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3:52 AM
@Undo Hmm, yeah, happening here too.
Time to go to Unix & Linux!
Q: Give user read/write access to only one directory

ManishearthI'm running a server, and I need to give read/write access to a particular directory to a single user. I've tried the following: sudo adduser abcd sudo groupadd abcdefg chown -R .abcdefg /var/www/allowfolder chmod -R g+rw /var/www/allowfolder usermod -a -G comments abcd The above seems to work...

I think it just involves a chmod -R o-r on the rest of it, but that might make apache break
4:18 AM
@Manish I hope we get a decent answer on it!
In related news, I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on this:
Q: How might I get a copy of all comments on the site (SO)?

UndoI kind of like flagging comments (as several mods will attest), and I have a few systems in place to aid me in flagging those comments (queues, etc.) Now, it's recently come about that one of my more complicated attempts to dredge up obsolete comments on SO requires a copy of the entire comments...

4:31 AM
@Undo Why do you need a copy of the entire comments table? Won't a part do fine? For fetching the context we can use the API
@Manish I just want a copy locally so I can run some stats and things.
@Undo Why not bittorrent it and then filter out the comments table?
That's what I'm planning to do.
I would do that but torrents are blocked for me even though I have a blazing fast netspeed
4:35 AM
@Undo Institute policy; no torrents because they hog up bandwidth
Makes sense.
5:02 AM
pastebin.com/eUHzvZDa <--- for baleeting stuff easily
16 hours later…
9:15 PM
@Manish Hmm, it's a shame I can't use it :P
Any way to make it work for me with flags?
@Undo I lied, that sends out a signal to the comm team to get your account baleeted. That should teach ya never to run arbitrary JS
@Undo As in? To flag the post or all the comments?
Ideally just one comment (as the Phys mods want).
Flagging the post: yes, tweak the $.post
9:17 PM
CORS won't shut it down?
@Undo it's a userscript.
But to make it work with CORS: You can do this
Insert an iframe into the page, on the same domain, insert a form in it with hidden fields, and submit() the form
CORS only prevents you from fetching the results. CORS does not disallow form-submitting. The fkey (CSRF token) does that, and if you give the page the fkey, you're all set
And you can get StackExchange.user.fkey or whatever it is from a userscript?
From any domain?
@Undo It may be different per domain
@Undo While with a multi-domain userscript you can set up some communications using postMessage, it's easier to just copy the fkey by hand into the other site and use it.
9:22 PM
Ah... I may have to make myself a userscript to facilitate easy flagging of comments.
evil laugh
1 hour later…
10:44 PM
@ManishEarth Want my comment-flag-toolbar-adding script thingy?
Sure. I could whip it up in seconds, but less effort yay :P
(which is really yours with like 10 char changes)
got it
Umm... it adds the link to revision items too.
10:47 PM
^ weird
you can, of course, restrict the script to running on /questions/*
Oh :)
I wonder what it would do if I pressed the button on a revision.
I didnt because I run it as a bookmarklet
Oh - I like to just have it there, always available.
I need it in the queue, and those posts load via ajax, and I didn't ant to go through the trouble of tracking the dom
10:50 PM
so it's just easier to click away at my bookmarklets
I have a ton of 'em. And a bunch more on my other boot
On SO, I'm casting 0.1305 helpful flags per hour :P
Over all.
And that includes my early days, when I wasn't flagging stuff.
I wish there was a way to get one's own flags through the API or something.

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