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@Shalvenay G'day, shoot. Though it's little strange to be asked something on topic :)
@linksassin I flagged the declined one again. WOuld like a chat room to discuss if you want to decline it again.
@linksassin so..are you familiar with the fake DMCA notice posts that pop up every now and again? where they claim that some thread is using a copyrighted photo, when there may not even be a photo present in the thread to begin with?
@Shalvenay Not something I have encountered so far, but I can imagine it happening
@linksassin I'm trying to figure out what the most correct flag for that sort of thing is ...it's trying to flog a link, so I think it's been treated as spam so far? but I'm not sure if that or rude/abusive is the more correct flag
because while not rude in the classical sense, they're definitely abusive
@Shalvenay If you can't figure it out use a custom flag and explain it. That's always easier for the mods to understand than trying to interpret why you picked a particular flag type.
12:10 AM
@linksassin fair enough -- someone hit the post with flag #6 and nuked it while we were talking anyway :P
Q: Does the effect of Luring Song of a Harpy end RAW when the affected character stops hearing the song?

Lit PitThe description for Luring Song in the Harpy's statblock in the Monster Manual, page 181, reads: Luring Song. The harpy sings a magical melody. Every humanoid and giant within 300 feet of the harpy that can hear the song must succeed on a DC 11 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed until the song en...

12:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly punctuation marks in answer (36): What are the rules for mixing races? ✏️ by Faye on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
12:40 AM
Q: If a Cave Fisher receives healing, does it keep its fire vulnerability?

user68fdA cave fisher from Volo's Guide to Monsters has the following trait: Flammable Blood. If the cave fisher drops to half its hit points or fewer, it gains vulnerability to fire damage. The trait makes it seems like the first time you reduce the cave fisher to half hit points or less, it is vulner...

1:08 AM
Vana is compiling on twitter recommendations for "TTRPG YouTube channels run by POC."
Agouro by Raul Fontoura. A game of inevitable prophecy
1:53 AM
Q: Putting a sack over a enemy's head

NauthaOne of my players asked me a interesting question today that I don't have an answer for. He asked if it is possible to use an action to try and put a sack or bag over a creature's head to prevent that creature from casting spell, and what he would have to roll for? One use for that would be when ...

2:38 AM
I'm not sure if I've had too much caffeine, or not enough, because I'm trying to do something in my code and it works, but it doesn't make sense.
DataSet myDatabase = new DataSet(Application.StartupPath + @"\filepath");
Is that right?
@Ben this is the secret: you never have the right amount of caffeine, or if you do, it doesn't last for more than a moment
@bobble In all honesty I think my body just doesn't process it the way I want it to.
The brain uses it to wake up, then the rest just goes to the heart.
Brain: I don't know, ask google.
Heart: [screaming]
Can't answer your question, I don't even recognise what programming language that is, though I've a feeling I've seen something like it before somewhere.
Default file paths, or whatever the exact name for them is, always fox me anyway.
2:50 AM
What it should be doing is creating an instance of the existing Database (db.accdb)
But my brain is farting and it could also be creating a new, empty instance of the datatable structures, which is not what I want.
@Ben what does your brain smell like?
@bobble blue. With a hint of effigy and clouds
blue is the best
2 hours later…
4:40 AM
no cannibalistic goblins here, no sir-ee
Sorry bored :-)
@bobble :'(
4:46 AM
(for context, Blort is a questionable goblin of Mith's for a planned upcoming campaign among the Puzzling folks)
5:25 AM
5:47 AM
Only "questionable" if you have something against sssstabby goblins >.>
in PSE D&D Chatroom, Feb 23 at 19:06, by Mithical
"Pfah!" The goblin snorts. "Asss if I haven't already tried, Captain. Nobody wantssss a goblin on board. The talessss are told that you are different. It ssseemss the ssstories are not to be... heeded."
2 hours later…
7:21 AM
I had an amusing conversation with a former co-worker yesterday. Pondering about our past employment, he wondered whether all our other friends had left the company as well
@Mithical That ain't a kobold of the tucker kind, eh? The 1/4 CR beasts that make lvl 10 adventurers run for their lives?
