard for quite awhile yesterday
Did you post an Answer on the meta? Or did you just hack it? Ahh.. well, I'd expect that if you hack to to get to the top of the leaderboard, you would get banned from playing :D
i used virtually the same method as @fredley who posted an answer. i just made a few tweaks to his script
The Cordovan seem to not be "Post a comment on a Question and get a reply from author". I just checked one out where the commenter, that also answered did not get the hat.
It was 20 minutes ago though, so I'll give it another 10 minutes.
5:26 PM
Oh no, all my scores were removed from the leaderboard, but I wasn't cheating :(
is cruse of oil when you de-upvote a comment??, just asking :)
@YaakovEllis cruse of oil = de-upvote a comment
@KetZoomer I think it's interact with a post on the date of the 18th. I expect interact is vote or post an Answer or a Question. I do not think commenting counts. But.. I'm not sure about it :) I'm pretty sure it related to the 18th though.
@KetZoomer i got it from upvoting a question on one site, and downvoting on another
@kylejrp you are apparently so good at the game, it thinks you are cheating
@KetZoomer ... no
@Catija is my guess for Vexillologist correct?
5:34 PM
@Dragonrage Haha I'm both honored and horrified
@Dragonrage ... that's a difficult question to answer.
You could say there's two triggers for Vex.
Have is validated as helpful?
I did have like 15 scores on the daily leaderboard yesterday, maybe that looked suspicious? I'm ashamed that I've played so much 🦄
@Catija hmm. interesting
oh, I wonder if it has something to do with the post being deleted after having a flag validated on it
as both sites i have it on, the post was deleted which validated my flag as helpful
Raise a flag that get's validated by a moderator?
5:42 PM
@Scratte no, the one on SO im pretty sure was validated due to it being red flagged to death
@Dragonrage How do you know one of those wasn't a moderator flag?
There's a user that has the hat, that's never raised a red flag. (as far as I know. It's a bot)
@Scratte not 100% sure, but it hit -6 i think which usually indicates death by red flag
Did you comment and flag?
Not even on another post in roughly the same timeframe?
5:45 PM
nope. i thought it was having a flag validated, so i was testing, i just flagged and waited to see if i got the hat
@Dragonrage To be clear, when I say two triggers, I mean there's two different ways to get the hat... they're related but you don't have to do both of them, only one.
It could be a simple as "Raise a flag on a post that's the same flag as another user raised on it"
@Catija hmm, then would my guess be correct for one of the triggers?
Raise a flag or a delete vote on an Answer? I'm grasping now.. :)
..with the result that the Answer is removed from the site.
Could be a post, not an Answer.
@Scratte ive gotten it from both a question and an answer
6:00 PM
I think it's unrelated to close flags though. I'm guessing it's about having a post deleted.
6:25 PM
@PeterHaddad Confirm it with YaakovEllis now
@YaakovEllis can you confirm?
Hi! Most-time-spent-player here, there's an obvious cheated score in #1 right now (6969 in 420.69s)
@RedwolfPrograms that sounds like a pretty legit score to me
@RedwolfPrograms I'm right behind you in time played but I got banned from the leaderboard :(
Feel free to contribute here if you have any tips! meta.stackexchange.com/questions/358088/…
6:36 PM
@Dragonrage :Redwolf's probably referring to the repeated 69s and 420 in the score
I would've assumed there'd be some sort of log of key presses while playing that's sent with the score and time, but I guess there isn't. That would probably help in finding faked runs, esp. if the random seed was included.
I thought I saw the keypresses being sent in the network requests when I looked
@kylejrp Yeah I saw that too
Oh, they are? If there's a way to replay the user's movements that would make it much simpler to confirm cheating and AIs/automated systems
6:39 PM
hmm, must be why my new scores arent showing up
I'm quite sure Vexillologist is awarded for having a flag marked helpful. I just got it on Stack Overflow while I was away, and the only other thing that happened while I was away was that a flag I raised earlier today was marked helpful. This is also consistent with how I earned it earlier today on Super User, where I earned it shortly after having a flag marked helpful. Could an employee confirm whether or not this is correct?
@Dragonrage I auto flagged a post (through Smokey) 39 minutes ago and have got Vexillologist on Ask Ubunto.
@DavidPostill was the post deleted?
Hard to imagine a smokey-flagged post not getting deleted.
yeah, i imagine it was. i havent been able to test a post getting flagged without being deleted
6:55 PM
@Dragonrage Yes, after 4 other Charcoal members agreed with my auto flag.
@Dragonrage It would have been flagged as spam (or possibly abusive) since the post consisted of nothing but a racial word repeated loads of times (which I won't repeat here)
@DavidPostill ive gotten it from NAA
if you have an arqade account, you can test it
i have a post you can flag as NAA before i delete it
It also obviously matches the name, that was my initial guess when I got it
@Dragonrage link?
A: Can I use my Bedrock skin on Java?

Caleb SonnichsenHow do I rebuild the skins using the contents under the persona folder

steals free flag
Feel free to decline mine, for science ;)
7:02 PM
@Dragonrage flagged as NAA
Now we wait ...
ok, deleted
@DavidPostill, you should have it now
Trying to find a suitable question to answer for Backlog is painful haha
@Dragonrage I wonder if just marking something helpful without deleting it would work...
@Tinkeringbell hmm, maybe. if anyone wants to flag something on arqade for like mod attention for me to mark as helpful i can do that. though they should make sure they dont have the hat there already
@Dragonrage I know a better way: Raise a flag on meta.stackexchange.com/a/358314/369802? You don't have the hat on MSE yet :)
7:17 PM
oh, i dont think i have it on MSE, just SO and Arqade
Was I speaking Japanese?
Marked helpful :D
ill let y'all know if i get it
got it @Tinkeringbell
Any helpful flag will do then, it seems :)
7:27 PM
@Dragonrage Yep, got it :)
@Tinkeringbell that seems to be one of the two triggers i guess.
having a flag marked as helpful
If I want to incentivize people to answer my silly unicorn hat dash strategy post, what's an appropriate bounty reason? "Draw attention" or "Improve details"? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/358088/…
I think that would be 'draw attention'. I'm... not sure it's worth it though ;)
draw attention seems most appropriate
I'm fine offering up one form of internet points to help get another form of silly internet points
7:45 PM
Ahh. Well good luck then!
its bad taste coming into a chat room and asking for upvotes
@Dragonrage ok fair enough, you are right, I just got frustrated. Actually my question is, are the downvotes relate to the title being in Spanish?
8:25 PM
@Tinkeringbell So far my bounty has attracted people saying "here's how you can cheat!" so maybe you were right 😅
You might want to add a disclaimer to your question then, that cheats can go to Yaakov's question, and that you're looking for legitimate ways of improving your gameplay?
8:37 PM
Done! Thanks for the suggestion

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