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11:27 AM
Q: Surviving Bag of Holding Bomb

JFreemanWhat ways can you survive a Bag of Holding Bomb (i.e. two extra-dimensional spaces put into each other causing everyone within 10 feet to be sucked to the Astral Plane)? I will first acknowledge the fact it is generally agreed the travel itself does not cause death. I will note the key wording of...

12:03 PM
@Glazius apologies for pinging you, I was thinking of making a follow up question to my previous FATE one. But I might not need to if you cover it, so I was going to hold off. Happy to discuss here, there, now, later, never etc...
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1:33 PM
@ThomasMarkov Puzzling over a Monk 6 / Druid (Moon) 2 I played in a one shot last weekend. When I wild shaped into a dire wolf, the DM rules that I get two attacks since I am a monk 6. That meant two Dire Wolf bites. Does that sound right to you? (I mean, I did it, but I wasn't sure if that was correct)
@KorvinStarmast calculating...
I don't think Dale's answer is exactly correct there, Multiattack is not an action.
Okay but maybe it is.
@KorvinStarmast I think this probably correct, though I have a possible counterpoint.
Wild Shape states: "You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so."
@KorvinStarmast Dire wolfs don't have multiattack though, so I'm not sure how that Q&A is relevant. This would just be Extra Attack + Bite which is a lot simpler rules wise (unless I'm missing something)
I might make the argument that since the dire wolf can usually only make one attack per attack action, it is physically incapable of taking two attacks per attack action and the Extra Attack feature does not transfer over.
1:44 PM
Wouldn't that logic kinda make Extra Attack non functional though?
A normal humanoid can only make one attack per actions just the same as a dire wolf, unless they have a feature like Extra Attack
@Someone_Evil Right but we're talking about a druid wild shaped into a dire wolf and how to interpret that particular clause of the Wild Shape feature.
@ThomasMarkov The dire wolf is physically capable of biting twice-what it needs to do that is the Monk class feature that wild shape offers
And I'm really failing to see what part of Extra Attack makes it tied to any physical form
It usually only bites once, but with extra attack on the Attack Action two bites seems right. It does not have multi attack, so we don't even need to consider that.
"You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so." If he can bite once he can bit twice: physically capability is there. Which I think make's Dale's answer pretty solid and my DM's ruling consistent with that. I had never thought of that.
@KorvinStarmast Not necessarily - what if biting once in six seconds is related to some physical limitation?
1:49 PM
@ThomasMarkov Since that isn't specified anywhere, not sure why you bring that up.
You wouldnt say of a large toirtoise, "if he can walk 10 feet in six seconds, he can walk 100 feet in six seconds"
Ok, this isn't going anywhere, thanks for the brain storm. 😊
@ThomasMarkov Does unarmoured movement carry over to Wild Shape?
@KorvinStarmast I'm saying it is specified in the stat block when it only gives him the ability to bite once.
To be perfectly honest, I think that clause is the single worst design element of the entire Druid class.
It's terrible.
@ThomasMarkov It... isn't though. It just doesn't have a feature/exception for attacking more than once
1:52 PM
It does a horrible job of telling you what does and does not carry over.
@Someone_Evil But if the wolf is physically capable of biting twice in six seconds...why doesnt he?
Ignoring the fuzzyness of that rule in some circumstances, is this that powerful a combination as to be a problem?
@Someone_Evil No, of course not
@ThomasMarkov Why doesn't a 1st level fighter? I feel like you're more struggling the narrative with how Extra Attack works than anything else (and I'd agree with you, but it isn't really worth grappling with)
@Someone_Evil Cuz he's slow.
He's physically incapable of swinging his sword fast enough with enough precision to make two attacks.
And, I suppose I should have kept Monk as the example, your monk training/power is applicable to wolf form, so it carries over
1:56 PM
But this is my problem with the feature: If the beast form was already physically capable of using the class feature, they would, and they dont need the class feature to do so.
I'm happy to say this an unclarity/disagreement point caused by multiclassing, so the solution is not do multiclassing. I'm not sure the rest of the discussion is gonna be too fruitful
I think my issue is "if the new form is physically capable of doing so." is one of those weasel phrases that D&D 5E uses try and make everyone happy with it's ambiguity
Druid-Monk hybrid does have a certain appeal though (and with little no extant option outside multiclassing?)
2:16 PM
@AncientSwordRage Yeah, I realized I needed to reorganize it a bit but I should still have something this morning.
(in an hour but probably less)
@Someone_Evil We need a druidic-focused monk subclass and an unarmed-combat focused druid subclass first
@Glazius cool, does it include the stuff I mentioned a while back on the day I posted it?
@AncientSwordRage That would be the paths to it, yes
@AncientSwordRage ...kind of? Just let me finish it up.
@Glazius cool, I'll try to be patient
there's a first time for everything
2:49 PM
There you go.
3:38 PM
Q: How are characters affected by item load?