Quite a propos I had just spoken with one of my other friends from there and he was still in there x)
@Ben good ole metadatadatatable
7:54 AM
@Ben Huh, verbatim. Why not just "\\filepath" instead of @"\filepath"? The former seems more intuitive, even if it involves doubling all the \\'s in the path (I'm guessing 'filepath' actually involves multiple subdirectories).
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Yeah. @"\folder1\folder2\filename" is the same as "\\folder1\\folder2\\filename"
It also might be a better general policy to use a path-combiner method instead of combining manually. For the sake of never messing up the number of path separators, and their type (but the latter is more of a cross-platform concern).
@Trish They won't be able to run for their lives, because with a +17 to Stealth rolls they'll never see the goblin coming....
8:09 AM
@Mithical won't they? But are you a CR 1/4 creature that molotov's the enemies and is so deadly in numbers that are below what counts as levelappropriate that you can widdled down a huge party to a few?
Not yet :P
Q: How would you dig through stone to build ie. a cave?

TheKhileyanWe're playing Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and we I play a gnomish Artificer/Wizard and want to build my workshop What kind of spell, non-magic or half-magic solution (ie. machines) could do the trick? I come from 3.5e. Back then there were several midlevel options to do that. Stone to mud + Mold Ea...

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9:51 AM
@Ben caffeine (as someone with ADHD) helps me focus, because it's a substitute for adrenaline/chemicals I'm missing in my brain. People definitely can process caffeine differently, and it feels like my heart is screaming when I have too much, even if I feel like I've entered bullet time.
Yeah, my experience with it is closer to that than to the "normal" descriptions I see.
I finally finished reading Orcs, Britons, And The Martial Race Myth, and it was very interesting and enlightening
@AncientSwordRage if I have caffeine I can expect to not sleep a wink for the next twelve hours at least, which is why I don't have any after noon
It doesn't noticeably wake me up, but it does noticeably prevent sleep.
10:18 AM
Caffeine doesn't impact my ability to sleep at all. Sometimes it seems to help me sleep.
@Mithical I used to think that too, until I made two realisations. 1) I didn't feel like sleeping, but I could if just lay down horizontally somewhere. And 2) it doesn't feel like it helps but then when I go without, I notice a lack of focus
It does help me focus, like it makes my brain unclench. And in excess it still does all the usual nasty caffeine side effects.
@BESW same with my wife oddly
Brain unclench is a good, if visceral phrase
Sometimes if I'm overly reliant on caffeine for an extended period, I lose the ability to sleep without it.
@AncientSwordRage I mean "prevents sleep" like I'll get in bed, lights off and everything, and... nothing. Brain won't turn off.
10:21 AM
@Mithical That's what happens to me if I have too much blood in my caffeine system.
That's quite the phrase. :P
@Mithical I have heard of this, but not experienced it
I'm perpetually tired these days, so in a way that helps
@Mithical Fun fact about caffeine in typical brains: it doesn't clear your "I need to sleep" chemicals that have already slotted into their designated brainholes as part of your brain's countdown to sleepytown. Instead, it blocks any empty slots you still have open so that the countdown slows down or stops entirely.
That's why caffeine works best early in the morning: your sleepytime countdown slots all clear after a sleep or a nap, so taking coffee right after you wake up in the morning (or right before a quick power nap) lets the caffeine get to your countdown slots before your brain makes new sleepytime chemicals to fill the slots.
This is also why taking caffeine when you're already tired doesn't help much.
I'm perpetually exhausted when I wake up... so I'm not sure the sleepytown chemicals get cleared properly in the first place.
That's possible!
I've had a similar problem, and I've started taking 3mg of melatonin an hour or so before I want to go to bed, and it helps me get to sleep on time and sleep better so that I'm less tired in the morning.
10:27 AM
(I fell asleep on a bus this morning, which I could get in big trouble for.)
@BESW I've tried that - it helps me get to sleep in the first place, but I haven't noticed any effect of being less tired in the morning.
