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12:25 AM
Q: What happens to a grappler when their haste effect ends? In the air?

Charles DiminoThis happened last night in our session and we couldn't find a conclusive answer: An NPC is grappling a polymorphed PC in the air (the PC polymorphed into a Quetzalcoatlus, and we didn't at the time realize the NPC couldn't have grappled the PC due to size differences), and through some trickery ...

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1:46 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in username, blacklisted user (159): Hsiao Bi-khim, One of Notorious “Taiwan Independence” Elements‭ by LiMengYan yan‭ on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov @linksassin)
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9:09 AM
Q: Do items like Headband of Intellect or Gauntlets of Ogre Strength work with Wildshape?

MorthanalCan a druid be using them while wild-shaped if they had them before they wild-shaped? I'm not sure exactly what the ruling is and I'm being asked by my players.

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4:58 PM
lol yall see the communities dropdown is messed up
That's... quite an odd bug. How does that happen?
Q: Favicon sprites are offset in site list dropdown

zcoop98I opened up the site today and am seeing site favicons offset in a weird way: Is this just me? Or did something happen with the way the sprites are rendered? The Featured sidebar is where I noticed this first: Using Chrome 103.0.5060.134 on Windows 10 on a corporate network.

@Someone_Evil My first guess would an erroneous update to the dimensions of the spritesheet.
So all the coordinates pointing to places on the spritesheet now point to the wrong place.
I did something similar to a subreddit that I designed for an EVE corporation.
The icons are all stored in one long thin image which is re-positioned in multiples of 16 pixels to bring each icon into a 16x16 space. However, the current version of that image is 7038 pixels high - which is not a multiple of 16! It is, however, a multiple of 17. I suspect a new icon was added that is 17x17 instead of 16x16, and the script generating the combined "spritemap" has padded all the others to match, throwing off all the offsets. — IMSoP 27 mins ago
5:41 PM
Q: Meta Image not on meta question?

willuwontuI just noticed that the featured question doesn't have the RPG.SE meta symbol, what's up with that?

5:54 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'm finally using a weight lifting belt for the first time
@doppelgreener It takes some getting used to.
It's not mine — I stopped going to the gym for a couple of months due to a combination of factors, mainly total accident, and I'll be organising getting my own very soo
But I'm doing overhead lifts so I'm wearing the gym's one for stability
@doppelgreener I did some overhead press this morning for the first time in 7 weeks.
My strength was goneeeee
@ThomasMarkov I like the feel of this one
@ThomasMarkov oh boy
That sounds like fun
@doppelgreener Probably cuz its well broken in from general use
5:56 PM
This is the first time in about that long for me too, I'm just on 40kg right now
@ThomasMarkov oh yeah good point
Get a new one and it will take a few weeks for it to agree with your body.
It's nothing if not well broken in for sure
@doppelgreener My top set was at 50 kg this morning.
I did leg press this morning, its a great confidence booster.
Nice one!!
Love a good leg press
You can go super heavy, which impresses people who dont know better, and it's a great quad stimulus without the fatigue of squats.
5:59 PM
I was doing over 100kg leg press when my one rep max for squats was still 90kg, sure helps me feel stronger lol
@doppelgreener You can probably leg press way more than that.
A previous training partner of mine is a 130 pound female, and she had never done over 100 kg on the leg press, and she was squatting close to that.
We went to leg press and I put on 140 and said "You can do this for ten reps", and she objected vehemently.
Until she did it for 12.
Then I put on 180 kg and she did it for five
Sometimes you just have to believe you can do something.
That's fantastic
(and other times you can be pretty sure of what you can lift on a given day based on an honest evaluation of recent training history) :P
When you're right you're right
I usually tell people to at least try leg pressing their squat max plus their body weight. The muscles used and joint angles are very similar, but you don't have to move your body through space and the technical aspect of squatting isnt a factor.
6:09 PM
So for me that would be ... 160kg?
@doppelgreener Yeah, I bet you could do that easy.
I'll try it next day I'm not doing squats
The 73 year old lady in the office next to me does 140 kg for set of 8.
Shes obviously well above average for her age.
I'm feeling great about my weight loss recently, I'm halfway to my target for the year and slightly more than halfway through the warm months, I'm slightly behind pace but it was an ambitious goal and I'm already getting definition in some welcome places
@doppelgreener Hell yeah.
One of the doctors at Barbell Medicine said something recently about weight loss that I thought was really thoughtful -
"The mistake is not in thinking that weight loss is as simple as 'calories in, calories out'. The mistake is in thinking that 'calories in, calories out' is a simple process."
6:18 PM
It's definitely been pretty complex developing the discipline and resources to manage it at the very least!!
The body has so many compensatory mechanisms for maintaining its current weight, or depending on context, gaining more weight, that just saying "just eat less duh" is typically a valueless recommendation. It isn't just "eat less", you have to overcome numerous biological processes that you have no control over that are working against your goals every second of your life.
6:43 PM
Q: Would spells that modify your attack bonus, such as Bless also apply to Spiritual Weapon or Bigby's hand?

Matthew PerrymanWould a spell or ability that affects a characters attack roll bonus be applied to spells that also make 'melee' attacks such as Spiritual Weapon or Bigby's Hand? As per the Bless spell: You bless up to three creatures of your choice within range. Whenever a target makes an attack roll or a savi...

Q: What Traits are determined by the Summon Aberration Spell?

Matthew PerrymanFor reference, in a session last night the Warlock of the group had a summoned Beholderkin from the Summon Aberration Spell. A Lair action occurred which could have caused the Beholderkin to have been rendered Prone. I as the DM know that generally Beholderkin are immune to the Prone status, howe...

7:28 PM
@ThomasMarkov no idea of context but this is definitely true
Caught up on context, I agree with that doctor

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