TrobanomsIn Scum And Villainy, the characters have to choose how many items they will carry on the mission they are planning. Depending on the quantity of items, they will have either a light, normal or heavy load. But I couldn't find an explanation anywhere in the manual on how this will affect the chara...

4:03 PM
@Glazius ahhh I hit that tick a bit soon. It's highly likely I'll give it this week though
dibs on bountying it first
@AncientSwordRage Well, I'm glad it wound up being useful.
@Glazius extremely
4:54 PM
Q: Owl familiar deliver long distance message?

rhermansIt is balanced to allow Owl Familiars to deliver long-distance messages (written on paper or tiny objects)? Find Familiar spells explains: Your familiar acts independently of you, but it always obeys your commands. So giving the instruction is not the issue. However, it's not clear if the intel...

5:07 PM
Today I found out both that Agon has somehow been around since 2011 (the copy I bought in 2020 was a second edition, which I did not realize) and that somebody did a Yakuza series-flavored drift for it called Baka Mitai, which, yes.
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8:24 PM
@AncientSwordRage Is the followup still in the pipe? I don't really know what kind of relationship it had to your original question, but I'm always happy to see another FATE question. Maybe someday there'll actually be a silver badge for it!
@Glazius possibly
Is there scope in the rules for "That character aspect doesn't do it, but we can create a situational aspect that does " ?
But what's happened when a player compels the scenery instead of invoking it?
8:40 PM
Yes, you can absolutely JIT up situation aspects.
"As the scene unfolds, players might suggest features of the environment that are perfect as aspects. If the GM described the scene as being poorly lit, a player should be able to invoke the Shadows to help on a Stealth roll even if she hadn't previously established it as an aspect."
So the example I came up with in chat was switching someone's flaming hair causing a fire, to a loose candle
I don't know how that fits in...?
A compel on a situation aspect will usually tend toward event-based compels. However, it's also possible to put event-based compels on character aspects.
But the reverse?
Such as Harry "I Demand 27 Retroactive Fate Points" Dresden's The Building Was On Fire, And It Wasn't My Fault
@Glazius my intuition is that's an aspect of the building.... 🤔💡
But that last but And It Wasn't My Fault makes sense in context
8:49 PM
Well, the difference between event-based compels and decision-based compels is intentionality. A decision-based compel has volition behind it and a chain of cause and effect. Not usually something scenery is the sole participant in.
An event-based compel doesn't really need that causal chain to it, it's just an observation of the sorts of events you get caught up in.
Hmmm ok
But, like, characters don't get to read their own character sheets. Harry has actually said "the building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault", but he doesn't actually believe that his presence in a building makes it more likely to catch on fire.
even though in play it totally does
It's that last bit that I'm struggling with a bit
Are you on Discord? That might be an easier way to discuss this...?
@Glazius thanks
1 hour later…
10:27 PM
@Glazius I wonder if Harry Dresden's received his sprinklerfitter's baptism yet? :P
1 hour later…
11:35 PM
Q: Does a silvered weapon overcome resistance to non-magical attacks?

NarfinMy friends and I had a question about silvered weapons. Will it overcome the resistance to non-magical weapons? For example, Rakshasa is resistant to non-magical attacks. Will an attack with a silvered weapon deal him full damage or will it have no effect at all?


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