Upcoming Kickstarter: Into the Mother Lands RPG!! by Tanya DePass. Setting book for Into the Mother Lands RPG!!!
Rivetgeek on twitter calls attention to how iHunt tweaks Fate-style compels in a very cool way.
@BESW I must must must watch them on YouTube sometime
@BESW I want to try but we funny have a fixed bedtime here 🤷🏻‍♂️
@AncientSwordRage I am constitutionally incapable of watching or listening to TRPG campaigns on media.
@BESW this is my experience so far
The only exception I've found is with Stuff of Legends, where they use the players directions as voice over for Muppets/Puppets that act it out
10:42 AM
That sounds either adorable or grimsical, probably both?
Q: How to reduce damage (from the Balor)

Lord FlumphIn my party we have a ranger, a sorcerer and a monk. We recently had a fight with a Balor and I had to keep introducing things in order for the monk to feel like he was contributing in any way. For those who don't know, the Balor has a fire aura that deals 3d6 fire damage to any creature that sta...

@BESW much much both
Hmm just looked up grimisical and it's not really what I thought
But war of ashes is there, which I remember you mentioning
11:07 AM
Re: caffeine, I have a quite big intake as a very active tea drinker, though I prefer lower-caf varieties in the evenings (eg. genmaicha which has roasted rice in addition to tea, therefore less tea, therefore less caffeine)
But I mainly get "kicks" from non-tea sources
And those kicks are strong, often unpleasant.
@kviiri that sounds interesting!
What does the rice add?
The internet says it has Catecholamine, which has some function in the body to do with adrenaline/dopamine?
Really interesting to read about caffeine, especially the science drop from BESW. For me, I'm pretty sure caffeine has never done anything noticeable, I don't feel any different after having it in any dosage. But I've also never felt hunger, I cannot picture faces in my head, and my memories are predominantly in third person, so my brain is certainly some kind of something XD
11:34 AM
Aaaah Sun's Ransom PDFs just dropped for Kickstarter backers. [love]
@AncientSwordRage Flavor, mainly
Originally, genmaicha was a commoner drink, a way to get more out of your tea by padding it with the rice, so to say.
@Medix2 I think my uncle has a similar hunger response. I also remember in third but maybe not predominantly?
@kviiri ah ok
[does math to figure out how many dice fit onto the sun]
12:08 PM
@BESW 5.3552358 × 10³²
Assuming dice with 2cm³ volume and 76% efficient packing
Oh, they're d4s as well, for optimal packing
I Just bought more dice from a random etsy shop. Don't browse etsy under the influence.
Dice are the influence 😬
Sun's Ransom's has the players place as many d6s as will fit on the sun on the cover of the manual. When you roll for an outcome, you roll all the dice on the sun and count 6s as successes against a target difficulty of 1 to 5. If you get as many or more successes as the target difficulty, remove dice from the sun equal to the difficulty number.
The game is over when the sun is fully uncovered.
Assuming 16mm dice, I think it's about twenty dice give or take a few either way, but I can't print it yet to be sure.
12:47 PM
@NautArch cackle yeah, I saw a "big bag of dice" on amazon a while back and ordered it. "You chose poorly, Korvin" said my wife, when they were delivered.
@ThomasMarkov Sorry, I just don't see how those rules support your claim
That's what "succeed or fail as a group" means
The rules state that group checks only fail when more than half the group fails, and you're saying that group checks should be used when one member failing would mean that the group has failed
Yeah, I just think that's... something that could be better stated and isn't particularly clear
But oh well, I'm one person, and I guessed at the part you meant, so that's good enough. upvoted
I think I've used my experience to make the best of the bare bones guidance given in the rules.
That I can agree with XD
12:57 PM
@KorvinStarmast what was wrong with them?
@BESW that's a cool mechanic
1:08 PM
@AncientSwordRage she is of the opinion that I don't need more dice, and eyes with disapproval my occasional impulsel buy of D&D stuff, and got grumpy when my 13th Age books came in. Not a fan of the game, unfortunately.
@KorvinStarmast She isn't or you aren't?
