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Jan 14 at 1:52, by BESW
Y'know, even if Wizards capitulates entirely on OGL1.1 and upholds OGL1.0 in perpetuity, they'll have still won because it'll be hailed as a victory for the industry. The OGL was a sad imitation of an open license 22 years ago; it's so much worse today when we know what actual open licenses look like for TRPGs and there's at least a dozen robust CC-BY SRDs kicking around.
Sale: Games You Can MAKE A bundle hosted by Aaron Goss with content from 25 creators. This bundle contains over $120 worth of content, from games to asset packs, to SRDs, to print-and-plays. And all of them are either built on, use, or covered by open and CC licenses!
"A Statement for Limithron LLC" announcing a delay in PIRATE BORG publication while they address a sensitivity oversight. _Boganova_ wrote on twitter praising Limithron for their handling of the situation.
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FWIW, I have added an answer that sums up Xirema's links. It includes some interesting survey results admissions by WotC.
@doppelgreener It appears that they have chosen to scuttle the latest OGL, revert to 1.0a, and move the SRD to a Creative Commons License. That seems to settle it for D&D 5e related stuff, and apparently, all previous edition stuff. What that means for D&Done stuff is anyone's guess. I expect a 4e style, tightly controlled IP protection since they are trying to triple their revenue (which means attract a lot of new customers) with stuff that is related to this new edition
The statement made at the D&D Beyond post was that OGL 1.0a was open and irrevocable.
Here is the quote.
We are leaving OGL 1.0a in place, as is. Untouched.
We are also making the entire SRD 5.1 available under a Creative Commons license.
You choose which you prefer to use.
This Creative Commons license makes the content freely available for any use. We don't control that license and cannot alter or revoke it. It's open and irrevocable in a way that doesn't require you to take our word for it. And its openness means there's no need for a VTT policy. Placing the SRD under a Creative Commons license is a one-way door. There's no going back.
As someone who spent the time to fill out the survey and make a few criticisms clear to them, I am glad to be among the 80-90% of respondents who got them to make an adjustment.
1:40 AM
If they'd said "oh, we realize that those choices were sketchy, unethical, and harmful to the industry," I'd be a lot more on board. But they literally said "our terrible ideas lost the popularity contest."
That's not a solid foundation for a relationship. Not as a consumer, not as a company.
Wizards opened their mouth and said "There's an opinion poll where our ethics should be."
@BESW So reading about this in this particular context makes it really easy to say “Wow that’s so obviously a terrible name”, but now it’s made me wonder what things I’ve said that would be obviously inappropriate if they were only pointed out to me.
yeah, we've all got some missing context or just aren't firing on all cylinders all the time even if we technically know the stuff
Limithron is taking responsibility and that's very good--especially given how we know so much of the industry gets away with just not
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Q: How much damage do giants deal with unarmed strikes?

PyrotechnicalA lot of monsters have attack descriptions that include using their appendages to hit characters and those appendages generally can't be disarmed. However, giants are unique in that they almost always attack with oversized weapons. Per the DMG (pg 278): Big monsters typically wield oversized wea...

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4:34 AM
Q: I want to nerf my character for roleplay purposes, but I fear I might have the "My Guy Syndrome"

AzzarrelI could use some assessment of my current situation. Do you think my current behaviour falls under the My Guy Syndrome and how do I best proceed in this situation? I have a group of friends with whom I play D&D. I like to extensively roleplay my character. Currently I am playing a most stereotypi...

5:00 AM
Q: Can you use a Sustain action on the same turn you cast it?

DacromirMany spells in DnD 4e take a Standard action to cast, and then have a Sustain Minor for additional effects (e.g. Crown of Madness, Bigby's Icy Grasp). Is it possible to cast the spell as a Standard action and then immediately use your Minor action to gain the Sustain effect? This is especially im...

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Lets improve our Rage

It's hard to answer posts that have been closed... so you have to answer the question yourself, only to have that deleted altogether because you're supposed to answer the closed question... Makes sense
6:08 AM
Generally when you ask a question on the site and it gets closed, it's expected you'll edit the question so it can be reopened, instead of making an entirely new question.
7:06 AM
Q: What licenses does FATE Freeport depend on?

JetpackFATE Freeport was made by Green Ronin games. It uses FATE rules, and FATE comes from Evil Hat, so I assume they have a license from Evil Hat. It also uses some of the ideas from Dungeons and Dragons, so I wouldn't be surprised if they depend on some a license from Wizards of the Coast. For exampl...

