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7:05 PM
@KajalPuri This exact post has been posted 6 times on various Stack Exchange sites in the past 24 hours. I have no way of telling if this is the same person on new accounts, or different people. Either way, I would advise you to read up on what makes a good question, and put some effort into asking rather than just dumping what is either (a) homework or (b) spam on us. — ArtOfCode 3 mins ago
@ArtOfCode The current API quota remaining is 3313.
When does that reset?
@ArtOfCode For us, at 00:32 UTC. chat.stackexchange.com/…
Oh cool. That's fine then.
I thought it was something like 1000 UTC, in which case we would have been in trouble.
The quota period is determined by the first use of the key/ip combination, so it's different for different users.
When Undo moves Smokey to AWS and back, the time cycle shifts.
7:13 PM
That makes a surprising amount of sense
@ArtOfCode Some posts like this one and this one have both positive and negative feedback. They are counted for both statistics and causing the conflict, that is my theory.
Aye, that's possible
@Undo do you have control over what SQL queries Rails sends? Because I just looked at the queries for the dashboard that the profiler shows and oh my god is it inefficient.
362 individual queries
62 of those at least could be bundled into one (the reasons stats)
7:32 PM
API quota rolled over with 3127 requests remaining. Current quota: 9999.
stackoverflow: 1189
superuser: 533
askubuntu: 371
english: 183
unix: 176
math: 155
magento: 149
drupal: 147
gis: 143
electronics: 122
travel: 110
salesforce: 110
gaming: 106
apple: 100
dba: 96
academia: 90
mathoverflow.net: 89
mathematica: 84
webapps: 79
meta: 79
wordpress: 77
security: 77
programmers: 77
scifi: 76
physics: 72
diy: 71
ell: 68
sharepoint: 67
puzzling: 62
android: 62
tex: 60
worldbuilding: 57
stats: 55
rpg: 53
judaism: 51
gamedev: 50
webmasters: 50
arduino: 49
movies: 43
ru.stackoverflow: 41
@ArtOfCode ^There is the API rollover
7:53 PM
Oh. That's early, then.
@ArtOfCode Which page?
@Undo Dashboard
If it's the dashboard, you were the first to hit it after Puma restart
I can't reproduce it now
7:57 PM
Oh, that'll be it
All those bars are cached now.
Yeah it's just 5 queries now
And a 23ms load time, as opposed to 932ms.
Yep. Early on I put a lot of effort into making it fast.
It's one request, maximum, per 20 minutes that does that. Could I pre-load it? Probably. Is it worth it? Meh.
Nah, probably not then
How much load does metasmoke see?
in terms of requests/min or bandwidth or something
In fact, does AWS give you a bandwidth usage graph?
@ArtOfCode Yes. Can pull in a sec, taking Latin test in a few minutes.
8:01 PM
Heh, sure :)
@ArtOfCode The transcript showed "7:32pm" which is ridiculously confusing... "pm" is something that my local timezone uses, but the time is actually UTC. Writing UTC with "pm" is just...
@Sally Yeah. So 19:32 UTC
Is my website running incredibly slow for anyone else?
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Most wingnuts enjoy Nuviante every now and then by Jironztiz on drupal.stackexchange.com
sd k
8:15 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected, repeating characters in answer: Chain vs chainless options by user24922 on bicycles.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: Chain vs chainless options by user24922 on bicycles.stackexchange.com
@Sally Are you sure this way auto marks the post as true positive? Your manual reported post shows up at the review section
It doesn't. It blacklists the user, but is not confirmed in Metasmoke.
I reviewed it
so no it doesn't
During the review we had to go through a bunch of those reports. And I think it makes sense.
They don't need to be reviewed at once, after all.
8:35 PM
And I just managed to get the long dashboard request again :)
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started at rev 393ba04 (Normal Human: copy buffett) (running on Raspberry Pi)
Restart: API quota is 9594.
Same version?
@Sally, did you forget to push?
I forgot to pull after committing the buffett. Or maybe I did pull and then forgot about it, and thought that I forgot?
Too many visitors in the office today.
Oh yes, I only thought that I forgot. Redundant pull/restart
8:50 PM
@ArtOfCode Yeah, that probably could be done better.
Might have to write raw SQL.
@Undo meh, if metasmoke load is as low as I think it is, it's probably not worth it until it becomes a problem
Raw SQL's fine. It's not complex statistics queries, just a basic select. Maybe a join or two, if you're unlucky.
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@Undo do we not save the username on feedback from review?
@ArtOfCode We don't have the username
Because short-sighted Undo didn't require it on signup.
Just have to add it to the user, then we can join it in.
@Undo Oh, the username is an email address. Yeah, OK.
User ID, temporarily, or is adding a username in the works?
8:55 PM
Username = email is good. Not having to remember yet another string of characters.
I mean, I could go through the ten users or whatever and add them myself through the database.
@ArtOfCode "meh"
I'm thinking the tooltips on the feedback ticks and crosses - they're useful to know what posts I fed back on, but review posts don't show it currently.
@ArtOfCode Are those tooltips working for you?
@Sally oh yeah, I mean a display name like we have here. Username is our email address, but display names are different.
@Undo As far as I can tell. They seem to be doing what the code's telling them to.
Huh. They don't work on my machine.
8:57 PM
Yeah, just checked.
Working fine here.
System ones or the special Bootstrap ones with the little arrow?
oh, system
But that's what the title attribute does
<span data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="<%= feedback.user.present? ? "(From Review)" : feedback.user_name %>" class="<%= feedback.is_positive? ? "text-success" : "text-danger" %>"><%= feedback.is_positive? ? "&#x2713;".html_safe : "&#x2717;".html_safe %></span>
Is Bootstrap initialised anywhere for that? Does it need to be?
@ArtOfCode Theoretically it should work on its own, but I'll look at it more.
The data-toggle and data-placement is all they do in the docs.
If you can get that working, you can add the data- attributes to the tooltips on the reason progress bars too.
9:07 PM
@Undo getbootstrap.com/javascript/#tooltips you have to initialise tooltips separately
$(function () {
... oh
well that makes sense
sd k
9:29 PM
@SmokeDetector whoa someone's salty
sd gone
you attracted attention Art.
We forgot to mark as k, hope we can still do this
:28085831 k
@Seth I did?
jumping in and out of our room?
9:32 PM
I wondered if it was yours that had the flag, but everything was calm so I left.
ah. No it was in the h bar.
Why'd you think it was ours, if I may ask?
that's bad
You were pretty much top of the active list :)
@ArtOfCode yeah, the implications of that...
@ArtOfCode ah xD
sd k
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9:59 PM
sd f
but I am pretty sure it's OT
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: What do you call a person who talks about nothing but himself? by TYCA on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector naa
@Sally Recorded answer as an NAA in metasmoke.
I got used to "naa" not having any response...
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: HTML - decrease page size by yahya on stackoverflow.com
10:08 PM
sd k
10:27 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Manually reported answer: Materialize CSS Not Showing (Something To Do With Flask) by i-love-fxco on stackoverflow.com
sd k and gone
10:42 PM
@Undo can anyone report stuff through smokey or only privileged users?
11:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of answer: Hamachi network adapter won't install in windows 7 by Marco on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector naa- I say
11:36 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Few unique characters in answer, offensive answer detected: How to prevent acne? by danny on lifehacks.stackexchange.com
sd k
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