1:28 PM
she is not a fan
@KorvinStarmast need to find her the right dice to woo her with obviously
We now have 43434 questions
I would workshop ideas, but something tells me it would get personal quickly
@Medix2 \oo//!
@AncientSwordRage I think that you mean diamonds, not dice. 😁 And I already did that (engagement ring). (Got her some tanzanite earrings a couple of years ago, and a ring to match, 30th anniversary; goes with the blue of her eyes)
@KorvinStarmast I wish someone would buy me some tanzanite
@G.Moylan my blue eyes deserve to feel pretty, too
in all seriousness, though, sometimes I just want to buy some flowers for me, dammit
1:40 PM
@G.Moylan Step 1. Be faithfully married to someone for 30 years. Step 2. {something wonderfully romantic} 3. ???? 4. Tanzanite! 😎
@KorvinStarmast Ok, well, I've got 7 years this fall. On my way...
@G.Moylan woo hoo, keep on going! Yay. 👍😊
I bought my wife ruby earrings, then a year or two later got diamonds to go with the rubies, but she'd lost the rubies by then :(
she has not lost the diamonds
@KorvinStarmast Tanzanite dice for yourself then?
@G.Moylan I get you
@AncientSwordRage Nah, too pricey, I'll stick with the plastic ones.
I finally decided not to overpay that kick starter for those dice that light up. I was tempted.
sorely tempted]
1:48 PM
@AncientSwordRage Speaking of dice, I just got my new set in the mail. I'll try to remember to upload a picture of them later. They're super fancy.
@KorvinStarmast I was recently tempted by an oversized d20 with the eye of Sauron in it and the script on the ring in gold foil around the inside. It was beautiful and huge. Then I saw the price was $65+
I could maybe justify that for a whole set of dice, but not for just one.
@G.Moylan Them licensing fees tho
@RevanantBacon it was an etsy shop so I highly doubt it was licensed
@KorvinStarmast I showed it to my wife and I think she was tempted purely based on how shiny they are
@AncientSwordRage I have had some real angry moments with kickstarter stuf, I will never do one again. lots of not delivered material, and right now I can't even get into my acct and KS will not reply to email.
1:53 PM
@KorvinStarmast yikes. The only stuff I've sponsored in the past years have been Matt Colville's stuff
@G.Moylan Matt's been good, AngryGM delivered the book to me on time, and the folks who published Flotsam were as good as their word. For the rest {comments censored}
@KorvinStarmast youch! I told her they don't deliver outside of the US so we need to wait regardless
I don't go in for anything unless its a proven/trusted Kickstarter, because I know there's no recourse if something goes wrong after its funded ..
@KorvinStarmast Come to think of it I also sponsored Agon and another book somewhere along the way. I got everything, fortunately. I refuse to do board games, though. Too many horror stories and honestly too much bloat. Kickstarter board games seem too caught up in "look at all this bonus crap" and less with actually designing a good game
@G.Moylan Heck, that's sadly true to many types of games in general
Some board games actually have good expansions, others have good expansions but only because they deliberately left stuff out to put them in the expansions... and others just pile on more after more after more.
@kviiri To be fair, there have been some great games to come out of KS in recent years, but far too many of them are just bogged down by junk. My favorite is when they ship with expansions. Like, do you know your game needs a patch already or are you just being hopeful?
@kviiri yeah I strongly dislike that second one. The last one can be fine, but it's highly game dependant
2:04 PM
@G.Moylan Spirit Island is one of my favorite board games and came from Kickstarter. Its latest update seems very much like they just wanted to pile on a ton of content.
Haven't really tried it out yet, though
The expansion, I mean. I love the base game.
Sometimes I feel lik eht publisher/designer sees a runaway hit and thinks "how can we make more money on that?" and don't always consider whether or not they should mess with the game in teh firs tplace
They probably have a lot of fans asking for more this, more that, too.
I'm more of a "less is more" guy personally.
at least when they're packaged as expansions it's easy to not use them if you don't like them
2:20 PM
@Carcer true
do you get downvote rep back if the thing you downvoted is removed?
