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9:45 AM
posted on January 29, 2023 by Thomas Manuel

There are a lot of games on itch and this is 10 of them!

5 hours later…
2:23 PM
Q: Does a druid in wild shape still benefit from the speed increase of the Mobile feat?

K.L.R.Since in wild shape "You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so" and the Mobile feat just says "Your speed increases by 10 feet", do a Druid's wild shapes benefit from the speed increase from Mob...

5 hours later…
7:20 PM
@Someone_Evil I believe that both answers by this user were produced by ChatGPT. Both have received a response that something in them doesn't make sense. Meanwhile, a GPT-2 detector assesses 99.98% confidence both of them are fake.
And the account itself looks spammy.
Both answers just overall seem to lack the grit of a real answer to the actual question. The booming blade even just looks like something prompted to come up with some off-the-cuff answers rather than something actually responding to the question like a human.
Essentially I think some spammer just fed the question into GPT, asked it to give them an answer, and posted the answer here so they could spam their wordpress website.
I have flagged both posts as spam.
cc/fyi @GroodytheHobgoblin @Eddymage since you each responded to one of these answers
7:51 PM
@doppelgreener Thank you- upon closer inspection I agree this is likely a spammer. dealgpl.com goes to a merch site for electronic products. I think these answers should be deleted.
Voted to delete. Obvious nonsense, obvious AI.
@ThomasMarkov I opted to flag them as spam since this also trains our spam system on spam sources.
(The stack's spam system doesn't do text recognition, it works at the network level instead.)
@doppelgreener I am not still used to think that answers may come from chatGPT and that someone could REALLY use that...
@Eddymage yea honestly there was a series of red flags raised for me that each made me look closer
1. oh, a person with a website in their name. maybe this is spam.
2. ok, it looks plausibly legit at first glance, although something is weird. is this copied from other answers on the same page? ok, no.
3. let's check what their website is by looking it up on google (rather than visiting directly because it may be untrustworthy). ok, it's got nothing whatsoever to do with RPGs. this is probably spam, or if not that, just plain weird.
4. wait, both answers have the same format. both seem to lack _grit_ somehow. both seem to be not responding to the question. both seem to be just coming up w
it took me several steps before i was ready to consider “oh, it's GPT”
and all those steps were red flags popping up that were consistent with spam happening
8:23 PM
@doppelgreener lol I read the header and immediately knew it was AI.
8:45 PM
Good or trash? Ring of Fire Detection: range 100 feet; thinks mitochondria are on fire
@Joshua I don’t understand
@Joshua not useless at least?
seems hard to use but if you got the knack you would be hard to ambush
detecting the wearer is quite the downside
@doppelgreener Removed. Gave them the benefit of the doubt and deleted as VLQ, not spam (flags still validated).
Still not sure whether RPG needs a discussion around AI generated answers, so far it's not been many and it's usually been removable as straight up useless (eg. failing to understand the question in a way humans just don't do)
And for convenience: stackapps.com/q/9611
@Joshua I feel like I don't want to get into the knitty gritty of what creatures have mitochondria in my fantasy world for some reason
9:02 PM
@doppelgreener I didn't have a look at the nickname, but indeed I was puzzled by the fact that everything was quoted: I searched on the web if it was just a Copy&Paste from some other site, but didn't find anything
@ThomasMarkov the heading was a red flag indeed
9:51 PM
Doubly with a lack of context, please keep this room free of moving gifs. It's rather loud/distracting

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