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9:03 PM
fp- by Glorfindel
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Where can I get resources for developing for Mac OS Classic? by chris on stackoverflow.com (@dorukayhan)
naa- by MAR
fp- by DavidPostill
I was asleep, didn't have time to reverse it. But it was declined, so no foul
@YvetteColomb got a link to the MS page?
I have added a comment to the Meta draft.
And this time, @DavidPostill wasn't even involved :)
@Glorfindel why is it always me who gets the decline? q_q
9:16 PM
@Glorfindel lol
@Glorfindel We should fix that
@DavidPostill It's Byte Commander's fault.
@Glorfindel That shouldn't have been autoflagged, there were only two reasons?
9:18 PM
@M.A.R. because your threshold is set the lowest, perhaps? :P
@quartata that's not how it works
@M.A.R. flagged as offensive
@ArtOfCode No I know but I thought currently we weren't allowing thresholds that low
@Glorfindel Engaging in flag war and name-calling
@quartata we'll let anything that's 99.5%+ accurate through
@quartata most people have set the minimum # of reasons to 1. The total weight is more important anyway.
9:20 PM
@ArtOfCode Yeah, one decline for many triumphs. I'm happy with that
Also your new avatar reminds me of . . . ice cream.
Not that more than half avatars I see remind me of ice cream for unrelated reasons
@YvetteColomb Heh, it doesn't onebox
@ArtOfCode Bad keyword + pattern matching is 99.1% if I'm not mistaken though
@M.A.R. meh habit
@quartata that's... also not how it works
9:22 PM
Oh wait
combined weight
Nevermind. I typo'd something.
@ArtOfCode I didn't mean literally + obviously
But I get what you mean
@quartata sure, but it doesn't work on average percentages
@quartata that post had a score of 192. A score of 190, max rep = 1 has an accuracy of 99.74%.
It's my current setting, so I could've been the victim as well.
@Glorfindel I upped mine to 195
9:24 PM
Mines on 280 :)
@Glorfindel Yeah I figured that out. I suppose p < .01 is more than good enough for this
just now. max rep of 1
@DavidPostill cautious nelly
I have to go feed my horses, bbl
8 mins ago, by Glorfindel
And this time, @DavidPostill wasn't even involved :)
@ArtOfCode Just out of curiosity what library do you use for the graphs on MS?
9:26 PM
@quartata highcharts
well, and highcharts on the front end, but chartkick is what we call to get a graph
All right.
[bug] [S]
9:28 PM
Oh, right, I thought that was a pun to do with high kicks
Simple fix for that, but I can't do it on mobile
@quartata That’s why I said [bug] [S]
@JF remind me where you live again sharpens giant S
9:30 PM
um… step outside your front door, turn 180 degrees, and you’re there :P
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: Applying for Schengen (France) visa in US (Proof of socio-economic status) by waynealexa on travel.SE
tpu- by J F
^ If you have problems traveling internationally, you can get more problems travelling internationally for one low price!
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, blacklisted user: Can a Filipino with a green card exit a Japanese airport during a layover without needing a visa? by waynealexa on travel.SE
tpu- by J F
9:59 PM
tpu- by J F
10:21 PM
fp- by J F
@YvetteColomb [:35543020] That message is not a report.
@SmokeDetector f
[feature-request] whitelist example.* domains
Restart: API quota is 8826.
10:50 PM
@JF they are in many rules, it's just that we haven't gotten around to doing it for all of them
@angussidney Couldn’t you do it globally?
I don't think there is a global whitelist
11:46 PM
We could probably make a list in global vars then use .join to put it into the regexes
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