@G.Moylan yeah
@ThomasMarkov huh, I never noticed that before today when I saw a little +1 floating there and couldn't figure out where 1 rep would ahve come from
I feel bad about that "where can I find a good DM" question. I VTC but I feel for the OP
Q: Regain of reputation from downvoted and deleted answers - update FAQ

user221081I have down voted and flagged two answers as "not an answer." Doing so reduced my reputation by 2 (1 for each down vote). It seemed both of my flags were helpful and both answers were deleted. As requested, flag screenshot: As far as I can remember, when a down voted answer got deleted, we go...

@G.Moylan Yeah, it's an opinion-based question.
But a very true and always difficult one
Argh, couple answers are no longer viable on this question with the constraints now posted.
Thank you @ThomasMarkov
2:26 PM
@NautArch thats what happens when you answer a question that people are trying to close.
And am I missing something with a way to determine a best answer on that stonemason question? @Akixkisu @G.Moylan?
I was told I’d get help on finding a DM in this chat, so could I have help?
@DevilsbestfriendisLunar Finding a DM is really hard. Finding a good DM is even harder.
Do you know what you're looking for in one? Do you like RP games? Combat? Mix?
@NautArch I'll take a look-see
Online or in person?
2:28 PM
Yes, a mix
Either one
@DevilsbestfriendisLunar what would you make that mix at in your preferred gaming?
Doy ou have a local gaming store?
Um, I don’t, the gaming store that’s closest is a hour away. What do you mean in you first question @NautArch?
@NautArch list of all possibilities.
@Akixkisu everything is an option now for how to choose? In that case, every answer is incomplete.
2:31 PM
@NautArch I'm in agreement. There doesn't seem to be a metric other than everything, which seems broad
@G.Moylan :( Why did you vote to reopen?
@NautArch because I done messed up
Reopen what?
And can you vote to close again if you agree :) :D
@G.Moylan for that, you shall be flogged with a wet noodle
@NautArch a finite list, treat as we do all of them.
2:32 PM
Never mind
@DevilsbestfriendisLunar They're talking about a different question :)
@DevilsbestfriendisLunar In terms of RP/Combat mix. What isy our preferred ratio?
I think the constraints give it enough limitations for an exhaustive list.
And are you someone that likes to build purely 'fun' characters and aren't concerned about efficacy as much or do you like to build 'optimized' characters @DevilsbestfriendisLunar
2:33 PM
@Akixkisu so we're saying the only suitable answer would indeed be exhaustive?
@G.Moylan no, the best answer would be.
@Akixkisu Which no one has followed? Those constraints of 3rd level or lower, no manual digging, no money?
If it becomes a problem you can always close it again.
@Akixkisu I still think that's broad, personally
@Akixkisu No, I can't. I've already voted to close.
2:34 PM
@G.Moylan 32k characters should be enough.
@Carcer That's true. A part of me still winds up wanting them, anyway... x)
The you there is refering to us as the stack.
I've tried to leave comments on the answers that are no longer applicable, but the horse has left the stable.
I just don't think list questions with no criteria other than 'the list' for what makes things best is stackable. Especially when it's for a specific goal and not just an aggregation of things.
I VTC. I think the question needs focus, and the answers clearly need cleanup
It's HNQ'ed, is a problem
2:36 PM
If they had just asked for How can I move stone? Then we can potentially add constraints for the options, or just have a list of all. And I really really dislike "i want all, but an answer with just one is perfectly fine"
@bobble all the more reason to close
@NautArch "I want all, but the answer with the one option I like is perfectly fine"
@G.Moylan Yeah, those grind my gears.
When incomplete answers get upvotes
"build my workshop in specific but small area, have solution, how to go about it" - what is the problem there exactly with the format?
@Akixkisu 1: they should give us the options they've found and discarded so we aren't reinventing the wheel (and that shows their own research), there are always constraints for something in-game. Now that we have them, the question is better for limiting options, but there still isn't a method for "best answer". And I don't think "most options" is best answer, that's not a qualification.
2:41 PM
@NautArch "most options" at some point begins to blur the line to "read the books for me", in my opinion
@NautArch then you might want to propose a community wiki.