@Glazius Generally on this site, there are answers given before a question is closed. I asked for book answers, and was told to reference something I had already referenced but knew the answers I was looking for were not to be found there,
@Glazius so then I ask basically the same question again, with more information, and that one gets closed, being told to refer to my first question... It shouldn't matter that it's D&D and Pathfinder that I'm asking for. T
@Glazius hose answering the question don't need to know how I'm working the rules together, I just need D&D book / mag says X, Pathfinder book / source says X can increase / alter rage in the way you're asking. Since my first two questions were closed, and therefore I couldn't answer them myself, when I put up a Question I Answered myself (if it's not allowed, why is it an option when you post an question?), and (granted I posted a snarky/salty comment) that was straight up deleted...
@Glazius So all I can say, is "good job" on making things harder for everyone...
This isn't the fist time that I've asked for D&D & Pathfinder materials, and basically been shut down being told to ask two different (and yet the exact same) questions... especially when it should be assumed that since I'm asking for the materials, I am the one putting them together... Nowhere in my questions did I ask for someone to write how the rules should work together, that's my interpretation, I just need to know what and where they are
Now, I do also find it very interesting my comments on my first 2 questions have been disappearing after a time, including those comments that had the answers I've found...
7:32 AM
"5 MICHELLE YEOHS WALK INTO A BAR" a twitch clip by HyperRPG.
7:52 AM
@AOKost Yes, you're attempting to use comments to provide answers to a question that's been closed. Nobody else even knows what your question is about or what a successful answer would look like. You're cheating, please stop.
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10:23 AM
"Cheating?" By not altering my questions to a single game, thereby requiring multiple questions... And by refusing to alter and limit it to a single game, even though both are almost carbon copies of each other, and it's far simpler and faster to ask for both at the same time, and leave it up to me to figure out how they work together, since I'm asking for them together. I didn't ask for an interpretation on how the games work together.
No, cheating by answering in comments a question which should not be answered in its current state (= closed)
And I think you might want to reevaluate that simpler and faster, because you don't seem to be making much headway with the approach that goes against the stacks principles
I work within the very limited confines I've been given...
And maybe I'm missing something, but your question doesn't ask anything about how the improvements are to work together, so that'd be left to you anyway, no?
I also work within the very limited time that I spend on the site.
@AOKost No, you have access to the same edit button the rest of us have
10:30 AM
I actually did explain that I was looking for anything that affected Rage bonuses other than alternate class features... I gave the examples / answers I found myself, but that's not good enough... Oh well.
@AOKost That's what you were looking for, but I'm not seeing that generating a list for you to pick through. And those finding are very good to see, but it doesn't make it not two-question-in-one
If what I was looking for was not two questions in one, then why was I continuously being told that I needed to separate them into two questions, one for D&D and one for Pathfinder? What... Exactly... do I need to change within my previous questions that would allow either of them to reopen? I continue to fail to see whatever seems to be obvious to everyone else how I should alter my question...
Cut it down to one of the systems
And ask about the other as a new Q (or alter one of the reposts, I suppose)
10:51 AM
Seems simple, but I'm looking for information on what, to me, is the same game, especially considering the amount of homebrew I use. Why is asking for what amounts to the same question, multiple times, making whomever is trying to answer the questions answer the same question multiple times, instead of once... That seems excessive, but for thoroughness, I do understand, even if I don't approve, it doesn't matter what I think or feel, I'm just asking questions and hoping for answers.
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3:48 PM
@AOKost lots of other people might look for just one or the other system and find answers to your question confusing unless they separate out the lists... Or two people might give separate answers, one with just D&D 5e another with pathfinder.... That's not a good fit for the stack model (leaving aside the issues with the stack model itself)
4:10 PM
@BESW Indeed. In my discussions with various folks on the GitP forums, the breach of trust has been clearly identified as a "your choice to listen is nice, but what you did there is not going to be forgotten" and I believe that they back pedaled with an eye toward their movie coming out in March. 😑 Yes, I am cynical.
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6:12 PM
@ThomasMarkov Hi I thought I'd check in here for a bit to clear the air about that dupe question on Wizard/Artificer spells, because your comments sounded a bit exasperated. I had originally started drafting an answer. but not posted it, either as it was already closed due to the edition tag missing, or as it was being questioned about the tag, and I expected it to be closed for that reason, as you could have artificers etc in other systems too -- can't recall exactly which of the two.
Then today I saw a review queue message on this, checked, saw the tag, assumed that resoved the issue and voted reopen. We were just in the process of taking off to a family trip. and I only had a minute left. I then saw the question had been reopened.
I did not think there was anything going on and fully admit to not going to checking out all the comments etc. or doing a search about duplicates. TBH I'm not sure that woudl have occured to me otherwise, as it had not been marked as a possible dupe a few days earlier (but that may have been because the game edition was unclear). I copied over the the answer, and posted it.
Then we took off. I think you are right, I could have done a better job on it with more due diligence on checking all the boxes, but I want you to understand that there was no motivation to reopen anything unilaterally to post my answer or anything like that.
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7:23 PM
@GroodytheHobgoblin I read into it as part of a broader pattern of you being opposed to most question closures in general, and I don’t need to bring assumptions like that into it. So I’m sorry about that.
7:35 PM
I edited a highly visible post, and close voted something yesterday. This feels dangerously familiar.
8:35 PM
Q: As a game master, what to do when the player fails an ability check?

Plasty GroveI'm playing Hero Kids with my 5 year old and am brand new to TTRPGs. I'm a bit unsure what to do when an ability check fails? Do I penalize the player, give them some disadvantage for the rest of the encounter or something else? Here's one example (from a section of an encounter): Burning Embers...

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10:34 PM
Incarnation by breathingstories. A solo tarot-based journaling game to remember your past lives.
Upcoming crowdfunding: Stoneburner by Fari Games. A Solo-Friendly TTRPG of Demon Hunting and Community Building in a Dwarven Asteroid Mine. (website)
RPDeshaies wrote a twitter thread about the progression system in Stoneburner.

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