That would be the guidance.
This answer should be downvoted imo.
But if there is an issue with that you can open a meta about whether questions without a clear best answer should be off-topic.
@Akixkisu Nope, not me. I dislike that option as well. I'd much prefer we get a clear understanding of what would make the answer best.
Q: Why was my question closed as too broad, unclear, or opinion-based?

mxyzplkThere are a good number of questions, especially from users new to the site, that get closed as too broad or opinion-based. This is a post we can link them to for more guidance than what comments can reasonably provide, and more focused than "read the help center". Feel free and add answers/tips ...

It clearly meets these criteria
this answer should also be downvoted. (might even flag it NAA).
2:45 PM
@ThomasMarkov what am I missing about that, other than the fact that it's a third party source?
Ok, just wanted to maek sure
@NautArch I don't see how.
A third party source when it hasnt been asked for isnt relevant.
The question could be certainly better, but as it is it is stackable.
2:46 PM
And when it has been asked for it borders on shopping :P
@Akixkisu okay, then i think we're just on opposite ends here. But having a clear method for a 'best' answer is a criteria we have.
@DevilsbestfriendisLunar I would consider starting off going to the gaming store. YOu'll get to experience a variety of DMs, get to meet people, and maybe that leads to a local option.
Otherwise, I guess it's try out different Roll20 games until you find a DM you like. Trial and error is really the method here.
@NautArch I don't think so. We merely interpret the guidelines differently.
@Akixkisu At minimum it's unclear. We don't know what methods are viable for this character. We don't know what level they are, what resources they have ready access to.
@G.Moylan but we do, if we are experts in the given adventure.
@G.Moylan We now know and have some of that. 3rd level spells at max, no money, no manual labor. The constraints are there now, but not necessarily a method to determine which of them is 'best'.
2:49 PM
@Akixkisu but we don't, because each table runs their adventure differently. We don't know who they've already made friends or enemies with, etc
The bigger issue is that now we have 3 answers that don't apply, and 1 that isn't likely helpful.
@NautArch yeah, that might be an issue. You can leave a comment/open a meta about it and hope to convice people who can close vote.
I don't think it is a big issue, nor does it have the usual basis for one.
@Akixkisu I dislike adding comment lines when the previous comment was sent to chat.
I think escalation is not the best way forwad.
@Akixkisu Other than the answer drawing absolutely zero helpful answers?
@Akixkisu I don't really call normal site process escalation. I won't be posting on meta - i'm done there.
2:54 PM
@NautArch Sorry, but I don't have the stake in that question to turn this into a long discussion.
Someone needs a meta posted?
@ThomasMarkov this question is attracting low-quality answers or answers that are now off-topic after edits, and we're not sure what to do about it
@G.Moylan we're also debating whether the question is constrained enough
@ThomasMarkov And if "the total list" is a 'best' answer criteria.
@NautArch Oh.. uhm, my bad. I didn't look too closely at that and moved because the thread had moved rather off topic and the q was reopened (which normally means the close reasons aren't vital to keep)
@Someone_Evil btw i had a question
3:06 PM
I had a NAA flag declined by a moderator (which is fine), but the decline message seemed incorrect
Which, I think its an automated message, but I wanted to check
"flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention"
NAA and VLQ sends the post to the review queue, so NAA and VLQ flags usually never require moderator attention.
I suspect it's a miss-click, but I'll ask
Okay, I just wanted to check if it was an issue with SE describing flags that way when they shouldnt or just a mistake
It was this post
@NautArch Greenstone Walker's answer is spot on.
X-Y question: the querent assumed magic was the answer. It isn't, necessarily.
@KorvinStarmast Yep. It was originally a regular answer due to lack of constraints on the question, but since the question update, now it's just a frame challenge. It's basically saying "You don't need magic to do this, just a bunch of random laborers".
3:16 PM
@ThomasMarkov When declining post flags we're presented with a few default reasons or the option to write specific feedback. Giving the specific reason isn't a super high priority, and there's no undo
@KorvinStarmast agreed.
@Someone_Evil that’s what I thought, I just wanted to be sure y’all weren’t actually telling me VLQ and NAA are only for posts requiring mod attention.
3:35 PM
Yeah, I suspect there's a bit of artifice there. Those review queues (in particular) are built on flagging for mod attention, but they're still in our queue with the option of being declined
@KorvinStarmast Querent has said they don't want manual digging. Ithought?
@RevanantBacon I don't know if it's a frame challenge when it ignores a constraint. If it is, then building your answer on why that constraint isn't necessary would be better.
A frame challenge should actually challenge the frame, not just ignore the requested constraints.
4:04 PM
I will wait patiently with my list of lists
4:15 PM
I have an idea to make the find a good DM question stackable
nvm I dont think it will work
@ThomasMarkov perhaps "how to find a gm" in general, then determine good-ness for one's self. but that might be too broad
I was thinking something like "how do I find a dm that has the qualities im looking for", but without explaining the qualities im looking for
There's also the issue of finding a DM whose style you didn' think you like and do. ANd vice versa.
Maybe it is openable with a "trial and error" answer.
@NautArch that really is the only answer. "Play more games with more people. Find what you enjoy. Talk to your favorite DMs about starting up a game."
4:32 PM
Speaking of "finding what you enjoy", I'm very interested in having my next RPG be a science fiction one. But I'm flummoxed by the variety of choices available, and many of them have multiple editions that are still active. I'm interested in something more on the hard sci-fi end of the spectrum (so no Starfinder, for example)
@Upper_Case I've played, checks notes, one session of Scum & Villainy and loved it.
I'm leaning towards checking out Stars Without Number and Traveler, but would prefer not to buy the books just to find out if they're on theme for m e
@NautArch Alright, that one now tops the list!
@Upper_Case My first Blades in the Dark game and I like the system.
How do people deal with this issue generally? Is it just trial and error or word of mouth to learn the broad thematic details of game systems?
That's probably pretty varied.
I've tried to 'understand' systems by reading them. I failed.
4:35 PM
I suppose. Normally I would be more open, but I can't quite browse at a game store right now (and for another couple of months, probably), and I don't have enough spare cash each month to justify buying a core book just to check it out
@Upper_Case are you on discord?
I really want the general vibe of The Gap Cycle and/or The Abyss
Intermittently; I'm embarrassingly bad at using it
yarr harr
I obviously encourage that you purchase your RPG items, but there are ways to read about them before you buy, if you're determined to do so. That's no replacement for actually playing a game, though
@Carcer yo ho!
4:38 PM
@NautArch @Carcer aye, mateys!
@G.Moylan Yeah, I've moved away from that approach ever since a certain... creatively acquired book bricked my PC. I did buy the content I checked out otherwise, though
@Upper_Case That is definitely a hazard.
The seas be rough, sometimes
I don't understand. The chicken in my salad tastes like it was cooked in hot dog water.
@NautArch maybe the hotdogs were cooked in chicken water. wait...
@NautArch Looks like I did it! At least, correctly enough
4:42 PM
@NautArch is that a sci fi hack of Blades or is Blades more sci fi than I think?
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@G.Moylan I dunno.
haven't played blades OG
@NautArch that implies to me it's a hack of some sort
@NautArch it sounds very much like the Star Wars Edge of the Empire game, where the focus is on folks at the edges of the law and beyond
Ya know, thinking about that digging question, I wonder how similar this is: "How can the Zone of Truth spell be defeated without the caster knowing?"...
@Medix2 Similar how? Can ZoT dig out a cave? If so, I've been doing it wrong...
4:45 PM
In the type of question, in the style, in what answers are expected to do, in the criteria required for a site member to determine which answer is best
@Upper_Case Zone of... Laboratory
@Medix2 Ah, got it. That makes sense
Though, I suppose I do have a great big list of similar questions... some are open, some are closed
what is the point of the trash chat log vs just deleting a post
@G.Moylan probably a paper trail?
4:51 PM
oh, I suppose that's a valid use :P
I think with new games I often try to create characters first and use that as a tool to understand mechanics as I go back and forth between those sections.
That's a lot easier than trying to master the full rules in one go
@NautArch I like that but I'm often torn between letting my players do that or just giving them a precon and playing
@G.Moylan I am not fan of the precon
@NautArch I've found it to ahve its place. I ran a one-shot recently and very much wanted everything to be pick-up-and-play, so I put in a lot of time to make swappable race and class sheets that they could mix however they wanted, add a name, and play
or I have a halloween game that I want to do that with, too, since people seem to have lots of scheduling issues with that one, I wanted it to be as easy as possible for people to come and play and not have to worry about anything beforehand.
BUT, I do prefer to let players make their own stuff when time allows
4:59 PM
@G.Moylan also when dealing with a number of spam chat messages, it's easier to move a group of messages than it is to delete each one individually
@Yuuki oh, didn't know you couldn't batch delete
maybe you can as a diamond, but not as a room owner
We can, but IIRC there's no undelete so there's cases where moving is preferable
Room owners can only move to trash...i think.
Looking at some of these comments/questions/answers on ability checks. Do y'all generally limit which party members get to do a check based on their class/background?
@NautArch Sometimes, though I'm more likely to do it with backgrounds or when characters need a bit more spotlight time
5:10 PM
@Upper_Case Just realized I almost never limit checks by the players.
Either they can all roll, or they can't.
@NautArch Matt Mercer frequently limits who can make history checks based on background, and it seems to work well and make sense.
@ThomasMarkov I'll need to do some thinking on this.
But I also get frustrated by having good info gated by a check. And not having the info really diminishes the play experience, so I'll often just give info out because it rounds out what's happening.
But it makes sense that the characters who have scholarly backgrounds can possibly know some historical trivia, and the hermitous cow man who knows nothing of the broader history of the world wouldnt possibly know that info
But its motivated by "if theres no chance of success, dont roll". For some of the characters, knowing or recalling that information just isn't feasible because of their back story.
But that's the only thing I can think of that he limits like that.
True, but one does hear things where one goes. I think adv/disadv works better than could know/can't know. But still, I want to give out info dammit!
You could just give out the info for free, no check, based on background. Don't risk the story progression on a dice roll.
5:14 PM
@MikeQ he does this from time to time too.
He's told the monk before "no need to roll, youve spent a bazillion hous in the library, you would have read it somewhere."
I like to give out info as "you've live here, you'd know X or Y" but if they want more details they have to explain to me how they might know, then I let them roll
The point of making them explain is to make them think about it. It's almost always a "good enough" reason
Yes, that can also work, it's a way of getting players to dynamically worldbuild, by asking them to come up with new explanations
yeah, even if it's a little thing like "my character's dad knew a guy who talked about that all the time" it's still additional involvement. plus, I get free things to build plots from
@G.Moylan turns out that guy was your real dad
@ThomasMarkov and your real friends are the treasure you made along the way! Wait...
5:23 PM
@MikeQ I think I also have a bare minimum I'll give, and then 'success' rolls get more.
Also a good strategy, if you like rolling as player engagement. If failure isn't an option, then instead of success/failure, they roll for how well they succeed.
@MikeQ I concur.
@NautArch I do like to give free information when it corresponds to backgrounds. In one of my games I have a Wizard (Battlemage) with Tactical Wit. So he gets special insights into tactics sometimes, and NPCs recognize his skills and are freer with military info
We also like rolling dice.
I am thinking about more group checks.
@Upper_Case I operate much the same way. Frequently start with "As a fighter, <char> recognizes..." and then go on to give them the detail "... the guards greet each other with the Brelish army's informal salute"
5:38 PM
@GcL oooh, informal. Get 'em boys!
Following the same pattern over and over gives the players a cue that the information that follows is essentially info from a free success of what otherwise would have been a skill check.
5:49 PM
Found some evidence to add to my ask your DM answer
@NautArch a handful of laborers for a few weeks of work is still probably cheaper than a level 5 spell scroll :p
@RevanantBacon Yeah, labor in waterdeep is probably stupid cheap.
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